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Why MBA after engineering

If you have been scouring the net for international MBA related information, you’d know that a huge number of applicants from India have B.E, B.Tech, M.Tech degrees and several years of work experience after completing their engineering course (Read MBA in Canada after Mechanical Engineering). You don’t see a similar trend in other professions such as medicine, law, finance / chartered accountancy, entrepreneurship.  Why is an MBA after engineering such a popular option for Indian professionals?

Engineers most likely to pursue an MBA

Let’s broaden the definition of what kind of engineers we are talking about here.

Category 1: Computer engineering graduates who work in the IT industry (primarily software development & testing roles)

Category 2: Engineering graduates with a non-IT specialisation (e.g. mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, mining engineering graduates).

Category 3: Non IT Engineers in non-IT roles e.g. mechanical engineers working in a production planning role, electrical engineering students who get into the energy sector, power generation / distribution / transmission jobs

Category 4: Engineers who are already in business oriented roles (like marketing and sales, finance etc).

Of course, you could mix and match these in many more ways, but for the sake of simplicity let’s take these 4 types of engineers.

The fact that the software industry takes up 2 out of 4 slots here, gets reflected in the actual MBA applications as well. Adcoms get overwhelmed (and confused) by the number of almost similar looking profiles they get each year.

Why MBA after engineering

The rationale for category 1 is relatively straight-forward. Why do software professionals go for an MBA after engineering? Ironically, it links back to the underlying reason that gets MBA Admission committees flummoxed.

Despite being ahead of the pack in their academic life, most software professional lose their identities in the ocean of faceless people just like them. Read this related post on Life after IIM / IIT.

The mid-life career crisis starts its onset earlier in the career. As opposed to the earlier generation of professionals who’d start hitting the glass wall after 15-20 years of working, for the current generation, the career cycles are shorter and more frequent.

Within 3-4 years, all the excitement of joining a new company at a higher salary dies down.

For category 2, things aren’t very different. If you thought, they are emotionally scarred for having to work in an industry that they were never trained for by their engineering college, you’d be mistaken.

For mechanical, electrical and mechatronics (yup, we got one from that stream too) engineers who have already transitioned outside their academic specialisation, very few express a desire to get back to their original domains.

But they suffer the same another-brick-in-the-wall syndrome like their peers who have relevant qualifications in computers and software.

An MBA seems like a good way to break away from the clutter and add a recognisable face back. Add to this the fact that the only way for IT engineers to rise through the ranks in the software industry is to take on managerial responsibility in the same field (as opposed to a diagonal or horizontal shift into unrelated areas).

So a few become team leads, project managers and start dabbling in new areas like recruitment, business development, budgeting.

The naturally gifted (and politically savvy) ones manage it well. For the others, an international MBA could get give their career vehicle the little nudge that it needs to start the growth phase again.

For categories 3 and 4, the problem of market saturation and oversupply of similar skills is there. But a bigger challenge is to deal with slower moving career paths. As opposed to software engineers who can expect to become manager in 4-5 years, the path to managerial roles in other industries is painfully slow.

For a category 4 professional who’s done well in the sales role and generated millions in revenue for his employers, there’s less of an incentive for the management to rock the boat and move him into a new role where his skills have been untested.

Ditto for category 3 folks in technical (and not business roles). A production engineer may spend many years in an operational role in companies that still believe in the traditional tenure based approach to promotions. No matter how much potential they have, there’s a long queue of seniors waiting in line for salvation.

Career growth issues for Engineers

The annual appraisals in the office appear to be more of a formality (in some cases, bordering on being a complete farce) to retain the employee rather than being really concerned about how he can develop and grow.

Which is probably why the Career Mock Appraisal Process that we launched purely as an experiment has generated so much interest (we had to turn down / defer most of them as our primary focus has been on MBA applications).

Focussing on the candidate’s interest (& not the employer’s) seems to be an alien concept for most companies.

Hoping that the company will one day realise the employee’s tremendous potential and reward him with all the goodies he deserves could be a naive expectation. Fast-tracking their career needs more than just patience and good work.

This realisation is the wake up call for many engineers that prompts them to consider an MBA.

Whatever your reasons might be, do be aware of the pitfalls of taking up the MBA route. Bschools, just like companies, have their idiosyncrasies. If you’ve read Beyond the MBA Hype, you already know what these are.

