Cornell Johnson MBA application tips, class profile, fees, employment report, ranking and more

The Johnson Graduate School of Management in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is an Ivy League business school known for its top-ranked elite MBA programs. MBA aspirants can choose to pursue the conventional and the more popular two-year MBA program or the accelerated one-year MBA or the Cornell Tech MBA. All these programs also offer a … Read more

HKU Business School Admission requirements, Class profile, Ranking, Fees, Placements, Salary

Hong Kong’s oldest institution for higher education, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has a strategic location in the midst of a vibrant city that is looked upon as the land of opportunities and an international business hub. The HKU business school serves as a good choice for those looking for a reputed, well-known school … Read more

CUHK Hong Kong Class profile, Ranking, Fees, Placements, Salary, Admissions: Interview with Admissions Director

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is the longest established business school in Asia. This gives it a big first-mover advantage and clear vision in nurturing business leaders. It has been ranked 57th in the world by the Financial Times in 2019. Around 70 students (42% female) with an average age of 29, the … Read more

What Dartmouth Tuck looks for in MBA applicants

At Menlo Coaching, we really like Tuck because its tightly-knit community helps students, alumni, and faculty to make lifelong connections. Community is, to quote Executive Director of Admissions Luke Anthony Peña: “The asset that appreciates in value over time.” Want to know what Tuck is looking for in applicants? Watch the interview with Luke Anthony … Read more

Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) in Singapore for a Career in Finance

Many interested in a career in finance are probably inclined to apply to MBA programmes, but a few may prefer a more specialised master’s degree. Unlike a typical master’s in finance or applied finance, NTU’s Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE) is ideal for candidates who are keen to receive rigorous training in logical … Read more

Rady MBA (UC San Diego): Interview with Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Director

The Rady School of Management – University of California, San Diego – is in a unique and enviable situation. Stepping into its teenage years (the program just turned 15 in 2018), the Rady MBA is young and bubbling with innovative ideas to explore strategies that other businesses can’t. It now also has the resources, thanks … Read more

Wharton MBA Dual Degree with Lauder Institute: Interview with Admissions Marketing Director

How do you take a top-notch program such as the Wharton MBA and make it better? The University of Pennsylvania seems to have given it a lot of thought and found an option – the dual degree program offered jointly by the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute. In this interview with Sameer Kamat (founder … Read more

Tuck MBA Admissions – Interview with Regional Director (India, SE Asia)

In the pursuit of scale, growth and profits, when the business education industry may seem to have no qualms about converting the MBA degree into a commodity, it’s heartening to see a top ranking Ivy League MBA that’s continued to buck the trend. Compared to many of its peers in the super-elite MBA category, the … Read more

Carlson School of Management Interview with MBA Admissions Director

When it comes to post MBA salaries, it’s not just the absolute number that’s important, it’s the salary jump that matters too. The full-time MBA program offered by the Carlson School of Management is ranked 3rd for average salary increase. Located in the twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul (ranked by Forbes as the … Read more