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Life after MBA from IIM, IIT, other Indian Institutes

Here’s an interesting phenomenon. After cracking some of the toughest entrance exams in India (JEE, CAT etc) you’d assume that it would be smooth sailing for the best talent in the country.

Many would believe, life after MBA should be cool. An IIT BTech degree or an IIM MBA should be enough to get you through the rest of your professional life without any hassles.

For a few who get their dream jobs right out of campus, that may be true. But a big chunk doesn’t feel that way.

Why is it that graduates from IIT, IIM and many other elite institutions and universities starting buying GMAT preparation books and repeat the competitive admissions process, this time with international bschools?
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Here’s are a few perspectives. For the sake of convenience, let’s stick to IIT to refer to the best engineering colleges in India and IIM as a representation of the best MBA colleges in India.

Life after IIT

This may seem strange to folks from other countries. But in India, a significant number of IIT graduates end up in industries and roles that their Btech degrees have little relation with.

So you could have a Btech in Metallurgy graduate from IIT Kharagpur developing test cases for custom developed software to be implemented for a financial services client.

Compared to a tough field job with a mediocre salary, a Civil Engineer from IIT Roorkee might prefer the air-conditioned campus in Mysore with a nice salary, free gym membership and unlimited coffee from the well-stocked cafetaria.

After a point in time, the guy who was hailed by his relatives as the reincarnation of Steve Jobs starts getting disillusioned. Rather than changing the world, he’s now sitting in a cubicle changing the table structure within a rather ominous looking database schema.
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Life after IIM

Many IIT graduates don’t wait for that long. For them, an IIT-IIM label sounds much better than a simple IIT tag. It’s also a good way to get away from the pure technical work that fresh engineering graduates are expected to handle.

So after 4 long years in an engineering course, they head back into class to gain additional insights into the wonderful world of management.

The best management consulting firms in India, the top investment banks, private equity funds flock to the campus to shower a select few top performers with attractive roles and high salaries.

But there’s a pecking order there as well. Not all IIM grads get the red carpet treatment.

The rest reluctantly accept the jobs (ranging from mediocre to excellent depending on which side of the fence you are on) and head back to the corporate world 2 years after their buddies from IIT did.

Life after MBA from IIM in India (or engineering from IIT) can head in 3 directions


Career Track 1

The fortunate ones get into their dream jobs from campus. Some prefer entrepreneurship and launch their own start-ups.

A miniscule number might launch their own political party and get the tag of the fastest growing IIT startup.

This is the ‘live happily ever after’ track.

There’s an uncanny clarity of thought right from the beginning. There’s the right mix of talent, skills and opportunity. And most importantly, destiny has ensure that all these ingredients are falling in place at the right time.

Career Track 2

A lot of folks take up whatever comes their way and get settled into corporate life. The company brand, the perks & facilities and the social prestige that comes with it all, is sufficient to act as a golden handcuff.

They occasionally crib about how they got the short end of the stick and how life after MBA should’ve been different. But the corporate track continues for years and the career curve reaches stagnation.

This category is the most likely to face a burn-out and a mid-life career crisis.

Career Track 3

After 3-4 years, a few consider the option of getting back to bschool for a second MBA degree [Here’s a little more on USA bschools accepting second MBA applicants from India].

They think a sabbatical is the best option to rejuvenate their careers and gain more clarity about what they really want to do.

Many are vaguely aware of the expense and risk element, but these factors get pushed down in the priority list.
Whether you are from IIT or IIM or any other engineering / management college in India, if you are hovering precariously around the third career track, here’s a word of advice.

Don’t jump into another degree before you’ve addressed the basic questions. You may end up in precisely the same situation all over again i.e. a great international degree (this time it’s several times more expensive that your earlier ones) that does little for your career after 4-5 years.

A large number of Indian professionals who’ve taken emotional (as opposed to objective) decisions to fly abroad hoping for a life full of money, happiness and sunshine, get a second jolt in their lives, when they realise that things aren’t as easy as they expected outside India.

Whichever career track you see yourself in, stop for a while and do some introspection. Talk to friends and colleagues who according to you have the track that you’d like to get on to.

Ask them specific questions to find out for yourself if they are really happy or is it just a facade.

