Executive MBA with scholarship in India with an average over-represented profile

It is unusual for executive MBA programs in India and abroad to offer scholarships. This is primarily because Executive MBA programs are targetted at working professionals, and in many cases the MBA is sponsored by their employers. For these reasons, a self-funded EMBA can become very expensive for the student. This is what makes this … Read more

Top MBA in Asia with scholarship despite below average GMAT score

Many MBA applicants from India think that crossing the 700 score mark on the GMAT is the only way to get into a good business school, and have any remote chance of getting a scholarship. Oil and Gas professional, Ekta Kulhare, took the GMAT twice but wasn’t able to get a high score. She decided … Read more

How I got into Wharton with scholarship

What does it take to get into the Wharton MBA (University of Pennsylvania)? The usual suspects – a top notch undergrad degree, a high GMAT score, great experience in a feeder industry, with an international stint thrown in for good measure – no surprises there. And with thousands of Wharton hopefuls from around the world … Read more

Low GRE scorer gets MBA admit with full scholarship worth $125,000 after 15 rejections

Thug life is when you walk into a top university with a cool $125K in scholarship despite a low GRE score, low undergrad GPA, being a reapplicant…and 15 soul-crushing rejections! But where do you pin the blame after getting all those rejections from MS and MBA programs alike? The obvious culprit was a below average … Read more

How I got a full scholarship for MBA in USA despite a big blunder during applications

Working on MBA applications can be highly stressful for the applicant and the MBA consultant. That in turn increases the likelihood of mistakes. For Dinesh Kumar, it was very important to get an admit with scholarship. He was already worried about working in a non-feeder industry (i.e. retail) and not having big company brands that … Read more

Katz MBA Review of my application journey: Scholarship with low GMAT score

Rohit Kabra left his job in USA to return to India so he could focus on his GMAT preparation. But he wasn’t able to score as much as he expected. He explains how he was still able to get into a Top 40 ranking program with a $40,000 (approximately INR 29 Lakhs) scholarship, without having … Read more

How I got into UCLA Anderson with scholarship: MBA after Electrical Engineering

We regularly interact with the admission officers of the top bschools (here’s an interview with the UCLA admissions director). This gives us a pretty good idea of not only what the top MBA programs look for in applicants, but also what’s acceptable and what’s not when candidates take professional help. Ratan Mehra (name changed) got … Read more

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship: Application process, eligibility, essay tips

Stanford GSB is as elite as they come, in the realm of business education. Topping almost all the ranking charts including Financial Times 2018 Global MBA, US News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and countless more, Stanford GSB has secured its honourable place. It helps that its MBA graduates receive some of the best job placements with the … Read more

MBA after B.Com: ISB with scholarship for commerce graduate with Big 4 experience

We get many applicants asking if a 3-year bachelors degree in science / commerce / arts (i.e. 15 years of education) will put them at a disadvantage, since they are competing with engineers wielding a degree that’s generally kept on a higher pedestal compared to B.Com, B.A or B.Sc degree. Vikramjeet Bhatt’s story proves that … Read more