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Free Career Planning Tool

Have you managed your career well so far? What areas should you focus on? Should you keep that job or look for a new one?
A simple, intuitive & powerful tool for introspection and self-improvement. Professional Career Guidance can wait.

We’ve put together a repository of Free Career Guidance resources to help you take the right decisions.

Free Career Planning and Development Tool

Career planning and development can be a tedious and confusing exercise even for the most experienced professionals. While most tend to take career decisions based on a few key parameters (like the salary), there are many other variables with varying degrees of importance that come into play while defining the elusive term – Job Satisfaction.

Career Graph™ is a free online Career Planning and Development tool developed by Sameer Kamat (Founder MBA Crystal Ball). It allows you to visually track how your career has progressed across 12 dimensions and the corrective actions you need to take to improve your job satisfaction.

Here’s how the Career Graph™ works


Career Planning Tool | Process Flow

Step 1: Share your basic personal details, create a personalised yardstick (to allocate importance levels for each career dimension) and define the career horizon (starting year, time frame, milestones) that you want to evaluate.

Step 2: For each milestone, rate the 12 dimensions on a relative 5-point scale.

Step 3: Generate the Career Graph report, visually depicting your performance for each dimension.

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Career Graph



Other Career Guidance Resources


Career Guidance Articles

Based on the numerous queries that we receive, we’ve put together a series of posts focussing on the most popular jobs that our site visitors are interested in.

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Free Career Guidance

We’ve been providing free online career guidance to hundreds of professionals on our Jobs and Career forum. If you aren’t keen on posting on a public forum, you may still find some good ideas to consider if you read the queries posted by others and the responses.

Personalised Career Guidance

If you prefer a confidential, customised and comprehensive career guidance counselling session to identify and address your career related confusion, check out the Career MAP™ Career Counselling option.