Admission consultant shares Ivy League success story: Full scholarship with low GMAT score

A majority of Americans speak just one language – English. In contrast, AG (as he prefers to be called) speaks four.

He discovered a flair for debating as a young student, and continued to polish his story-telling skills over the years. Little did he know then, how this would help him later on, while applying to undergrad and grad schools.

He stumbled on the GMAT – the first crucial step in the insanely competitive MBA application process that can make or break a candidate’s confidence. But he relied on his ability to emphatically and convincingly present his profile to his target schools.

Impressed by his MBA essay writing and interviewing skills, three elite American business schools (including 2 ivy league universities) offered him a seat. Two of them also opened up their wallets as a not-so-nuanced incentive for him to join their bschool over their rivals’.

As an MBA student and as an alumnus, he has continued to work with his alma mater’s admissions team in different capacities. He’s equally passionate about mentoring ivy league MBA applicants, who hope to replicate his formula for success. If you’d like to be mentored by AG, we’ll share the contact details towards the end of the article.

Here’s AG’s inspiring story.

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INSEAD MBA diversity scholarship with an average GMAT score of 700 in Round 2

INSEAD MBA diversity scholarship with average GMAT score of 700 in Round 2

It’s a common perception that applicants from highly represented MBA applicant pools (such as Indian candidates) can’t be considered for diversity scholarships. While that’s true to a large extent for regular applicants, it also depends on how you define ‘regular’.

Megha Saraogi Todi completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She completed her Masters degree in Management from the Delhi School of Economics in the first division. After graduating, she worked in HR consulting. Her GMAT score was slightly below the average GMAT scores for INSEAD and ISB.

Sounds like a regular profile so far? Here’s what Megha did that transformed her profile and convinced the admissions team at two of best business schools in the world with low acceptance rates, to lay out the red carpet for her – with one offering her the prestigious diversity scholarship.

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Profile building for second MBA after IIM: M7 (Kellogg) admit with scholarship

When you hit a wall, you only need to find the right window of opportunity, to allow the rays of hope and inspiration to enter.

We wrote earlier about why anyone would plan for a second MBA after IIM, and also the pros and cons to be aware of.

IIM Kozhikode grad, Garimaya Gaur, was a rock-star even before coming to us. And we mean that in a literal sense. In his pursuit of a second MBA from USA after IIM, he agreed to our unusual (or bizarre?) suggestion to use his guitar and singing skills, to stand out from the competition.

The result – an admit with scholarship from his top choice – Kellogg.

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