Free GMAT Practice Test

This Free GMAT Practice Test (containing 11 questions) is a good way to experience the various GMAT Maths and Verbal questions you are likely to encounter on the real exam. It’s got sample GMAT questions for topics like Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency and Integrated Reasoning. We haven’t included Reading Comprehension.

Use these sample questions to test your understanding of the GMAT syllabus. Each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation which shows up after you’ve selected the correct answer (which opens up in a separate window).

After you’ve completed this, if you are keen to test out the AWA essay samples you’ve worked on, try this free online AWA essay samples rater.

Unlike in the real GMAT, for this free GMAT practice test there are no time limits and you get multiple chances at the same question. So go slow, test out the concepts and gain a deeper understanding before focussing on timing.

Mini Online GMAT Practice Test

There are 11 questions to complete. Write down your answers on a rough sheet. Once you’ve completed the test, scroll down to compare your answers.

Question 1: GMAT Integrated Reasoning question – Two-Part Analysis

A new motorcycle produced by ABC Company has a mileage of 40 miles per liter at 40 miles per hour. The mileage drops to 30 miles per liter if the speed reaches 50 miles per hour or drops to 30 miles per hour. What are the maximum and the minimum distance the bike can travel in ten hours and with ten liters of fuel if the speed during the entire journey is constant. Assume that the bike can go only at speeds of 30, 40 and 50 miles per hour. Make only one selection in each column.

Maximum Distance Minimum Distance Distance in miles
_______________ ________________ 200
_______________ ________________ 300
_______________ ________________ 400
_______________ ________________ 500
_______________ ________________ 600
_______________ ________________ 800

A. Minimum = 200, Maximum = 800
B. Minimum = 200, Maximum = 400
C. Minimum = 300, Maximum = 400
D. Minimum = 400, Maximum = 500

Question 2: GMAT Maths – Problem Solving
Question 3: Critical Reasoning Question – Necessary vs Sufficient type question

Companies can attract a great number of new customers by discounting prices on their products. However, discounted prices usually lead to lower profit margins on sales. Therefore, companies that already have low profit margins and cannot decrease their prices any further will not be able to attract a great number of new customers.

The argument above is flawed because it fails to consider that

A. It is possible to attract some new customers without discounting prices.
B. It is possible for companies to attract a great number of new customers without significantly discounting prices on their products.
C. More customers do not necessarily mean greater profits for the company.
D. A great many new customers may be attracted by means other than price reduction.
E. Many companies have significantly increased their profits without discounting prices on their products.

Question 4: Data sufficiency question

If y+40x+2=0, what is the value of xy?

(1) 16x=–4y+28
(2) 13y =91–52x

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient to answer the question but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient to answer the question but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
C. The two statements TAKEN TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient to answer the question.
E. The two statements TAKEN TOGETHER are still NOT sufficient to answer the question.

Question 5: GMAT Maths – Problem Solving – Ratios

To pass a certain test, the ratio of the number of mistakes to the number of questions in the test must be lower than 7:40. If the test has 100 questions, what is the maximum number of mistakes Jack can make so that he can still pass the test?

A. 15
B. 16
C. 17
D. 18
E. 19

Question 6: Sentence Correction Question – Parallelism

Visible minorities and groups that are not immediately identifiable have radically different experiences, not only because the former has no means of escaping racial marginalization and because their very appearance might trigger assumptions about their inferiority.

A. Visible minorities and groups that are not immediately identifiable have radically different experiences, not only because the former has
B. Visible minorities and groups that are not immediately identifiable and have radically different experiences have, because of the former,
C. Visible minorities and groups that are not immediately identifiable have radically different experiences, because both the former have
D. Radically different experiences of visible minorities and groups are not immediately identifiable, not only because the former have
E. Visible minorities and groups that are not immediately identifiable have radically different experiences, both because the former have

Question 7: Critical Reasoning Question

It takes the heat of large stars or supernovae to cause the fusion of magnesium with hydrogen, creating a chemically stable aluminum. Since aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, it can be inferred that, at least at some point, the temperature inside or outside Earth was comparable to that on large stars or supernovae.

Which of the following, if true, causes most damage to the conclusion of the argument above?

A. Creation of stable aluminum requires distinct pressure conditions not typical of contemporary Earth.
B. Some of the aluminum found on Earth was brought here with asteroids or other cosmic bodies that were parts of large stars or supernovae.
C. Most aluminum on Earth comes in oxides, and native aluminum can be found only in low oxygen environments.
D. Aluminum found on Earth has several vacant electrons that have to be artificially removed in order for it to become chemically stable.
E. Magnesium itself can only be formed under strictly defined conditions.

