October 28, 2010

MBA, Career or Marriage? Welcome to the ugly desi dilemma!

What would you choose – Marriage or MBA or Career? Each of these options fall in the ‘tremendously important’ category for us. And unfortunately for a […]
November 24, 2010

Level playing field for MBA applicants from India

Several people have asked us about the MCB’s history and origins. While working on my MBA application, I struggled a lot in terms getting access to […]
January 9, 2011

10 business schools you’ve got to have on your radar

Irrespective of your GMAT score, your post MBA career goals and your penchant/hatred for saas-bahu serials, if you are an Indian MBA applicant there are a […]
February 9, 2011

Babson MBA – Why #1 in Entrepreneurship, but low overall ranking?

Babson’s MBA program may not be rubbing shoulders with Harvard/Stanford/Wharton in the general rankings. But it is very much at the top when it comes to […]
June 19, 2011

IMD Switzerland 1 year MBA: Chronicles of Hari Puttar – 2

Just when you thought Hari couldn’t surpass what he did in his first post on IMD Switzerland, he’s come back with this second helping. For those […]
June 26, 2011

Interview with Guy Kawasaki | Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Author (Enchantment)

Guy Kawasaki has been there, done that, several times over. He shot into the limelight in the mid eighties as the evangelist for Apple’s Macintosh. After […]
July 3, 2011

Manual Scavenging – Social cause | NGO Watch

When Karan (name changed) came to us for the Mock Application Process, we thought he was just another MBA aspirant trying to move away from his […]
August 21, 2011

Work experience: Why is it important for international MBA applications?

We get this question frequently on discussion forums and over email. In fact, a little too frequent for our comfort. So it doesn’t hurt talking about […]
August 24, 2011

Business & Creativity: You could be dull in another era. Not this one.

Charismatic, mesmerising and creative. Three adjectives that are associated with the Advertising industry (what were you thinking?). Unfortunately the same 3 adjectives are seldom used while […]
September 14, 2011

Searching for a free download of Beyond The MBA Hype?

The best things in life are free (if not freely downloadable)! Air, happiness, peace of mind. Even before Beyond The MBA Hype got released, guys have […]
September 25, 2011

MBA vs Masters in Management: Which is better?

The big MBA versus Masters in Management fight always gets its fair share of viewers. It is one of the common topics you’d see on MBA […]
October 2, 2011

Letters of recommendation (LoR): How to choose your MBA recommenders

For many, their MBA pursuit is usually a hush-hush affair: on the personal front, also on the professional front. You would not want inquisitive friends, relatives […]