Mini MBA Online | Best Free Certificate Course

Mini MBA Online | Best Free Certificate Course

Ideal for students, engineers, executives

Includes business management simulation games

We interact with thousands of students and executives each year. Many tell us they don’t have an MBA and would like one.

But the huge fees charged by business schools are not affordable. Many cannot afford to spend a whole year or two in a university abroad to gain the MBA knowledge and skills.

So we created this online mini-MBA course to help anyone interested in learning more about accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations, strategy and more.

As a bonus, we include our best business simulation games used by MBA students and management professionals across the world.

For a limited time, the 7-day course is completely free. Click here.

Mini MBA

Shortest & cheapest online MBA for executives & students


Cheapest online MBA course

Ok, we’ll admit it’s not the cheapest online MBA program right now. It will be in a few days. Right now, it’s even better. It’s free!

Why are we offering it for free?

Since we’ve just launched it, we’d like some early birds to get it for free. We hope some will share ratings, reviews and feedback that we can use to improve the course and get us to the next stage.

Compared to regular online MBA programs, mini MBA courses are priced lower. The few that rank at the top when you search for ‘best mini MBA online’ range from $1000 to $5000. More on this in the next section.

When we switch over from our free mini MBA program to the paid version, we’ll try to keep it at the lower range.

Best mini MBA programs in the world with costs

How much does a mini MBA cost?

Here’s a list of the best online mini MBA programs in the world and their costs.

We’ve collated this data & costs to serve as an industry benchmark. To ensure you get the most recent data, you can always get the current fees from their official sites.

Mini MBA Online By Cost
Online Mini MBA Certificate Buffalo University SoM USD $995
Executive Mini MBA London School of Business & Finance GBP £2,150
PwC’s Mini MBA PwC EUR €2,400 + Taxes
Mini MBA Business Essentials Rutgers USD $3,495
LSE MBA Essentials London School of Economics GBP £4,500
Mini MBA Online Bizcool | MBA Crystal Ball USD $0

Sure, every team offering it will claim their program to best mini online MBA in the market.

But what, or who really defines what ‘best’ means? It’s people like you, who use the program and evaluate whether it meets their expectations.

Whether it’s the online course cost, the duration, the program flexibility, the breadth or depth of the subjects, the team offering it, accreditation, certification or any other factors that are important for you – evaluate each mini MBA you’ve shortlisted on every parameter.

That’ll help you know which is the best mini MBA program for you.

Shortest online MBA

There are two ways in which we’ve tried to make this the shortest mini MBA online program.

1. Most online MBA programs for executives and students go overboard with what they cover in their course. Their belief is more is better.

We respectfully disagree. We think it’s important to know a few basic lessons really well instead of scratching the surface for a hundred management subjects.

We’ve tried to retain on the most important ‘must-know MBA concepts, and stayed clear of the nice-to-know aspects.

2. We are putting a time-limit of 7 days on the course. It’s easy for us to keep the duration open-ended, like all the other courses do.

But it’s common for students of free or cheap online courses to discard them midway, knowing they have all the time in the world to complete it. So we’ve put an expiry date on the course to ensure that most (if not all) students who enroll complete it

Play online MBA games

This is the part that should’ve come up first, as this is what makes our online MBA more effective than every other program. We include business management simulation games for you to test your newly-gained knowledge.

Our online MBA games are an excellent way for you to find out if you really absorbed what you just learnt. Or you need to revisit some lessons to strengthen those weak areas.

Maybe you need some more grounding in SCM and operations. Or maybe you haven’t grasped some key concepts in marketing (like pricing decisions). Or you’ve yet to get a grip on hiring and firing.

Our MBA games will let you do all this. In the security of your room, without having to worry whether your business decisions will cause you financial damage.

Our online MBA games have been played over 300,000 times by users from around the world.

The same games have also been used by teachers in schools, professors in universities and corporate trainers in companies. That points to the credibility, simplicity and versatility of our online business management simulation games.

Does the online mini MBA come with certification?

We’re offering a certificate of completion for our free online course. But since we’re not including a formal evaluation of your skills, you’ll get certified for completing the ‘Essential Business Concepts’.

We have plans to start offering certificates soon for the Mini MBA program too, once we include an evaluation module.

This is a minor point of contention for most students who’ve signed up so far. For most folks, there’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

So don’t let procrastination win this battle yet again. Go ahead and give it a test ride…right now!

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Mini MBA


What is a Mini MBA?

A mini-MBA program is a compressed version of the regular MBA that covers all the essentially subjects such as finance, accounting, economics, operations, marketing and strategy.

Benefits of an Online Mini-MBA

  • You can take the course from the comfort of your home, or office, or limousine.
  • There’s no peer pressure. You can complete the program at your own pace, without worrying about what others taking the course will think of you.
  • The focus is completely on genuine learning. There is no competition. You don’t worry about how you have performed in comparison to others.
  • Cover only the most essential topics without getting overloaded with topics that you may never use in your day-to-day life.

Pros & Cons of a Mini MBA

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of a mini-MBA vis-a-vis a full-time MBA.

A mini-MBA is different from a regular, full-time MBA in 3 respects: Time, effort and cost – with all 3 being significantly lower for mini MBA programs. That’s the big advantage.

A regular MBA can take 100 weeks to complete and cost over a $100,000. In comparison, most reputed mini MBA programs can cost under $1000 and can be completed in under 100 days. Btw, the Bizcool Mini-MBA is way lower in both these areas.

In terms of disadvantages, a mini MBA does not offer you an opportunity to go in-depth into each subject. In the online version, you’re taking the course independently. Which means you won’t have the network you’d get from a top-ranking full-time MBA.

It’s comes down to a cost-benefit analysis.

Is the Mini MBA worth it?

The online mini-MBA course works best for:

  • High school students, engineers, executive assistants, doctors, lawyers, and anyone who can’t go to Harvard!
  • Self-trained Entrepreneurs and those in family businesses who have not got any formal education in business.
  • MBA aspirants who would like to test the waters to see if an MBA is really their cup of tea, before taking the big plunge.
  • MBA students with admits from the top MBA programs who would like to brush up on the basics to be able to hit the ground running when the MBA classes start.

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Mini MBA