Question 8: Sentence Correction Question – Comparison and Parallelism

Read the sentence below and choose the option that best replaces the underlined section

Like humans, who can recognize another’s knowledge and beliefs—an ability that may not be unique to mankind — reading others’ intentions and displaying awareness of what others see seem within the capabilities of some non-human primates.

A. reading others’ intentions and displaying awareness of what others see seem within the capabilities of some non-human primates.
B. the capabilities of some non-human primates include reading others’ intentions and displaying awareness of what others see.
C. some non-human primates seem capable of reading others’ intentions and displaying awareness of what others see.
D. some non-human primates‘ ability to read others’ intentions and displaying awareness of what others see.
E. non-human primates, reading others’ intentions, seem to have some abilities of displaying awareness of what others see

Question 9: Data sufficiency question

GMAT Preparation Quantitative Data Sufficiency Tips

Question 10: Critical Reasoning Question

GMAT Preparation Verbal Critical Reasoning Tips

Question 11: Data sufficiency question – System of equations

Find the value of xy.

(1) 7 – 2y + 3x = 2
(2) 9x = 6y – 15

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient to answer the question but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient to answer the question but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
C. The two statements TAKEN TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient to answer the question.
E. The two statements TAKEN TOGETHER are still NOT sufficient to answer the question.

Answers for the Mini GMAT Practice Test

Answer 1: GMAT Integrated Reasoning question – Two-Part Analysis


For a detailed explanation, read How to solve Integrated Reasoning questions

Answer 2: GMAT Maths – Problem Solving
Answer 3: Critical Reasoning Question – Necessary vs Sufficient type question


Learn why this is the correct answer – GMAT Critical Reasoning | Necessary vs Sufficient

Answer 4: Data sufficiency question


For a detailed explanation, read Data Sufficiency Questions Prep

Answer 5: GMAT Maths – Problem Solving – Ratios


Find out how this can be solved – GMAT Problem Solving Questions – Ratios

Answer 6: Sentence Correction Question – Parallelism
Answer 7: Critical Reasoning Question


Get more insights on – GMAT Critical Reasoning

Answer 8: Sentence Correction Question – Comparison and Parallelism
Answer 9: Data sufficiency question
Answer 10: Critical Reasoning Question
Answer 11: Data sufficiency question – System of equations


Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer. Here’s what your total score translates to.

0-2: Lots of work to be done!
3-5: Need more practice. Keep trying!
6-8: Not bad, but there’s more work to be done!
9-10: Good work! With some more prep, we’d be ready to party.
11: Perfect! You might just be ready for the big day.

Let us know what you thought about this free GMAT practice test.

If you are looking for more practice, head over to our GMAT forum where you’ll find additional full-length GMAT practice free tests. And do try out the free online AWA essay samples rater as well. For some serious and comprehensive GMAT prep material, check out our GMAT Preparation page.

GMAT questions, answers and explanations sourced from GoGMAT and Knewton.


  1. Ramesh Kumar says:

    It was good to run through the model questions, will be interested in honing my skills to target 100%. Let me know the best way to target.


  2. Sameer Kamat says:


    You’ll find many more free full-length GMAT practice tests on our GMAT forum.

  3. Digvijay Sisodia says:


    Iam in my penultimate year of Engineering and looking forward to apply for foreign universities which have YLP / (2 + 2) programs. Though I am maddeningly confused if i should even try or not, I would like to meet you in person and have a detailed discussion regarding my prospects for immediate MBA and your role in it. Awaiting you prompt reply.

    Digvijay Sisodia
    Computer Engineering
    Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
    Delhi University

  4. Sameer Kamat says:


    In general, we aren’t big fans of rushing into MBA applications (in whatever format – regular, 2+2, YLP) without having a clear picture of what you’d get out of it. Read this MBA book to find why.

    Here’s a simpler solution. The basic information is available on the internet. You don’t need to pay any consultant to get the same information. Do your own research. If you are still as confused about whether you should go for it or not, the answer is – you should not go for it.

  5. Riffat says:

    thank you, the mini test was an excellent way to improve my skills

  6. rahul chowhan says:

    sir, i’m in my 12th standard and i plan to do BBA and work for 2 years ,is this enough to get into ISB ??…………. i’m confused that should i take BBA or go with B.TECH ????

