Technology jobs and salaries in investment banking after MBA

Traditionally, finance (and especially investment banking) has captured the cream of the fresh MBA graduate population. As much as even a decade ago, according to what can be perceived from GMAC’s corporate recruiter surveys published each year, consulting and finance shared the most hires with information technology somewhere in the lower mix. But with changing … Read more

How to get into investment banking from a non-target school

In business school jargon, ‘feeder’ or ‘target’ programs are those that you can target to get into specific industries such as investment banking, consulting, technology or any other sector you may have in mind. In contrast, non-target or non-feeder schools are those that aren’t considered primarily for their focus on a particular sector you’re targeting. … Read more

A day in the life of an investment banker

Investment bankers are among Wall Street’s most sought-after professionals. On behalf of their employers—that is, investment banks — they facilitate financial services and transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, debt/equity financing, and initial public offerings, for their client companies. Investment bankers help companies assess their positioning and provide defense to managements for their policies and decisions. … Read more

How I got an investment banking internship on Wall Street

An investment banking internship on Wall Street with a bulge bracket bank is a dream opportunity for many MBA students. What does it take to get an I-banking internship? How does the process work? What are the challenges to be aware of? Navdeep Garg, an MBA student at the Duke Fuqua MBA program, offers valuable … Read more

Market sizing questions, examples and answers

What are market-sizing questions? They are what management consultants can expect at first meetings with their clients. As one, you can bet these questions will be thrown at you at brainstorming sessions with them, and a question such as “What’s the US market for mattresses?” or “What’s the market for 60-inch LED TVs in London?” … Read more

How to answer brain teasers in interviews for Consulting & Investment Banking jobs

If you thought that interviewers at management consulting and investment banking (IB) interviews use brainteasers to put candidates at ease and bring in some light-hearted moments, you will be scratching your head after reading this: these mindbenders have a larger purpose. Although brainteasers may not be such a key part of interviews as technical and … Read more

Interview questions for investment banking jobs with answer tips

“Do your homework” is one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give to a candidate appearing for an investment banking (IB) interview. If you follow the advice, you will have the confidence and the knowledge to face the interviewer confidently. You can tackle the interviewer’s questions, which can be broadly classified as qualitative … Read more

Investment banking in Europe

For those looking for a foot in the door in the competitive investment banking industry, New York seems to be the first choice considering that it has been the epicenter of financial activity with the most sought-after jobs on Wall Street. It also houses some of the largest investment banks in the world. Though New … Read more