94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Cornell Tech MBA review and admission experience

Many are aware of the Cornell Johnson 2-year MBA program. However, the Cornell Tech MBA hasn’t got the exposure that it should. So here’s a quick Cornell Tech MBA review followed by an applicant’s admission experience, to help you evaluate if you should include it in your target school list. Cornell Tech MBA Review The … Read more

Top 10 MBA in Europe with low GMAT score of 640: Warwick Business School

Is Warwick Business School hard to get into? Let’s look at some statistics to understand the question better. Warwick enjoys a pretty respectable position in the latest Financial Times MBA ranking. FT ranks the Warwick MBA in the top 4 in the UK (just after LBS, Cambridge and Oxford), top 10 in Europe and top … Read more

Career counselling for MBA admissions: My reapplicant experience

The typical approach for many MBA aspirants is to jump right into the application process, without getting the foundation in place first. This includes addressing questions related to the need/relevance of an MBA degree as well as career planning after graduating. Very few MBA aspirants, such as Sanjeet Kathuria, see the value in taking up … Read more

MBA after working in a bank job: My international admissions experience

A lot’s written about the love relationship between investment bankers and MBA. But what does it take to get into a top international MBA after working in a retail banking job? Banking professional, Manish Jha, recapitulates his admissions experience that helped him get into several reputed MBA programs abroad with scholarship after working in a … Read more

Michigan Ross MBA with scholarship after 3 years and GMAT-to-GRE switch

Bschool admissions are tricky. Good applicants are denied admits, not because they didn’t deserve it, but mainly because they didn’t approach it in the right manner. But regardless of the results, top MBA applications can still teach you a lot. For Utsav, it was grit, determination, passion and persistence. He got into a top business … Read more

NYU Stern School of Business with $60,000 scholarship in Round 3

The world can take a lesson or two from the American marketing model. Like the business schools in the U.S., the global admissions consulting space is also dominated by a few large American consulting firms. Their reviews are highly visible on multiple MBA websites, their success stories are better promoted on prominent forums, and you’ll … Read more

How I got an investment banking internship on Wall Street

An investment banking internship on Wall Street with a bulge bracket bank is a dream opportunity for many MBA students. What does it take to get an I-banking internship? How does the process work? What are the challenges to be aware of? Navdeep Garg, an MBA student at the Duke Fuqua MBA program, offers valuable … Read more

How to get into IIMA PGPX after being rejected: MBA after 35

Higher age, low graduation grades and an over-represented profile can be liabilities while applying to elite bschools. And Avinash Kaparekar put a tick mark on all of them. But that’s not the only challenge he was facing. Getting rejected can take a big toll on the confidence level, while working on MBA applications all over … Read more

How I got into Kellogg: MBA reapplicant and waitlist strategy

In the pursuit of an elite M7 MBA, Yajur Taxali had to face almost every big hurdle – non-feeder profile, average GMAT score in his first attempt, application rejections and waitlists. But he took every setback as an opportunity to learn and become better. His efforts finally paid off.   How I got into Kellogg … Read more

Top MBA in Asia with scholarship despite below average GMAT score

Many MBA applicants from India think that crossing the 700 score mark on the GMAT is the only way to get into a good business school, and have any remote chance of getting a scholarship. Oil and Gas professional, Ekta Kulhare, took the GMAT twice but wasn’t able to get a high score. She decided … Read more

Cornell 1 Year MBA admission blog by stock-trader and entrepreneur

With his investing experience and understanding of finance, Viraj (name changed) was clear that he wanted RoI from his MBA investment. He kept in mind not just the monetary investment, but also his time. And the RoI from the Cornell One-year MBA offered by an ivy league university is quite high compared to the more … Read more

Low GRE scorer gets MBA admit with full scholarship worth $125,000 after 15 rejections

Thug life is when you walk into a top university with a cool $125K in scholarship despite a low GRE score, low undergrad GPA, being a reapplicant…and 15 soul-crushing rejections! But where do you pin the blame after getting all those rejections from MS and MBA programs alike? The obvious culprit was a below average … Read more