It’ll give you real world and first hand perspectives that would be more helpful in sorting out your own dilemmas.

If you are looking for something more formal, unbiased and structured, we offer personalized and confidential career couselling and guidance.

Before you leave the site, read this amazing and inspiring turnaround story of an IITian who dropped out of an MBA abroad. And you may also find this article on getting into a top MBA program without a top Indian engineering degree, interesting.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t meant to belittle anyone from IIT or IIM or the other top universities in India. It just highlights the ironic situation where the best talent from India is forced to accept jobs that hardly do justice to their potential. That is probably the primary reason why despite having the best academic brands from India on their CV, many still head to foreign shores in their quest for the top jobs and also for a second MBA.

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51 thoughts on “Life after MBA from IIM, IIT, other Indian Institutes”

  1. Quoting a question I posted initially as a reply on tweeter : ‘Is the 3rd category partly courtesy of something that our education system lacks inherently from nursery to an elite post grad?’
    There seems to be a feeling of dissatisfaction/ incompleteness even after having completed the “Checklist”. Time for some introspection? Here’s a perspective on this topic I recently came across, found this fairly relevant :

  2. Anand: Thanks for the question. I’d think it’s not just the education system. Though it tends to be everyone’s favorite punching bag (for several vald reasons), there’s also another reason for this trend.

    We are forced to choose careers when we ourselves aren’t sure about what we want. Often, the choice is influenced by what others want – glamourous, high paying jobs.

    It’s only after spending some time in the role that people start realising – not what they really want, but what they don’t want. And the experimentation continues.

  3. Sameer, you can add this to the end of your list:

    — Irrespective of all the reasons stated above, growing frustration among today’s youth (irrespective of the institution they graduated from) with the corrupt Indian system and no visible signs of improvement is encouraging them to escape this state of flux by migrating abroad using the MBA route.

    This is vindicated by the fact that even after the dollar reached 65 mark, and poised to go further down and only down, there is growing number of people who are willing to take even bigger risks and are ready to pay hefty (read: unreasonable) amount of money for an MBA from any institute abroad that can let them escape.

  4. Hello sir,

    You have revealed the truth behind the IIT and IIM students life which seems to be too hectic. Even you have done degree form top mba college of India there is no guarantee that you will get a job without any worry.

  5. Sorry I do not get it. So everyone who is headed to US or Europe to do his/her mba is happy? Paying 1 cr for the MBA and around 2 to 5 lakhs for the essays, preparation, applications etc. That is a much worse situation to end up in. In fact I have seen people from all schools crib…

  6. Mr Comment: That isn’t the message of the post at all. It only points out why folks who already have good degrees from India yearn to go abroad hoping the grass is greener there.

    What you’ve pointed out is right. Going abroad isn’t the panacea to all desi evils. In fact, the stakes abroad are much higher (fees, lost time, too much uncertainty). Yet many jump into it without the relevant background research and end up repeating the mistake twice.

    In such cases, even the best schools can’t help. Those are the guys who are more likely to be disappointed…again.

    • I agree, I call this as jaded Indian mentality. I don’t know why Indians don’t understand that majority of us lose time. This is also a huge loss for the government, as for them, this is a loss of human capital in terms of building infrasturcture etc. What do we want? Government focussing on our skills, development so that in turn, we can build next generation of things, but Indians never understand. Government is doing its work actually.

  7. which is better to do ? btech+mba or btech+ms?
    people tell me its all about your interestes.But seriously i dont know which of the two i would like..
    so please tell me based on job opportunities or pay package which of the two u think is better…i am in 3/4th year btech.
    And if i do btech+mba ill be doing a technical job or managerial job or both?

  8. Rahul: Can I suggest going for neither? At least till you get some work experience to judge for yourself what you like and what you don’t. that way your degree will be more useful.

    • Rahul, You are confused, you did + mba because the middle class people want you to have a pretty safe, albeit a frustrated life. It is your life, and you alone must decide. And oh yes, please come out of the mindset that if you take admission in MANIPAL, just because you could not clear entrance, means you are not intelligent. The biggest fool on this planet is indian middle class itself, and when people start to revolt their foolish mindset, then they start saying ,kya karne ke liye, bigde hue and all.

