May 7, 2018

Best MBA Programs for Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups

What comes first – the MBA bird or the Entrepreneurial golden egg? In other words, we should first start with a brief parley on whether an […]
March 21, 2018

Entrepreneurship through acquisition – Use the ‘search fund’ route to become a CEO

In the early 1990s, Kevin Taweel, a Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) student, was considering his job options just before graduation. Offers from many large […]
June 21, 2017

Why joining a startup after MBA may be the right career move for you

MBAs come from all walks of life in every country in the world. They choose graduate study as a way to expand their employment opportunities. Post-MBA […]
April 11, 2016

MBA startups from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton rake in millions

What does a news portal do when it sees a potential competitor starting up? in the bud, of course! That’s exactly what Yahoo did in […]
April 4, 2016

Do Indian entrepreneurs need an international MBA degree?

A key driver of growth in many economies, entrepreneurship is definitely the flavor of business right now. This second wave is built on the lessons of […]
March 23, 2016

What is the best age to start your own business?

When the same few examples – of how Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started their ventures very early – start dominating the internet, it’s […]
February 10, 2016

Military veterans use business simulation games to learn entrepreneurship & management at FSU

FSU Graduation | Image credit: Mischa Lopiano ( Fort Bragg in North Carolina has the distinction of being the largest United States army installation in the […]
January 25, 2016

Why Stanford is cautioning MBA students against entrepreneurship

Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) has long been an idea factory for new business, and when it asked students to go slow on their […]
January 15, 2016

How a yoga guru created a ₹2,500 crore FMCG business | Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Case Study

When reports came out that Patanjali Ayurved Ltd (PAL), promoted by yoga guru Baba Ramdev, had recorded gross revenues of ₹2,500 crore (around $380 million USD) […]
February 23, 2015

How your pre-MBA entrepreneurship experience in India can help

Several MBA applicants targetting the top bschools in the world, who work with MBA Crystal Ball admission consultants have dabbled in entrepreneurship in some form or […]
December 15, 2014

10 Small business ideas for Indian men & women

Though we obsess about corporate jobs with high salary packages, a large percentage of men and women in India get their income from small business ideas […]
September 25, 2014

My experience of working in a startup job in India

Even the best startups in India and abroad, that are now on the cusp of taking off on a growth trajectory venture capitalists love, have struggled […]