What does an admission consultant with Harvard & Stanford admits know that friends & family don’t

Utkarsh Bajpai’s profile ticks all the right boxes – IIT graduate, competitive GMAT score, impressive international work experience.

This is typical of many strong applicants who plan to apply to the most selective masters and MBA programs in the world, such as the M7 business schools, INSEAD, London Business School, and other elite institutions.

It may seem that the application process would be a formality for candidates with such formidable credentials. Just get a few close friends or relatives to review your SoP and essays, and be done with it.

Why is it then, that the strongest applicants still see value in hiring an experienced and reputed MBA consultant? Why not just work with trustworthy colleagues or friends, some of whom may have gone through the process?

What does an experienced MBA admission consultant who’s got into Harvard Business School and Stanford GSB know that friends, family and colleagues don’t?

All fair questions to ask.

Utkarsh is the perfect person to answer them. He’s tried both options at different stages, with contrasting results. He explains in detail what his MBA admissions consultant did that made the entire process more streamlined and effective.

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How I got a job in the UK after my MBA as an international student

How I got a job in the UK after my MBA as an international student

Can international students still get jobs in England? Will life after an MBA be exciting and satisfying?

These are a few of the queries that we get from MBA applicants looking at the top British business schools.

Ritika Rao (name changed) writes about how she got a job in England (UK) after her MBA from the University of Oxford. She also shares why a top MBA isn’t always going to make you happy.

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