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MBA or MS after engineering ( B.Tech / B.E. )

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Though the question of MBA vs MS (Masters in Science) can come up in the minds of freshers from any graduate discipline who are keen on studying abroad, it’s more common among B.E. / B.Tech students who’ve just completed their engineering degree or are in the final year.

In fact, here’s a student’s account of her experiences while deciding for MBA or MS in USA at 30 after 6 years of work experience.

The fact that GRE exam scores (the de facto standard for MS programs) are now accepted by business schools too, make the entry requirements for both degrees simpler.

Peer pressure is a big driver, as is the attraction of starting a career abroad and earning attractive salaries in US dollars.

A big proportion of BE / B.Tech students also opt for domestic options (M.Tech or MBA in India) as opposed to an MBA abroad, making the dilemma a little more convoluted that you’d have expected.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and try to figure out the pros and cons of each option.

We’ll tackle the low hanging fruits first and knock them out of contention, so our decision making is simplified.

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MBA abroad after B Tech / B.E. Engineering

If you’ve been reading all the MBA abroad articles on our blog, you know why work experience is important for overseas MBA colleges [though there are some top MBA programs in USA that accept freshers without work experience].

An MBA abroad after engineering makes more practical sense when you have worked for around 4-5 years. That’s the average experience for American programs. In European MBA courses, it’s higher.

Reason enough to turn this choice off for now and consider the other options.

MBA in India after B.E. / B Tech

This is a popular option for many graduates who’ve already started disliking the engineering stream they chose (or were pushed into by parents, academic grades and their past-life sins).

M.Tech isn’t an option as it’ll just push them deeper into the hole they were trying to get out of.

That’s when an MBA in India seems like a good way to erase the past follies and start off life afresh.

There are flipsides to this decision too.

For starters, MBA placements aren’t too different from the potluck model you experienced during engineering placements. A bunch of companies come to campus with consulting, finance, marketing and whatever other roles they have to offer (not necessarily the ones you wanted).

Fresh engineering graduates who flock to Indian bschools without being really sure of what they want to do after the MBA, are just postponing their woes. Read this post about life after MBA from IIM, IIT, other Indian Institutes.

This line of thinking has given rise to another phenomenon – a second MBA.

Another opportunity to wash away their (this time, it’s present life) sins and start life afresh.

Not all think that way. So it won’t be right to paint all B.E. and B.Tech students with the same brush.

If you are among those who’ve got clarity about what you want from the management degree, then an MBA from India straight after engineering could be a good option – specially if you can crack the MBA entrance exam (CAT) and get into the best MBA programs in India (like IIM A/B/C and several others).

Unlike the last option, let’s leave this one on the table.

Masters degree abroad (e.g. MS in USA) after B.E. / B.Tech

Masters (MS) degree is a great way to build up on the last 4 years you’ve invested in an engineering college.

This is in contrast to management courses where you are trying to bid adieu to the technical roles (often based on just perceptions rather than any real work exposure) in the hope of moving to the next level (i.e. management jobs).

With an MS degree abroad, you are renewing your marital vows with the technical discipline that you got hitched to in your impressionable years.

For that commitment, you could be compensated handsomely by recruiters in technology friendly economies such as the U.S.

Techies with a Masters degree from the best universities (like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley) get hired by the top recruiters from a variety of industries (technology, manufacturing, retail, ecommerce).

If you can identify, join and stay long enough with growing start-ups, you could make a fortune beyond your wildest dreams.

As always, the higher the rewards, the higher the risks as well. Starting with getting an admission offer from the right MS university, to arranging for funds, convincing a good company to give you a job after MS, getting lucky with the H1B process lottery.


There are a few international students who manage to reduce the risks significantly by getting scholarships from good universities. Here’s the story of Anamika who got into top MS universities in USA with a full scholarship.

Coming back to the main decision.

Job vs MBA vs MS in US after B.Tech. Which is better?

Ah, you noticed! Yes, we’ve sneaked in a third option that you never asked about – getting a job. Here’s why.

You have dedicated 4 years of your life to earn a technical degree. Rather than throwing it all by the wayside the minute you walk out of the graduation ceremony, it might be a good idea to spend some time putting that knowledge to good use.

