Career Counselling: How to deal with a mid-life career crisis

It’s only a matter of time before working men and women will start facing the heat of a mid-life career crisis in their job. It’s seldom an overnight development that you can quickly put your finger on. Instead it starts creeping up slowly but surely. Office politics, burnout, ego clashes, loss of management trust, self defeating feelings of self-doubt.

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Listening to the frustration release song (can you guess who’s the singer?) can offer a few moments of solace, but no real solution.

For many, a job change or an international MBA seems like a good escape route to reset the clock and start off afresh. But it’s an expensive & risky option and there’s no guarantee that the mid-life career problems you were facing will disappear. What if they resurface in the new company in a different form?

When faced with a similar crisis situation in his career, Vijay (name changed) initially thought of the typical escape route option i.e. leaving the toxic corporate environment behind and going for an MBA abroad.

When he reached out to us, we realised that his whole MBA admissions strategy, right from his GMAT preparation was chaotic. He ended up with a very low GMAT score that wouldn’t get him into any decent bschool. In a state of panic, he started looking at ways to bypass the highly selective hurdles.

But then he realised he wasn’t dealing with the real problems. He was just chasing simple (and ineffective) workarounds. That’s when he decided to adopt a different strategy. Get some career counselling and tackle the primary issues head on!

Not in an aggressive manner, though. That would just aggravate the situation. He discovered that there were subtle ways to tackle mid-career crises situations. It might take time and the results may not be immediately visible.

This is a true story, with the personal details taken out.


How career counselling helped me fix my mid-life career crisis

by Vijay

I am aged 29 years, and work in the Financial services industry with a leading Multinational organization in Mumbai. I have been employed with this organization for the last 9 years, and worked in different roles since the inception of my career.

I recently got transferred to a new headed by a young colleague, with whom I wasn’t very sure of working with. On the request of a senior colleague I agreed to join this team.

I had always enjoyed my work at this organization, except in the last few months when I didn’t enjoy working with the organization anymore and felt like pursuing other areas such as a management degree or another job.

I met with Sameer Kamat from MBA Crystal Ball, and decided to explore my thoughts and if my reasoning was correct. I had a very nice career counselling session with Sameer, wherein he explained the exact structure of my career, and where I could be possibly facing road-blocks.

Sameer took great effort and provided excellent insights on my organization and how he felt I should look at and improve.

I implemented the suggestions slowly, and also had a reflective chat with my CEO. The discussions thereafter were very impactful, and I received quite a lot of investment and support, including greater clarity of my role.

I was very appreciative of the discussions with Sameer, and I was able to experience the value of the consultation with the support received at my organization.

The only advice I would give to other people facing similar situations is that don’t hesitate to share even your smallest worries (of work / personal life) with other people or a good counsellor, as you wouldn’t know what would affect you when.

– Vijay

By the way, apart from putting an end to his mid-career crisis, Vijay also got a fantastic and unexpected perk at work – and it’s not money or promotion related. There’s a top bschool angle to it. We’ll save that part of the story for an offline coffee discussion.

Continuing the wild goose chase – GMAT, MBA et al – would’ve meant Vijay would’ve shelled out several lakhs of rupees from his hard-earned savings into a program that would’ve mattered very little. Instead, he chose to reach out and share his confusion and was open to a longer, slower approach.

In India, most professionals assume it’s a sign of weakness to reach out to others for career counselling help. It’s not. On the contrary, it requires maturity and a higher emotional quotient (EQ) to share something so personal with others, even if it’s someone you trust. Check out the inspiring story of an MBA Dropout (IIT grad).

If you’ve been struggling with job or career issues, rather than taking a quick-fix approach, we’d urge you to slow down, take a step back and re-evaluate the real issues & circumstances that triggered the mid-life career crisis.

Career counsellingApart from our regular MBA related services, we also offer career counselling support to folks where we think we can help. We clearly define the scope of what we can and can’t do.

Don’t assume that the career counsellor will magically making difficult problems disappear. But the counsellor could give you objective and logical perspectives that may be eluding you at a stage when everything appears so ominous.

If you think you could do with some friendly and objective advice, check out our career counselling page and contact us on: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

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70 thoughts on “Career Counselling: How to deal with a mid-life career crisis”

  1. Hi, I have done my engineering in Electronics n Communication with good percentage and after that due to recession I had to take up a job as Marketing executive. After working for 15 months I got an opportunity to work in a defence company for a year, later I realized it was not going to assist me in my career as it was a contract job and involved very less responsibilities and almost after one and half a year I started working GIS and working till date. During one and half a year period I joined a course on .Net and after completion of the course I started hunting for a job as a .Net fresher but could not find one as I graduated in 2008 and that was a big huddle and because of which I have taken up a job in GIS field. Now, at this point in my career I very much worried about my future and helpless as I don’t understand where to head from here, should I do an MBA? Or start practicing .Net getting into any of the organizations as an intern. If I go for MBA, which specialization shall I chose? Should it be finance and HR or operations? Please guide me

  2. Hi Wajid,

    While starting any new career, the learning curve in the first few years is the steepest. However it doesn’t always bear the fruits (designation, salary, growth etc) you might expect.

    But it’s always good to stick around and pick up skills that will be useful later.

    If you reset the clock too quickly and too frequently to move into unrelated arenas (which is what seems to have happened in your case), the benefits of the previous experience are likely to get diluted.

    An MBA isn’t going to wipe out whatever has happened so far. So rather than triggering another shift (with a new degree), you might want to stick around to gain some solid experience in any chosen field where you already have the pre-requisite qualifications (.NET or GIS or anything else).

    Spend at least 2-3 years in that role before even considering another academic degree.

  3. Hi Sameer,

    I am a computer science engineer pass out from a very good engineering college and used to be a very bright student in my school times. I continuously topped in my school times for almost 12 years. But In college time I turned out to be an average student.
    I got placed in two companies during campus placement and right now working with an MNC. I have now got one and half years of experience in the same company. My current package is of 4 lacks .
    As I used to be a really bright student for the most part of my life, It’s difficult for me to be satisfied with this small package. I am thinking to do some higher studies to utilize my potential fully. My weakness is my communication skills. My English fluency is not very good and have stage fright.
    For higher studies I have 3 things in my Mind :
    1. Mtech :
    If I choose this then it would definitely waste my two years of experience.
    2. Public Sector :
    Somewhere it lacks money and requires a complete new ways for preparation which isolate you to come out from it and prepare for other sectors in case you don’t get anything good in UPSC exam. It’s a bit risky.
    3. MBA :
    Its handsome package always attracts me. My ambitions are very high and want to do my level best so that I can get satisfaction in life. Some hurdles between me and my MBA plans are :
    a. My weak communication skills.I am thinking to give CAT-2013, it means I have a complete year to improve it.
    b. I belong to a middle class family. B-Schools are very expensive. And that’s why I have to make sure that If I choose any B-School, somewhere there should be guaranty of good placement to come out from the debt of B-School’s fees.

    Should I start my preparation for MBA. I am sure I will crack CAT written exam with very good percentile. But I doubt my abilities in clearing GD-PI. Later on If I become a manager, would my communication skills and stage fright hinder me to achieve success ?

    I am really hardworking guys and ready to do hard work of any sort to achieve something really satisfying in my life. I also want to get a really good job to show my cast and relatives the importance of education in life as they still believe in doing works like farming and all rather than making their children educated. Really need your advice. Please, guide me. Thanks in advance.

