94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy review and admissions experience

Since it’s not a mainstream MBA, we’ll start off with a quick review of the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy. We get several queries regarding its fees, ranking, salary, placements, class profile. We’ll share some information that’ll help you decide if the LBS Sloan program is worth it or not for you. LBS … Read more

Top MBA in USA and UK with 2 years of work experience: London Business School and Dartmouth Tuck

The average work experience for ivy league MBA programs is 5 years at matriculation. Which means most applicants apply with 4 years of experience. That puts younger folks with lesser experience at a serious disadvantage. More so at European schools like the London Business School, where the average age and experience is even higher. [read … Read more

MS in US with average GRE score: MIT (scholarship) vs Stanford University

Like many Indian and international students planning to study abroad, if you feel that the university ranking and brand power means everything, you’d be impressed with Anamika Agarwal’s resume. But what’s more intriguing is the journey behind it and the lessons she has picked up from her experiences. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay) … Read more

I got into INSEAD, twice

You’ve read many stories on our blog about success after failed attempts. You haven’t? Well, here are some reapplicant success stories. But, the one that we are covering below is unique. It is a ‘successful’ success story that happened after multiple ‘failed successes’. Confusing? INSEAD MBA student ‘MBA Juggernaut‘ (her parents gave her a much … Read more

Executive MBA in UK @ London Business School – Learn while you earn

Unlike the general (and incorrect) perception that folks in India have about an Executive MBA, here’s a real Executive MBA from the London Business School. If you are looking for an MBA in the UK, without leaving your job in India, the London Business School (LBS) can be a good option to consider. As is … Read more

10 business schools you’ve got to have on your radar

Irrespective of your GMAT score, your post MBA career goals and your penchant/hatred for saas-bahu serials, if you are an Indian MBA applicant there are a few schools that you’ve GOT to have on your radar. And it doesn’t matter if you are eligible or qualified to get in. The fact is most of your … Read more