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Profile Building for GMAT MBA B-schools in USA, India, UK, Canada

MBA Profile Builder

Have you spent time building a good profile for GMAT MBA programs?

Or will a weak profile put you at a disadvantage while writing MBA applications?
Start building your profile for GMAT MBA programs now and get ready for the top B-schools in USA, UK, India.


What do MBA admissions officers look for in MBA applicant profiles?

It’s the big confusing question that baffles the brightest and best. It can get more confusing if you are applying to b-schools in India and USA (and UK, Canada) where the format, duration, culture and the class profile can vary a lot.

Here’s the good news. Whether you are building your profile for ISB or Harvard or INSEAD, the basic approach does not change. If you follow the basic principles and put in the right amount of effort in the suggested profile building activities and strategies, you can improve your profile for most of the top ranking B-schools in the world.

Read on to find out how our profile building service can help you strengthen your personal and professional profile and help you put in a strong MBA application.

MBA Crystal Ball created the MBA Mock Application Process (MBA MAP™) for applicants who are ready to apply. It turned out to be a big hit, and is now our flagship product.

However, it had some important lessons for us. While working with hundreds of applicants on the MBA MAP, we realised that it was already too late for most of them to improve their profiles. At best, we could only help them package and present what they already had to offer.

If they had approached us 1-3 years earlier, there was a lot we could’ve done to help. That’s how our MBA Profile Builder™ service came into existence.

The MBA Profile Builder™ methodology

We’ll make you go through a simulated application with your future profile (i.e. how you might appear to Adcoms when you are ready to apply).

We’ll analyze the inputs from the process to generate a customized report based on our in-house (and solidly robust data-oriented) MBA profile evaluation methodology. The report will provide an idea of how the Admission officers at the best MBA programs will perceive you if you present a similar profile in 1-2 years.

Here’s how we break it down.

Part 1 – Mini Application

In this phase, we gather data related to your career as well as academic and personal life using a resume and a questionnaire. We’ll also ask you to rate yourself vis-à-vis your peers in diverse areas (including soft-skills).

– B-school Resume: Just like B-school admissions officers, we’d ask you to give us a short (1-page) CV that captures all the important and relevant milestones.

– Mini-essays: We want to see how you deal with subjective and introspective questions. In our questionnaire, you’ll find essays that the best Bschools frequently cover in their MBA applications. Convince us that you have the ability to not only write well, but also communicate your aspirations (including career goals) with clarity and maturity.

– We’ll also ask you to undertake a psychometric test that’ll help us analyse your personality in detail.

All these data points help us get a better understanding of your profile, skills, professional aspirations and any issues you may be currently facing in your career.

Part 2 – Profile Evaluation & Analysis

Our customized report will cover the following:

– On a 5-point scale (Below Average, Closer to Average, Good, Strong etc), we’ll let you know where you stand against your competition.

– We’ll categorize the top B-schools into 5 buckets (Ambitious, Stretch, Practical, Safe, Backup), so you’ll know how many would be within reach if your career trajectory continues as you’ve assumed. Apart from the summary, we also include individual ratings for a select few schools.

– A psychometric report, that dissects your personality into 20 different traits and helps you understand what makes you unique. This will be kept in context for Part 3 to assess if there are some other career options you should look into, beyond your current one.

– A recommendation and action plan on what you can do over the next few months/years to improve your profile.

In most cases, we send the report as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file in 1-2 working days.

Part 3 – Personalized Action Plan

We wrap up the process with a 1-hour consultation over the phone, covering questions you may have on the report, the analysis, the recommendations and the way forward. We’ll cover aspects related to GMAT prep, extra-curriculars, social work, professional initiatives you can take up and more.

Part 4 – Follow-up Call

After 4 months of creating the personalized action plan, we have another 30-minute review and consultation over the phone, to see how you’ve been managing the transformation. And if there’s any need to do some course correction, based on the developments in the elapsed time.
The entire Profile Builder service is carried out over email/phone. It doesn’t matter which country / city you are in. We’ve worked with MBA applicants in India and across the world.


MBA Profile Builder™ Reviews

… a great resource to help set realistic goals.

“For anyone considering pursuing an MBA, I strongly recommend looking into the profile builder package. It was able to help me identify weak spots in my current profile and develop a game plan on how to fix them.

MG spent over an hour on the phone with me walking through every step of my profile and answering every question I had (and I had a lot). He also offered to stay in touch and keep him updated with how things were going.

As someone who just started considering an MBA, I found the profile builder a great resource to help set realistic goals.”

– Ryan L (Source: Facebook)


…Seriously, you have no idea what timely and sound advice can do for you.

“I just got done with my MBA Profile Builder with MG and I am incredibly happy that I did go with MBA Crystal Ball.

I have always wanted to know where I stand or will versus the applicant pool and what parts of my profile would need to be addressed BEFORE I apply.

The best part about the profile builder package was that it allows you time to take corrective action. I am so glad that I could run some very important career decisions by MG before I made them. Seriously, you have no idea what timely and sound advice can do for you.

MG was kind enough to go over some inherent weaknesses in my profile and gave me some great suggestions to address them.

MG’s prior work experience has also helped understand a diverse range of backgrounds, so he really can help you move in the right direction even if you think you’re in a field that is very different from his. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that my list of ’20 questions’ were answered in the wrap call, without me having to ask more than 5. He’ll also advise you on what is the ideal time to apply. Hopefully, I’ll be really prepared in 3 years’ time. 🙂

Thank you so much MG. It’s been really wonderful working with you.

P. S. Their professionalism is truly outstanding. You’ll get a sign up sheet that will list out the terms of agreement and what exactly the package entails, before you proceed. They’ll never market their other products to you, which I can vouch is the mark of a true professional. Thanks again!”

– Shikha P (Source: Quora)


…perfect for anyone planning an MBA 1 or 2 years later…gives a view into the future.

“I used the MBA Profile builder service, which to my mind is perfect for anyone planning an MBA 1 or 2 years later.

Unlike the MBA MAP which evaluates your profile as it stands today, the MBA Profile Builder gives a view into the future as to how a b-school would perceive your profile whenever you plan to apply.

I was contemplating a move to a completely different industry to a different function and was in a dilemma as this was a risky career move. I was unsure of how this move would impact my future MBA aspirations. My initial reason for signing up for the profile builder was mainly to resolve this dilemma.

My discussions with MG not only resolved this dilemma, but also gave me much more. I was provided with an action plan and a list of items I needed to work on in the next few years to improve my chances in the top global b-schools. This covered all aspects right from GMAT, to extra-curricular activities and professional experience. More importantly the discussion didn’t just cover getting into an MBA program, but also provided career options after the MBA.

All in all I had a fantastic experience using the profile builder package and would recommend it anyone planning for a future MBA.”

– NRaj (Source: MCB Forum)


How to order the MBA Profile Builder™

MBA Profile Builder™ is available for INR 33,000.

Drop us a mail at info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com with the title ‘Profile Builder Request’ along with your profile details and we’ll suggest the way forward.