    – An ordinary boy with extraordinary dreams

  4. Rahul,

    It takes guts to come out and share personal stories. So, kudos to you for doing something that most readers (with much better communication skills) of this post might never be able to do, though they wish they could muster up the courage to do so .

    And talking about communication, I think you did a pretty good job in explaining your dilemma, the options you’ve considered and the rationale for doing so. Stop thinking that you aren’t good enough.

    I haven’t heard you speaking, so if you are referring to your verbal communication rather than writing skills, then I would like to hear you talking. If you are interested, drop me a note and I’ll share a phone number you can call. It’s not going to be a formal counselling session, but I’d be happy to share my immediate thoughts about how good or bad your communication skills are.

    Coming back to your queries:

    I don’t think 4 Lakhs for someone with 1.5 years work experience is a shabby amount at all.

    MBA plans:
    Like the person in the original post, you are trying to look at an MBA as a quick fix to your problems. And when you say – ‘there should be a guarantee of good placements‘ – you already created an expectation that no school will be able to promise or deliver. Not even Harvard Business School.

    So I’d say, hang on. Don’t jump into more competitive exams at this stage. A post-graduate degree will have a miniscule impact on your primary (perceived?) weakness i.e. communication skills. And you might be forced into roles that require communication skills that are far more superior to take on more responsibilities and justify your bigger salary.

    First, see if you can build the skills that you really want, and do it outside the classroom. If you’ve been a good student, then your grasping power is better than most.

    Seek out smaller opportunities (maybe outside the office) where you get to polish your English as well as do something else that you’ll value later.

    E.g. take up a social initiative where you can teach English to kids either in a local vernacular school or through an NGO.

    Unlike your competitive colleagues who might constantly be looking out for opportunities to show their superiority, the kids you teach won’t ridicule you. In fact, you’ll be their hero.

    When you are confident that you have the right skills, and a better understanding of the financial risks involved, only then should you consider additional degrees. Given the option, try to make the need for additional degrees redundant.

  5. Sameer, I am really thankful to you for giving such a wonderful advice. It’s much better than what I thought. I think, I should postponed my MBA plans as of now and concentrate on polishing my skills.
    I am going to make some really good plans as suggested by you to improve my skills and will definitely update you about my progress.
    It’s a much needed advice came at the right time. Thank you again.

    • Rahul

      I had gone through the similar situation like yours and can say that it is sort of common situation for brilliant students who have studied in regional languages (rather than studying in English Medium )
      My experience states that with our good grasping power, dedication and willingness to improve, communication skills get improved with time.. the work experience definitely help a lot

      All the best

  6. Hi Sameer ,

    Telling you my lifestory in short –
    Passed out in 2004 with Btech in Computer science . Worked with MNC from Jan 2005 – Apr 2009 . About 4.5 yrs. Then took a career break to prepare for Civil services . But could not clear the exam so joined IT back again in Mar 2011 in a small company. Till date I have 6 yrs of experience and my salary package is around 7.5 Lac ( which is less at this level ).
    The attempt to prove myself in Civil services has not occurred. So still that fire is burning in me to do something big and get a good position.
    Presently I am team leader in Production support department of an IT company. From last 1.5 yrs I am working on a new domain and I like it very much and want to become a Business Analyst( BA). But the current organization is not allowing me this move . Getting frustrated , so thinking if I do a MBA then may be becoming a BA help. Or if I do a MBA in operations then may be better position open for me in leader ship side. Confused where I want to go – BA or Operations(IT company obviously).

  7. @Rahul: Glad that you found the suggestions useful. Come back here and share your story when you think you have some more interesting updates. Good luck!

    @ABC: The blog post has the email ID.

    @Sitaram: You gave your best shot and didn’t get into the Civil Services. Stop looking at it as baggage now and move on. I can’t give you a quick answer to which career goal you should choose (we spend several days trying to asnwer that question using the MBA MAP). But at a broader level, yes, an MBA could help you make that transition.

  8. Hi,
    I am an Electronics and communication engineer with a 2.5 years of experience as a Software engineer and from last one year I with my uncle who is into Road construction Business. I have always stayed away from online forums, but this blog impressed me and so i would like to share my career story with just one expectation of getting a reply from Mr. Sameer
    I was working with a MNC as a Software engineer with a decent package. I was on bench for over a year which made me lazy and rusted all my skills. Finally after a year i was moved to a QC team which i had to forcefully accept as my development skills were rusted till then. I did QC for the products for some time and then polished my skills and moved into development arena. I was praised for my effort and was sent to customer location for 6 months. I fared well but was no more interested to do the monotonous job as it had zero learning. So i thought of Switching job, but many interviewers made me realized that you had nothing good on your resume and your skills if any are all not required here in. Also, the company asked me to do lot of study work on one technology and gave me all the unrelated work. So i had issues regarding my work and was not happy with this behavior of my company. Finally, stressed out, i left the job and thought of pursuing MBA. I wrote cat-2011 and did nothing good as it was all without Goal. From that day till date, my life is all without Goal. I am now with my uncle where in i take care of procurement and do the trading. But i always feel that i am favored and does not feel motivated to do the work at all. Moreover i was never interested to do this work but as i had nothing in my mind, i thought of doing something rather than doing nothing. /i am fed up with the uncertainties of life. I want to study, want to do MBA from abroad but my poor resume is stopping me to do so. On one hand i feel that i have a very good resume as i have an experience in diverse fields but on the other lack skills in both the fields with low confidence level. I know i am very stubborn and if i decide something in life i can achieve it, but i am not able to decide, so second step is also passive as of now.
    Can you please guide me what should i do with my life. Moving back to corporate field is impossible so i would like to cut out in that option. I think of MBA as i want to settle abroad but i told you my poor resume and hence not taking any exams although done with my IELTs.

    Once a bright,motivated ambitious Student, now a confused person with a hell lot of issues unable to solve

  9. Hi Sameer,

    I will tell you my story from the beginning and it’s long so I am sorry for that in advance. I belong to a marwadi family but I was born and brought up in Gujrat as my family has medium scale business established in gujrat. My father did not get much support from his own family during early 20’s (as he lost his father at the age of 15) so he left our native home and came to another city in gujrat to start something new. He completed his M.Com in 1986 but he choose to start his own business(may due to marwadi and gujrati instinct). In a new city, with two little child ,my mom and initially with ZERO amount of money, he started. As he was hardworking, focused , very good human being and had a great business sense, his new business started off well and he continued with it. Luckily, I and my brother both were very good at academics in school and my father knew that if I and my brother are made to study properlly, his children can have much better life.

    MY father was earning well initially but due to less customer demand, his business started shrinking, though he made me and my brother study the best and he provided all necessary things. He sacrificed his dreams for the better of his children and his efforts paid. I and my brother were among toppers till 12th std. Now starts my own story. I got admission in the best engineering college of the state and one of the best in Country(NITs) with very good score in 12th science( with 100 in maths). And I also started developing my interest in business gradually (again I don’t know why).

    The only reason I opted science was I loved mathematics and opted computer engineering branch as it required more logic than science. But As soon as I came in college , I realized I was not made to be an engineer. After 1st , my performance was not great and I ended up with 7 CGPA out of 10. Low CGPA was due to lack of interest than lack of ability. In my 7th semester, due to a major accident, I missed some elite companies in placements likes of deloitte, future first. When I came back, participated in campus placements and I got offers from 3 IT MNCs due to result of mass recruiting.

