Wharton Deferred MBA and Team Based Discussion Tips, Prompts

Many have been asking us to publish a post on the Wharton Deferred MBA (i.e. Moelis Advance Access Program). If you’re not aware of it, here’s a quick snapshot and some statistics.   Wharton Deferred MBA Statistics: Average GMAT, GPA, experience, class profile Till a while back, the program was exclusively for University of Pennsylvania … Read more

Difficult MBA interview questions and answer tips for some tough, tricky and hard ones

When a seemingly simple and innocuous question is put to you at an MBA admissions interview, you may start to feel overconfident and tell yourself that you’re almost there. But beware. Looks are deceptive, and you may be about to trip and fall. A few business schools are known to ask their MBA applicants bizarre … Read more

My IMD assessment day experience with case-study, role-play and interview questions

We’ve said this earlier and we’ll say it again. We love how IMD Switzerland has designed their selection process to test MBA applicants on their communication skills, analytical ability and leadership potential. The admission team uses the regular tools of the trade (GMAT, essays et al) and then adds their own unique flavour to the … Read more

MBA and job interview dress code for males and females

Your interpretation of power dressing for an important interview may backfire if you depend solely on your basic instincts. Overdoing it or taking it back to the stone age may end up exposing more than you bargained for – your lack of dressing etiquette for starters. For international students, knowing what to wear for MBA … Read more

MBA Interview Etiquette | Tips for In-person and Skype interviews

How should you dress for an MBA interview? What should you know about body language, handshakes, eye contact when you meet the interviewer in person? What about Skype interviews where you aren’t exactly in front of the interviewer and yet you are? Sudershan ‘Suds’ Tirumala (Regional Director, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth), shares tips … Read more

IMD assessment day interview experience in Switzerland

At IMD Switzerland, an MBA interview isn’t just a regular interview. It’s a full-blown, highly intensive, day-long affair that only a select few applicants from around the world will get to experience first-hand. You’ll be navigating a minefield of case interviews, personal interviews, presentations, group discussion, sample class, alumni lunch (where you are still being … Read more