94% students got international jobs after graduating from this program.

Career options & life after Military retirement for Army, Navy, Air Force veterans

We got an email from a commanding officer in the Indian Navy, with a request on behalf of retired military veterans (‘vets’). Here’s a gist of what he said:   In the western world, the military veteran network is very strong. They have good websites, channels and consulting services for veterans. In contrast, our Indian … Read more

How to get into investment banking from a non-target school

In business school jargon, ‘feeder’ or ‘target’ programs are those that you can target to get into specific industries such as investment banking, consulting, technology or any other sector you may have in mind. In contrast, non-target or non-feeder schools are those that aren’t considered primarily for their focus on a particular sector you’re targeting. … Read more

Career counselling for MBA admissions: My reapplicant experience

The typical approach for many MBA aspirants is to jump right into the application process, without getting the foundation in place first. This includes addressing questions related to the need/relevance of an MBA degree as well as career planning after graduating. Very few MBA aspirants, such as Sanjeet Kathuria, see the value in taking up … Read more

Private equity vs venture capital vs hedge funds: Career choice

At first glance, private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms look alike: they both represent firms that invest in companies and exit when the time is ripe and they can make good returns. But there are differences – they buy stakes in companies of different types and sizes, make different levels of investments, and … Read more

Best degree to get rich

Higher education can be your path to riches, but only if you choose your major carefully. If you don’t, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree will earn you only as much as a high-school diploma. Not all majors are created equal. But what makes one “rich,” what salary or income one should earn to deserve that … Read more

Buy-side vs Sell-side jobs: Salaries, skills, work-life balance

What do the terms “sell-side” and “buy-side” mean in the world of finance? Let’s try to demystify them.   Difference between sell-side and buy-side   What does a sell-side firm do? The sell-side comprises professionals who represent companies that need to raise capital by selling securities.  Sell-side institutions include investment banking and commercial banking firms, … Read more

How to get into private equity

Private equity (PE) is often described as an exclusive club that accepts only former investment bankers, strategy consultants, and top b-school graduates as members. That’s not the case always. PE also offers grads and undergrads, engineers and accountants serious consideration and engaging and gainful careers. Here we map the routes to PE careers and career … Read more

How to get into the tech industry without a degree or experience

The last big economic crisis has forced people to reevaluate their career choices and ask themselves whether their current jobs would assure them of a stable income until retirement. Many who see trouble round the corner for their jobs or industries find that learning technology skills is the solution. Meanwhile, more and more young people … Read more