    Then after I joined Indian IT MNC and working with same since june 2011. But let me tell you I can not continue as an IT engineer because nothing excites or inspires me to work here. Though I find working in an IT MNC very easy but I don’t like to lead an easy life. I love to face challenges and ready to work hard to achieve my goals. In last year or so, I have realized that I should work as a consultant (or say management consultant). I believe in my analytical and quant skills and now I want to work for management consulting firm though I am not an MBA (but I plan to go for MBA later). I was confused earlier because due to my sound technical skills(in contrast to my low CGPA) I got selected for Amazon interview two times. 1st time I went and could not clear final round. 2nd time I did not go for it as I was clear I don’t want to be a coder. Most people leave IT filed because they don’t like coding but in my case, I am very good at coding but my interest lies in consulting. I will soon apply to deloitte via employee referral. I don’t want to waste my effort this time. So, I am working on to prepare proper resume to get shortlisted and later I want to prepare for this consulting interview.

    Guide me If my decision is correct or not. Is my career going in right direction? I plan to go for MBA but I want to have consulting experience before that (which will add value to my profile post MBA) because my 3 years IT experience will hurt me even in lateral MBA placements and in nearby future(POST MBA) , I plan to start a new business(as my father did :)) after saving some amount of money( with some corporate experience ) and want to take care of my parents. But right now I am confused and I don’t want have common profile(that of Indian IT male engineer in my MBA programe). Suggest me few other alternatives for my career.

    Waiting for your response.


  10. @Sagar: If you were doing good work in the first job, I’m not sure why there was such an urgency to leave it and hop onto a wild goose chase (other jobs, CAT etc). In almost all industries, the first 4-5 years of the career will never give you the most satisfaction. The idea is to stick around for long enough for the meaty work to start coming in. You broke that flow in 2 years.

    Btw, you might be interested in reading a similar story of someone who spent 2 years in a corporate role and then 2 years more in family business before applying to US bschools. He got a full scholarship (100 tuition waiver) + stipend.

    You could try to focus on what you have in hand and gain real world skills and experiences over the next year or two. Then think about whether an MBA might make sense.

  11. @Dipen: Wow! That’s a really looooong story, buddy. First let me address your main query.

    If you are able to get a break in the management consulting industry, should you go? If you have the aptitude, interest and capability…and if a good company offers the job…you absolutely should.

    Now a couple of related points, mainly because you’ve expressed an interest in becoming a management consultant and taking up an MBA at some point in time.

    1. On several occasions, while reading your story, I got lost in the detail. Consulting jobs as well as MBA applications expect candidates to be very clear and precise in what they are saying.
    You’ll have to develop the skills to be able to provide the context and follow it up with questions in a crisp manner.

    2. Getting a management consultant job isn’t easy at all. Become familiar with how the industry works, how they recruit and wether you are ready for it. Otherwise you’ll become even more frustrated when the good companies will not open their doors despite all the effort you put in.

    As a starting point, check out these posts on management consultants.

  12. I am Sujoy.I am working in mnc as kind of construction engineer.I have completed four & half years.I am fed up with current job & want to pursue MBA to change the nature of job.I tried cat but it was not good as i cant give to work pressure.I want to leave my job at current level & opt for executive MBA.But for that I need to complete 5 years too.But as I am not getting good job,can experience of working in small company would be counted as(turn over 5-10 crores) work ex for EXecutive MBA programs of IIMs.If tried through cat,will my age or gap of 10 months make any difference while selection

  13. Hello Sir,

    Could you please send me your mobile no, where I can call you and have my career counselling session started?


  14. Thanks for your suggestion Mr. Sameer. But i have few more doubts that i would like to clarify. I have almost spend a year in business and will invest one more. During this tenure i want your suggestion on how should i train myself technically so as to fulfill the criteria of top universities. I do not want to waste this time in just googling on what to do and not to, and then regret on wasting this precious time.. I also intent to write GMAT/GRE after 6Months.Please throw some light on what to do at this time so that when i actually prepare for GMAT, i find it easy to catch up things.
    Also i am looking for Masters in Systems engineering which has a scope of work that i actually am interested in.Little confused between MBA and Masters in system engineering, but i keep that for later stage. As you said focus on what you have in hand and then decide if further education makes sense.


  15. @Sujoy: The company name does matter. But the role and responsibilities you manage at work are more important that the brand or size of the company. Btw, a little too late for CAT-based MBA programs.

    @Vinny: The email ID has been listed at the end of the blog post.

    @Sagar: Tough to sort out the MBA vs MS query here. You might get some pointers here: MBA vs Masters in Management: Which is better?

    Bschools don’t have a standard list of things you can do on the technical side (mainly because it’s a business degree). But anything that can give you leadership, managerial and business exposure would be good.

  16. Hi Sameer,

    As like most of the people here, I am also an IT engineer,
    who got graduted in engineering from a small town and have been working from almost 5 years.
    I always wanted some interactive kind of job where I could express myself better then sitting and coding.
    Something Like where I can travel around and talk to people and be creative.
    but I couldnt leave my job to go for it and explore, as my family was facing some financial crisis.
    Now I am stuck to decide what would be a better option for my career.
    I feel Makreting would be a better option but is it the right time to start now??
    Need some guidence.

    Thanks and regards……

  17. Hello Sameer,

    I recently gave my GMAT and scored 700, 5.0 (AWA) and 7 (IR). I am a Chemical Engineering Undergrad from Jadavpur University and working with IBM since 2007, as a ERP Consultant in Sales and Distribution. I have a pretty stable proffessional life, have won 2 Prestigious Awards for my contributions and have been promoted twice during my work-life cycle.
    I aspire to move to a Management Consulting role in one of the Top Consulting firms and then gradually build up my own firm. That’s why I am targeting the Top 20 B schools for Fall 2014 admissions.
    But, my main concern out here is the total lack of Fund. I would be needing a 100% loan which would cover my Tuition + Living expenses ($ 150K). Since, I am the only earning member in my family, even 6 years of work did not allow me to save any money. with my GMAT score, I guess ISB is not an option. to be precise, I have targetted Duke, UCLA and Darden. I thought of Safer Schools, but I believe that they do not give full Loans.

    Is it advisable to go ahead with this plan?
    Is ISB an Out-of-Reach for me?


  18. Am a 29 yr old engineer with 7+ yrs exp and a IIM – Cal diploma via VSAT and I left job after 5+ yrs exp in technology domain ( 2 big MNC’s ) for I was not liking it all.Since last 2 yrs I did sporadic freelance training assignments in the corporate and education sector and dabbled in entrepreneurial ventures with no success( though they dint go beyond few weeks ).Due to pressing financial circumstances I have to get back to corporate but not in technical domain.Would it be a wise Idea to prepare for GMAT before I get back to full time corporate job and look at Indian 1 yr full time prog.(2/3 yrs down the line ) though the fierce competition requires a very high score and a strong profile.Work for 1-3 yrs and then apply to these schools and in the mean time earn experience and money and save as much as I can for education and rest through loans.( provided I get a good score and final admit).
    Somehow I feel a very strong emptiness that without an MBA I just don’t have scope to grow and have nothing to look forward to except an MBA which will transform things totally for good.Though I don’t have great past acad’s to boast off and neither great profile ( usual technical experience ), hence this lack of confidence whether , i’ll be able to crack a good score and eventually a college or not.Lot of frustration and confusion on where my life is heading to.Also i wish to clear my professional life doldrums before even starting to think about getting hitched.