Work for a few years and find out for yourself if your preconceived notions about a career in your B.Tech field are justified.

After that if you decide to go for a Masters in US, you know for sure that it won’t just be a stepping stone to get to the land of dreams, dollars and dard-e-disco [please suggest a better alliteration].

To wrap it up, after completing engineering (B.E / B.Tech), here’s how we’d order the limited 3 options we’ve considered:

  1. Get a job
  2. Take the GRE exam and apply for a Masters in Science (MS) degree
  3. Join a good MBA college in India

Based on your profile, skills and aspirations, you could get more creative and consider other options as well – like becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own venture.

Higher education options can stay on the table till you are ready and sure.

Before you empty your life-savings on a full-time program, check out these free online courses. These are offered by well-respected universities around the world. And they come with the option of getting a certificate if you need one.

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Need some help in sorting out your career and higher education dilemmas? Check out our career counselling service.

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57 thoughts on “MBA or MS after engineering ( B.Tech / B.E. )”

  1. Hi,

    I am almost over with my undergraduate degree in management from Delhi and am looking to go abroad to study after this.
    The only issue that comes up is that there is no surety of getting a good placement/job once you complete a masters degree.
    Few websites of colleges do claim that they have an extremely high rate of placement but you really cannot be sure.
    So is it better to stick to education in India, work for a few years then go for an MBA or take the risk of going for a masters degree?


    • Kriti, you are right about the fact that it’s not easy to get a job in a foreign country, specially when you’ve never had any work experience.

      Many Indian students are willing to take the plunge knowing about the (perceived) goodies that wait at the other end – good job, good pay, better life etc.

      There’s one big dependency even after you clear the interview rounds with your dream company. Read this related article – H1B visa process after lottery makes it tough for Indian Students.

      If you aren’t comfortable with that risk, it’s a better option to stay back in India and gain some useful experience.

    • I would suggest you to take up a job and work for 2-3 years then apply for an MBA, considering the market condition you might just be taking up a risk.


  2. Hi Sir

    I am about to complete my engineering course and i was planning to go for MBA and i was surfing on the Internet then i got to know about MIM, can you please tell me that what is the difference between Msc in Business Administration and MIM or these two are same courses i am little bit confused. Should i opt MIM or Msc or MBA. Please do clear my confusion. And please tell me that this programme has any scope in India


  3. What are the requirements for a masters ms in abroad vs mba programme ? do they also need gre gmat , ielts toefl score for non native speaking people , and business letter, work experience etc etc.

  4. Hi sameer
    I am doing my in finance and accounting. I am so confused whether to pursu ms in finance or Mba.can u suggest which course is better.And which give more value for getting a job.

  5. Sir,
    I am a B.Tech student and plans to do an MBA programme outside India. From somewhere i came to know that after joining the Public Sectors as engineer, one can ask the department for MBA studies. All funding(fees+expense) will be provided for studies in or outside India by the organisation.So for a thought I am thinking this as a way to fullfill my plan but I don’t know whether it’s true or not & if it is then up to what extent. So please enlighten me on this and also tell me what’s the best way. Your blog really helps so thank you for this Sir.

    • I have completed my BTech -IT from VIT,Vellore.Now I want to to masters.
      Please advise,from where to do.India is abroad?
      Please advise.

  6. Hi,

    I have 5 years of experience in Data mining and am keen on pursing post graduation in Business Analytics.
    Please suggest if at an age of 30 is it worth taking a break from my current job and going for 1 year full time program in business analytics.