  9. Can we pay back our M.B.A. fees after we finish our course.If so can you please Nanette some universities in USA

  10. Hi guys, Focus is very important and crucial in career. Just ask yourself what is your dream job, what you like doing and are good at doing so. If you find your interest then only you will develop skills and even go ahead with starting your own business. After all most business are technology based today.

    Its not just the package, I mean during the 2008-11 many MBA person & engineer loosed there jobs and those who didn’t developed proper skills were not able to get proper placement again.

    I mean if you have keen interest in automobiles and there working but for sake of package you joined a purchase team or a IT firm you might get the package and you wont be happy.

  11. I am confused about doing MBA from top Asia B Schools or UK or US please advise.I m graduated from Delhi School of Economics I have three year of experience in working with Government and Corporates .

  12. Hi
    I am company secretary and working with a reputed group having 1 year experience after management training. My age is 28 and want to pursue mba from regular B-School. Please suggest me

  13. Hi,
    May be I am senior (51)at least in age as compared to those posting their queries & my way of thinking can be little out dated,but still….
    Why most of IIT graduates leave their core competency or core skill i.e. the branch in which they graduate for jobs which is least related to what they studied in four year.
    A prominent e- retailing company,certain private banks offer nice packages & get resonable number of IITians from campus placements.
    The job profile is as I said earlier is least related to what they studied in four year.
    Any suggestions?

  14. @Sai: You pay the fees before the program, not after.

    @Richdad: Thanks for sharing your views.

    @Himanshu: Choose the geography that you want to work in. The choice of MBA colleges will become clearer.

    @Harvinder: How come you have 1 year experience when you are 28 yrs old? Baaki ke saal ki kya kahani hai sirji?

    @Rajiv: Am not sure what your question really is, so I’ll go into a general rant.
    It’s a lack of choice that forces many to choose engineering streams they never wanted. And sometime the lack of choice forces them to choose jobs they never wanted. Most of the good guys are able to pick up new skills quickly. So, the employers also don’t mind.

  15. Hi,
    I did my engineering from a top tier engineering college (Not IIT though). Post that worked for 2 years in engineering conglomerate. Then joined Tier 1 B school (Not IIM) in India. Currently I am working with one of the major private banks in India. I am thinking of academia as a career option. PhD in management, finance or strategy are in minds currently. When googled around this topic, I found that its a 5 year course and very few people join it. Surprisingly very few Indians go for such courses. I wanted to know pros and cons of going for PhD degree. ( Currently I am 27 years old)

  16. I am currently working as Scientist in DRDO .I have done my B.Tech from IIT.This year i have converted IIM Bangalore.I am confused whether to do an MBA or continue my job as Scientist

  17. hi sameer,
    i m in final year of my from Biotechnology branch,as we know that this field is new in market and jobs in biotechnology industry for an graduate specially are not upto the mark!! i’m confused between and MBA? which one is better for good future!!!!!

  18. Hi All,

    I am 32 yrs old girl. I have completed M com Plus I have close to 7 yrs of exp in diff sectors. I liked doing the Client Relationship Management the most in these 7 yrs. Now I don’t have a job because I apply for the job id different sector and in the end I come back unsatisfied. I don’t get a single opening in this sector in Delhi. I don’t have money now I am going to take a job to fulfill my expenses soon. However, I know I want to do MBA from USA but I don’t want to come back after completing my education I want to work and settle there with a high paying job. I really don’t know what field should I specialize in so that I get to work there and settle there. Can someone please help me in making a decision about my career because I am getting depressed because of all this. I don’t know whom to approach as the consultants just give advice based on the few listed university that they have in their circle and focus on their incentives. No body gives a true career advice .

    • Hi Dilemma girl,

      I am living in US for 9 yrs now, did my B.Tech and MBA from Tier-1 Colleges in India. Am working as a Senior IT Engineer/IT Manager, for all these yrs in USA. I would say , don’t try to do MBA from USA unless its from top 5 colleges of US. If you do a normal MBA , you may get a job if you are very lucky, but you will almost have impossible situation getting that company to get H1B visa approval for you from US govt. as lot of people will be available who are local US citizens available to do that job. The other option is to get married to US citizen ( thats a very personal choice, but some people do) to get settlement in US. if you marry a local guy (any US citizen — Indian or American person) after your MBA here, you will get a Green Card and then you can work anywhere.

      your best bet is to get best MBA in India ( top 10) and work in corporate in India and visit USA through your Indian company. Stay here for few months or 2-3 years, see if you really like living in this country, make up your mind if you want to stay or go back to India.Then you can plan further.

