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What the Best MBA Books won’t tell you | Beyond The MBA Hype

Beyond The MBA Hype | Best MBA Books

Beyond The MBA Hype

A Guide To Understanding And Surviving B-Schools

This comprehensive and attractively written guide should be required reading for anyone contemplating an MBA at an international business school.
– says Dr Jochen Runde (former MBA Director, University of Cambridge)

Read what the best MBA books won’t tell you. It might save you $100,000+ and 2 years of your life.


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What the top Bschool admissions officers are saying


“Few people in this world are able to write well, and fewer still are able to put this skill to use and actually write a book that makes a difference in the lives of others. I think Sameer Kamat is part of that rarefied community.”

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– Sudershan Tirumala, Associate Director of Admissions & Regional Director, India & Southeast Asia
Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College)

“Great approach…helps with not just admissions but entire MBA…”

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– Brad Rosenwinkel, Associate Director of Admissions
Kelley Business School (Indiana University)

“Engaging…uses narratives to convey the messages…”

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– Sheldon Dookeran, Assistant Director of Admissions
Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)

“Kudos to Sameer! I could not agree more with what I have read.”

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– Katie Radcliffe, Associate Director of Admissions
Rice University MBA, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business

“Wonderful job…gave me a detailed description of student motivations…must read for International MBA recruiters…”

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– Imran Kanga, Associate Director, Admissions & Marketing
Schulich School of Business (York University)


Media reviews for Beyond The MBA Hype

“Anybody who is intimidated by the prospect of stepping into the B-school jungle will find this book helpful.” – The Telegraph

“…Refreshingly unlike any other business and management book…” – Mail Today

“A book that can set you on an effective path” – The Hindu – Business Line

“…Kamat systematically and effectively, demolishes the notion that an MBA is a magic wand that will change your life…the book destroys the myth of the invincible MBA…” – Mail Today

“Bestseller that’s a must read” – The Times of India


Synopsis: Written for the working executive as well as the fresh graduate, this freewheeling guide takes you by the hand on the complete international MBA journey.

Author: Sameer Kamat | Cambridge MBA & Founder of MBA Crystal Ball
Publisher: HarperCollins | Collins Business

How to get it:
EBook @ Rs 99 / $9.99 (available globally on Amazon – International Edition | Indian Edition)
Print version @ Rs.299 (in India from – Amazon)


What it is all about

Whether you are an employee looking for a change in your job profile or a fresh graduate looking for a secure financial future, an MBA degree is often seen as a silver bullet. Alas, the reality is that the MBA system isn’t all shiny and perfect.

In this guide, top admission consultant Sameer Kamat, an MBA from the University of Cambridge and founder of MBA Crystal Ball tells you home truths that no school website or consultant will ever tell you, including the following:

*Are you cut out for an MBA in the first place?
*How to choose an appropriate school and how to apply.
*What to expect in the classroom.
*Which skills are required in the business world?
*What are the likely job prospects after you graduate?

This book will not just help you embark on your MBA journey with more clarity, it will save you time and money, and, most importantly, direct you to your career goals.

“Beyond The MBA Hype is the bitter gourd (karela) juice that your doctor ordered. You may not enjoy it, but it’ll cleanse your system that’s been subjected to an overdose of sugar-coated MBA content so far.” — Baba Sameeranand


What the readers are saying: Online reviews

“…can be rightly regarded as ‘A Comprehensive Solution‘ for those who have a dream, for a better career, for a better lifestyle…plan to invest that minimal amount of money into this book because it can surely be THE GAME CHANGER.” – Aakash Chhablani

“…Despite the fact that the author himself can be identified as a stakeholder in the MBA industry, he has refrained from presenting an over-optimistic view about what an international MBA means for an individual…” – Prashanta Chettri

“…Though I have been researching Business Schools and the admissions process for a year now, this book showed me how I was thinking within a box…” – Gopi Krishna

“…It is usually said that one should not judge a book by its cover. But with this book, what you see is what you get: A simply written, no-nonsense guide to demystifying B-schools…And as promised, a time and money saver…if you answer the questions truthfully, can even help with deep introspection.” – Zoya M

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements | Preface | Introduction

Chapter 1. Why Go for an MBA?
Once Upon a Time (Mitu’s story) | Primary Motivations | Where’s the Negative Publicity?

Chapter 2. The MBA Application Process
Quickly gets you up to speed to the various hurdles you’d need to cross & pitfalls to avoid.
Choosing a Business School | Profile Evaluation | Components of an MBA Application | Pitfalls of Standardized Testing | What’s in it for the Schools? | Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics in MBA Applications

Chapter 3. The MBA Industry
Pulls away the veils and gets you a behind-the-scenes look at the magnitude & dynamics of the industry.
How Big is it Anyway? | The Key Stakeholders | How to Improve Your MBA Profile for the Top B-Schools

Chapter 4. Teaching and Evaluation Techniques
Learn about various teaching approaches and be aware of the drawbacks of each.
Lectures/Presentations | Case Studies | Individual Projects | Group Assignments | Guest Lectures | Industry Tours

Chapter 5. Saved by the Bell
If all you focussed on so far was the MBA application, get a peek into what happens in the MBA class.
Core Subjects – How Core are They Anyway? | The Utility of Electives | Performance Evaluation

Chapter 6. The Skills Gap
Apart from a fancy new degree on your resume, are you getting real world skills that employers value?
Skills Required for the Business World | Skills that They Attempt to Teach | What They Can Never Teach You at B-school

Chapter 7. Networking
If you thought, a top MBA would give you an enviable & powerful network, you’ll be surprised to read this.
What Does It Mean and How Does It Work? | Why It Doesn’t Work for a Majority | Strain on Personal Relationships | Special Interest Groups

Chapter 8. Internships
Most think an MBA internship is an easy way to get a foot in the door. Read why employers may not agree.
Is It A Symbiotic Relationship? | Internship Variations

Chapter 9. Career Hunt
A top MBA on your CV isn’t enough to get a dream job. There are external factors you need to keep in mind – like the
implications of business cycles

Chapter 10. Career Change
If you have been struggling with your post-MBA goals, learn about various popular post MBA destinations.
Technology | Investment Banking | Accounting/Assurance/Advisory | Management Consulting | Human Resources | Philanthropy/Non-profit/Social Enterprises | Private Equity/Venture Capital

Chapter 11. So What’s Your Goal?
Before pumping all your savings & future earnings into an MBA, explore quicker, cheaper (and free) and less risky alternatives.
Knowledge | Career Change | Networking | Money

Appendix A: What Do the Academic Experts Have to Say?
Appendix B: A Day in the Life of an MBA Student
Appendix C: Useful Resources for MBA Applicants
Appendix D: The Query List You Need To Answer
Appendix E: How to get into the best MBA programmes
Appendix F: How to choose the right country for your MBA
Appendix G: How to select the right B-school
Appendix H: How to prepare for the GMAT
Appendix I: How to write impactful MBA essays
Appendix J: How to create an impressive Resume
Appendix K: How to manage Recommendations
Appendix L: How to prepare for MBA interviews
Appendix M: About MBA Crystal Ball
Appendix N: MBA Clichés and What They Really Mean

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