94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

MBA after physiotherapy: Doctors declared him unfit for education, but he proved them wrong

For medical professionals (doctors, dentists) who wish to transition to the corporate side, we’ve published several articles. But we haven’t covered anything on getting an MBA after physiotherapy. Dr Robert Sandeep Madduri’s success story is a special one to add to our repository. That’s because his academic capabilities were written off by doctors when he … Read more

How to get into ISB YLP: Application essays, success story, fees, acceptance rate, placements

Assuming you aren’t familiar with either of the two 3-letter acronyms, we’ll start with the basics. The full form of ISB YLP is ‘Indian School of Business Young Leaders Programme’. Quite a mouthful? Let’s break it down. ISB YLP is the deferred MBA option for the Post Graduate Programme – the bschool’s flagship program equivalent … Read more

MBA after CA: From IIM, ISB or abroad after 8 years of work experience

After realising that short-term courses cannot deliver the same bang for their buck, an increasing number of chartered accountants like Srinivas Venkataraman are discovering and appreciating the benefits of an MBA after CA. We’ve helped many CAs get into MBA programs abroad and in India. You’ll find some of their success stories at the end … Read more

How a poor student with big dreams got into India’s best business school

While working with Upendra Kumar, we realised how privileged we are and how much we take those privileges for granted. Unlike many city-bred kids who study in comfy, air-conditioned classrooms, Upendra’s education happened under a tree since his village lacked a proper school. He relied on mother nature to shield him from the harsh sun … Read more

What does an admission consultant with Harvard & Stanford admits know that friends & family don’t

Utkarsh Bajpai’s profile ticks all the right boxes – IIT graduate, competitive GMAT score, impressive international work experience. This is typical of many strong applicants who plan to apply to the most selective masters and MBA programs in the world, such as the M7 business schools, INSEAD, London Business School, and other elite institutions. It … Read more

Career counselling for MBA admissions: My reapplicant experience

The typical approach for many MBA aspirants is to jump right into the application process, without getting the foundation in place first. This includes addressing questions related to the need/relevance of an MBA degree as well as career planning after graduating. Very few MBA aspirants, such as Sanjeet Kathuria, see the value in taking up … Read more

MBA after CA with textile manufacturing experience in family business

It’s not just professionals working in corporate jobs, who’re worried about being employable in the post-COVID era. Qualified and capable folks working in their family business are equally concerned about staying relevant in a world that’s turned upside-down without warning. Anurag Jain disrupted his academic graph after he discovered a penchant for business. He grabbed … Read more

Value of Indian MBA abroad: How I got a Gulf job with tax-free salary

Many applicants want to know – what’s the value of an Indian MBA abroad? Is it possible to get a job abroad after an MBA from India. While it’s not easy, there are folks who manage to get placed internationally. We published one such story earlier: ISB international placement. Here’s another the story of someone … Read more