94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

How I used my MBA to become a management consultant in Hong Kong | CUHK MBA review

In our earlier post on Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), we had interviewed the Former Head of Admissions of the CUHK MBA Programmes and discussed various aspects of the business school and its flagship MBA programme. Here’s the link: CUHK Hong Kong class profile, ranking, fees, placements, salary, admissions This time, we switch perspectives … Read more

IESE Master in Management (MiM in Spain) – Everything you need to know

IESE Business School in Spain is a force to reckon with, not just in Europe but also around the world. Its full-time MBA was ranked among the top 10 globally in 2022 by Financial Times. For applicants with lesser experience who’re interested in getting a business masters degree from a top business school, IESE also … Read more

Indian IT Male Engineer MBA Success Stories: Competing in the toughest applicant pool in the world

Based on hard evidence, we’ve also known for a long time that Indian MBA Applicants more likely to be rejected from top b-schools compared to applicants from other countries. Within this already competitive applicant pool, it becomes an even bigger challenge when you are an male IT engineer. No wonder it’s considered the toughest applicant … Read more

MBA in USA vs Canada vs Europe vs Asia: Which is the best country for MBA abroad?

For most people, the MBA dream begins with a picture in their minds. The words “MBA” and “abroad” glow like neon signs in the head, with images of a plane taking off, a beautiful campus with Greek columns, Roman arches, and grass greener than you’ve ever seen before all flashing before the eyes like the … Read more

Cornell Johnson MBA application tips, class profile, fees, employment report, ranking and more

The Johnson Graduate School of Management in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is an Ivy League business school known for its top-ranked elite MBA programs. MBA aspirants can choose to pursue the conventional and the more popular two-year MBA program or the accelerated one-year MBA or the Cornell Tech MBA. All these programs also offer a … Read more

Why tech professionals are leaving IT companies for MBA

When we think about IT professionals and their various known avatars like software engineers, data engineers, software developers, and what have you, we usually conjure up images of vast huddled masses hunched up in front of propped up laptops in matchbox cubicles. Only now, in the great (?) pandemic world, they are huddled up in … Read more

MBA Acceptance Rate: Round 1 vs Round 2 vs Round 3

MBA acceptance rates (check out the top business school selectivity rates) signify the competition you are likely to face in getting admission to an MBA program. Schools that have managed to build a brand worthy of desire and respect get bombarded with thousands of applications. The process to sieve through the candidates and find ones … Read more

Technology jobs and salaries in investment banking after MBA

Traditionally, finance (and especially investment banking) has captured the cream of the fresh MBA graduate population. As much as even a decade ago, according to what can be perceived from GMAC’s corporate recruiter surveys published each year, consulting and finance shared the most hires with information technology somewhere in the lower mix. But with changing … Read more