  7. Hello Sameer,

    I am an Engineering graduate and have around 4.5 years of work experience in the IT industry from top MNC’S.I have worked in SAP domain and interested to persue executive MBA (1 year programme) from a reputed business school as I think it would help me in making a better professional with both technical and managerial skills so I am planning to prepare for GMAT but before that I would like to take some expert advice on chances of getting into good Bschools with my Education background ,Experience and with a good GMAT score Would appreciate if you can mention the Bschools I can look for.Also that now I see so many Bschools coming up with programmes like online and some short term programmes so I am confused and its not clear to me which one would be suitable for me and what will be my career prospects for the same.Please advice me on the same.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hello Sir
    I am Akhil Prem currently pursuing my BE degree at a mediocre collage first year.Sir i was very much confused about which career path should i go go for after completing my engineering. Sir basically i always wanted to do MBA aboard but after reading this article i am somewhat in confusion. Sir the collage from which i am pursuing my BE degree in mechanical engineering doesn’t offer much placement opportunities. Even if i get a job it won’t be very good. also my speaking English skills are not very good i often get nervous. however i am trying very hard to improve it. Sir please help me. Sir is it necessary for a 5 year job experience for MBA aboard.

  9. Excellent and useful article once again!

    By the way, what is your take on the Engineering-Management programs? e.g. M.Sc. Engineering with Business Management, M.Sc. M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering and Management, M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Electrical Power Systems (MME-EPS) or M.Sc. Software Engineering and Management. Of course they are not alternatives for MBA courses. But, these programs have got a decent balance of Engineering and Management modules. So, few folks might find them useful.

  10. hai i have just completed my BE and even join in a IT company,But i want to do MBA in any college,is Part time MBA is better are Full time is better…………..?

  11. Hi Sir,
    I’ve completed my (Civil Engg) from an ordinary college.I’ve less interest in this branch. I did only because of my dad forced me to do…….I got 71% in Which stream would be better tö get good salary in MBA….I’m sure that it is impossible to get into IIM A,B,C because mine is an ordinary college…..Please suggest me what to do I’m very confused…what to choose even now MBA OR MS

    • Hi
      Sir i m graduate student in electronic and communication engineering and i m planing for master degree in abroad i have no work experience and i am confused about MBA or MS please suggest me what can i choose for dream future
      Thank you

  12. Hi Sameer,
    I have done my from a regional college, got job in big reputed indian telecom company as engineer of course.
    I see +MBA guys getting more package than simply, one of my friend has done his MBA from IIM and now he is getting around 12-13 lpa.
    I talked him and he said with experience you will get high package and there are chances that your company can take you.
    i want to ask-
    1. Is it really happens like this that after IIM someone can get this much high pay and how??
    2. I know experience count but at least how much experience someone should have like more than 2 years some one should have or less than 1 year can be also count?
    3. I can prepare with job for it surely but is it worth to prepare for this all way by leaving all things? I just want high package so that i can take care of my family as everyone. And yes at this time my age is 23, i forgot to mention.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance

  13. @Bhavya: MS would be a better fit, considering you have no experience.

    @Shubham: Only a very few top organisations (like top consulting firms and investment banks) sponsor MBA degrees for their employees. I don’t think any public sector company would do it.

    @Gaurav: You could look at European MBA programs where you can fit into the class of mature students, many over 30.

    @Akhil: Like any other language, mastering English is more a matter of practice than anything else. Find opportunities and a friend to talk to. Over time you’ll see the difference.

    @Tanmoy: Not a big proponent of such dual focus options. It ends up compromising both, rather than doing justice to them. I don’t have any stats or insights, but I assume many end up in junior technical roles. For senior roles, an MBA degree with a clear focus on management works better.

    @Abhinav: If you ask me, I’d suggest getting a job, rather than applying for another degree that you aren’t convinced about.

    @Shashank: An MBA pays higher in most cases, than a pure engineering degree. That’s why so many engineers target the top bschools. However, it’s not just for the money. It’s also about career growth.



    • Hi…..
      My name is madhu…
      I just completed my 10th and I am really confused of what course should I take for studying btech and ms later in life…should I must take iit or mpc for ms…to get a good job with good salary…..plz help me out

  14. Hi sir,
    I m in TE of engineering , I don’t understand what I have to do after BE.
    basically I think I will give gre in next semester.but My basic problem is with English. Because of that can I crack gre n tofel?
    So what was the best decision ms or MBA.

  15. Hi Sameer,

    I graduated as a B.E. in 2014 and have been working with a IT distribution firm for the past 1 year. I’ve learned the basic of the sales and I’m curious to know about it in depth. But considering that I have just 1 year of experience, I doubt if any good MBA college will admit me. I’m considering MiM from HEC or Grenoble.

