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Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in the World | Global College Ranking

Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in the World | Global College Ranking

Top ranking undergrad engineering colleges & universities in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, India


The concept of Engineering precedes its professional version by centuries. In fact, one should be really looking at ancient times to find the source of human ingenuity that led to the construction of tools – ever thought of the wheel and its unnamed engineer? There are the ancient structures that still baffle us to no end – think Pyramids and the Roman Aqueducts. You simply cannot design or build those colossal structures without the use of engineering skills.

The modern engineering, known to us popularly as an applied STEM field, emerged somewhere in the past few centuries. This is when the birth of steam engines, mining tools, drills, pulleys, gears, and all those everyday engineering colloquialisms came into being. And this perpetuated the need for young minds to be trained in the skills to support the Industrial Revolution. Subsequently, engineering became more and more elite with stronger emphasis on intellectual abilities to appreciate the application of science to create and build. Thus, came the inclusion of Engineering studies in universities and large-scale support to resource those training facilities.

Today, there are over ten thousand engineering colleges (accredited) in India itself, with the world joining in, with countless more. Students are educated to hone their intellectual and creative abilities keeping true to Mathematics, Physics, and other Scientific principles. There are many disciplines within the Engineering header, most of which you might be familiar with – Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, with demand for more specialised training that have led to further categories. Today, Naval Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Engineering, Aerospace, Nuclear, Environment, Software and even Biomedical Engineering (plus many more) are popular.

An undergraduate degree, in Engineering, is usually offered as a Bachelor in Technology or Bachelor in Engineering. Competition is often quite tough and students who graduate with a BTech or BE degree, from a reputed college/university, find themselves in hot demand and brightly compensated. Many choose to join the world of employment while others choose to either specialise further in academia with an MS and/or PhD, or move to further expanding their repertoire with management skills with an MBA. All said and done, getting an undergraduate degree in Engineering is a highly coveted qualification.

In this article, we try to list out some of the best-known Engineering institutes in the world, as presented through ranking bodies, focusing mostly on North American, European and Asian schools. Most undergraduate engineering programs, around the world, are four years long and involve short-term research or building projects to qualify for the final degree.

Best Undergraduate Engineering School / University

We have relied on a list supplied by one main source,

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings use ranking parameters to suit the individual fields. In the case of engineering studies, there is more emphasis on innovation and less weightage on research citations, as compared to their rankings on other fields. For a break up of weightings – 30% on Teaching and learning environment, 30% on Research and 27.5% on citations, 7.5% on International outlook, and 5% on Innovation.

The details of the methodologies are provided on the website. It is interesting to note the presence of “research” as a factor in establishing the overall rankings. University research is not entirely independent of the quality and resources available for teaching undergraduates. Research quality determines faculty credibility and the exposure to latest studies that may influence the training of the more novice students in undergrad. However, there is a significantly higher intent of weighing heavily on teaching and the learning environment. For the world rankings, we specify the “Teaching – Learning Environment” parameter score to get a better perspective for undergraduate education.

In combination, these rankings focus on the strengths of both factors to determine the extent to which undergraduate engineering students, learning the art of applied science, will gain from their institutes. With that in mind, let us explore the regional influence of Engineering education in the context of its impact worldwide.

Best Undergraduate Engineering Colleges in the World 2019

THE World University Overall Rankings for Engineering 2019 – listed in descending order of the Teaching Score

Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in USA


University Ranking Score
California Institute of Technology #5 94.5
Stanford University #3 93.6
Massachusetts Institute of Technology #4 91.9
Yale University #8 91.6
Harvard University #6 90.1
Princeton University #7 89.9
University of Pennsylvania #12 87.4
Columbia University #16 85.4
UCLA #17 82.6
Cornell University #19 79.7
University of California Berkeley #15 78.7
New York University #27 77.7
University of Washington #28 70.7
University of Wisconsin Madison #43 70.3
Carnegie Mellon University #24 69.0
Northwestern University #25 69.0
University of Texas Austin #39 68.8
Brown University #53 67.3
UC San Diego #30 65.4
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign #50 63.2
Washington University in St Louis #54 63.1
Georgia Institute of Technology #34 62.5
Purdue University #64 61.6
Dartmouth College #99 59.6

