94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

International student life in Ireland

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for its greenery nurtured by its moderate temperature and moist climate. For international students worldwide — 35,000 from 160 countries are already there — the top reasons for studying in Ireland are as follows: Quality of its universities and the variety of programs available Opportunities for students to … Read more

Life before and after IIT Bombay, INSEAD and McKinsey: Diary of an overachiever

Overachiever, high-performer, superstar – these are labels that Aishwary Dale has been hearing for a long time, from friends, classmates and relatives. And for good reason. Best engineering college in the country Best business school in the world Best consulting firm in the world Aish has got all of them on his resume. But our … Read more

International student life in Singapore: Everything you need to know

Why should you opt to study in Singapore for your undergraduate or graduate education? That’s an easy question with several answers: great weather without extremes, top-rated universities, safe and clear environs, English-speakers everywhere, and a flourishing economy that lets you stay back for a rewarding career. Here we try to evaluate Singapore as an educational … Read more

HKU MBA review: Student experience, Hong Kong work permit, consulting job at Deloitte S&O

What’s it like to study in Hong Kong as an international student? How does the work permit process work for students in Hong Kong? How difficult is it to get a job in Hong Kong for international students? Arpit Arora is well-qualified to answer these questions. He completed his MBA from the University of Hong … Read more

Impact of COVID on MBA student experience and syllabus: A statistical analysis

The COVID19 pandemic changed the way the world worked. Individuals and institutions turned on their laptops and found workarounds to regular processes that everyone had taken for granted. Business schools did pretty much the same. From physical classrooms, they moved the education delivery process online and adopted innovative ways (such as virtual and hybrid learning … Read more

International student life in Germany

Germany may not be a native English-speaking nation, but it still manages to readily find a place among the top five educational destinations in the world. Nearly 400,000 international students—from India, China, Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other countries—start their college day saying a happy “Guten Morgen.” One reason why Deutschland is popular is that … Read more