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MBA Crystal Ball Reviews

MBA Crystal Ball Reviews

The goodwill that we’ve been earning is far more important to us than the money we get for what we do. From the reviews and feedback we’ve been getting on the forums, over email and on our social media pages, we know one thing for sure.

While reviewing thousands of applications over the years, we’ve developed a system that works. And the folks who work with us really appreciate what we’ve done for them. It gives us the impetus to continue pushing ourselves to gain more of that goodwill.

Poets & Quants, among the most credible and respected names in the MBA business, reviews MBA Crystal Ball and features one of our success stories.

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If you don’t have too much time to read the individual applicant blogs, scroll down to read some real testimonials from real people to form a quick impression about us. And then check out the detailed stories (which include challenges, ideas and strategies) when you have more time, by clicking the button at the end of this page.

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MBA Crystal Ball Reviews and Testimonials


“I got into Columbia Business School. Most awesome news that lit up my Diwali “

Trivia: In his earlier attempt, this candidate paid around $7,000 to a US-based consultant for a multi-school package. There were no interview invites then.


” I always thought I was really good at writing but working with you makes me feel like there is a long way to go! The work on this draft was simply awesome and inspiring. “

Trivia: This applicant already has a US Ivy League undergrad degree and has tackled the essay/SoP writing process earlier. After working with us, she got an admit from 2 Ivy League Universities, including Wharton (with a GMAT score under 700).


” Hi MG, I got accepted to the 2-yr MBA program in Kellogg. The application process was not easy, but working on it with your support really helped me discover many facets to my personal and professional side. I am very excited about the program and the school. 🙂 “

Trivia: To make matters a little more nerve-wracking (as if the regular application process isn’t), this was a waitlist conversion story.


” Admits from Georgetown ($40K scholarship), Marshall ($50K scholarship) & Kelley…interviews from UCLA Anderson & HKUST. So yes we are at 100% “

Trivia: Signed up for MBA MAP + Our Standard 5 school package + Interview prep. Apart from cracking tough schools, in financial terms his investment in MBA Crystal Ball has got him a Rs. 25 lakh return already. Click here to read more


” I DID IT!! I DID IT!!! Admit from UC Irvine (Merage) with a $30,000 USD scholarship. “

30 mins later

” Got an admit to Kelley too ROFL!!!! I don’t believe it “

Trivia: With a 4 school package, he got a scholarship worth INR 15 Lakh from UC Irvine (Merage). You can’t miss his full reaction. Click here to read more


” Season of happiness! After working with another admissions consulting company last year with no fruitful results, I know now that your MBA service far exceeds others in the market. “

Trivia: Ajay got interview calls from all 3 schools he engaged us for – Arizona state University (W.P. Carey), Wisconsin MBA, Fisher (Ohio State University). He got final admits from Fisher (with significant scholarship) & Carey (with Dean’s scholarship, 100% fee waiver + graduate assistantship). Here’s his complete MBA admissions journey which involves an ‘alien’.


” I GOT AN ADMIT FROM TEPPER!!!! Ecstatic… The feeling hasn’t totally sunk in yet…But, it feels amazing!!! “

Trivia: Ritwik had applied last year with no offers. This season, apart from Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper), he also got an admit from UNC Kenan Flagler and Simon (Rochester) with a $48,000 scholarship. Read his full MBA admissions story.


” After rejects from all R1 applications, I evaluated my essays with Sameer & MG and made necessary changes to R2 applications. The result? 4 out of 4 admits with scholarships in 3. “

Trivia: Water hydrates the body. Drink at least 8 glasses per day. Yeah, we realise this has no connection with the testimonial above. But it’s an important health tip, so we thought it was important to share…and to see if you are paying attention. Click here to read more


” MG, I really admire the passion and integrity that you have shown throughout to your work. You guided me and also build a good level of confidence in me “

Trivia: Applied in the most competitive Third round and got multiple admits: Case Western – Weatherhead with merit scholarship of $35,000 (over INR 17 lakh) and University of Buffalo. Click here to read more


” Excited…got an admission offer from the Judge Business school along with a GBP 5,000 bursary award (~ Rs. 4 lakh) “

Trivia: Sudheer signed up for our MBA Interview package. He got shortlisted for another scholarship. Click here to read more


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