Are you an engineer? Which category (from the list above) do you fall in? Why and how do you think an MBA after engineering will help?

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55 thoughts on “Why MBA after engineering”

  1. hi sir,

    i have completed my b tech degree as a specialization of mechanical engineering, firstly i was not interested in higher studies. so, i have joined a infrastructure company and there i was not satisfied with the work,because there was not related to mechanical field. later i have taken admission in MBA so that i can get a satisfied job,but as a mechanical engineer am interested in my mechanical field only. for that what should i take as a specialization in MBA for my better future and better salaries?

  2. Hello Sameer

    it is a great experience going through your blogs and it is an great source of knowledge for the confused minds like me.

    A short summary:
    1)B.Tech computer science (not from a premium college) 67% 2011 batch
    2)Currently in a sales role in a CMM level 3 company and just touched the 7 digit salary figure.. have 3+ years experience..
    3)I am a average student.. i don’t expect from my self to get 95+ in CAT
    4)I my very much concern about ROI (return of investment), so looking for nothing with more than 10 Lakhs fee structure but can go high if i got a great college or possibility of career growth.
    5)Plan is to go for a full time 2 year or 1 year full time course not for executive/ part time/ distance as i want to change my employer as well as expecting from my college to settle me at good place.
    6) expectation from a college is to provide me an career pull. good salary and manager level employment.
    7) i am even okay with sectorial MBA (IRMA / Manage). as i don’t want to fight with crowd to prove my metal and its little cheap and even for a avg. student its easy to get in.

    What you suggest gonna be a gud way for me.

    If is there anything you can mail me .. i am at

  3. @Parvez: I think it was incorrect to go for a second degree when you weren’t interested in studying, and another wrong decision to choose a management stream when you wanted to continue in the technical / mechanical field. You could use the MBA now to transition into a semi-managerial position in an engineering company, so you get credit for the MBA degree.

    @Jitendra: I’m sorry, but we aren’t qualified to comment on CAT based options MBA in India. Better to admit it upfront rather than lead you on a wild goose chase.

  4. Dear Sameer,

    Currently going through the same situation everybody else faces. The mid career crisis.I am a electrical engineer with one year of experience with MNC as a trainee engineer in a EPC sector. Later I got into the business where I am a super stockist and distributor for MNC FMCG companies like Nestle India Ltd ,Nirma Ltd and Mother dairy. I am into the business for more than a 2 year as a sole proprietor. My responsibilities as a proprietor include
    > Managing a team of 8 which includes a staff head, 2 sales staff, 2 delivery boy, 2 drivers and a godown boy.
    > Handling over 600 retail counters and 17 sub agents of district.
    > Making sure of total route coverage.
    > Executing orders of the local retailers making a summary of goods and loading a 3 wheeler and making sure of timely delivery.
    > Loading of the vehicle on time without any error of the no of cartons for the sub agents and making sure of on time delivery.
    > Making a route plan, distributing the target, working on timeline, making the billing plan so as to achieve the target on time.
    > Stock & Inventory management on timely bases and making the order to the company for the required goods in way that we never run out of the essential stock and maintain it in a required quantity.
    > Managing the accounts and the cash flow.
    > Make sure to check the expense of the firm.

    I have already considered writing Gmat and have even started preparation for it for a week now. I am a little confused over the specialization i should go for based on my business experience i have. I need your guidance on the specialization i should consider and please evaluate my profile , if you where the admission panel how would you rate my profile compared to the IT guy with the same experience and both applying for the same specialization say marketing or brand management.

    Raja Jaydeep

  5. @Raja: Adcoms would base their decision based on other aspects that you haven’t mentioned here. The biggest questions are – Why MBA and Why Now?

    If you don’t have answers to these questions yet, think more about it. If it’s about expanding the current business, then you’d still need to think about the specific areas in which an MBA can accelerate the process.

  6. Dear Sameer,

    Considering i have a ans for that question. And mine and IT guys ans stand 8/10 marks for Why MBA and Why Now Question. Than again coming back to my question whose profile wuld be more heavier “kiska pallada bhari hoga :p ” .

    Raja Jaydeep

  7. Bhratashri,

    It’s good that you already have answers to those questions. The other little thing to keep in mind is that your experience is split across 2 careers.

    That makes each ‘segment’ shorter and there’s lesser scope to have the same impact as another applicant with the same number of years but in a single field.

    So work on that answer as well.

    Btw, your competition for MBA schools abroad is with applicants from the whole world and not just the bichare IT folks who are anyway struggling to differentiate themselves. Think global!

  8. Dear Sameer,
    I am a Mechanical Engineer of 2013 batch with good academic record and have worked for a year in mechanical sector. As per your views in the blog,I fit into category 3 with struggling career progress at slow pace.Please tell me whether a mba degree from a very good insti. help boost my career and specifically which stream?

    your views might help me understand the real job market in much better way.

  9. Dear Sameer bhaiya,

    Aadar Pranam.

    Thanx bhai for the heads up abt the split in the exp in diff stream. I ll surely work on that ans too. Now just focusing on the gmat prep. Hope to get in the list of the your blog of ppl above 700 :-D. High Hopes. Planning to write the exam in nov end. Will be seeking ur guidance once i have the gmat score in my hand’s.

    Chota Bhratashri

  10. @Gaurav: An MBA can help only if your expectations from it are clear. Don’t go in expecting to automatically gain clarity in 2 years, however good the institution might be.

    @Jaydeep: Good luck with the GMAT!

  11. Respected Sir,
    After going through the web,this site and your book ‘ Beyond the MBA hype’, i have finally decided or better word being,dared to go for an international MBA program.
    But the only existing problem at the problem is the financial part.
    Means i expect the educational cost to be under 20-25 lakhs.
    And only a few handful of schools in singapore and canada cater to my needs.
    So i go for it?
    Is it worth it?
    Or should i drop the plan and try indian b-schools instead??
    (Although i would like to go for an international.program if possible)

  12. Hi Sir! I just joined an engineering college! Im doing B.E.! My branch is Civil Engineering! My relative is already a civil engineer! Because of him i wont be having a problem in getting a job after completing my BE. But i want to earn a lot of money…have a huge salary! I am ready to study and give exams. I just want to know by doing which course after my BE can i earn loads of money in future?

  13. Hi All,
    1.I’m just a year old in MNC , I’m a test analyst in CTS and planning to do my MBA .
    I don’t know whether to proceed or not , I cannot afford for a full time MBA because of Financial Incapability.
    In this case I have only two options either to take a part time MBA or do it in correspondence from some university eg: Madras university (I’m from Chennai). apart from this i’m completely ignorant about the opportunities available. It will be really helpful if some one could help me out with this.
    I’m confused because CTS provide partime MBA with SDLC but the cost is bit high, where I can do the same partime from some other university where it is less I say this because at the end of the day it’s just partime and no body going to give a damn about it unless or otherwise I’m exceptionally good in my position in company. please help me over come this dilemma.
    2. My next question is we have so many branches in MBA , what would be apt course for me where I’m Btech in IT .
    Only thing I have with me as of now is my confidence that I would be some one in the future . I’m really not sure whether I’m on the right path. it will be really helpful if some one could reply for this post ignoring all my faults in logic and in writing this post 😛 .

  14. Hello sir..
    I hd pursued electronics and telecommunication engineering this year and would like to explore the corporate world and make a good career in the same. I would pleased to have your suggestions regarding which course should I pursue in MBA and also I have kept options open for going abroad, all I want to know is how will I be benefitting from the above mentioned interests. Hoping to be obliged.

  15. @Gourav: You haven’t shared any details about yourself and your goals.

    @Willy: Can’t help but say that you’ve already taken it into a direction that I’m not comfortable with. Money is a byproduct of doing good, ethical work. If you change the priorities, then I’m not sure where the story will go.

    @Sajin: Why not wait for a few years more and then evaluate whether you need an MBA? Rushing into a part-time or distance MBA isn’t the solution.

    @Aakanksha: MBA abroad options need experience. You could target a 2 year MBA in India. But that won’t get you overseas jobs.

    NOTE: Please post your queries on our forum.

  16. Dear Sameer,

    First of all I would like to thank you and appreciate the time you have taken out to make this wonderful and insightful blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself so that you can guide me best. I belong to the category 2 and 3 of engineers.

    I started off my career as an Instrumentation engineer in RIL and worked in commissioning and maintenance of petrochemical plants for 3 years in total.

