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Online Career Counselling for working professionals

Best Online Career Counselling for Working Professionals

If your employer’s official appraisal process seems like a useless annual formality, it’s time you took the reins of your career in your own hands.

Get a personalised & confidential Online Career Counselling session with our Mock Appraisal Process (MAP).


Career MAP™ (Mock Appraisal Process)

Online Counselling: Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York, Other cities

Career Counselling

Though most folks come to us for MBA related advice, we often realise that their problems could be addressed with career counselling rather than an expensive MBA or MS degree. Then there are those who aren’t looking for an MBA, but their careers have reached a point where it’s tough for them to continue.

For such professionals who are facing a mid-life career crisis, it might make sense to take up a short career counselling session with a competent counsellor.

[Please note: We’ve stopped offering free career counselling online on our discussion forums due to capacity constraints. And the realisation that important career problems need more time and personal attention to address.]

If you aren’t comfortable sharing your personal details publicly or you want something that’s more in-depth, personal and confidential, we’d be happy to evaluate your situation and suggest if Career MAP (our career counselling service for working professionals) might help you.

Our virtual operating model means that you can work with us irrespective of whether you are an experienced working professional in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata or any other city in India or overseas. You get the same quality of inputs that you’d never get from the local counsellor across the street.

Online career counselling service for experienced working professionals


Is our online career counselling package right for you?

The Career MAP™ package is for you if you put a tick mark on one or more of the following:

  • You are an experienced professional stuck in a dead-end career, your job satisfaction has hit an all-time low.
  • You think an MBA / MS / PhD will make a big difference to your career prospects, but you aren’t sure if the huge investment will be worthwhile.
  • You have very specific problems at work that you’d like some help on.
  • You have job or career related queries that you can’t share with your boss or the HR department.
  • You are just too damn confused or frustrated about what you want from your career, where you are right now and where you want to take it.


How does the online career counselling process work?

Phase 1: Mock Appraisal Process

– Step 1: Data gathering: We’ll ask you to fill up a questionnaire and take a psychometric test that helps us get a better understanding of your profile, skills, professional aspirations and issues you are currently facing.

– Step 2: Career Counselling Call: We’ll get into a phone call (1 hour) to dig deeper into some of the aspects you’ve shared. In the same call, we’ll suggest academic, professional or personal options for you to consider. As ‘homework’, we will provide a framework for you to work on.
Phase 2: Work-plan Creation
Using the framework, you work on creating a ‘work-plan’ and share it over email.
Phase 3: Wrap-up Call
We’ll review your work-plan and provide additional inputs in the wrap-up call, so you have a solid strategy road-map to focus on.
Phase 4: Follow-Up Call
An optional follow-on conversation, six months after the wrap-up call. This is to assess the actual vs planned progress on the career path you would have agreed on, any course correction needed and further action planning.
That completes the end of the basic career counselling process. However, if you feel the need to get back after a few months to follow up on the progress, we’ll take that up as a fresh request. We’ll plan for a follow-up session to evaluate the progress and jointly tweak or enhance the work-plan if needed.

Career Counselling Reviews & Testimonials

…got a 40% hike in salary. Also got into IIM.

Best Online Career Counselling

“In my search for career counsellors, I could find MBA Crystal Ball to be the only ones who have a credible service with excellent reviews. Manish pushed me to first identify the gaps in my profile and also guided me to understand what I would want to do in my life/career. As a direct outcome of our discussion, I got the right motivation and direction and could seek a job change that I had put off for a long time, resulting in a 40% hike in salary and 50 times more than my career start. I also found the courage to prepare for my MBA and could get into IIMK. I am looking forward to my EPGP and an even better career in future.
I would highly recommend MCB if you are facing any career dilemmas, mid-life crisis or some such issues in your life/career. They are thoroughly professional and the best in the business.”
– Nikhil Tej Poduri (Project Manager)


…more concerned than you are about your career

“The way MG helped me out of my dilemmas was amazing, as I have always been somewhat confused with my career. I took the Career MAP Service from MCB and the feedback, the response I received was incredible. MG talked to me like my buddy. After talking to him, I feel confident about myself and know exactly what I want out of my career.

He pushes you to do a lot of brainstorming, chalks out career plans with you. In fact sometimes he is more concerned than you are about your career. You guys are truly incredible and I am sure I am coming back to you guys to help me execute my future plans. Thanks a lot.”