      Hope all this helps in your planning.

  19. Hi..i am a final year civil engineering student amd i was thinking of going for GMAT coaching class, but i have attended the campusing amd got placed…what do u prefer me to do…should i get into the company and later pursue my MBA or should i go for it right now…

  20. hello sir/Everyone
    I am pursing btech with EEE branch 3rd year.Am confused a lot wo go while making a decison whether to go for MBA after Btech oR mtech. Frankly telling you i am interested in Robotics a lot but due to lack of proper guidence am not getting the way through it.So now am deciding that i should prepare for CAT ,,and along with graduation i will get specilization from the private institutes regarding my interest so that i could have a good basic knowledge of my graduation along with the chance to get a good salary package from companies who hires MBA plus Btech……..Please let me know that whether i should do this or go for over seas studies regarding ROBOTICS only…………please
    eagerly waiting for your reply.

  21. I’m doing civil engineering from college of engineering pune which is one of the top ranking government college in india. After engineering what I should do M.E. or MBA ?
    Plzzz guide me.

  22. I want to start a business and this is eventually aim of my life, i have 6 years of exp and i’m not an engineer neither i have very bright academic record i’m BA, preparing for CAT do you think MBA degree helps in business?i’m 25 now if i go for MBA it’ll take 2 years and taking into consideration the amount of loan i think i’ll have work for at least 2-3 years, dunno i’m confused whether i should go for it or not, please advise.

  23. @Ameya: Pros and Cons of a PhD! That’s a topic for a whole new post.

    @Akshay: A little confused here. Why did you apply to IIMB if you aren’t sure whether to join or not?

    @Sakshi: With an MBA immediately after graduation, you are essentially throwing away all that you’ve done in the last 4 years. Is that what you want?

    @Dilemma: If you don’t have money, the last thing to do is to look at MBA options that’ll push you further in debt. Continue looking for local jobs, and if you are persistent, hopefully one will click.

    @Vinayak: You should be asking others about their preferences about your career. Take a choice based on your personal goals.

    @Aman: Robotics is a pretty niche field, bro. Be sure what you are getting into.

    @Ankit: Too little to work with here, buddy. You haven’t shared anything about your aspirations and goals.

    @Sumit: An MBA is not necessary to start your business. In fact, here’s why most MBA graduates will never start their own business.

  24. Great Article.. Dealing with the reality of today’s world..
    I’ve just completed my Engineering in ECE and along with that i’m also preparing for CAT.
    But inside I know that I’m not the one who actually wants to do an MBA, but I’m pressurized by my parents , friends and Society.. They say you should go for MBA just because you can. But in my heart, i know that I’m passionate for Embedded Systems(A subject in Electronics) and Music.. All other things just fade away when I’m doing anything related to these things. For me, money ,glamour doesn’t matter.. All that matters is my passion for what I do..
    But again, I am unable to gather enough self Confidence and guts to live with my dreams. What if I fail ?
    I know my path, may be I need a little push.. Am i going in right direction ?

  25. sir iam an nit graduate. iam not able to decide whether to go for iim through cat preparation or go for iit mtech through gate preparation. can you please suggest me?

  26. Sir,

    I completed my engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology,Karnataka in 2011.Straight way I joined Larsen and Toubro Construction and worked for 3 years in the construction field at different locations in India related to railway construction.Now I have started preparing for MBA and I am hopeful of getting in one of the top 20 B-Schools of India.Kindly let me know how is placement scenario in the top B-Schools for a person with work experience of 4 years in Construction line??

  27. Hi,

    I would be glad if you could help me take the right decision,(this is a slightly long post)

    To begin with, I have just graduated from VIT University, Vellore ( B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering)

    My profile is as follows:
    -88.2% in 10th; 74.8%in 12th, and 7.91 CGPA from VIT University, Vellore.

    -Founding President, FOGO Toastmasters International VIT Chapter:
    Toastmasters International is a globally leading Organization specializing in development of communication and leadership skills, spread across corporate sectors of 116 countries. —
    As a part of this I helped bag my club the best student chapter’s award and the President’s Distinguished Club award; represented my college at various corporate Toastmaster’s conferences and mentored over a 100 people.