    I’m sure that I want to study further and would like to enhance my knowledge of marketing and sales, Do you think I should go ahead with the above mentioned colleges and course?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Hello Sameer Sir,
    I have had 2 yrs of work experience now and I’ve graduated from one of the good NITs of India. Even after 2 yrs of work ex, I am unable to decide whether I should go for MBA in India or MS in US/Germany/UK. All I want is, to get settled in US with decent package. But I don’t know how many students from IIMs get a chance to work abroad. Also, out of my work experience I hv realized that I have interest in management it may be of anykind manpower, planning… but I am bit reluctant for going into MBA cornering all these years of technical studies in school and college and entering into a totally new domains of Finance n Marketing (that is what I m interested to study in Management) where I don’t know – whether I will be able to survive and about which I have not studied anything before. But MS in US involves lots of risk specially financial and also after completing MS…..job is not certain. But considering the duration of my work ex, this is the idle or rather I should say last year for appearing in CAT, atleast this is what my seniors who have passed out from IIMs have said to me. So, I am totally perplexed about where I should go now. I really want to quit my present job which I detest like anything and I feel, I deserve much better. So, I would request you to plz plz suggest me something out of your experience. Thanks !!!!

  17. Hello Samir
    I have done BE in CSE and currently working in TCS since june 2014.
    I am interested in doing MBA from abroad but do you think experience of 2 year would be enough for that. What would you suggest?

  18. Hello Sir,
    I want to apply for MBA in fall 2016. I have done and currently working in L&T Construction.( By June’2016 my work experience will be 2 years)
    What do you suggest where my chances stand?


  19. Sir,
    I have just completed my B.Tech(CSE) and i was an average student at my graduation. I dint have much interest in languages and programming as well all through my B.Tech. Now i am planning to go for my Post Graduation but now i am in a dilemma that what should i opt for.
    I have following 3 options available with me:

    1.Should i Go abroad for doing my Maters(M.S) rite now?

    2.Should i do MBA from India itself this year?

    3.Should i do a job for 1 year and then go for doing my Masters?

    Plz suggest me with a gud option so that i could make a wise choice for myself and opt for the same.


  20. Hi,
    I have a doubt i hope you will clear for me.I have just completed my B.Tech in IT. My confusion is specifically between MBA finance and MS. I want to know about the graduates who do MBA and join banks or other financial institutions to become investment bankers etc. thereby completely moving away from engineering companies.I feel that an MBA is possible a few years after MS if one wants to get better managerial roles in companies but if I do an MBA then and become an investment banker, wouldn’t it be like starting from the bottom all over again.
    Would be grateful if you clear this confusion for me.

  21. hi,
    i completed IT and got placed in telecom company. they informed that they will give call letter after 3months.i am intrested to do mba but not particular about what to do after mba.should i prepare for cat in these 3 months??please suggest me

  22. Hii. I just completed my B.E Mechanical from Anna university with 68% marks..I would like to take upon a post graduate degree like M.S in UK. But my confusion is that whether should I pursue my M.S in UK right now or should I go for it after 1 year work experience. My priority is to get into a good firm as soon as possible after completing my MS. Will my work experience boost my chances of getting into a good job after MS. Please help me out …Thanking you..

  23. Hi Sameer,
    First and foremost i would like to thank you for this brilliant article.The three points that you have mentioned are the exact things that are running through my mind and i was looking for some guidance regarding the same. I graduated as a mechanical engineer, like a thousand others this year. I was supposed to go for MS immediately after graduation but chose not to after a majority of my seniors advised me to take up a job for an year or two as the experience that i earn here will hopefully give me some edge over the relatively less (or ‘Not’) experienced graduates.My only query is how much of an experience is actually considered to be an experience? Would working for an year suffice? or working for two would give me a better chance and a wider perspective?

  24. sir,
    i am student of third year mechanical engineering. i am so much confused and also unable to decide whether to do MBA or MS in germany. my dream is to get higher salary at start after doing PG program(MBA/MS) and after 30’s i have to start my own business(of any kind) by doing side by side job or if i started earning so much in my business then i will left that job too. please suggest me what should I do??