    If not GMAT / MBA I am wanting to switch my career completely but am unsure as to which profile should I look for and how do I evaluate short/mid/long term career path/growth options in various domains and my fitment into the same.SO much of confusion is leading me nowhere and I am in a terrible mid-life crisis with no work at all.How do I evaluate my own self and my liking to have a fulfilling career and look for options in domains I have never been part / aware of.Humbly expecting a holistic guidance and options on how to take things forward.Thanks a tonne for being a lighthouse to people who are totally clueless and have no avenues to seek guidance from.

    Sincere Regards,

  19. Hi Sameer,

    Having read most comments posted above, I feel people have confused between a mid-life career crisis and a mid-career crisis. Both mean entirely different things and need a different approach to deal with. In a mid-life career crisis one starts questioning one’s purpose of work, how to swtich gears (often to a lower one) to get a better work-life balance, having chased dreams and been part of the rat race for over a decade, if not more. Most comments seem to relate to mid-career crisis, where they seem to have a self-doubt on their career path and how they would like to make a transition to a better paying job/career. Such people are NOT in a mid-life crisis, hence have more options (to educate themselves, dabble in another career, etc.) than would those going through a mid-life crisis. Even in the best of times, let alone the current recessionary times since 2008 or so, those above 40 years would find it very tough to make a mid-career transition to chase their true passions and dreams, and as most such people usually have a family to look after and bills to pay for, taking a break to educate themselves with a full-time MBA or any other course is just not an option.

    I have gone through both situations – a mid-career crisis in my late 20s and then a mid-life career crisis in early 40s. Trust me, the latter situation was much much tougher to deal with and as I mentioned earlier, options are limited after a certain age and in certain economic circumstances prevailing at the time. I would appreciate your views on how best one can deal with mid-life career crisis, which can help middle-aged folks like myself.


  20. @Gt: Sure, why not? It’s never to late to start. In fact, with 5 years experience, you’ll be a better marketing professional as you understand the underlying technology as well

    @Somejyoti: Just to keep the discussion on this blog post focussed on the topic, I’d have to request you to post your query on our forum. As you are keen on ISB, here’s the ISB discussion thread.

    @Aman: ‘Holistic guidance’ (to use your term) is hardly a practical expectation to have on a public forum, sirji. We do all that offline with our Career MAP. Here, I can only give you high level inputs. The best antidote for lack of confidence isn’t another degree. Getting a corporate job (if that’s your preference) is the best way to get back the confidence. The MBA will further alienate you from the final destination you have in mind.

    @Ramesh: Thanks for highlighting the nuances between the two. Most folks who visit this website fall in the first category. That explains why most comments/queries here are related to mid-career crisis. And it’s a little easier to address that as the parameters are basically a handful (industry/ role / country).
    In contrast, a mid-life career crisis tends to be more complex with many more (unique and personal) parameters involved. So it’ll be tough to do justice to that in a short post. Those discussions are best tackled on a 1-on-1 basis. But taking your suggestion in mind, let me think if we can focus on smaller pieces of the puzzle in the future posts.

  21. Thanks Sameer for acknowledging my earlier post. As the link and the title of your article mentioned “mid-life career crisis” it caught my attention, as it is a far more complex situation than a “mid-career crisis”. Yes, I do agree that mid-life career crisis tends to be quite unique to each person, considering personal & professional factors, I would be grateful if you could write / share an article which addresses this situation and practicable advise to address them. I look forward to reading your articles which address niche career situations. Thanks again !

  22. Hello Sir,
    I am a Bio-medical engineering graduate with no experience. I want to pursue MBA but confused about the specialization ?

  23. Hi Sameer,

    I would like to write this mail as I have seen the blog today and I am very desperate at this moment. I completed my MCA and I started my career as Software Engineer. After 2.5 years I switched to another Indian Software Services company which was Hit and almost all collapsed in 2009. I have been with that company from past 9.5 years. Last 5 years doing similar kind of role without much increments. As I am working at Client Place ( chennai ) and the Operational Model is 24/7/365 I am not able to acquire much technical skills in other Areas due to different shift constraints. Right now I crossed 37. My package around 9.5 Lakhs. I don’t have any improvement in role from last 3 years. It is just technical and monitoring job. So I requested and got released from the Current account siting some other opportunities in Hyderabad to join my family. But after getting into Business Wait realised there are less or neglibile new projects. Management insisted that I should be in Project within 2 months otherwise need to leave the Company. I got shattered and little bit tensed.

    My current skills will be used only 4 to 5 companies in India. EVen for next year also the same situation may occur. I am good in Analytical and Management rather than Technical skills.

    1. MBA Premium institute ( ISB, IIMs ) I am not sure about the Age but I am willing to study.
    2. SAP BI consultant Learn for 3 to 6 months and get some position in IT back.
    3. Test Manager ( As I have some testing expereince ) I can try in this area.

    I saved funds such a way that it will support me and my family for one more Year.

    Kindly guide and kindly provide your view and help me to overcome this mid life career syndrome.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards

  24. @Ramesh: Point noted, buddy. Will keep in mind.

    @Mluhach: Apart from not being relevant to this topic, that’s too broad a query sirji. Can I suggest NOT jumping into an MBA at this stage? Get some experience and figure out your interests. Then the dilemma about specialisation will be easier to address.

    @Srinivas: Sorry to hear about the turn of events. I can’t give you any easy solutions here. But if you only have a year’s funding left for your family, it would be wrong to spend all that on an MBA and get into further debt. Your best bet might be to get a job and start building up your financial reserves first. Make your family feel safe and secure before you think about anything else.

  25. Hi Sameer

    Though the topic is on mid-life career crisis, I hope you ll help me resolve ‘Start-life career crisis’.
    I will complete my 2-year MBA program from a good institute in India by April. I ll start my post MBA career as a Consultant with Accenture Technology Consulting (not AMC) this June. The profile is great and package is good too with 12 LPA CTC (not bad for an Indian MBA). Now the question is what next.

    I have 2 options now.

    1. Try making internal switch to Strategy Practice in Accenture Management Consulting which is very much possible 2-3 years down the line. Learn the tricks of the trade and try getting into McKinsey, BCG, Bain which would be very difficult but still I could try with AMC Strategy on my resume.
    2. Create a strong brand for myself in Technology Consulting. Then make a switch to one among McKinsey BTO, Booz Allen IT Consulting practice, IBM Global Business Services, Deloitte Technology Consulting.

    Both paths end at ‘Partner’ for the firm. Now, I am wondering is becoming a ‘Partner’ in a consulting firm the ultimate goal of my professional life. I am 25. Should I spend another 15 years of my life to reach the role of ‘Partner’ earning around $300 k – $800k depending of the firm I work with. Is that all ?
    Its great money, great role to be in, great contacts. But, Why should I restrict myself in the pond of Consulting, Partner, Technology, Accenture, McKinsey, IBM, $800,000,US, Europe, Strategy.
    Could there be something more exciting than this ?
    1. How about being the CEO of my own company after 20 years with a company worth 100 million dollars(or may be a billion dollar empire in the making).
    2. How about writing a book of my own that sells a million copies.
    3. Why not enter politics and make a change.
    4. How about becoming an evangelist of Yoga philosophy.
    5. How about creating a new business where my product is ‘Business’. Create new companies sell it off and go create next company sell it off too and next and next. Then I would be a true Management Consultant, Business Consultant and a serial Entrepreneur. All in one.

