94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Why are MBA salaries so high?

The MBA class of 2020 recorded a whopping average pay package of $176,083 at Stanford, $175,148 for NYU – Stern and $173,882 for Tuck – despite the tough economic crisis created by the ongoing pandemic. Does it make you wonder why MBA graduates right out of business schools get paid such high salaries compared to … Read more

15 Best Tech MBA programs for high-paying salaries and careers in technology, IT

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, technology and technological innovation has become the key for the successful operation and expansion of businesses. Unlike other industries, the technology sector has witnessed a continuous growth over the past decade. Digital disruption continues to penetrate across industries. Companies need to constantly adapt or reinvent their business processes and … Read more

Jobs that require an MBA degree

An MBA from a good business-management school can set up a career like no other postgraduate degree can. Not just for management jobs, this postgraduate degree is an ideal qualification for many other positions, too. Here’s a condensed selection of jobs that require an MBA.

How to get into asset management

Simply put, an asset manager’s job is to make sure that the savings/assets/investments of clients grow, whether the clients are super-rich or are working-class people hoping to lead a dignified life after retirement. Asset managers choose the investments that their clients could make—stocks, bonds, pension funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, institutional investments, retail investments, insurance, … Read more

Asset management vs investment banking: Career choice

Fundamentally, asset management involves managing money that other people have, and investment banking is about raising money that companies want but don’t have. It becomes more complicated as you try to explain the terms in detail. So, let’s touch upon just the basics here. Investment banking (IB) involves raising financial capital for companies, government, and … Read more