  7. bappa says:

    Dear Sameer,
    I am 31 yr old and Have A 7 mnths Old Son. I Am A Mech. Eng. And Have Worked In Oil-gas plant Design Sector For 9 Years In India And Abroad. Want To Write Gmat to Study Abroad And Settle There. I Guess I Will Score just avg.
    I Need To Know Many Things Before I May Proceed.
    Eg. Which College/country Will Be Suitable For My Score, Visa Matters, Campussing, Family Visa Etc.
    Then How To Prepare, How To Apply, Cost, Full Or Part Time, Duration, Acredition.
    How Many School To Apply, How To Apply. If I Do Part Time can I Take An Employment Etc And Lot More.
    Can U Help?


  8. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Rahul: I’m sorry, but we can’t help you with that decision. Choose the stream that you are most interested in. Forget about ISB for now. Get a good undergrad education and follow it up with some good experience first.

    @Bappa: Loads of questions there. Pick up a copy of Beyond The MBA Hype. You should get many of those addressed in it.

  9. Anurag says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I want to do an MBA in any IVI league colleges of foreign University.
    I have 5 years of IT experience but have 45% in 10th class. Do I have any chance to get a TOP college seat?


  10. Sun says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am a 31 year old consultant with a reputed IT company. I already have an MBA (Mkt) from a tier 2 school and a B.E (Comp) degree from a leading university with nearly 5 years work-ex in ITES. I am planning on taking the GMAT to specifically target ISB’s one year program. Here’s the dilemma:

    1. Scholarship holder in the MBA program – 8.5 GPA
    2. Very good track record in my work experience (both pre and post MBA) – includes promotions in very short time spans, short time international exposure, etc.
    3. Have done well on diagnostic tests; confident of doing well on GMAT
    4. Will get solid references from my bosses, professors etc.

    1. Poor track record in Engg – lost couple of years due to backlogs

    While I realize that 700+ is what is required to get into ISB, it is but one of the selection criteria’s. My question is: Do I have a realistic chance of cracking ISB assuming I score 700+ or would I simply be wasting time & effort? I don’t want to end up committing significant time and energy over the next couple of months if its a lost cause from the beginning. Appreciate any guidance here.


  11. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Anurag: Unless you have professional accomplishments that’ll blow away the Adcoms, the undergrad performance could be a big stumbling block. Most competitive profiles in these schools have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (roughly translating to a high first class)

    @Sun: tough for anyone (including those with an, er, Crystal Ball) to say where it’s going to be a wasted effort. The only way to find out is by putting in the effort. All I can say right now is that the 2 dropped years during engineering could be the big hurdle to cross here.

  12. BHARATH says:

    Hi Sameer Sir,

    Can anyone answer my question please

    I wanted to know if b schools in USA have sectional cut off for GMAT score?

    I have got 78percentile in quant but only 13percentile in verbal.

    I have found few B schools for my GMAT score (550)

    Will my low score in verbal makes it difficult to get into these b schools?

  13. Sameer Kamat says:

    Bschools may not have pre-defined cut-offs, but most of the good schools do look at the balance.

    You might be better off trying to get the overall score higher.

    Assuming that your potential is much higher than what your score implies, would you be willing to give the same benefit of doubt for the rest of the classmates who would also have a very low GMAT score?

  14. Ankit says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 26 years old Engineering graduate with 8 gpa with no backlogs from one of the top 10 reputed engineering colleges.I joined TCS and worked for 1 year and currently I am an Air Traffic Control Officer with AAI.During my engg days only i prepared for a few months for CAT and got 93 percentile but i didnot join any B School.I have almost 3 years of exp now.
    Now i want to try for ISB. What are my chances and how do you feel should I approach this ? Whether to join a coaching class for GMAT preparation or to do self study ? If i want to start from the scratch what all are books there to be referred.

  15. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Ankit: If you managed a good percentile in CAT without any formal coaching, you should be able to do a good job with GMAT on your own.

    Here’s the list of the best GMAT books to kickstart the process.

    If you want to find out where you stand in the race for ISB and many other top bschools, check out the MBA MAP.

  16. CA Rajesh Malani says:

    Dear Mr. Sameer,

    I am a CA (6th Rank In India) and CS(2nd Rank in India) and completed my B.Com (Pass Course) of 2 Years duration form Ranchi University in 1988. In those days , there were two Courses for B. Com. in Ranchi University, one is Pass Course with 2 Years duration and another is Honors Course with 3 year duration. The CA & CS Institutes recognize both the above for their course. In total my Total Qualification is (10+2+2+CA+CS). I am running my own Consultancy Firm in the Field of Audit, Project Financing and Income Tax Matters at Surat since last 20 Years.