    There are not random thoughts. I believe (1 – 4) could be possible with my skills and connections. 5th point is my wish.
    Would I be foregoing all the above mentioned things by entering the structured, non-creative, highly-professional Consulting world. I have no loans to pay, no big personal responsibilities and no money as well. Would I or Should I settle with the comfortable corporate world. Would the corporate job put a full stop to my dreams.

    Infosys to Startup to MBA to Consulting everything is happening as per plan

    In life, if everything is going perfect as per the plan, then my plans are not big enough and good enough. I don’t know what to plan now. I can become the ‘Partner’ of one of the consulting firm after 15 years through the two paths I mentioned above. But, is that all? Am I missing something?
    I am completely free till I finish my course and join Accenture in June. I started reading more philosophy books and trying to explore the meaning of life. What should I do. How should I do. When should I do. Perhaps, I should sit and design my life in a better way. Please help bring some clarity to this confused mind

  26. Hi Sameer,

    This is Swathi. I feel I am lucky to go through your website and this blog. You are exactly the person whom I am searching for. Kindly advice me.

    To start with, I am a science student did three years bachelors degree in science with specialization subjects as maths, physics and chemistry. As I came from rural back ground and my parents are not educated, I didn’t get proper career guidance till that time. One day I happened to read a book in our college library which has explained what is CAT and how it leads to a promising career. That is when a burning desire to become a management professional started in me.

    As I said it is a remote town, I couldn’t get coaching for CAT. As nothing else I can do, I appeared for state level(Andhra pradesh) entrance exam for MBA/MCA in which I secured a rank 515 (1,40,000 people have appeared for the test).That rank helped me to get admitted into a top college in our state for doing MBA and I opted finance and marketing as my specializations.It is a course designed traditionally with out any test cases. But that degree has fetched a job for me as a financial management trainee in a reputed public limited company.There I worked for two years.

    After looking at the careers of my super seniors, who are in the same organization, I understood that the journey in that organization is like a passenger train. So I shifted my career to SAP FICO and now working as a software engineer at IBM from two years. Now at the age of 26, I am married with a settled life and good salary of 5.5 lakhs per anum.

    The reason for writing here is, my burning desire is not letting me to sleep saying that there is so much to go in your career. I am sure I can not become a CEO in my life time if proceed with my current career. As I got 4.5 years of work experience I feel that, this is the right age and time to look out for an international m.b.a.

    What I need is, a right person who can explain the ground reality and assess the possibility for getting admitted into overseas b.schools with my profile. Can you help me out in this regard Sameer? I am confident that I can score 650 – 700 gmat score. But I don’t have big career achievements to show, except the appreciation mails I get from clients and my superiors at work. Please please help me out in assessing my true potentiality.

    Warm regards,

  27. Hi Sameer,

    I am 26 yrs old.I have done my IT engineering in 2008.I have 4 yrs of work experience with an MNC.I joined an Tier 2 MBA college.The problem is since Finance market is down right now.I am confused whether should I opt for Finance or Marketing as specialization.I am worried if I opt for finance what if I dont get a job after 2 years?I also feel that I should not have left my previous job.Instead I should have switched my job.I am emotionally upset.Since the current market scenario is such that I am worried if I would get atleast what I was earning before after 2 years.And If I choose Marketing I feel that I dont have that selling skills which is required.I am confused between the two options which one to chose.

  28. Hi Sameer

    M yash from mumbai age 33 currently working with Manufacturing firm as Asst Mngr ( International Sales)

    Basiically i m into export feild since last 8-9 years and still not happy with what i am. Since my dad was in Export field i opted this line after my graduation looking into his success story. But at this point i feel am i into the right job or career path. Can you guide me if i can change the career path and opt something like Domestic marketing or any other field .

    I have done my graduation and also did my part time masters in marketing managment


  29. Hi Sameer,

    I follow your online posts on MBA. I find them very useful. Thanks a lot for your inputs. Please provide your opinion on my analysis of my career so far, my future goals and the MBA option.
    I graduated in 2005 in electrical and electronic engineering with a consistent above 75% percentage in all semesters and overall 79.2%.
    GMAT – 2nd attempt 740 (Q 50, V 41) IR- 3/8, 3rd Attempt 730 (Q 49, V 40) IR- 7/8
    COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, Programmer Analyst — 1.5 years (2005 – 2007).
    Had the opportunity of transferring two modules of a newly acquired project dealing directly with client SMEs of a healthcare client, Pacific Health Services. I was the owner of these two modules during my stay.
    PAVANI GANGA, designation COO — 3 years.
    I studied the behavioral aspects of delivery teams and based on it introduced an incentive scheme based on customer acquisition and customer retention. This helped double customer base in 1 year.
    I partnered with my delivery teams to transfer the financial risk associated with distribution, as the business climate soared pushing margins to the rock bottom. This decision stabilized our business but the government inaction on policy front offored little scope for further expansion. So I left Pavani Ganga to my father and joined Vizag Steel in a managerial position.
    VIZAG STEEL, A Government of India Undertaking (PSU), awarded Navratna. designation– Junior Manager. 2010 jan – till date (3 years)
    As a project Manager
    Commissioned an overhead crane worth $600,000. I lead 3 teams representing ABB, Radha Engineering and Vizag steel, a total of 15 members. In spite of unexpected delays in supply logistics and issues in execution, I completed the project under non-negotiable deadlines.
    As an Internal consultant.
    Studied the condition of a fleet of 31 locomotives. In spite of issues with the archived data on the equipment, I pooled data from various sources. Devised criteria for evaluating the condition. Classified the locomotives based on useful life left and gave my recommendations for overhauling 5 locomotives at the cost of $1.2 million. My recommendations are implemented resulting in a 25% increase in the productive life of logistics equipment.
    Worked with consultants from General Electric and Dastur & Co. Identified the drawbacks in the design of advanced equipment supplied by General Electric. Proposed changes and perused the issue with senior management to implement them. This helped customize the GE equipment to the specific needs of Vizag Steel logistics.
    I will be promoted as Assistant Manager in 4 months.
    President of Eelectrical Engineering Students Association during college. Organized many cultural activities and industry visits.
    Lead a team of 6 on an election campaign educating people on the need to vote in right candidates.
    Collected funds for victims during 2009 floods. I mobilized people, prepared the campaign material, collected and deposited the money to PM relief fund.
    Provided low cost housing to employees of Pavani Ganga, to best align our social responsibility with needs of business.
    Won few prizes in dance and extempore competition at inter-college level.
    Won best performer award for the year 2011 in logistics department.
    Won conest for managers on the topic “innovation across value chain a mantra for growth”

    So far, I have been very satisfied with my career. I had the opportunity to experiment in Entrepreneurship which tested my ability to get to the bottom of cross-functional business problems. I had many challenging experiences in Vizag Steel. All of them challenged my abilities, tested my EQ and brought the best out of me. However, given that Vizag Steel is a government firm the vertical mobility is time bound apart from many extraneous considerations and the horizontal mobility across functions is almost nil for the next 15 years. Moreover after the expansion projects are all commissioned and stabilized, the learning curve will straighten. Having had the privilege of working in roles only 15-years experienced people get in Vizag Steel, I want to take up more challenging and rewarding roles in general management. Preferably higher management roles which provide cross-functional experiences in World Class MNCs. I am open to the industry. Also, if I get an opportunity, I want to work in Consulting for a few years before taking up leadership roles at senior management level. I read the book The McKinsey Way. The variety of experiences Consulting industry has to offer fascinates me.
    My assessment. A two year MBA from abroad will give the leeway to have an internship and helps with final placement. Indian MBA is good but I want add international exposure and work-experience to my Resume which makes an international MBA preferable. However, I have constraints on finances. I cannot pool up more than USD 20,000 by sep 2014 due to other financial commitments and investments. So I am looking for substantial scholarships and aids.