    After that I moved to Honeywell Technology Solutions and have completed 3.5 years in Manufacturing Execution Systems/[Advanced Applications] as a tester and also as a product consultant. This is an IT field which demands for the domain expertise, but wherein your IT skills will fetch you more value. I have been in a dilemma situation for a while now because my domain expertise is never used and my IT knowledge is very limited. The fact of pursuing an mba has been there for as long as I can remember; but never made any logical sense to me.

    I want to know whether pursuing an mbs from a top notch college will fetch me any value in the field of consulting for the energy/ oil and gas industry.

    Eagerly waiting for your thoughts on this.

    Best Regards,

  17. Hello sir ji,

    i was looking for stuffs related to MBA and i found this post of yours, its pretty interesting.

    i am a little confused right now,

    i am kind of an average guy, done my btech in ece and currently pursuing my mtech in embedded systems, i have inclination towards technical field but i am also interested to study the managerial/business skills so that it will help me in future if i plan for entrepreneurship,

    i wanted you to tell me will that be okay if i do MBA after my maters (for learning and also for getting more opportunities for getting placement in a good company) ?

    will that be useful for me in future or just waste of time and money ?

  18. Hello Sameer,

    Nicely covered article on the reasons :).
    I get it that when you fall in the AAP category (reference to your other article), the Adcoms will have preconceived notions about you.

    But, would only being clear as to why I want to do MBA be enough ?

  19. Hi sameer,

    I completed BE from ECE in 2012,now working as s/w engineer in HCl for 1.5 years.I am interested in coding and all those stuffs but here I am not getting such an exposure. And moreover the hike in salary is less and will take a lot of time. Would doing Mba be a correct decision or doing banking. I am totally confused. Please help

  20. sir,

    i am a graduate in B.Tech mechanical, working in a Power plant construction company since last 8 months.

    i have aimed to do Mba n to go into managerial roles with good packages.

    But little confused about specializations like power management, finance, operations, etc. please tell me which mba specialization vl b good.

  21. Sir,
    I am pursuing B. TECH in Manufacturing engineering, from a national Institute. Currently I am in first year of my course, so I don’t know much about the scope of it. My question states-“By pursuing Mba, would my chances for a good job increase, especially in my case(Manufacturing engineering)?”

    I am bit confused, if Gate or Mba would provide me a better future.
    Thank you

  22. Hey Sameer,

    How are you ?

    See i am here too with some of the concerns related to having an education related finance.
    I am already working with an MNC on a good profile.

    My field of work is related to ERP and currently i am working as a JD EDWARDS FINANCE CONSULTANT.
    I am having an experience of 4 years.

    Now my query is,

    I have handled clients and also done implementation projects.
    But somewhere i feel that i am unable to grasp finance terminologies while communicating with clients.

    I dont stuck anywhere since i have a sound knowlegde of ERP system.

    But I dont want that in future sometimes this lack comes in front .

    So i would like you to please suggest me what can be done from my end to have the knowledge for basic finance and foundations.

    How i should proceed to make myself a better finance professional .

    Your suggestions are heartly welcomed..

  23. Hi All,

    I have done B.E in the year of 2012 from E.C.E, basically I’m more interested in doing business or related to Business.As soon as I completed my B.E after some days I started doing work in B.P.O in a company to notice how the business runs,the company got closed after a few months.After that we started a business there I worked only for 10 months now my friend is taking care of that.Now currently I’m working as a Marketing Executive for Builders and developers .I would like to do M.B.A,now I am taking a coaching for CAT.Now I would like to know whether they will consider all these things or not before giving me the admission into some Business-schools.

  24. Dear Sameer,
    I am a btech in mechanical stream 2013 passout. presently i am working in HVAC turnkey company.
    I am looking for a distance MBA as i cant leave the job. So please guide me when and in which stream i should pursue MBA.


  25. Hi Sameer,
    I am a Electronics engineer 2010 pass out.

    10 89
    12 72%
    Degree 70%
    I have 3 yrs work ex with accenture as a programmer.

    I got married to an army officer so have to take 1.5 year break from work.
    In this time I did cfa level 1 .I have joined back IT company.
    I want a profile shift and want to work in investment bank after mba.
    I am scoring 750+ in mock gmat.

    I want to join ivy league business schools.are there any chances
    I have a 1.5 yr break in work and work ex is of a normal IT company.

  26. Sameer, I am an IT engineer, I don’t want to work as a software developer for years. I have good managing skills & want to manage the people, want to develop the goal of organizations in terms of marketing, sales, human resource. Is this attitude of mine enough to get admission in top B-school ?