    My questions are:-
    1. whether my Qualification as above is eligible for Executive course from IIMA / ISB / any top ranking Business schools in India or outside ?

    2. whether my Experience of 20 Years as Practicing Professional as a Founder Partner of my own Firm is eligible for the above Executive courses?

  17. Shweta says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I am a 26 yr old mechanical engineer with ~4.5 yrs of work exp.I have also completed my PG in Mechanical design ( Full time degree course but done while working ).
    I have a distinction in both my UG and PG courses.
    I am planning to give my GMAT and apply for ISB and some US B schools.
    I do not expect a very great Gmat score.Do you think my quaalification and work ex look relevant and eligible for the same?

  18. Manjusha says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am a 30 yr old with 7 yrs of BPO work exp. But, now i am tired to work in BPO, as there are rotational shift. I am thinking to do Part-Time HRM course from Welingkar University. Please advice me, is this course will change my career path.

  19. Sweta says:

    Hi Sameer.

    I am 36 yrs Old , MCA with 5+ IT experience. My carrier is average(58%, 57%, 40+%), MCA 60%. I am planning for MBA in CANADA sep-2014 some reputed university. I am planning for GMAT & tofel. Is there any chance to get me in Gud University CANADA.


  20. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Rajesh: Chartered Accountancy is a well-recognised qualification in India. So no issues there. But you haven’t mentioned what your objectives are. So tough to see what you’d gain from PGPX.

    @Shweta: Your age, work experience are in line with the median for ISB. Good luck with your GMAT score.

    @Manjusha: Part-time MBA programs aren’t supposed to change career paths. So be careful about what you are expecting.

    @Sweta: There’s a big disconnect between the age and work experience. Unless you are able to logically explain this, it can be tough to convince Admission committees that you’d be employable after graduation.

  21. pankaj says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have a total work-ex of nearly 4 years with reputed MNC’s in IT sector but my percentages are as below.

    10th – 77%
    12th – 61%
    BE – 72%

    Will my class 12th percentage hamper my chances of cracking to ISB or top b-schools?

  22. Usha says:

    Hi Sameer

    I am 33yrs old and presently working in a Pvt sector bank and put in 5+yrs in banking. I want pursue MBA in germany. How will the options for JOBs be there… Pls suggest on how to get into Universitres, Scholarships and Living


  23. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Pankaj: 12th Standard marks are generally not too important for GMAT MBA programs in India and abroad. Your graduation marks and your work experince count more. And of course, a high GMAT score that has balanced GMAT verbal and quantitative scores.

    @Usha: The application process remains the same – GMAT score, good academic grades, good accomplishments, strong essays / interview. If you want to work in Germany, knowing German helps a lot. One of our successful clients wrote about MBA in Germany.

  24. neha says:


    want to do an mba from boston university or boston college.I have done BE and have 3 yrs of experience followed by a gap of 5 years.what would you like to suggest?

  25. JAY says:

    This is a very nice website. Looking forward to read the book as well. I am confused about doing MBA in INDIA or abroad. What I want to ask is that if I do MBA abroad what are the chances that I end up with a job in INDIA or in the foreign country where I pursue my MBA

  26. R K RAJU says:

    sameer sir,

    i got avg marks in under grad and MBA with less than 50 p.c. & i ve work experience in public sec insurance company formore than 10 yrs in clerical cadre. but i wish to TAKE ON GMAT WITH THAT LOW ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS. IF I SUCCEED CAN I GET ADMISSION IN ANY ISB/IIM

  27. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Neha: If you’ve picked up some skills during the gap, present that in your applications. You’ll find this helpful: How to manage career breaks

    @Jay: It’s always tougher to get jobs in a different country. Your existing network can help in either case.

    @Raju: ISB and IIMs will be difficult as they place a lot of emphasis on academic performance. You could look at other bschools that are less competitive. But be aware that the opportunities will not be the same after graduation.

  28. Namrata says:

    I am currently pursuing my bcom 3rd year from a reputed university. I have attempted to do CA but could not clear IPCC. I wish to do MBA after my graduation.
    I have scored:
    80% in 10th
    85% in 12th
    My average bcom percentage is around 70-75%
    I plan to write GMAT. How important is getting work experience before applying for colleges abroad?
    Also, can I get an admission without work experience if i have a very good GMAT score?

  29. Santosh says:

    Really This is good for practicing with GMAT pattern here which will help in getting more confidence by doing series of questions .

    More of my concern here is i have now having already + 9yrs experience in well reputed organisation ( TATA HITACHI Construction Equipment Co. Ltd) .

