Why second MBA abroad after entertainment and media job

Second MBA abroad after entertainment media jobSupreet Virk chose to pursue a full-time second MBA from an international business school, as opposed to a part-time executive MBA after her MBA from NMIMS.

She joins a growing number of MBA graduates from India who think they played their MBA card too early in their careers. To stay in the competitive global race, an international MBA makes good sense.

Supreet had made a mark in the rapidly-growing digital media and entertainment industry. What prompted her to consider a double MBA? How did she prepare for the applications? She answers these queries below.

She has some helpful tips for second MBA candidates, and also freshers who’re planning to jump straight into an MBA program after Btech or any other bachelors degree, without experience.

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Profile building for second MBA after IIM: M7 (Kellogg) admit with scholarship

When you hit a wall, you only need to find the right window of opportunity, to allow the rays of hope and inspiration to enter.

We wrote earlier about why anyone would plan for a second MBA after IIM, and also the pros and cons to be aware of.

IIM Kozhikode grad, Garimaya Gaur, was a rock-star even before coming to us. And we mean that in a literal sense. In his pursuit of a second MBA from USA after IIM, he agreed to our unusual (or bizarre?) suggestion to use his guitar and singing skills, to stand out from the competition.

The result – an admit with scholarship from his top choice – Kellogg.

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Second MBA from Europe after teaching experience: Bschool professor turns Bschool student

Second MBA Europe UKIndian moms are heading back to business school. And we consider ourselves fortunate when we’re able to make a difference in their journey.

Archana Veerabahu, an assistant professor in a Mumbai-based business school, already had an MBA from the prestigious XLRI.

The former marketing professional had taken a career break to do what she always wanted to do – teaching.

Here’s her interesting journey from being an MBA student to MBA professor to MBA student.

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