September 10, 2014

7 Problems faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India

Entrepreneurship can be among the most rewarding and demanding career options anyone can take up. With the rewards come the challenges as well. While most of […]
July 17, 2014

8 things to watch out for in Startup jobs

While many dream of entrepreneurship, there are reasons why MBA students won’t start their own companies immediately after graduating. For such folks who aren’t ready yet […]
August 29, 2013

MBA in Family Business Management

Family business management in India has it’s own unique set of challenges, succession planning being one of top ones. The other being in the area of […]
April 14, 2013

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

It’s a common topic for group discussions and MBA interviews. ‘Entrepreneurs are born not made. Discuss.’ says the moderator and the shortlisted candidates (who’ve never had […]
December 8, 2012

Women entrepreneurs in India with tech startups

Technology entrepreneurship in India is common. Serial entrepreneurship is less common. Women entrepreneurs in technology are a rare breed. So what’s the rarest of rare breed? […]
September 9, 2012

MBA entrepreneurs: Why many bschool grads may never launch a startup

Here’s an intriguing phenomenon. We have seen the same trend in applicants who work with us on the MBA Mock Application Process (MBA MAP). A significant […]
August 3, 2012

NYU Stern MBA – New York University grad turns Entrepreneur in India

The NYU Stern MBA program at New York University might be known as one of the best Finance programs in the world. And being located in […]
March 26, 2012

Carnegie Mellon Tepper MBA: Interview with Indian entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship as a career figures high on the preferences of many. Compared to regular corporate jobs, the nice warm feeling of knowing that you’ll get your […]
February 28, 2012

Family owned business management vs professional companies

In India, family owned businesses have done very well. They generate a lot of jobs and keep the economy growing. Millions of employees work with a […]
January 4, 2012

Master in Biotechnology Management at IE (Instituto de Empresa)

You could pass her off as a young, aspiring entrepreneur trying to learn the ropes at a top business school. Young, she definitely is. But she’s […]
June 26, 2011

Interview with Guy Kawasaki | Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Author (Enchantment)

Guy Kawasaki has been there, done that, several times over. He shot into the limelight in the mid eighties as the evangelist for Apple’s Macintosh. After […]
February 9, 2011

Babson MBA – Why #1 in Entrepreneurship, but low overall ranking?

Babson’s MBA program may not be rubbing shoulders with Harvard/Stanford/Wharton in the general rankings. But it is very much at the top when it comes to […]