    Now at this point of time,whether i should go with regular executive programme for 1yr from reputed IIMs or go with online MBA degree programme

  30. Dushyant says:

    Hello Sir,

    10th- 85.69%, 12th- 73.80%, BE ECE- 8.02 CGPA 2013 pass out. Got placed in iGATE Patni as a software engineer.

    Sir, I am desperate to do an MBA from top Business school in USA. Like top 20 Business schools.

    1)I want to know that How many years should i work and then give GMAT for MBA in USA ?

    2) And sir, I have my NRI uncle lives there from last 30 years. He is software engg there and had worked for NASA. I am from middle lower class family. I dont have own house and property. So, I dont have any collateral for my MBA in USA. My dad has 45k salary govt job and i have 25k salary. So, Can i get a loan for MBA USA in india for top 20 B schools in USA ? He told me when time comes, Tell me , we will sort it out. I am in Dilemma. Can i get a loan for MBA USA ?

    3) MBA USA would be worth investment if i do it from top 20 B schools ??

    I will get a good GMAT score. I have been preparing for CAT CMAT NMAT IIFT IRMA many entrance test for 2 years. So, My concepts are clear. I will get 700+ GMAT score for sure.

    Please help me sir.

  31. MM says:

    MM | Friday, 03 January 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Hi Sameer,

    Was contemplating on doing an Executive MBA. Not sure what chances i stand. A little bit of background
    Age – 35 years
    10th – 82%
    12th – 76%
    BE (telecom) – 52%
    11 years of IT experience with TOP IT companies in INDIA. Currently working as a Project manager

    What do you think. Should i give Executive MBA a try.
    What GMAT score do i need. I need to apply to some really good schools to be assured of a job.


  32. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Namrata: Work experience isn’t important for GMAT, but it is for applications. Most of the top schools will not consider applications with zero experience. Lower ranked schools will.

    @santosh: Online MBA can never match the experience of a full-time MBA. Go for the Full-time version if you can.

    @Dushyant: Also addressed your query on the GMAT forum.

    @MM: Unless you are mixing up terminologies about Executive MBA, you can go for it.

  33. Snigdha Kamath says:

    Is work experience essential to get into IIM?

  34. AMAN BHATNAGAR says:

    Hi Sameer,

    My profile:- Xth:-78.8, XIIth:-79 B.Tech:- 66.8.
    Work Exp:- 4.9yrs with one of the Top Indian IT companies.
    CAT 2013 Score:- 83.45 (VA: -97.32 QA: – 41.42 ). (this is my first attempt)
    Waiting for XAT results.

    I want to change from IT and want to work in Finance/Banking or Consulting. Hence decided to go for MBA from a good institute in India only (finance is a key factor).
    Now with no good options from this CAT score, I am confused.
    What should be my next step? Should I go for GMAT or try out CAT next year also? Also will Executive MBA be a better option?
    Need help in that
    Please provide any other options also that would be help to move to finance/banking other than MBA like any Diplomas or Specialized courses.


  35. Abey says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I have over 7 years of experience in Sales & the Service Industry . I would like to pursue an MBA from IIM or any good B School . I have yet to complete my BBA this year. Please advise what needs to done next.

  36. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Snigdha: For GMAT based programs at IIMs, yes, work experience is needed.

    @Aman: You’ve outgrown the CAT market, buddy. Look at GMAT options.

    @Abey: Most of the good schools will insist on a basic graduation degree. And you’d need a strong justification on why you couldn’t complete it earlier.

  37. Kuldeep says:

    Hi Sameer,

    Below is my Academic profile:
    10th – 91%
    12th – 80%
    B.E. – 65%

    I have nearly 4 years of experience in a top IT Services/consulting company.
    Since, my B.E. percentage is in 60`s… Do i stand a chance for ISB/IIM even if i get a good GMAT Score?
    If yes, then what should be the score in GMAT which i should aim to balance my Academic results.

    Please can you suggest me on the same. Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.

  38. Rahul says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am presently working as a Scientist in a Govt. Oraganization with 4+ years experience. My academic performances are as follows. 10th – 80.7%, 12th – 65.4%, B Sc – 56.3 % and MCA – 79.7%. Please guide me with your advice whether it will be worth taking a GMAT test and will it be possible to make to IIMs or ISB with a good GMAT score? Thanks.

