94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Career options & life after Military retirement for Army, Navy, Air Force veterans

We got an email from a commanding officer in the Indian Navy, with a request on behalf of retired military veterans (‘vets’). Here’s a gist of what he said:   In the western world, the military veteran network is very strong. They have good websites, channels and consulting services for veterans. In contrast, our Indian … Read more

Teacher turned management consultant shares career change tips

There aren’t many teachers applying to MBA programs. The few who do consider the option, approach us with several questions. Is an MBA after teaching experience worth it? Does teaching experience count in MBA applications? Can a teacher switch careers after MBA? Primary school teacher turned MBA grad, Evan Piekara, graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough … Read more

Front office vs middle office vs back office jobs in investment banking

Most people think of hotel receptions when they are asked what “front office” means. And “back office”? Isn’t that the rather remote and unglamorous place where administration and accounts people sit? OK, “middle office”? Who knows! If you are planning to apply for a job in investment banking (IB), you should surely know much better. … Read more

How to get into the tech industry without a degree or experience

The last big economic crisis has forced people to reevaluate their career choices and ask themselves whether their current jobs would assure them of a stable income until retirement. Many who see trouble round the corner for their jobs or industries find that learning technology skills is the solution. Meanwhile, more and more young people … Read more

How to get into asset management

Simply put, an asset manager’s job is to make sure that the savings/assets/investments of clients grow, whether the clients are super-rich or are working-class people hoping to lead a dignified life after retirement. Asset managers choose the investments that their clients could make—stocks, bonds, pension funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, institutional investments, retail investments, insurance, … Read more

How I got a job in the UK after my MBA as an international student

Can international students still get jobs in England? Will life after an MBA be exciting and satisfying? These are a few of the queries that we get from MBA applicants looking at the top British business schools. Ritika Rao (name changed) writes about how she got a job in England (UK) after her MBA from … Read more

How to get Hedge Fund jobs after MBA

Many MBA graduates would part with their last dime to become successful hedge fund managers. The “Benjamins” are, of course, the obvious main attraction. And we aren’t talking about any “handsome salaries” or “decent commissions” but really big bucks. The annual earnings of the top hedge fund managers easily cross $1 billion each: think of … Read more

What exactly do MBA graduates do at work after business school?

Before we address this burning question, let’s begin with exploring why MBA…Why do people get into MBA programs? You have applicants coming in from all walks of professions, feeding into MBA programs and coming out, on the other end, many years ahead in securing a cushy executive position. Of course, the requirement for it to … Read more