    -Vice President (Membership) Toastmasters International VIT Chapter
    Initiated and strategized numerous membership/PR campaigns and events.; Boosted the member intake and membership retention to twice the previous strength; Networked with and persuaded numerous students as well as teachers to enroll.

    -Served as a member of a Social Initiative -An initiative along with several NGOs, with a mission to educate underprivileged children of orphanages in Vellore. Organized outbound activities for them as well.

    -Mentor to the Entertainment Team of IEYS 2013, a National level conference held during the Annual Technical Festival of VIT viz. “Gravitas”

    -I also served as a captain of my School basketball team.

    -On one hand I have an offer from accenture (the usual IT profile-software engineer, joining date is in August),and on the other hand I have a fair chance of landing a job in sales and marketing in a start-up(which has been covered by CNBC, Economic Times and Times Of India).

    Assuming I score 720 or above in the GMAT and work for 3-4 years, what do you think would be a wise decision- accenture or the start-up?

    The MBA colleges I am aiming at are- top B-Schools (ISB, SP-JAIN, NUS, HEC)

    Since,I am more inclined towards doing MBA in marketing,I believe the start up can give me a lot of relevant exposure, accenture on the other hand would give me the professional discipline and the brand name,however,it would also pull me into the large pool of Indian IT Males.

    Your opinion would be very helpful.

  28. @Dhruv: It’s great that you’ve discovered your passion. But it wouldn’t be wise to discard the money part. In the earlier stages of your career, you need to focus on both – building skills and money. The financial freedom will allow you to achieve much more when society isn’t supporting your dreams.

    @Prasanth: I have no insight into your profile or aspirations. So, it’s not right for me to give you a random answer.

    @Asim: Placements are good in the top schools, but you’ll have to choose a goal for yourself first and evaluate whether a bschool makes sense.

    @Jastej: I’d go with Accenture, purely for the stability and branding it provides vis-a-vis a startup with an uncertain future.

    • Focus on your skills, do not get misled by acad score, they are good, no doubt, but after a certain point, acads won’t help much, it is skills which matters in life. Focus on what you love to do, explore it, and execute it perfectly. Even if you love photography, go behind it, because, you will be in a positoin to explore lot of DIY physics,optics,astronomy etc.

  29. Hello Sameer,
    I am Shrikant and currently I am working in small brand design firm. I’ve completed B.E. IT and MBA Marketing both from Pune University. Both colleges were Tier-2 colleges. My career objective is to become a brand manager for some reputed brand. But I’ve heard that all such top companies have policy that candidates must be pass out from Tier-1 college (e.g. IIM, ISB etc.). I surfed to profiles of many brand managers on linkedin. All of them are either pass out of Top MBA schools in India or have got their degree from foreign. Now level of colleges doesn’t matter if you’ve got degree from US/ UK. I think you may not have job right after passing out from IIM but at least you won’t need to struggle to get to higher position. I agree that IIM still offers quality but doesn’t mean that people from other colleges are not worth it. What’s your opinion on this?

  30. i am an mba , even my company has kicked iim grads who were getting 15 lacs-25 lacs, simple for one reason , they canot justify 25 lacs of salary you can get an 10 year old expierience person instead of employing man with no expirience straight from iim colleges

    my company has changed the policies we have employed 20 year old expirience person in 25 lacs

    previously we were employed iim ahmedabad graduate who was failure in managing, no responsibility of revenues can’t deal with diplomatic people.

    this economic condition has taught great to the industry… i guess

    so life after iim iit is simple to get more exhilarating expierieice

  31. Hii Sameer ..
    Great article !! I am a third year civil engineering student.I loved buildings and their aesthetics which i still do.Wen i c some new n unique building I get motivated to build such building .But after going into engineering i dont knw why but i feel this isnt actually wat i wanted to.Dont knw how to find my true calling .Plz help me.

  32. Hi Sir,
    I have done Btech in Biotechnology and then switched my career toward Analyst and currect working as a Data Analyst in Axis Bank.I am confused of going towards MBA or develop deep skills in banking field. I am really enjoying my job but some people said for long growth in banking career MBA is compulsory. But,sometimes I thought if I am enjoying my job and want to come back again in banking after MBA, is doing MBA a fruitful step?
    or I focus on job completely.