  39. Sachin says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I am 35 yrs agriculture graduate with 80%+ is ssc & hsc. 70%+ in graduation and MBA (pune univ). I lost one year in graduation. I have 12 yrs of experience in sales, marketing, technology transfer and procurement with reputed MNCs. I am planning for MBA/MS in supply chain management from a reputed school to accelerate my knowledge and career. Can you suggest reputed colleges and my chances of cracking the entrant exams (since I am not an engineer).
    Thanks in advance.

  40. Sean says:

    Hello Sameer,

    I have been in the startup medical device market for over 20 years. I have held positions in sales, marketing and management. What are your thoughts on the necessity of an MBA? I am older and have more work experience than the typical student. I will only be working for another 15 years. I am also wondering what your thoughts are on the cost/benefit of this degree.


  41. Thanish bs says:

    Hi sameer,
    My stats are are as follows.
    -b com from christ university (81%)
    -I have passed all my cima (uk) qualification exams in my first attempt.
    -3 years (by the time of applying) of work experience in pWc in management accounting and product control roles.
    -extra curricular activities includes being voted as the class representative twice.
    -organised many events in cultural forum.
    -I’m expecting a score of 700+ in my gmat.
    So Sir, what are my chances of getting into h/s/w, kellogg and Mit. Do I have any weak spots, I’ll be grateful for you’re reply and excited to avail you’re service.

  42. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Kuldeep: Hypothetical discussions only drain the energy and increase the stress levels. Why not take the test and see how much you are scoring? Then take a call.

    @Rahul: See the previous response to Kuldeep.

    @Sachin: There’s no way anyone can let you know your chances of cracking entrance exams based on your graduation scores. You’d be comparing apples and oranges.

    @Sean: The incremental benefit with your experience level will be minimal if you are hoping to achieve a career transition. You can get the knowledge from coursera courses and some good relevant books. Save the money and time. Invest it in better avenues.

    Thanish: Here’s why we don’t talk about chances – How not to select business schools

  43. pallavi says:

    HI sameer ,
    I am going to complete my B.E degree this year with gpa of 9.5. I am very confused about doing mba rightaway or wait for 2 years work experience. Studying after 2 years might be bit difficult.So should i give gmat now?and i want to do mba rightaway .bt for top b schools experience wat would u suggest?

  44. Parnika says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am planning to start preparing for Gmat..
    currently working in Bangalore.

    I am confused as to what books to refer for my prepration.. Please specify the names of books if you can.

    and one last thing, i want to know if online courses are efficient or classroom. If online or classroom, which one should i opt for.. there are many in the market, i really want to know which tutorials are the best.

  45. Joy says:

    My Profile:
    Work Ex-2 Yrs in July this year as System Architecture Engineer at a renowned Semiconductor MNC in Telecommunication Sector. Have some certifications for completion of certain courses and trainings. Also authored a paper and have filed a patent for the same.
    10th- 93% (ICSE)
    12th- 95%(ICSE)
    B.E.(Hons) in Electrical and Electronics fro BITS-Pilani with CGPA of 8.2
    Extra Curricular Activities- Took part in Depts. activities during college days and have won some prizes in tech fests. Currently I take part in Social Initiatives organized by the Company.
    Will take GMAT in June this year (taken 2 mocks and scored 690 and 710).

    Could you please guide me with the best colleges that I can apply for India and abroad with this profile? I am interested in ISB would like to apply for R1 this year. What are my chances?

  46. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Pallavi: If you can’t wait for 2 more years (and I can understand why), go for CAT MBA instead of GMAT MBA.

    @Parnika: Here’s a list of some good GMAT books to start preparing.

    @Joy: We can’t talk about chances based on the info you’ve shared. We cover that in our MBA MAP Profile evaluation package.

  47. Mansi says:


    I have done my M.Sc in Biotechnolgoy and have 2.3 years of experience from one of the MNC Pharma company (still working). I am planning to give my GMAT in mid July, My preparations are still on. My goal university is ISB. But I wish to apply to few other Indian institutes as well.

    Can you please guide me which other Indian B schools are good and for which i would be eligible as my exp is little on the lower side.

  48. shobhit says:

    Hi Sameer,

    It has been two years now, that I have been working after completing my graduation in Electrical engineering with 59.96%
    I managed to score 65% in class 10th and 12th.

    For a year I worked under an Architect as a trainee cum Interior Designer, simultaneously I was actively involved in real estate, mostly working as an investor. And for past one year I have been owning an exclusive clothes showroom of ABG group with only 100 stores in India.
    I’m sure I can score 700-750 in GMAT with a little work.

    I wanted to know about my chances of getting into an ivy league or ISB next year.

  49. Pavan Kumar Udayagiri says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am very glad to find this website, which already answered most of the questions of folks targeting GMAT MBA. Thanks for your efforts to help aspiring MBA folks.