    Would you please give your take on what suits me best at this crucial juncture.

  30. Wow! The posts are increasing in number as well as in length. And we are also having some challenges sticking to the scope of this article.

    While some of them have nothing to do with a ‘crisis’ at all, other problems are complex enough to deserve lengthy one-on-one discussions.

    Think about it. If you haven’t been able to solve them over many months or years, it would be wrong to assume that someone else can provide quick and easy solutions on a public site. That would only end up giving you a temporary sense of comfort.

    I also don’t want to give the perception that I have answers to ALL the problems you are facing. I don’t.

    If you have MBA related queries, please post them on our MBA forum.

    If you have very short, specific queries (& directly relevant to this post), please post them on our free career counselling thread.

    For other complex problems, I’d suggest considering setting up an individual counselling session with us (i.e. Career MAP).

    Our main focus is MBA consulting, so we’ll take up other counselling requests only on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively approach someone within your office / social circle who might be able to analyse your situation and provide objective perspectives.

  31. Hi Sameer,

    Just wondering whether you have some advice for me. I recently passed out from a top 30 MBA school but couldn’t get the job i wanted. Now I’m back in India and thinking about pursuing another course. Is there any course besides the Phd that I could pursue? If so, which are the best colleges to do it from?

  32. Hi Sameer,

    I am working in the Data warehousing / Business Intelligence space for the last 10 years and spent 5 years in foreign locations (US , AUS) . I did my Bachelors in Engineering (non-IT) and Masters in Technology (IT) from a premier Engineering college in India ( non-IIT though ). My educational achievements were mediocre although I am quite successful in my work. I like IT. Its very similar to Maths. I don’t want to change my area of work.

    Right now I am in Australia working for a Australian company here for the last 2 years. I am planning to apply for citizenship here, which will take another 3 years max, and then move to India as the career opportunities in australia are not that great ( when compared to India ). So that means I am planning to go back to India with total 13 years of hardcore technical experience.

    I am confused about my career goals. I have mostly worked in IT development and not in any kind of management role. And right now I am extremely interested in the Analytics area (which is very much Statistics based and I have some inclinations towards that also). But at the same time I am concerned that if I don’t move into management I will be too old for technology soon ( I am 35 now ). So I am torned between Analytics and some form of Executive MBA.

    By nature I think I will be more suitable for technology/R&D roles than Mnagement roles. Again I think that it also depends upon practice and experience. So why can’t I be an excellent manager ? I have enough money to spend on an Executive MBA.

    Do you think it would be a good idea for a person like me to go for an Executive MBA from a good Indian B School ? Appreciate your response.

    Best Regards,

  33. Hi Sameer,

    I am working with Punj Lloyd group for the last one & half year on site job.I did my Bachelors in Engineering in POWER from NPTI(NAtional Power training Institute).

    I don’t enjoy working on site and always dream for white caller job.Just now i got seat in Power Management in NPTI, Faridabad.But i am still confused whether i should do MBA or continue job after seeing the current status of power market.

    I want to relocate my self in metro city.I always hate to work on site.After completing my graduation i got placed in big group to start my career bt still not happy with life as it is going and getting frustrated.

    I am hoping your advise would help me get perspective and direction towards building a future.


  34. Hi Sameer

    Your blog is really informative. However being new for MBA prep, I would request if you can help me based upon following info of mine:

    1. B. Tech, Mechanical engg (IIT Delhi) with poor GPA of 5.9/10. 2005 Passout.
    2. 10th Standard-80%
    3. 12th Standard-82%
    4. Total work ex is around 7 years mostly in e-governance/strategy/supply chain

    I want to do MBA primarily for domain change, vertical growth and salary jump. I am 30 and already married.

    I am interested in 1year full time MBA of any IIM/Top 10 College.However my primary concern is huge MBA fee. Is it possible for me to get any scholarship so that I can finance at least 75% of the cost? I am not from a well to do family and have large number of dependents and so would not be interested in taking a huge loan. For this reason I have not even started preparing for GMAT yet.

    Also a matter of concern for me is my low GPA…would it be a big hurdle? What is the weightage given to GPA in 1 year full time programs?

    Thanks and Regards

  35. Hi Sameer,

    I am a B.Tech 2003 passout in E&C . I have worked in IT companies like Tech Mahindra, Capgemini and currently working in Royal Bank of Scotland from almost 4 years in SDLC. The problem I am facing is that there is no growth opportunity and the kind of work I have gives no learning opportunity. I want to quit job and pursue MBA which will help me getting to senior management positions .
    Please advise .

  36. Hi Sameer,

    I have done my Btech in ECE from a mediocre engg. college but have been working for TCS for last 3 years in Datawarehousing and Analysis(development).
    Due to financial constraints I cannot afford to leave my current job and rush for a premier b school. Hence I have opted for a distance mode MBA from SMU. I am planning for a dual specialization. One of them is definitely Systems Management. Please suggest me the other which would boost my career in this field .
    The options are: Finance/Marketing/ Operations/HR.
    My current domain is BI on UK telecom business database.

    My future goal is to gradually shift to part-time academics/research along with corporate consultancy in BI and Data analysis in my current organization.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi Sameer,

    I am looking for your career advice to decide on doing MBA from international B School. Just to give you a brief background, I have done BE in Computer Science with flying colors and I have 8 years of experience. I have been working with same MNC software company since completing my graduation. I have been working in technical field but recently I have started feeling that I am not enjoying this work and I would need to work in consultancy/strategy. Now I am planning for doing international MBA from Canada/US. My financial background is good.

    Can you please suggest, if I should go for this MBA? Will it help me to get different job profile though it is related to IT? How much is the possibility of getting a good job and work permit.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Hi Sameer,
    First of all, I appreciated and liked reading your blog. I am BE (Computers), MBA (Finance) from an average business school. I have been working for almost 8 years in Research & Business Consulting. I have worked across sectors like Real Estate, Agriculture, Tourism, etc. I want to opt for a career counselling session with you. Do let me know how to proceed further.


  39. Hi Sameer,

    I have done PG Diploma in Business & Administration in Marketing and passed out in 1999. Since 2001, I have been working in a Trade Association/ Chamber where i joined at Management Trainee. I have got 3 promotions till now and dont have any problem in office. But i feel that this job is not going to help me in my future, rather i dont want to do this job any more. I have been trying to find out a new job in exports/ international marketing but have not been able to find one as i think my current job profile does not have any match except in similar kind of organisations.