  27. Hi Sameer,

    My name is jayesh and please find below my profile details.
    1. 10th 2005 batch 72%.
    2. 12th 2007 batch 67%.
    3. B.Tech ( Computer Science) 2011 passout with 63%. ( IMS Ghaziabad, average collage)
    4. 2 years of experience with HCL and currently working with TCS as an IT operations Associate. So my total experience is 3 years.

    When I was about to complete my B.Tech I was planning to do MBA right away that is in 2011 as I want to get into management but I didn’t score well in CAT I scored only 65%ile. So to get into a good MBA I should have to drop an year and prepare for CAT but instead of doing this I joined HCL tech support line because doing MBA after 2-3 years of work exp would be more beneficial.
    While working in this industry I really feel that I am good in managing people. I really feel that I will be good in taking out new business for companies.
    I am planning to quit my job as I want to do an MBA from US/UK, Singapore and for this I am preparing for GMAT now as I it is a good option as compare to CAT and I am targeting top collages in abroad. Yje reason why I am planning to quit my job now because in GMAT top collages require 3-5 years of work exp and I have that now and second reason is I can’t prepare for GMAT with my job. The major thing which I have figured out in my life is that if you are graduated from top collage only then you can do extraordinary. An ITS ghaziabad passout or any average collage passout can’t beat an IITian. In recent survey we I get to know that in india 68% MBA passout are jobless but an IIM passout is not at all jobless. So if a person is from top collage then things starts working. Two things required for successful career is your dedication and top collage tag. Collages which I am targtting are.
    1. ISB Hyderabad.
    2. SP Jain Mumbai
    3. Schulich business school, York University
    4. Nanyang University Singapore.
    5 NTU Singapore

    The reason I have opted 2 indian B-school is because it will cost cheaper doing an MBA from abroad.
    Avg MBA cost from India- 20-25 Lakhs
    Avg MBA cost outside India- 30-40 Lakhs.

    I am much concerned about ROI. So please suggest that if I would be getting good ROI from these colleges and good placements from these colleges and with engineer background with 3 yers of IT exp which stream I shshould focus upon. There are few things on I have doubt please clarify me.

    1. FINANCE Stream- I really really love to do math but if a person is targetti g tbis field then he/she must have knowledge about Commerce, Accounting, Business law etc. But in my case I don’t even know A for accouting as I am from science background. If I choose this stream will it be a good decision or will my work exp with IT will going count in my new job? and if it doesn’t get count, would I be able to do MBA from finance?

    2. Marketting and HR- I can’t do marketting and HR. Really bad in that.
    3. IT
    4. Operations.

    So according to me there are only 3 options as I can see from my end I.e Finance, IT and Operations. To be very honest I am not sure wether IT and operations are one an the same thing or different.
    So please guide me which stream I should target and If you have any diffrent stream suggestion for mr then please do share it with me.
    And the last thing in which I need your opinion is- For my profile doing ab MBA from top collage and spending aroind 35 Lakhs will going to help me in my carerr path or not.
    My current CTC is – 4 LPA
    Expected CTC after MBA- from indian B-school ( 15-20 LPA)
    From US/ UK- $60,000 USD- $70,000 USD
    Is my expected CTC after MBA is it too high according to my academic profile or its fine.
    Please share your opinion with me.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Jayesh Singh

  28. Hi Sameer,
    Jassi here. I am an electrical engineer. I have been working in an IT company for 2 years now as a design engineer. But I have realised that my job or profile are not satisfying me. I do not enjoy coding and hence have decided to pursue my MBA. However the question bothering me is which stream of MBA except IT would suit me or rather add value to my profile? Will Finance after the coder job be of any use to me, as both are extremely different profiles? Also wouldnt the B schools also wonder about this domain selection of mine, thereby reducing my chances of clearing GD/PI rounds? Please tell me what is your opinion about this confused state of mine.

  29. Dear Sameer,
    I have completed my BE in Computer Science branch in the year 2014 and currently working in an IT company. I am willing to do part time MBA. But not aware of the courses offered in it. Could you please tell me whether it is a good decision to do MBA after BE and if so which course in MBA would be good and how can I get into a college for part time MBA

    Thanks & Regards

  30. am doing final year mechanical engineering and i wanna do masters but am confused what to choose. will ms in usa leads me for a good job and for a good pay since i have BE MECH as my UG degree??