    I am Pavan, a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA, UK) , Chartered Accountant (CA, India), and Cost Accountant (ICWA, India).

    I am Country topper (All India 1st) in TOP CIMA (CIMA final Level), Also secured All India 19th & 23rd ranks in Cost Accountancy (ICWA).

    I had 3.5 years of experience with international exposure in 10 countries (8 African, Australia, India) covering diversified industries. Majorly got work experience in process/ operations Audits, Finance Audits, MIS reporting, Accounts, Taxation, Financial Analysis, Treasury management.

    I worked in Olam (Singapore listed), Dupont (Fortune 50), Vedanta (London Listed).

    Looking forward to do my MBA from one of the Top B schools like HBS, stanford.

    ** But I dont have any university degree (like Bcom/ Bsc) as i did my professional studies immediately after schooling (10+2).

    Please help me to understand my eligibility for MBA from Top B schools.

    Thank you very much


  50. Ashwin says:

    Hi Sameer,
    I finished my 12th taking science and 2 years pursued engineering and due to personal problems could not finish my engineering but worked as a lab assistant for 1 year in engineering college and later finished my BBM with 70% aggregate and later worked in a small scale industry in sales and marketing department., now planning to do MBA from good B- school in Germany,Sweden,Australia,Switzerland and New Zealand any of these countries.. can you tell me if i am eligible and good way to proceed and i am interested in taking MBA map as suggested in your website.

  51. Sarthak Mohapatra says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I have been working in the operations dept. of a reputed smelte for the past 5 and half years.I am now thinking of pursuing MBA but have some inhibitions as I have not been in touch with my regular studies for the last 5 years.I just want to know wether it will be wise for me to start from the scratch.

  52. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Mansi: Most of the good 1 year MBA programs in India have a higher average work experience (5-10 years). If you can’t wait, you could look at MBA colleges in US.

    @Shobhit: We can’t talk about chances based on the info you’ve shared. We cover that in our MBA MAP Profile evaluation package.

    @Pavan: Quite a bit of international exposure you’ve got there. Nice! Not sure what you mean by eligibility. You are close to the median when it comes to age and experience. Choose a mix of schools that are more practical (banking only on Harvard and Stanford isn’t a good idea).

    @Ashwin: Most bschools will insist on a basic undergrad degree. The utility of the MBA MAP will be very limited for you, as the academic criteria will not be met. Check directly with a few schools to see if they encourage you to apply.

    @Sarthak: GMAT relies upong high school maths and verbal concepts. It’ll involve some effort to brush them up and then practise. Don’t get intimidated by it. The right approach and discipline should make it easy.

  53. Kajal says:

    Hello Sameer,
    I have completed my eduction in B.Pharmacy , having 4 years experience in Sales. I am planing to apply for Executive MBA. Currently I got stacked in my carrier .Please can you suggest me on the same.

  54. Utkarsh says:

    Hello Sameer Sir,

    I’ve done 3 yrs BSc. in Leather Goods and Accessories Design, from Footwear Design and Development Institute, and have 1 year of experience as Merchandiser in a Export house but now I want to do MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management, but confused that is it mandatory to have no. of years (experience), for applying in any of world renowned colleges, I want to go for regular MBA. Secondly if not, then which country should I go for. I’m 22 yrs old.

    Awaiting reply,

  55. Dr. Shah says:

    Hey Sameer,

    I’m a Dental Surgeon by profession. Here’s a list of my scores.
    10th – 89%
    12th – 55%
    BDS – 60% (Avg – 4 years). Though I had a 6 month back once in 2nd year.

    1 year – Internship in a Government Dental College.
    4 years of private practice (own clinic)
    In all this while I have been awarded quite a few awards:
    (1) Best Laser Dental Surgeon in Gujarat
    (2) Most Promising Laser & Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Gujarat.
    Nominated for 2 national dental awards as well.

    Now, I’m planning to shift to USA due to some unfortunate family crisis. Do u think with all above mentioned study and work records, I would be able to make it to some IVY league university wit a GMAT score of around 650+ (or do i need more)
    Planning to give my GMAT next month.

    Dr. Shah.

  56. AR says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have been trying to reach you on info@ However my mail seems to be bouncing from your mail box. So I am putting my queries here.

    I am 35 years old and have 13 years of IT experience. My GMAT score is 680, engineering is 69.47% 12th is 69.69% and 10th is 85.8%. I am not into management side. I am into the technical side. My peer in the management side would be a project manager. I understand my profile is below par when it comes to similar profiles. Do you think I have a decent shot at any of the premier MBA schools?