    Pl. advise how to proceed as i am very ambitious and just dont want to continue here as i would retire in a very peacful manner but without any personal or professional growth. This job is not et al pressing.


  40. i have done in cse but i did not get campus placement ….and now i am selected in sicsr for mba (IT) …….so i am in a state of dilemma whether to take this college or not….what if i don get placement here too after the completion of program…. and its too expensive above all….please help me …if i should try for a job or go for mba…..

  41. Hello Sameer,
    I’m working in a reputed Pharmaceutical company as an Area Business Manager. I completed my graduation in biochemistry in 2004. Then joined in pharmaceutical industry and also carry on my studies in management,done PGDBA(finance) from symbiosis in a distance mode. But now i think to make some change in my career upliftment and join in another sector after having an eight years of experience in sales & marketing in pharma sector.
    I shall feel contentment with your response mail on this.
    Thanks & regards.

  42. Hi Sameer,

    Greeting for the day.

    I am pursuing my MBA degree and now I am in final sem my specialization is HR and IT. I have done my graduation in computer science. I am looking for my career but I am confuse for which field I have to apply HR or Software. I have intrest in software and I feel I am enough good for that. I am also enough good in HR. I want to settle in abroad so which field help me to reach this goal as soon as possible.

    Another thing is I have comleted my graduation in 2009 then I tried for MCA for that I took one year gap and I got seleted in one college in pune through MCA-CET but due to finacial condition I coun’t get admission over there and because of this I lost my another year then in 2011 I took addmission in MBA through MBA-CET. Now the problem is that whenever I face the interview HR managers or Employer ask me what did you do in that 2 years. I explain as mentioned but still they not get satisfy. I feel that this is the problem of career so please I request you to sugest somthing for this.

    Thanks and Regards

    Prafull Bhoyar

  43. Hi,Sameer

    Sir,my qualification is B.E(E&Tc) and 2.5 years experience in telecom industry during this period to change job 2 times but here telecom market is very down and no growth at at that time i got 1 new job for digital electronics security system as a project coordinator as well as administration but here project coordinator work is very less as compared to admin.
    so suitable to this my profile and growth in future to any company and i was leave telecom job so again opportunities at same company.
    but telecom company provided salary not right time and not growth.

    so i confused which job select please suggestion to me.

  44. Hi Sameer,

    I am 7yrs experienced graphics web designer, age 34, efficiency mid level…. I am also going through mid career crisis. My last 2 job has gone for the company closer. otherwise I am a good performer in this industry. done Computer multimedia diploma and web designing. I had a huge expectation from this profession. but after reaching here looking that 3 lakhs is the much good salaries in this industry. if any one’s salary raise more than 3 lakhs the company liked to suck them, and giving chance to new one. Reason the creativity level is more or less same in every senior professional. in 7 senior member team who can be team leader, surely just 1, so what will be for others? ether they has to work in the same salary or they need to go out.
    This is the main thing where I got stuck, many graphics web designers are working in same salary for 10 years….. many I know ending his job on 25k and again joining in 15k and start to raise…. but the expertise level is the same, skills update level is the same or some changes his profession. and Me also getting stuck in this 25k. in 7 years 25k is very poor graph as per the career advancement.

    so could you please show me the way.

    I liked to change my stream to management line. started MBA. that is now incomplete now… need more 2 years to complete. but in between my job has gone, I am not getting job in better salary. If I got then also I cannot accept my present career for life long. should I join some BPO? by which I can grab right career path?

    look, where my sisters, my relatives are working in USA, UK, with handsome salaries. In INDIA one of my relatives getting 80k in 3yr of experience in BPO. My aim also not just the 25k to 30k job for life long. May be I had chosen wrong career path but I want to make it correct. & I believe May some struggle can come, I can face it, But need some good career prospect.

    please show me way. I am waiting for it.

  45. Hi sameer sir,
    I am a may 2013 pass out from nit trichi. I did my btech in electronics engineering. I was an above average student during my school life.I ranked 3rd in my school after my boards.Also received a scholarship for achieving excellence in boards.Took active participation in sports, elocution and debates.

    But my college life turned out to be completely opposite.I couldnt inculcate any interest in my branch and as a result passed out of college with a cgpa of 5.5 and no placement.Though sports did play a major role in my college life.

    sir at this point of my life im completely confused which direction should i be heading in and thats the reason why i have lost focus.

    First of all i just want to ask you if a low cgpa of 5.5 implies that my career is over even before it began?

    secondly, i cant make up my mind if i should job hunt or prepare for mba since i just have about 5 months to prepare.

    About a month back i made up my mind for MBA. Since i have no interest in electronics i dont want to do a technical job.And i realize that mba can give me a fresh start.Considering my low cgpa the only good colleges i can apply to with out job experience are symbiosis, narsee munjee and mica.

    But now that my college is finished im back at the same position.sir i despirately need your advice on this.

    If i could get in touch with you on phone that would be of great help.sir i just feel if i keep on going at this pace with no guidance i will end up wasting a year.

  46. Sir

    -I am a 2010 engineering passout(IIT Roorkee).2010-2012 i have prepared for Civil Services.didnt go through.After that I did 6 months job in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. but left that also as i didnt like the profile.
    Now I am working as a Lecturer in a private college so tht i can continue my studies and mean while get this work-ex also.I have following doubts:-
    1. Does Teaching count as Work Ex for MBA univ India and Abroad
    2. I m planning for Executive MBA so this Teaching work experience will be counted

    PS- I am 26 yrs old now

  47. Hello Sir myself Anand. I am a good vocal singer, mimicry artist, a good actor, writer and orator. I got all the above talents but i am unable to decide which to take as career and which to continue as hobby. I think all multi talented persons face this type of problem. And another confusion is i have well settled family business. My grand father started stone industry in 1975. And now my father is looking after that business since 30 years. Now my father is 62 years of old and i am the only son from whom they are expecting to continue the business. Actually i dont have interest in family business but even though i told him that i will try to create interest in business but the problem is there is no scope for my talents in that village where our business is situated… Please help me to come out of this confusion. I did in 2009 and since then i am doing nothing due to this career confusion… Please help me sir.

  48. hello sir
    i have completed my PG in computer science. now i m working as a lecturer MIT College Pune.
    my package is 3 lakh per annum. its not suffiecient for me because i m living in joint family. now i want to move in corporate field so plz give me ur valuable guidance.

  49. Hi sameer

    i am working as a software professional in MNC for past 2.5 yrs. I would like to pursue MS in CS from NUS.
    Can you let me know is it good for career growth.

  50. I was working as a software developer in a private firm.I was terminated from the job after completing 1 year for my nonperformance.I am jobless for 1.5 years since then.
    I don’t know whether software is right field for me.
    I did career counselling and they told me about digital marketing.
    I am not sure whether to continue in Software field or to do digital marketing.
    Is digital marketing career very stressful and do you have to be online for 24 hours.
    I am very confused.
    Please help it’s urgent

  51. Dear Sir,

    Greeting for the Day!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I had completed my Bsc(IT) in 2012 and having One year experience in sales and marketing.I want to do MBA in marketing from UBS mumbai which is of 15 Months duration.Will it affect for my career compare to regular 2 year course.
    Please help it out

  52. Dear sir,
    I completed my B.E( electrical & electrnic stream )in 2013.sir i currently finding job & after getting job i also like to take a coaching for cat 2014,because i like to take admission in npti faridabad for mba in power management.please suggest me this is the right decision or not.or suggest me some other way to enhance my carrier.

