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MBA Admissions Consulting Services & Prices

MBA Admissions Consulting Services & Prices

We started off as an MBA oriented portal (and that is still our primary focus). Over time, based on the requests we got from our readers, we’ve grown our services to cover much more – including non-MBA programs (such as MS, MiM, MeM, PhD) and general career counselling. Here’s a quick summary of our MS and MBA admissions consulting services and prices that we offer our small & selective set of clients.

MBA Application Services

Unlike conventional study abroad counsellors, who try to do everything from filling the candidate’s form to helping them with visa applications, we come in as specialists.

We believe applicants who come to us are mature and capable enough to have done their primary research and can manage the basics on their own. We come into the picture for the post-GMAT tasks. Our services are very specific and time-bound.

We know it’s difficult to decide, based on a short theoretical description of the scope, whether our approach and working style would work for you.

Which is why we’ve hosted tons of real stories from our clients who’ve battled challenges such as low GMAT / GRE scores, high age & experience, bad academic grades, career gaps, unclear goals, average profiles and reapplications.

Make sure you check them out below. If nothing else, you’ll still pick up valuable insights and inspiration from their success stories.

MBA Consulting Reviews


Other Masters (MS) or Doctoral programs (PhD)

We also help with application reviews for other degrees (after you’ve shortlisted them). The scope includes Statement of Purpose (SoP), Essays and Recommendations. Read more about our MS / PhD SoP review service.

Profile Builder Service

For most higher education applicants, it’s too late to do anything about their profile. However, if you are an early bird in the race, you can mould your profile to some extent. We can help you do that with our Profile Builder service.

Career Counselling Services

An MBA or a Masters degree is not the solution to all career problems. When you are facing a early or mid-life career crisis, try getting to the root of the problem with a career counselling session. It’s a good and simple way to explore options to get you career back on track. That’s where our career counselling can help.
For queries, drop us a note on the following email ID: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com