  31. I am mechanical Engg. have an exp. of 4 years in supply chain stream with MNC.
    .now i am little bit confused for PG in MBA.
    I have a doubt that, is MBA useful for me to get higher salaries & promotions??

  32. Dear Sameer,
    I will graduate in June2015 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I had attempted CAT 2014 without any preparation and secured 78.22%ile overall. 84.50%ile in Quants and 59.60%ile in Verbal. I am placed in TCS and I am planning to give my best shot at CAT 2016. Is my CAT 2014 score decent considering I had not prepared at all?Should I join any Coaching institutes for preparation alongside job?Thanks

  33. Hi sir,
    i have done BTech. in Electrical engineering 2011 Batch pass out. After that i got job in Analytical instruments field as a service engineer its completely a field job. i have 3 years experience but i am not satisfied by my job also i have financial crisis what should i do. i want to grow my carrier and want to change the field job. please guide me. should i go for MBA if yes then which stream

  34. Respected sir,

    I am in my last semester of computer engineering.
    I am not interested in continuing this field for the rest of my life. I am rather interested in MBA in HR/PR.
    whereas my mother wants me to do MBA in Finance, and my father wants me to do MS from US in the same field.
    Please help me decide if i am going on the right path or not?
    and how should i proceed?

  35. Dear Sameer,
    Good Morning..

    I am B.Tech from Electronics & Instrumentation, having experience of 7 years in Industrial Electrical & Automation field ( PLC,SCADA,HMI,DRIVES, on site commissioning of projects) .
    Currently i am working with a STEEL PLANT OEM German Company.

    I am interested to do an MBA program part time but little bit confused that which stream should i choose .. please guide me ..

    I would like to move my career from an automation engineer to technical management side.

    Thanks in advance & have a nice day..

  36. Sir,
    I have completed my btech in mechanical with 62% marks from an average pvt clg in 2014.i worked in a small cmpny for 6 months and then i quit.nw am struggling to get a good job.i like management role more than i should need to improve my skills.should i need to go for mba.what is ur opinion abt going to better pvt. b school or should i write exams like cat and join next year. i am waiting 4 ur valued advice

  37. hi sameer.
    thats a great blog..recently i have done my BE electrical enginnering..i dont want to do MS in electrical engineering but want to procede my higher education.can you give me some suggestion .should i go for mba?if yes then which stream??please help it would be the great pleasure for me

  38. Hi Sameer Sir,

    I am an IT professional and I can totally relate to the above points.I had appeared for CAT and other management exams during the last year of my college but couldn’t get through the IIMs.I am a chemical and food engineer and so started my career with the top FMCG firm in India.I shifted to another company and then to an IT company after 9 months of experience in the manufacturing sector.The pay in the IT sector was better but as you pointed there are numerous faces and so it becomes impossible to shine.I always had a passion to pursue finance but got forced into engineering (family pressure).I started investing in the stock market from the age of 14 and that was the time I found out my passion to beat the market.I have 3.8 years of work ex and I am planning for GMAT.I have done a few courses in finance and Economics (online) from Coursera (Microeconomics) and DSIJ academy(Technicals and Fundamentals of the market).
    I have been working in the financial domain of Oracle(General Ledger,Payables,Receivables and Tax) for the past 3 years and have got an Oracle certified analyst certification.I am currently learning a foreign language (French) and pursuing a risk management course (PRM). The markets still fascinates me and it’s not about earning money but I feel good whenever my analysis pays off and beats the market return rate. I am an extrovert and have represented my company in various events like the Toastmasters. I have attended the young managers training program(company specific course) for which I was selected (eligibility is 3-12 years in the company but I was having only 2 Yrs and 10 months exp in the current company). I love to solve problems and so I have been contributing to the innovative forums of my company since my 1st year and a couple of my ideas had got selected.
    I want to work in the finance domains like – wealth management,investment banking,risk management because I love the markets and it thrills me each and everyday.

    Can I opt for a MBA in finance (after 5-6 years total work ex) from any European colleges?
    Kindly let me know what other courses should I consider before going for my GMAT which will enhance my chances of getting?

    10-85% ICSE(2005)
    12th-83% ICSE(2007)


  39. I am an average student, but good in maths. Got in E.C.E abut 80 . Which MBA is better for me ?
    ii) NORMAL MBA
    I got 98 in CAT.

  40. Dear All,

    After reading through the comments, I see people confused of doing an MBA or other course to boost your career. i say if you are not satisfied with your current job profile there is no guarantee after a course you’ll find it more interesting. i felt the same with my last employer I am a mechanical engineering and i have 3yrs experience in Execution. i hated my life everyday when my college friends in IT and EXTC could nail a good MNC job and they had an amazing office culture (which was more like college) with good young crowd around you and i used to work in the most deserted place possible with the most arrogant people (Govt Employees). then i realized that its my current job which is bad. there are other jobs which might be good so i took a break stayed home for 3 months made my mind clear about which company to join and job profile. i stopped following the crowd and i nailed a good job in a small company. its strange when you are expecting big jobs but you can get the satisfaction in small companies too.i am still working there and i am allowed to handle whatever work i want. i dont go for salary we are young we’ll earn it anyhow someday but go for the job which gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Still not satisfied, then there are many courses for people with BE/Btech who cant afford masters in germany. this was my plan but i am happy with what i have. you wont believe it the fees for any masters is free. no tuition fees in 75% of the colleges in germany. please check in google and always apply through a consultant which guides to enroll in the universities.since germany is one of the few countries in europe which is still not open to english and most of the paper work are done in german language and as per the facts i received through some of my friends there, the fees are free but the other expenses are high so always select your desired college in a city in central or north germany, all cities in south like munich frankfurt are costly. best colleges are around berlin.


  41. hello sir
    i am an 2nd year engg student from electronics and telecommunication branch
    i am intrstd in mba rathr dan ms n mtech n fall insufficnt abt this stream n Career so please can you help me wit it

  42. Hi

    I am (computer science ) 2013 Batch ,i want to go for M.B.A study,corrently i am working in as travel sales consultant.Please advise me which course is best for my carrier path .


  43. I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer (2008 batch) from a reputed college, also scored a 90% in CBSE- class 10th & 78% in class 12th. I am currently employed in Public Sector job as a Marketing Executive (Power plant Equipment Manufacturing) & have 7yrs of work experience in the same. I would be extremely grateful ,if anybody could suggest me some courses for Higher education which shall aid in my Career growth.
    Thank you.

  44. Sir ,
    I have Done B.Tech in IT in the year 2012 and MBA in HR in the Year 2014. Currently i am working as Management Trainee in a retail Company.I am holding generalist profile.But i am not satisfied with my job ..because i feel that there is nothing to learn and no challenge.There is only repetitive task in which i feel not much brain is required.As I have done my B tech in It so my interest lie in technical field. I want to go in It industry .Some of the people suggested me that i should go for a course in Sap.But then which module..What to do..Which course to go for. I am really confused.please guide me.

  45. hello,
    according to the above category ,i belong to category 4.i m pursuing my b.e in mechanical field.i want to do M.B A in marketing .i m confused about the job selection after my B.E. whether go for techinical or non technical.,which will help me in my MBA.? please guide.

  46. Dear Sameer
    Thankyou very much for such a wonderfull website that can help all MBA aspirants
    About me, completed my B.E Automobile Engineering in 2005 and having 10years of work experience
    Working in a managerial position in a higly reputed (MNC) automobile manufacturer earning 24LPA
    Always had a thought about doing MBA, Recently gave GMAT with score – 640 (I know very less score)
    However i am aiming to do 1year full time MBA from top IIM’s, application dates are nearing.
    My aim is not about salary, its about knowledge, a carrier change, moreover always i wanna do my own business
    Several time tried to start own venture but failed since without any much background in couldn’t risk my family & my future.
    May be doing MBA may show me a way in future to start my own enterprise
    I need your suggestion about choosing right college, GMAT score (Need to improve?) & anything else i need to know

  47. dear sameer
    It would be highly helpful if you could suggest me considering the present condition on what branch I would be doing a for persuing an MBA course later?

  48. hey there……if you guys can hear me. plzzz respond.
    I have completed my bachelors of engineering with electronics and communication in 2014. With CGPA 5.7 . I am fucked by these grades. nobody heirs me. Was looking to work in IT. But MNC’s spit on me and startup were giving salary that a daily wage worker earns much more than that. Tired of searching for jobs. Now finally decided to go for MBA. But confuse which stream/specialization to go for. Plz help me choosing which stream would be beneficiary. Thank you


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