Technology jobs and salaries in investment banking after MBA

Traditionally, finance (and especially investment banking) has captured the cream of the fresh MBA graduate population. As much as even a decade ago, according to what can be perceived from GMAC’s corporate recruiter surveys published each year, consulting and finance shared the most hires with information technology somewhere in the lower mix. But with changing … Read more

How to get into investment banking from a non-target school

In business school jargon, ‘feeder’ or ‘target’ programs are those that you can target to get into specific industries such as investment banking, consulting, technology or any other sector you may have in mind. In contrast, non-target or non-feeder schools are those that aren’t considered primarily for their focus on a particular sector you’re targeting. … Read more

Why are MBA salaries so high?

The MBA class of 2020 recorded a whopping average pay package of $176,083 at Stanford, $175,148 for NYU – Stern and $173,882 for Tuck – despite the tough economic crisis created by the ongoing pandemic. Does it make you wonder why MBA graduates right out of business schools get paid such high salaries compared to … Read more

15 Best Tech MBA programs for high-paying salaries and careers in technology, IT

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, technology and technological innovation has become the key for the successful operation and expansion of businesses. Unlike other industries, the technology sector has witnessed a continuous growth over the past decade. Digital disruption continues to penetrate across industries. Companies need to constantly adapt or reinvent their business processes and … Read more

A day in the life of an investment banker

Investment bankers are among Wall Street’s most sought-after professionals. On behalf of their employers—that is, investment banks — they facilitate financial services and transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, debt/equity financing, and initial public offerings, for their client companies. Investment bankers help companies assess their positioning and provide defense to managements for their policies and decisions. … Read more

Value of Indian MBA abroad: How I got a Gulf job with tax-free salary

Many applicants want to know – what’s the value of an Indian MBA abroad? Is it possible to get a job abroad after an MBA from India. While it’s not easy, there are folks who manage to get placed internationally. We published one such story earlier: ISB international placement. Here’s another the story of someone … Read more