  33. Hi, I am Priya, i am 27 year old. I have dont my and M.E.(CSE) both regular. I am having 2 years of experience as Assistant Professor in a private Engineering college i.e. I don’t have industry but academic work experience. Lately I have realised I am not meant for research and PhD as is required in the academic profession and I have keen interest in Personal Wealth management. I have built quite a good portfolio for myself already by investing in few top mutual funds. I am a die hard fan of economic times and really into it all the time! I want to persue MBA finance from IIMA next year. Planning to prepare for CAT all this year long. But is my portfolio worth it? I don’t see many people from my profession moving do an MBA, and hence the doubt!

  34. Hi Priya. Prateek here. I see a similarity here. I am also an Assistant Professor, did M. Tech in 2013 from a IITB just after my B. Tech, realized the non-suitability of research for me, and a want to do a MBA. Only that I’m a bit younger. Then, as you have quite clearly pointed out, I don’t see many from this portfolio applying for a MBA.

    Same doubt basically. I have talked with a few of my friends regarding the same, and then they say: “Oh wait. IITB itself is a big brand. And why MBA after M. Tech”? They can really never know.

    I would really want to have an answer to this from you and Sameer. Do share your views.

  35. The reason is that majority of Indian middle class, especially the young ones, are brainwashed that they need to prove their caliber to others, even to their own parents. I ask, Why? What’s the need to prove something to others, instead, focus on your own life.

    And jobs and educations don’t have any relations. To get job, one has to be skillful. No university and educational institute on this planet teaches skills, that one has to acquire on his/her own. I don’t know why Indians waste so much of time on preparing for exams rather than focussing on developing skills and put it to use.

    And here also, the same rat race, join Engineering, join MBA, join medical, there are lot of other profession, and no, nothing will happen. No one will apart from some foolish people who have not seen the life will say ki ‘WOH BEVEKOOF HAI, ENGINEER NAHI BAN PAYA, USKA IIT MEI NAHI HUA, WOH BEVEKOOF HAI’ all that.

  36. I have a diploma in computer applications , which I got in 2004. Today I am working in a decent product based MNC the semiconductor industry.
    When I got the diploma I was cribbing “I am not an IITian …I am not a Engineer…I am not an MBA.Then when my career started I came in touch with IITians , NITians (those days they were RECians) etc etc.And what I found out was: They were no way different than me. May be a notch higher in academics , thats all. Some of these IITians and NIITians were cribbing that they dont have a good job , no good salary . Some were good in playing office politics without doing their actual work and so on.

    IIT/IIM is not the only way.As somebody said above , ‘just because you could not clear the entrance and took admission in Manipal dosent mean you are not intelligent.I saw quite some guys , in thee 11 years of my career , in both technical and non technical fields who are from the not-so-good engineering/management college (even simple BSc/Msc guys)but they are earning more or atleast equal to their IIT/NIT/IIM counterparts and they are able to do justice to their job.

    Some of the IITians and NITians may have become millionaries and are entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley but they represent probably the top 5% of the NIT-IIT-IIM folks. Rest are like us.

    So I would request folks to come out of this IIT-IIM-NIT are the best syndrome. Real world is not to be tackled by your degree but your common sense,practical knowledge and of course some dose or diplomacy/politics.

  37. HI,

    As they mentioned above am the person who opted btech with no interest. Finished graduation and currently working with a software comapany which i never thought of working with. I just want to change my career and i strictly beleive ,a software job is suiatable for me.
    Suggestions Pls …


    • I know it. India must get out of the age old mindset of cracking exams to get job. In market economics, it is skill, hard work, team work which matters.

      I went to UK for my post graduation, mainly to get exposure. Found the working conditions different here. It does not matter if one knows subject or not, but dedication is seen and they take into your groups.

      Indians always live in the mindset that I am superior, you are inferior.

      //Some of the IITians and NITians may have become millionaries and are entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley but they represent probably the top 5% of the NIT-IIT-IIM folks. Rest are like us.//

      To be honest, I don’t like this hype of IIT startups etc. How many of them are like apple, or ford, or even like bosch?

