94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Going abroad after IIT for higher studies: Why international MBA

An IIT degree is often viewed as a passport to international job opportunities and higher studies, especially for those who graduate in disciplines with a global demand (such as Computer Science). “All IITians go abroad after graduating, no one stays back in India” is a common statement that you’ll hear in discussions. While you know … Read more

Life before and after IIT Bombay, INSEAD and McKinsey: Diary of an overachiever

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What does an admission consultant with Harvard & Stanford admits know that friends & family don’t

Utkarsh Bajpai’s profile ticks all the right boxes – IIT graduate, competitive GMAT score, impressive international work experience. This is typical of many strong applicants who plan to apply to the most selective masters and MBA programs in the world, such as the M7 business schools, INSEAD, London Business School, and other elite institutions. It … Read more

INSEAD MBA diversity scholarship with an average GMAT score of 700 in Round 2

It’s a common perception that applicants from highly represented MBA applicant pools (such as Indian candidates) can’t be considered for diversity scholarships. While that’s true to a large extent for regular applicants, it also depends on how you define ‘regular’ (MBA admission with non-traditional profile). Megha Saraogi Todi completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in … Read more

Top European MBA after engineering from NIT India and masters from Canada

While education can be a great way to broaden one’s horizons, growing up in a middle class family can make it difficult for many. Getting an international degree was never on Vipin Mathew’s to-do list, given his modest background. But the talented mechanical engineer from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Karnataka ended up with a … Read more

INSEAD scholarship chances with 720 GMAT in Round 2 deadline

What are the chances of getting an INSEAD scholarship for Indian students in Round 2, with a rather average GMAT score? If you thought the odds are low, you’re right. While that may be true from a subjective viewpoint, there are always those who try to go against the statistical chances and succeed. Ajinkya Rajadhyaksha … Read more

INSEAD France vs Singapore campus: Differences and similarities

1957 saw the origin of one of the most influential Business Schools in the world, Institut EuropĂ©en d’Administration des Affaires (French for European Institute of Business Administration), or INSEAD. The flagship institute, in France, and its newer campus in Singapore, has since been a reigning champion in global business education. In the past years, INSEAD … Read more

INSEAD Placements: How I got a job in Singapore after MBA

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