  25. Hii sameer.. this blog is very helpful for people who r struggling to decide… and coming to me i cmpltd btech mech and i have two years of working exp in banking sector now am planning to do mba abrod.. will it works i need some wise decision… am unable to choose the country and course can you help me in choosing course and country . Thank you awaiting for response.

  26. hello sir,
    i am in third of year of my IT engg. in a reputed college but the main problem i have is my 12th scores i scored 55.4% and my current percentile is 58% what should i do go for MBA or job ..i have a advantage of category so plzz suggest me what should i do

  27. Hi Sameer,

    I work in an IT firm as senior software engg and am 4 years experienced. I have admission of IIT, Chicago (Illinois Institute of Technology) for MS in ITM and I also have admission of ISB, Hyderabad for PGPM program. I am really confused which one to opt for.

    Please suggest!

    Thanks in Advance!

  28. Hi, This is an awesome article, I need your suggestuons about these below points, from your finalized above 3 options.
    1) Work for few years after B.Tech, then give GRE and TOEFL/IELTS and go to US for MS. Taking our B.Tech related job as work experience.
    2) After B.Tech, write CAT then after MBA, do job for one year maximum, later go for MS in US. Taking MBA related job as work experience.
    3) Work for few years after B.Tech, simultaneously prepare for CAT, go to IIMs, after MBA work few years OR after that do MS in US. Taking B.Tech and MBA related job as work experince OR only Btech related job as work experience.

    Points 2 and 3 may seem little complex or crazy, since I’m about to be a fresh graduate I do not know whether points 2 and 3 will work or not in real life.
    Please give me your opinion on these above 3 points, I’m a final year in EE engineering at one of NITs, batch of 2016.

  29. Hi Sir,
    Right now i am in final year of B.E mechanical ,but at the time of 11th and 12th i have studied Computer science
    so from that time i have interest in CS. but mistakenly i taken admission to mechanical branch. I am doing nicely in mechanical also. so the question is shall i try for placement in a software company or shall i go for core mechanical company…….and suppose i go for a software company then can do MS in comp. science after work experience of 2-3 years…… please help me.
    Thank you.

  30. Hi Sameer,

    Great Suggestions.. Although I am an Masters in Computer Application working with an MNC for the past two years. I am interested in being in the technology sector (at least for few years) , before jumping on to management roles.
    What other options can you suggest me, as I have already have a Masters degree so it doesn’t seem right to go for an MS abroad and also I am not keen into getting into management as of now?


  31. Hello Sameer,
    I am an average 3rd year / junior student at Indraprastha University, Delhi. My profile is as follows:
    1. Average score in the past 2 years of graduation, and somewhat a decreasing graph. Aggregate 73% yet

    2. Manegerial experience with IEEE and other organisations. Event manager and organiser in many events.

    3. Training after first year at IITD but not under the professors just a private company I’m affiliation to IITD.

    4. Summer after 2nd year at Stanford University as a summer session student. Took 2 courses with CS major.

    My confusion lies in the fact that is it right to pursue a technical masters (MS) or opt for a business masters (MiM)? Looking at the decreasing graph of my technical courses and increasing appreciation otherwise for my managerial skills, I am considering MiM now.

    MBA requires job experience and I’m not willing to spend more time in India after my graduation because of personal reasons. Given that, getting a job in US after graduation from a mediocre college is possible, or not? And if yes, how shall we approach to it. I’m a hard working and determined girl and I’m ready to devote the next 2 years purely in building the adequate profile required to get admission into a good university in USA.

    Also, for MS we need research internships and for MiM or MBA an industrial internship is required hence I am desperate on deciding a field asap to start working hard in one direction.

