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Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the World | Global College Ranking

Best Undergraduate Business Schools in the World | Global College Ranking

Top ranking undergrad business schools & universities in USA, Germany, India, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, Latin America

What distinguishes university excellence at a postgraduate and an undergraduate level? Among the common parameters – quality of education, teaching, student to teacher ratio, employability, research, and other miscellaneous factors – the weight given to certain specific areas is different (What are the top Universities in the world – Trivia and more).

All because of the priority of education where undergraduates lie at a more primary level as compared to postgraduates. Fresh out of school, undergraduate education is when students are normally introduced to the foundation of a niche field of study and are prepared to either take an early entry initiative to employment or gather enough momentum to pursue further specialized study at the postgraduate level, Masters and then PhD, etc.

Thus, how effectively this education is imparted becomes rather crucial than in the postgraduate level where students are somewhat capable of handling independent research and study.

It is also important for undergraduate students to be assured of not just the quality of education, but in most cases the capability to earn a decent living and pay off the massive debts that come in the shape of college tuition.

Research, on the other hand, though a crucial marker for the overall quality of faculty and dedication to excellence is less significant to undergrads as compared to postgrads who may very well be involved with it directly.

In this article, we will attempt to use well established university ranking bodies like the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, and other sources, for specific Business and Management Studies, to find some of the top universities that cater to those quality of education and employability needs of undergraduate students.

To populate the lists, which we tackle by region, we will stick to the schools that rate highly on these two parameters, if available, rather than a cumulative rank that encompasses other factors such as research quality, etc.

Best Undergraduate Business Schools & Universities in the World

Global Rankings for Business & Management Studies


Best Undergraduate Business Schools & Universities in USA

The data for this section is sourced from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) / Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking (2018) for Business and Management Studies. The information on colleges is collected from over 200,000 American college students through a survey.

The methodology probes College Resources (30%), Engagement with Students (20%), Graduation and Education Outcomes (40%), and Education and Social Environment (10%).

University Ranking
Harvard University #1
Columbia University #2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology #3
Stanford University #3
Duke University #5
Yale University #6
University of Pennsylvania #8
Cornell University #10
Brown University #11
University of Chicago #11

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Best Undergraduate Business Schools & Universities in India

Most of the excellence in Business Management Programs, enjoying a world-wide status, are post graduate courses. Although, there are a distinct number of very reputable undergraduate degree programs as well, as listed below.

We have not included specific subject areas such as Economics, Accounting, Commerce, in this list. The following table mentions some of the popular destinations to get a head start on the Business Administration degree at powers of excellence in management education, in India.

The Universities, Delhi and Mumbai, have particular colleges that serve as hotspots for the BBA degree. There are also autonomous institutes like St. Xavier’s in Kolkata and Mumbai that are quite well-recognized.

University Best Programs – Not in order of Ranking
University of Delhi Bachelor of Business Administration
S P Jain School of Global Management Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Mumbai Bachelor of Business Administration
Indian Institute of Management Indore Five year Integrated Programme in Management
Symbiosis School of Management Studies Bachelor in Business Administration


Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Canada

THE World University Rankings (2017) with an emphasis research as well as teaching environment as significant to a good undergraduate experience.

  • Teaching (30%): Reputation, Staff to Student Ratio, Doctorate to Bachelor’s Ratio, Doctorates to Academic Staff Ration and Institutional Income
  • Research (30%): Reputation, Research Income, and Research Productivity
  • Citations (30%)
  • International Outlook and Industry Income (10%)

Only colleges with a sound teaching for undergraduate programs are included. Subsequent rankings, after 2017, also include graduate schools without undergraduate programs.

QS World University Rankings (2018) for Business & Management are also included to show the emphasis on Employer Reputation, filtered out to show emphasis to Undergraduate degrees.

University THE Rankings QS Rankings
University of British Columbia #19 #66
University of Toronto #21 #44
McGill University #45 #55
Western University #67 NA
York University #75 #149
University of Montreal #100 #142
The University of Western Ontario NA #82
Queen’s University at Kingston NA #87
University of Waterloo NA #122


Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Australia

University THE Rankings QS Rankings
Australian National University #36 #43
University of Melbourne #39 #8
University if Sydney #51 #16
University of New South Wales #52 #15
Monash University #63 #18
University of Queensland #73 #61
University of Technology Sydney NA #47
RMIT University NA #67
The University if Western Australia NA #78
Deakin University NA #85


Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Germany

University THE Rankings QS Rankings
University of Mannheim #23 #162
LMU Munich #30 #164
University of Bonn #47 NA
Freie University of Berlin #57 #239
Technical University of Munich NA #82
RWTH Aachen University NA #95
Universität Bremen NA #138
Humboldt University Berlin NA #152
WHU Otto Beisheim NA #233


Best Undergraduate Business Schools in France

University THE Rankings QS Rankings
Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées #38 NA
École Polytechnique #74 NA
ESSEC Business School (Global BBA) NA #64


Best Undergraduates Business Schools / Universities in Singapore

University THE Rankings QS Rankings
National University of Singapore #13 #10
Nanyang Technological University #58 #37


Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Latin America

University QS Rankings
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile) #51-100
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Mexico) #51-100
Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Brazil) #101-150
Adolfo Ibáñez University (Chile) #101-150
Chile University (Chile) #101-150
Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) #101-150
University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) #101-150

For an introduction to Business, and business friendly subjects, what undergraduate education is primarily aiming at an early initiation to the field with degrees like Bachelors of Business Administration and other associated areas of study in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, Actuarial Science, etc.

They help in building a basic understanding for further enhancement through graduate degrees or work experience. Read Best Undergraduate Degrees in Business for further insight.
Use resources such as current and past students, forum discussions, and your own research capabilities to explore further into what’s included and not included in the lists above. There are many excellent options to embark onto a business undergraduate degree. However, you should verify your requirements against the sea of options available at your disposal.

Good Luck!
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