  57. logesh says:

    Hi sameer sir
    I’m doing my final yr BE mechanical engineering.. I want to know the formalities for doing MBA Aviation in India.. Will you please help sir.. Whether I will move to Gmat or cat?? What are the procedures..?

  58. vinith says:

    Hi Sameer sir,
    I am doing BTECH in MIT I am in 2nd year.please advice me whatever books I have to study to get good score in gmat.And now I am working as an intern for entrepreneurship I have chances of getting mba in top universities after my fourth year without joining in any IT company.If not please advice me what to statistics:
    10th: 90%
    BE(1st year):81%

  59. Niel Goel says:

    Hi Sameer Sir,

    My Stats

    Xth – 86%

    Xiith – 82%

    Bcom – 63% ( Correspondence after 13 year Gap)

    Experience – 16 years in Entertainment Sector. Currently working at mid level with a MNC.

    Can I get admisiion if PGPX IIM Ahemdabad if I get 700 in GMat

    Thanks Niel

  60. Sameer Kamat says:

    @Kajal: Not sure what inputs you want. You’d have to be more specific with your request.

    @Utkarsh: Get around 3 years experience before applying to international programs.

    @Dr. Shah: 650 will be quite low. Try to go above 700.

    @AR: Most premier bschools (specially those in USA) would expect someone with lesser experience. You could look at 1 year MBA in India, UK, rest of Europe.

    @Logesh: With zero experience, you are better off considering CAT MBA programs in India.

    @Vinith: Here’s a list of the best GMAT prep books

    @Niel: We can’t talk about chances on the blog. Consider taking up the MBA MAP for profile evaluation & application strategy.

  61. Ankita Das says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am Ankita Das. I am 27 year old and have 5 years of work experience – 2 years in chemical engineering and 3 years in public relations. I want to pursue 1 year MBA program in India. Can you please suggest me which are the best colleges that offer 1 year MBA programs for experienced professionals?


  62. Abhinay Singh says:

    Currently I’m working as a Credit Officer in Bank of Baroda & willing to widen my horizon by doing MBA. Now where I’m really strangled is that I’m confused if I should go for an Executive MBA(Finance) from top notch B-School like ISB/IIMC or full time 2 year MBA by preparing for CAT. I’ve 1 year of experience & still working. Please guide me through as in my point of view spending 2 years in classroom program doesn’t fetch much as compare to additional 2 years of work experience supported by GMAT.

  63. Rishi says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I am working at a global brand strategy consulting firm since last 21 months.
    I like my work but i want to move to a management consulting firm.

    Please find below my credentials :

    1. X_2009 – 80.16 %
    2.Xii_2011 ( Science with Maths and Bio) – 76.20%
    3.Took an year break for MBBS then took admission in University of Delhi ( 2012- 2015) and did B.Sc in Life sciences graduated with 69% marks
    4.Took an year break to try out armed forces (UPSC CDSE) and cleared the exams several time but was not able to make it to merit list
    5.Did a postgraduate diploma from Delhi university in International marketing ( 2016-17) graduated with 62.9%
    6.Started working after 5 months gap (was awaiting the results of UPSC). I have read beyond MBA hype an year ago and took CAT and XAT scored ~93%tile in both without coaching but did took several online CL mocks + Arun Sharma.
    Now i want to choose a B school (1 year prog.) which can help me get into a MC firm with low tuition fee . I have Insead,Judge and SAID in mind.

    Request to enlighten with other possibilities.

    Thanks & Regards

  64. Kunal says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I took the test and got 8 correct out of the 11. However, all the incorrect ones were from the topic- critical reasoning. Does it mean that I majorly need to focus on that topic? Does it suggest that I am well off in other topics?

  65. SAIDEEPAK Chevendra says:

    I am a software engineer and my experience is 18 months. I have good management skills and is it a right decision to prepare for GMAT right now… My age is 24 yrs…. If it is correct please suggest me a best and economical method to prepare for exam as I cannot afford much…

  66. swarnima chaudhary says:

    hello sir, I am swarnima chaudahry from NEPAL. I am currently studying BBA in NEPAL as a third year student and planning to do MBA in USA after this. So can you just help me when should i start GMAT preparation and should i have to wait till i complete my BBA? or should i get some work experience before applying for abroad?

  67. Bineet says:

    Hi Sameer,

    I have 8 year experience in fmcg as a sales professional frontline
    1- MBA-63%
    3- HSC-68%

    Can i get top b-school in india or outside

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