      We know how it all started, during 90’s. And those were IITians who did some masters in USA, in science, and then worked in corporates, then cracked GMAT, which even an average Indian will find it easy with 6 months of right preparation, went to B-schools, and then, created this outsourcing.

      I am not saying that all did it. People like Mr Raghuram Rajan are also present, who tried a good model for India. But that’s a rarity now.

  38. My 2 cents being a BE + MBA, I am not from tier 1 colleges, I really do not see the need for any MBA degree for a well paying job atleast in IT industry. I agree there is a need for training managers at senior levels to take up leadership roles, where the MBA can help. But for average IT engineer I really doubt the need for the MBA.

    Most in demand professions require mostly quantitative skills where MBA does not help much. I agree there is a need for collaboration, communication and team work which can be refined via MBA but forgoing 2 years salary and also you loose the opportunity to work as an engineer. An engineer can be a manager but its harder for manager to get back to engineering. As an engineer you have many variables under your control than a manager.

    In many product companies you find engineers working as individual contributors for many years. It is quiet often these engineers/architects draw salaries equivalent of VPs. Unlike services where the average tenure of developer is 5 years, before they transition to managerial roles.

    I have met MBAs who are from very good institute who work in well paid jobs but are churning out ppts for senior mgmt. sitting in the desk, this is especially true in IT. Unfortunately they become mid level managers who neither have technology vision nor leadership to progress beyond , as there is no tangible output form these insights.

    However, you find many product leaders who have mostly come from engineering background. So unless the goals of the person is clear it is better to avoid the MBA route. MBA is considered as advantage in consulting firms however even consulting firms have now expanded heavily into digital technologies for revenue and traditional management consulting is under decline. Also the finance industry is not what it was after 2009 melt down. There are many other alternatives that provide well paying jobs.

  39. Good article but I’m sorry your blog is quite depressing. It’s just criticizing every move used to grow in career and Life. Let’s take an example If a person gets a master’s degree from a regular college, his/her initial salary will be somewhere from 3-5lakhs p.a. Assuming their hike will be between 15 – 20%, after a span of 5years, they’ll package will be close to 8-9Lakhs.

    If this person wants to go to a second MBA in IIM and get into an even better corporate company. I think it’s worth. That’s a career move, it’ll give a person a straight jump from 9 lakhs to 20-25lakhs, which would take another 5years for the person.

    Invest in working hard for 2years, and get into a company that adds brand value to your resume.

    Dude, having IIM in your resume itself is value addition in itself

    I wish your would have given more insights than just this depressing gyan.

    • @Divya I am sorry but you have the exact same age old Indian Mentality which has been much talked about in this thread, repeatedly. And even if I exclude that, will you please read the post properly before attempting to comment?

      1) Salary might be a concerning factor for some but have you ever explored the concept of ‘enjoying what you do’ or does earning the figures give you the pleasure? In any case I am noone to judge/predict but whatever you are please don’t join the “I left my XYZ big money job after Tier 1 MBA and pursued my passion”. Enough of that bs we have had already.

      2) Have you ever taken into fact the ROl? the benefits? An MBA degree is enough to leave you in a bit of debt unless you have aristocrat parents or you manage a 28-30 lpa (mind you, minusing the incentives…duhh a topic of discussion, later?) straight out of B-school. And on top of that a second MBA? Girl, decide first what you want in life. Or may I say, ‘get a life’ first.

      3) The post has never talked about a second MBA from India. Learn to read properly first. He talks about those ‘elite’ , ‘intelligent’ and ‘successful’ IIT+IIM grads going on for a Second MBA at foreign shores, which agreebly is a tough call as situations are much different in many different ways.

      Here’s a tip for you and the blooming Indian Middle Class and it’s mentality :
      1) Learn to get a life.
      2) Learn to grow as an individual over materialistic ‘growth’ in terms of societal status, money, fame.
      3) Learn to explore. Kahi zindagi settle karne jaake khud hi unsettled na ho jao.
      4) Learn to dream. (If you only dream money, then please ignore this step)

      Thanks for bearing with this frustrated Indian Middle Class Engineer. I believe India will truly develop as a nation when the Indian Middle Class evolves. That being said, my fight against this Society will continue.



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