  32. sir my name is vivekanand chaurasia and i have cmpleted my this year with just 53% and want to study MBA from UK and i m prepairing for IELTS . sir is UK is good for MBA or i have to look some other country …and please tell me abut its placement chances..i have cleared MAT with 75% and got call from indian colleges but i drop all of them and prepairing IELTS…any suggestion for INDIA college for MBA with agud placement opportunity… one last ques is indian mba is better or foreign mba…and which mba stream has more job opportunity and a good pay scale…

    thank u

  33. Hello Sameer.,

    I have done engineering in cs and currently working in it mnc for past 1 and half years. I want to pursue mba but. am unable to decide the right time to do mba.. please guide me..

  34. HI,
    My name is shikha. I’m in my 3rd year btech in information technology. I’m an avg student. I am really confused about what should i do after my btech.
    1)should i apply for a job first or should i go for mba?
    2) is it better to do mba from india or abroad?
    3) which are few good institutes in india for mba?
    kindly guide me.Thanks.

  35. Hey Sameer,

    Thanks for the post. It was really informative.

    I’m a fresh graduate from an NIT – Electronics and Communication. I belong to the category looking for a new start after the nightmare that was my discipline. 😛 So, I took a job up in the IT sector – and now, I’m relatively happy.

    I’m looking into doing my masters quite soon – and coincidentally, I’m looking at both of the options that you’ve put forth.

    MS in the USA sounds really tempting – the American dream et all – and substantially better packages, better standard of living for me and my future family etc. At the same time, MBA in India, I feel I actually stand a chance at, you know? It sort of seems more at reach than doing a Business Administration course abroad. This is in part due to the lack of confidence in my mastery of the English language which I feel is imperative for marketing yourself in Business. Here, in India, I feel if I work really hard and slog for a year, just like the All India Engineering Entrance Exam, I may be able to make it into an IIM, like some of my friends did – while MBA abroad, apart from the work ex required just seems way out of reach.

    People say, you want to go for a management post, do MBA. If you wanna be an engineer, do MS abroad. But what if I don’t know what I want to be? I thought Engineering would be way different from what it actually was. What if MBA is also the same way? Hope you can share some insight into my dilemma.


  36. I have 8 Years of Exp in Projects business. Have a experience in Business development , Project Management , Marketing . Should i got for

    1. MBA by giving IELTS with a dual degree for Project Management and Project Engineering .

    2. Appearing for GMAT and Go for MBA. But lookng into the Fees in States i am bit nervous about that

    3. I have my GRE Score Valid till 2017 and appeared TOEFL and Go for MS.

    Please suggest.


  37. Hi,

    I am Soumya. I did my B.Tech in Electronics and communication stream. Currently, I am working with MNC in Bigdata technology which is a booming technology.

    I have few queries.

    1) I am in a dilemma whether to continue the job as it is very good technology(every one says) or should i pursue higher education(MS/MBA)?

    2) If I choose higher education will that help my career?

    3) If you are going to suggest me to opt for higher studies which one should i choose MBA or MS for my background of education?

    Please suggest me by your opinions and ideas.


  38. Dears,

    I have 6 years of Research experience and now I want to do masters.But am confused between MS or MBA.
    I have good options for MS and SPJAIN Dubai for MBA.Pl suggest which is best.
    Is it worth to go for SPJAIN Global MBA as the fees is very high.

  39. Hello sir,I am in third year of mechanical engineering and i want to pursue MBA after Engineering..Could you please tell me scope of a Mechanical Engineer doing MBA.

  40. Hii,
    I am Ramya .. I am a B-tech ECE graduate from a regional college .. I am actually a pass-out of 2014 batch but had a couple of backlogs so was able to make it up by 2015..i was an average student with about 55%.. I have a work experience of nearly 2 years in TECH MAHINDRA as a tech support agent.. Now getting a little serious about my career I want to do MBA in USA.. But now I am confused about what stream to pick..which university..either GMAT or GRE..could you please help me!!

