94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Life before and after IIT Bombay, INSEAD and McKinsey: Diary of an overachiever

Overachiever, high-performer, superstar – these are labels that Aishwary Dale has been hearing for a long time, from friends, classmates and relatives. And for good reason. Best engineering college in the country Best business school in the world Best consulting firm in the world Aish has got all of them on his resume. But our … Read more

Management consulting resume tips for McKinsey, Deloitte, BCG, Bain

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in a lot of places. But it particularly doesn’t work when it comes to a management consulting resumes at McKinsey or Deloitte. Of course, a non-consulting resume, or even a resume that is a general catch-all for all consulting firms, just won’t do with the biggies of management consulting.   … Read more

A day in the life of a consultant

Management consultants working for the top consulting firms help solve the business problems of their clients, such as CEOs, CFOs, divisional heads, and other leaders of large corporates (Fortune 1000, Fortune Global 500, etc.), private equity companies, and governments and non-profits.     ‘Perks’ of the job Salary of $100K+ for undergrad hires and $200K+ … Read more

Market sizing questions, examples and answers

What are market-sizing questions? They are what management consultants can expect at first meetings with their clients. As one, you can bet these questions will be thrown at you at brainstorming sessions with them, and a question such as “What’s the US market for mattresses?” or “What’s the market for 60-inch LED TVs in London?” … Read more

How to answer brain teasers in interviews for Consulting & Investment Banking jobs

If you thought that interviewers at management consulting and investment banking (IB) interviews use brainteasers to put candidates at ease and bring in some light-hearted moments, you will be scratching your head after reading this: these mindbenders have a larger purpose. Although brainteasers may not be such a key part of interviews as technical and … Read more

Technology consulting vs management consulting

Consultants are often put down by other business professionals, who taunt them with, “You steal your client’s watch and tell them the time,” implying that consultants provide their clients with wisdom they already have. But the facts prove there is no substance in the jibe: the existence of over 700,000 consulting firms that make up … Read more

Teacher turned management consultant shares career change tips

There aren’t many teachers applying to MBA programs. The few who do consider the option, approach us with several questions. Is an MBA after teaching experience worth it? Does teaching experience count in MBA applications? Can a teacher switch careers after MBA? Primary school teacher turned MBA grad, Evan Piekara, graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough … Read more