…explained the exact structure of my career and road-blocks

“I had a very nice consulting session with Sameer, wherein he explained the exact structure of my career, and where I could be possibly facing road-blocks. Sameer took great effort and provided excellent insights on my organization and how he felt I should look at and improve. I implemented the suggestions slowly, and also had a reflective chat with my CEO. The discussions thereafter were very impactful, and I received quite a lot of investment and support, including greater clarity of my role. I was very appreciative of the discussions with Sameer, and I was able to experience the value of the consultation with the support received at my organization…”
– Read the full review

…I go for brands that do not advertise

Career Counselling India

“I was contemplating between MBA & a Masters program in USA. I wanted to reach out to the right people to get perspectives on pursuing both. I generally go for brands that do not advertise and let the brand name speak for itself. And that’s exactly what I did when I contacted MBA Crystal Ball. The team, Sameer & MG were extremely prompt in their responses when I reached out to them. Before going for the Career Counselling package, I was again explained in detail (apart from already mentioning on the website) about the services that I am paying for. This by itself shows the integrity of the team working genuinely on counselling students and not a money making gimmick.”
– Shwetal M


…honest and unbiased advice from an expert, a rare commodity

“I had a career counselling session with Sameer and it was exactly what I needed…I found the experience very useful. It goes into a subjective analysis of the person’s situation after accounting for the objective facts. It was great to get honest and unbiased advice from an expert, a rare commodity.”

…didn’t sign me up instantly…convinced me of his Integrity

“I honestly admit that I made a mistake in making a career till now in Finance and I learnt it the hard way that it is not my cup of tea. And so, I quit my job towards the end of last year looking forward to a career change.

Looking at the quality of the advice on the MBA Crystal Ball Forum, I presented my story to Sameer. He did not sign me up instantly but threw probing questions at me to make sure if he would be in a position to help me out. This convinced me of his Integrity. I was then emailed the Career MAP questionnaire which required me to be as honest and transparent as possible.

I don’t know about other counselors in the market but I was happy that I could speak to someone who had hard-core corporate/industry experience and hence could relate to my case. Based on the questionnaire, we had role plays that analyzed my career progress till date and tested certain skills that I claimed I was good at so that I could work on and fine-tune them further.

In the end, I was happy that these sessions took place and I’m looking forward to the next phase of my career and hopefully my dream job.”


…most simple yet very enriching career discussion

Career Counselling Reviews

“Dear MG
Let me take this opportunity to highlight the effect of most simple yet very enriching career discussion I have had with you. You understood that my problem was not only related to career progression but also encompassed several other factors and suggested plan helped me take time bound steps towards my future planning. Your understanding of the issue was deep and that helped me explain you all the probable hiccups without any hesitations. Thank You.”
– Rahul P


…I can confidently say that Career MAP has been a revelation

“MG has been instrumental in creating a comfort zone in addressing my multiple queries on phone and email and patiently answering them, and also giving a sense of direction. I can confidently say that the Career MAP has been a revelation and a very dynamic package for professionals wanting to get a grip and clarity when they are faced with career obstacles. MG has been like a guide and friend and I hope to be in touch and communicate with him on the goals set.”

These guys know their craft

“My wanderlust on Internet for career advice stopped successfully after discussing with Manish and Sameer. I was facing midlife career crisis and needed very specific customised advice. The first few interactions with MCB were very warm to review my requirement and what would be the right path.

The discussion was not geared towards any pitch to sign up, but rather on whether Career MAP or MBA MAP was suitable. There was complete transparency and the expertise perceptible, to provide a solution to my problem.

Once signed up, the approach was very professional, and top class.

With 13 years of work experience, I was an outlier, the complexity of my issues, matched by the personalised and swift expert advice. Interaction sessions, checklists, questionnaires were very good tools that served to threadbare the situation, introspect, retrospect and finally arrive at multiple possible solutions.

These guys know their craft. I thank Manish and wish MCB all the success.


How to order the Career MAP™ Counselling Package

Send us an email with the subject ‘Career MAP Request’. In it, include your qualifications, background, explain a bit about the career crisis or dilemma you are facing and the help you are expecting from our side. We realise how sensitive this might be for you. Rest assured that your data and communication will be treated confidentially.

If the topic is related to an area where we lack the expertise or resources to help, we’ll let you know upfront. In fact, we end up turning down more requests than we accept, when we aren’t convinced about the value we can provide to the candidate.

Fee: The Career MAP™ is available in India for INR 36,000 (via bank transfer). If you’re located outside, we’ll provide a USD fee quote.

Take the first step in the right direction, drop us an email at info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.

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