  41. Hi,

    I completed my Chemical Engineering from the best college in Bangalore in July 2015 and was placed in Mu Sigma through campus. I could not adjust to the work culture and left the company in 10 days. I consider myself as an above average student with interest and curiosity to learn and apply it as much as possible but presently the pharmaceutical firm where i am working doesn’t provide an opportunity to learn nor monetary satisfaction. I plan on doing higher studies but i am not sure what to take up. How different will working be in a firm after completing MS in Environmental Science from a good college(not planning for colleges in US due to very high fee structure). I don’t want to be unsatisfied after completing my MS, the way I am right now after a B.E. degree.
    I have always had an interest in economics and politics. If MS isn’t a good idea then should I go for MBA in Indian B schools. I haven’t taken any coaching for it either. Will it be possible to crack CAT within a year.
    I feel very confused, frustrated and irritated by this approach of mine and really require a little guidance.
    It would be great if you could help me out in any way.
    Thanking you in advance.

  42. Hi,
    i have recently done my BE in Electronics and telecom engineering from Mumbai University and am currently working for as a software engineer in an investment bank . I wanted to pursue MS in US 2 years down the line but very much confused about the choices i have in hand. Basically i have 2 choices:

    1. Stick to my basic degree and pursue related courses. If I do that my experience in the IT field will seem almost meaningless. Also i would have to get in touch with my under grad study material .
    2. Take up IT related masters degree. But having no prior theoretical knowledge about the IT related courses , i would be at a big disadvantage.Plus i will have to take up prerequisite courses .

    What would you suggest regarding my 2 options?
    Is there any course which bridges the 2 fields ?

  43. Hi Sameer,

    Good Initiative by you…

    I have completed my B.Tech with 75% aggregate. Working in TCS as Software Engineer and having 1.8 years of experience.
    Could you suggest me which option to select: Pursuing MBA, MS or going for an IT job to abroad.


  44. Hai sir,
    I have completed my
    And I want to join MBA .I have a lot of confusion which side I want to go plz suggest me which branch will give better future and also better college plzz help me sir.

  45. Hi Sameer,

    I completed by with an aggregate of 85% during my four years and currently working in IBM since 5 months.
    I have been planning to work for the next couple years that is 2016-18 and start my MBA program in August 2018.
    At the time of application or form filling i would be having an experience of roughly 25 months .
    Will this time would be appropriate enough to get thorough a “GOOD” MBA college in USA or somewhere outside India say New-Zealand or Australia?
    Also which countries should be preferred while opting for a MBA program?

  46. Hello

    I am a Btech Mechanical graduate .I have been planing for masters in Industrial Engineering Management . I did
    SAP MM certification so i could get a job and move in a years time but i’m still waiting. How would a job help me to get a job
    after masters . Is this a good option to move on . I mainly aim to move towards USA,CANADA , GERMANY . Where would it be best for me to move on . Also i’m a average student so how well can all go on .

  47. Help me , im in confusing of choosing gre or mba , here i like to go to abroad and do ms but my parents are saying me to check also about mba . here iam not enough talented person to get seat in iim’s india , so i wanna go to abroad for ms . please help me to take decision

  48. Hi guys, I have done B.E. (electronics and telecom) and am just about to complete my MBA(Finance).But I want to work in technical roles , which could have been offered to me post engineering.I always loved technical roles unlike managerial roles.
    Someone please guide me , my career is in a real mess.

    Thanking you’ll

  49. Personally speaking, I did a Bachelors in Engineering and then an MBA. I find the two to be very complementary.

    The B.S. made me comfortable with the language of engineers:
    Basic programming
    Structured problem solving etc.

    The MBA provided the macro picture:
    Making strategic choices for your company
    Building a go-to-market strategy
    Creating a sustainable competitive advantage etc.

    On the margin, a Masters in Engineering probably won’t add a tremendous amount to your skill set or your career options. Start-ups and big companies hire Masters and Bachelors engineers at the same entry-level positions. Once you prove yourself at the company you work for, you’ll be able to move up with or without a Masters in Engineering.

    An MBA, by contrast, widens your options. If you’d like to move from the technical side to the marketing/strategy/business development sides, the MBA provides credibility. It may also provide credibility when you become a team leader for an interdisciplinary team (i.e. leading not just engineers but also some designers or business folk).

    But lastly, work experience can also substitute for and (arguably) exceed the power of either degree. Neither degree is a requirement for advancement anymore – if you work at a place you love, you will succeed there!

    • In current days is it true that if a person pursues MBA abroad right after btech without any work experience will not get hired by companies ?


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