Wharton Deferred MBA and Team Based Discussion Tips, Prompts

Wharton Deferred MBA

Many have been asking us to publish a post on the Wharton Deferred MBA (i.e. Moelis Advance Access Program).

If you’re not aware of it, here’s a quick snapshot and some statistics.

Wharton Deferred MBA Statistics: Average GMAT, GPA, experience, class profile

Till a while back, the program was exclusively for University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) undergrads but has now been expanded for anyone in their final year of, both undergraduate or full-time master’s.

It provides a deferred admit to the Wharton MBA, after 2-4 years of professional experience. Consider it as a passport to corporate superstardom. A lot of regular MBA programs have been opening up this deferred MBA route.

The application deadline tends to coincide with the last round of the regular MBA (give or take) though the process of application is identical for the two options.

The 2020 cohort had 173 successful commits to the program and had a whopping 741 GMAT average (against the MBA cohort average of 732). The average GPA too stood at a hefty 3.79 (against the regular average of 3.6). This makes the acceptance rate for the Wharton deferred MBA tougher than the regular intake.

Finally, the cohort has a slightly better gender balance at 53% female participants compared to the regular cohort at 46%.

Wharton deferred MBA admit, Shreemoyee Mukhopadhyay (pictured above), volunteered to share her application experience. She also provides some tips on how to prepare for the Wharton deferred MBA application as well as the team-based discussion.

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My horrifying and stressful MBA interview experience

Bad interview experience

There are regular interviews, and there are stress interviews. Neither approach is good or bad – as long as the interviewer is professional, has a solid reason for it and is in complete control of the process.

But, what do you do when you realise early in the interview that the interviewer is out of control?

While Rohan Das (name changed) was working with us on his MBA applications, we realized what a phenomenal candidate he was – with excellent credentials and great communication skills.

When he got the interview call from his dream school, we were thrilled for him knowing how selective their MBA program is. We were sure that the interview would be a cakewalk for him and the bschool would love to have him in their class.

What we never imagined in our wildest nightmares was the heat he’d have to face in his MBA interview. He describes the most humiliating and nerve-wracking interview experience of his life.

We hope you never encounter something like this. But in case you do, the way Rohan handled it should have important lessons you can use.

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