  53. Dear Sameer,
    Hi I did my graduation B.E(ECE) in 2012 with a good score in all of my academic year. Now i am working in a top MNC company of tata consultancy services(TCS) . I have one year of working experience with a package of 3.5 lakh per annum. now i would like pursue my MBA career. i have hardly attended any professional exams like CAT till yet. please give me a suggestion, can i pursue MBA with the work experience or i have to undertake exams like CAT compulsory?

  54. Hi..

    I am 29yr year old industrial engineer….
    I passed out in 2005.
    I got married in 2007 and after that had a break in career for 4years
    and now have got a job in a manufacturing setup….
    But now i want to change my career…as i am not able to give time to my family and i feel like i have lost the technical skills required to be compitent enough in this field…
    Meanwhile have got job as teacher in Symbiosis International School.
    I am thinking to take up this job, but is it right for me to change my career now??
    I am also persuing my Mba in Operations ….really confused wat to do…..
    Please let me know….

  55. Hi,

    I am Sheethal.. passed out in 2012 BE( computer science ).. and due to recession i couldnt get any well paid job.. and due to less salary and lack of interest in the job… i quit my job in an mnc within 2 months of joining… and headed towards doing an mba… and also done with 2 months of coaching now.. i want to get into media or consulting job.. so which stream of mba would help me… pls do let me know the stream.. i should take up and best institute which offers in india.. as m from middle class family and cant afford… to goto states…

    Thank You…

  56. HI,
    My name is kiran kumar i have done a MBA in marketing n hr i am having more then two years of experience in marketing (hyderabad) i was taken it because we are th first batch who face Recession. so with out waiting my time i was joined the marketing company and now i wana change my stream even im interested in HR, finance,BPO,KPO kind of job.because thats my dream to INTER into a MNC but in interview every time i face the same question that why i want to change my stream ???? so i am always rejected in final interview….so please any one guide me what i need to do??????????????

  57. hie,

    I am mechanical engineer 2013 passout. i m not getting job as there are no jobs in market. Also i m not interested in making my career in technical (mechanical). I m interested in finance but i dont have any knowledge about finance. I am also panning to do mba . should i do mba without work experience as there is no other alternative.i am very confused. I dont know what should i do…please help me sir

  58. hello sir,
    my self dipak khushalani, fresh pass out in electronics and communication branch march 2013. Due to recession there was very less job opportunities at campus and all the jobs available was from IT field. I m not at all interested in software so in spite of having good score i didn’t appear in any campus interview. when i was doing my engineering i had started teaching 11-12 science students physics and maths in a well-known institute due to financial crisis. And that institute offered me 5.5 lacs package and asked me to join their institute full time.
    Right now I am doing this teaching job since last 5 month. But i think that i can do better in short i don’t want to teach whole my life.
    some times i think of doing MBA some time i think about…some times i think to prepare for upsc. in short i m totally confused about my career. due to financial crisis in my family i can not left the job and join study again .i have to continue this job for at least 2 more years for sufficient money.
    but i want to utilize this two valuable years in preparing for any of the field..plz advice me……..!!!!!!

  59. Hi sameer, I just joined an it company as an application developer ,but I am not so much interesting in coding
    and I don’t think in future I will be a hardcoder, I always want to do an mba, I like to chat and interact with people of any field, I want a position where I interact with other people and create strategies and all.I am interesting in advertising,communication and hr management.please suggest me what should I do.go for mba or learn the current technology and then switch.I am from a middle class family.

  60. Hi Sameer
    I am a software developer in a well known MNC in India since 2011
    I have completed my Be in ECE and right now i am working as ajava developer.
    But i dont find this job intresting at all, though i am gud at work and my seniors appreciate the same m also rewarded with awrads and good ratings
    but the problem is i dnt find this job intresting plus it is too hectic for me.
    I want to do MBA but i hardly find time to prepare for CAT/SNAP
    So can i switch my job profile by pursuing some short duration courses without leaving the job
    And then get ajob in a different profile with better salary
    My current package is 4.2 n iam expecting 6 to 7 in my next job
    Can u plz suggest
    M too lost.

  61. Hello sir,
    I am 23 years old now..completed my bcom in 2011 from vivek college [mumbai university] after that working in CA Firm as accounts & audit assistant Since past 2 financial background is poor..but now I m appearing CMAT MBA entrance exam .. Can I go for an full time MBA IN FINANCE.. ?? Is it ca firm exp will helpful me in mba???? Am I taking right decision or not..??? Help me… Plzz..

  62. Hi sameer,
    I am an architect , with 4 years of working experience. I worked for an architecture MNC for the first one and a half years after graduating and later joined a developer as I was interested in not just the creative part but also the management part of it and wanted to understand whether what I perceived was the actual realty and as it goes yes I have started liking the work, but as my portfolio limits me I am unable to take a complete shift to the management side .

    Being an architect I have been freelancing for the last 3 years alongside with working and completed around a dozen projects successfully . Around 6 months back I understood that I was prepared to take up larger assignments independently and registered my firm.

    At this juncture I am in a state of turmoil. I get leads but turning them into projects is the bigger part. It here that I understand that my profession demands more than what my professional degree offers if I have to fit into the bracket of a successful entrepreneur. I am not sure if I should do an MBA programs which might be helpful in filing in the voids to take my business to the next level or should I try stabilizing it first which i sense would take at least a time of 2 years . Kindly help.

  63. hello , sir i have been preparing for IAS from last 4 months , and i am placed with accenture as associate software engineer and my joining is on 4 dec , m really in a dilemma either to continue my ias prep or join the job as i am a fresher and if i don’t make it then what will i do ? and i have already deposited lumpsome coaching fees out of which only some will be refunded !

  64. Sir,
    I request for your advice please on the right direction.
    I posses BE(IT) & ME(COMP. Tech&Appl.) in 1st div.After Graduation in 2007 I had joined as a Lecturer in an Engineering College & did ME (COMP. Tech&Appl.), continued to work as an Asst. Professor in the college till date.At present I am going to loose my job in the college, as the IT branch is closed due to lack of intake. Now I am confused how to change my career i.e., coming back to software profession but i feel lack in confidence because i have no experience in the concern profession, and please can you tell me which stream would be easy to get an IT job or opt to study any other Post Graduation degree like MBA/MS/Cyber Law etc.Could you please how should I progress my career further.
    With thanks & regards.

  65. Hi Sameer,

    Read your post and find quite helpful.
    I am electronics and communication engg. passout and working with an organization with a decent pakage.
    and have work exp of 2 years.
    I am not satisfied with my job and need to be in management cadre rather than working under anyone.
    Plz suggest me what option to opt.CAT or GMAT as i dont want to study abroad.
    Hows the carrier perspective of part time MBA.

  66. Dear Sir
    i had passed my class 12 in year 2003 and take admission in btech in year 20005 but due to financial problem i hav left my graduation in 2007 and started doing job in small level counstruction company as year 2012 i had completed amie.i want to do mba but is it worth for me to do mba because i am already 29 year old .i had got 96 percentile in cat 2013.can i get job after doing mba because that time i l b 31 year old.
    plz help me regarding this sir


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