Source: THE World University Rankings for Engineering

Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in Canada


University Ranking Score
University of Toronto #21 75.8
McGill University #44 64.1
University of British Columbia #37 60.8
University of Montreal #90 47.8
University of Alberta #132 47.4
McMaster University #77 44.0


Best Undergraduate Engineering Colleges in UK


University Ranking Score
University of Cambridge #2 92.1
University of Oxford #1 91.8
Imperial College London #9 85.8
University College London #14 79.1
University of Edinburgh #29 69.2
King’s College London #38 61.1
University of Manchester #57 57.7
University of Warwick #79 48.0
University of Sheffield #106 46.0
University of Bristol #78 44.8


Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in Europe


University Ranking Score
ETH Zurich (Switzerland) #11 83.3
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) #199 77.7
Paris Sciences et Lettre – PSL Research University Paris (France) #41 74.3
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (France) #35 66.5
Sorbonne University (France) #73 63.2
Technical University of Munich (Germany) #44 62.9
Ecole Polytechnique #108 58.6
Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) #58 58.1
KU Leuven (Belgium) #48 56.9
RWTH Aachen University (Germany) #87 56.7
University of Bologna (Italy) #180 51.2
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) #251-200 50.4
Technical University of Berlin (Germany) #131 50.0
Uppsala University (Sweden) #87 44.3
University of Gronigen (Netherlands) #79 42.5
Lund University (Sweden) #98 41.9


Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in Asia – China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan


University Ranking Score
Peking University (China) #31 88.8
Tsinghua University (China) #22 82.9
The University of Tokyo (Japan) #42 84.0
National University of Singapore (Singapore) #23 77.3
Kyoto University (Japan) #65 75.9
Seoul National University (South Korea) #63 74.6
University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) #36 72.6
Zhejiang University (China) #101 69.4
Fudan University (China) #104 63.7
University of Science and Technology of China (China) #93 62.3
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea) #102 61.7
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) #189 60.2
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) #53 59.3
Sungkyunkwan University (South Korea) #82 58.4
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) #41 56.8
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) #51 55.4
National Taiwan University (Taiwan) #170 54.9
Osaka University (Japan) #251-300 54.7
Nanjing University (China) #134 54.4
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) #251-300 54.3
Tohoku University #251-300 53.0


Best Engineering Schools/Universities in Australia for Undergraduates


University Ranking Score
University of Melbourne #32 68.0
Australian National University #49 55.5
University of Sydney #59 50.2
University of Queensland #69 47.3
Monash University #84 46.1
University of New South Wales #96 45.0


Best Engineering Schools/Universities in India for Undergraduates

Most of the premier universities and institutes in India fall short in the world rankings on parameters like International Outlook, Number of International Students, Female to Male Ratio and Industry Income, among other things. However, Teaching and learning environment scores are comparable to universities, worldwide, ranked within the top 100. As expected, Indian Institutes of Technology feature heavily. We will list out major ones that have made the cut under THE’s methodology.

University Ranking Score
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay #401-500 44.3
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi #501-600 43.3
Indian Institute of Technology Madras #601-800 41.5


We have obviously not covered the vastness of reputable institutions available for Engineering education. Undergraduate education demands the very best in individual research into area of interest, specialization, future plans, means to fund your college, and more, before you arrive at a decision to choose a college. More often than not, the demand for engineering, in itself, is so competitive that the process of decision making is based on qualifying through the highly selective admission process. So, if engineering is your calling, we recommend that your preparation commence early on and you find your suitable match in a rewarding institute, domestic or international.

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