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Ivy League educated management consultant, Michael Schneider, gets hired by an unlikely client.

A mafia boss wants to make a last desperate bid to revive his family business that spans across gambling, drugs and porn.

A reluctant Schneider takes on the challenge to give the underworld organization a makeover.

Join Schneider as he takes on the most challenging management consulting job ever!

Genre: Fiction (Thriller) | 241 pages | Publisher: Booksoarus


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Reader Reviews

“Hilarious account of what Consultants do when they are hired by the real, murderous, mafia !
Terrific concept indeed.” – Prithwis Mukerjee [ex-Partner of a leading management consulting firm]

“An entertaining novel. An intelligently done work.” – Sakshi Nanda

“The book is laced with wit and humor at the right places, and is quite a successful experiment in the Indian fiction genre.” – Rohit Gupta.

“Almost-zero-patches of boredom. If you are looking for a page-turner thriller within a business context, this is THE book for you.” – Gughan Bose

“The author shows that Management Consulting can work with just about any business using the same concepts, jargon and gyan.” – Seeta Bodke


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Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild