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GMAT Official Guide OG 2022


GMAT Official Guide | Best GMAT Books

Official Guide for GMAT Review OGThe GMAT Official Guide 2022 (or GMAT OG 22) is the latest in the market and replaces all the earlier editions.

The GMAT Official Guide 2022 might be the single most important resource that you can have in your GMAT preparation process. Many call it the GMAT test prep Bible and not without reason.

Among all the good (or bad) to best GMAT books available in the GMAT self-study market, the GMAT official Guide is the only book to include real GMAT questions for practice.

Most other GMAT coaching books create their own GMAT practice questions that mimic or are ‘inspired’ by the official GMAT guide.

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Download Free GMAT Test Preparation Software

Along with the GMAT OG, you might want to download the free GMAT softwareGMATPrep from – to prepare and train for the test.

The GMATPrep software includes two full-length CATs (computer adaptive tests) that are a very good approximation of your GMAT score if you were to take it with your current level of practice and competence. It also comes with answers to each question, but unfortunately it does not include explanations of the underlying concepts.

Design your GMAT Self-study Program

There’s a whole lot of (free and paid) GMAT training material available online or for download (pdf or software). Gathering these resources is the easy part. Using it productively is a whole new story. The tips and techniques can get difficult (and confusing) as you jump across GMAT prep systems that promise a high GMAT score if you follow their methodology.

If you are planning to prepare for the GMAT on your own, your best bet is to:

  1. Buy the official GMAT guides
  2. Download the free GMATPrep software
  3. Supplement it with a good online GMAT preparation course
  4. If needed, check out the best GMAT books on specific topics

Now that you have a good idea to get started, try out this short (20 min) Free GMAT Practice Test to test out your basic GMAT syllabus knowledge. If you need some inspiration on how others have cracked the GMAT, check out these GMAT success stories on our GMAT forum.