Top 10 MBA in Europe with low GMAT score of 640: Warwick Business School

Is Warwick Business School hard to get into? Let’s look at some statistics to understand the question better.

Warwick enjoys a pretty respectable position in the latest Financial Times MBA ranking. FT ranks the Warwick MBA in the top 4 in the UK (just after LBS, Cambridge and Oxford), top 10 in Europe and top 50 in the world.

The average GMAT score is 660. The average age is 30 years and the average work experience is 8 years. This means the students have spent a substantial amount of time working in mid-to-senior roles before they apply.

This pre-MBA experience coupled with the new skills and qualification reflect in the placement statistics. Warwick MBA grads get a high average salary of over $95,000 with an average bonus of $17,000 and $13,000 in other benefits.

Though their average GMAT may seem lower than the top programs in the United states, the Warwick Business School is not easy to get into.

Delhi-based entrepreneur, Prashant Jha, had tried his luck for several years to get into a good MBA program. His biggest hurdle was his low GMAT score of 640.

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Career counselling for MBA admissions: My reapplicant experience

The typical approach for many MBA aspirants is to jump right into the application process, without getting the foundation in place first.

This includes addressing questions related to the need/relevance of an MBA degree as well as career planning after graduating.

Very few MBA aspirants, such as Sanjeet Kathuria, see the value in taking up career counselling for MBA admissions.

After getting a rejection from her dream MBA program, the experienced product manager was objective and mature in her analysis of where she needed professional help.

She knew the application step came much later. So she didn’t chase admission consultants for a rejection analysis, which tends to be superficial in nature anyway.

She aimed at the root of the problem – her long-term career plan.

Here’s how the contemporary dancer effectively used career guidance for MBA admissions before taking a second shot at her dream school – with the same GMAT score (which was lower than the class average), but a significantly high level of clarity on her career plans.

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MBA after working in a bank job: My international admissions experience

MBA abroad after working in a bank

A lot’s written about the love relationship between investment bankers and MBA. But what does it take to get into a top international MBA after working in a retail banking job?

Banking professional, Manish Jha, recapitulates his admissions experience that helped him get into several reputed MBA programs abroad with scholarship after working in a top international bank.

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