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USA business schools accepting second MBA applicants from India

It’s a fact that many Indians who already have an MBA from India under their belt feel the need for an international MBA at some point of time during their career (Profile building for second MBA abroad after an Indian MBA).

These candidates may have already gone through the rigorous two-year MBA program quite early, sometimes immediately after completing their undergraduate studies. They may also have a good brand name (like IIM) on their resume.

The need for a second MBA after IIM (or any of the numerous other MBA colleges in India) stems out from the fact that an international MBA differs greatly from what our local MBA institutions have to offer.

So rather than getting a second MBA from ISB, those who already have an Indian MBA prefer going abroad.

Firstly, the idea of going for an MBA without any work experience, though common and a popular trend in India, isn’t the norm for an MBA abroad.

Many of the best international MBA programs make work experience mandatory. Those who do get in without formal work-experience have something really unique to add to the diversity of the MBA class profile.

Reasons for a second MBA after IIM or other MBA colleges in India

Though the candidate would have benefitted greatly from an early MBA, due to lack of industry knowledge, the ability to relate business concepts to the real world would be missing.

International MBA programs focus on the diversity in the class. This means that you get to interact with a lot of professionals from various countries as well as a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. This enhances the learning experience and helps develop networking ties across the globe.

For those who wish to change career track after a few years of working in a certain field and move on to highly demanding and competitive fields like strategy consulting or investment banking in the top-tier firms, a second international MBA may look like the need of the hour.

The other reasons may include a desire to relocate abroad, get some international exposure and obtain a global perspective.

Though all international business schools may not open their doors to 2nd MBA aspirants, there are still a sizeable number of top schools which accept second MBA applicants.

These candidates need to do a good job at being able to justify the need for a second MBA when they already have one.

The essays (and specifically the ‘Why second MBA’ essay) need to be well-thought-out and you need to clearly outline how a second MBA would help you achieve what an earlier MBA couldn’t.

Which schools accept second MBA applicants

Before jumping into the list, here’s the disclaimer. We’ve tried to make sure that the list was accurate at the time of publishing.

However, business schools keep changing and updating their admissions policies. So, by all means, use this list as a starting point.

But also make sure that you re-confirm with the school, if they’re still open to second MBA applicants.

Ok, let’s move on to the list!

Michigan Ross School of Business, MIT Sloan, Wharton School of Business, mention on their website that those with a previous MBA degree may apply. However candidates need to provide sufficient reasons for doing their same.

Harvard Business School and Stanford GSB may consider second MBA applicants too, provided you have a compelling rationale for it.

Darden School of Business admits student for a second MBA provided the previous MBA was from a non-AACSB accredited institution. Majority of the Indian MBA institutions do not come under this category, so candidates can apply.

At the Columbia Business School, candidates with a previous MBA degree can apply to the Columbia Executive MBA Program.

At Johnson (Cornell University), those with an advanced degree are recommended the one-year accelerated MBA program.

Kellogg is another top brand that accepts 2nd MBA candidates for their one-year accelerated MBA program.

Smeal College of Business does not accept U.S. MBA grads. However international students may be considered eligible for applying to the program.

At Emory Goizueta Business School, U.S. MBA grads cannot apply. Though the website mentions that exceptions would be considered on a case-by-case basis, there’s not much information provided regarding international applicants.

Kelley MBA also accepts second MBA applicants. Our friend Nitin (a Kelley MBA grad), just confirmed this in the comments below. [This may have changed over the years, so please re-confirm it.]

Then there are some business schools that consider 2nd MBA applicants on a case-by-case basis – such as Rotman, UCLA Anderson.

There are schools outside the U.S. that open to 2nd MBA applicants. For instance a second MBA from INSEAD (from their Paris & Singapore campus), HEC Paris (France) and London Business School (UK) is a possibility. So is a 2nd MBA from ISB in India.

Bschools that don’t accept second MBA applicants

Some b-schools like Berkeley Haas School of Business, Tuck School of Business, Vanderbilt Owen graduate school of Business, Duke Fuqua, Michigan State Broad College of Business and Illinois, UNC Kenan Flagler state that they would not be able to accept candidates with a previous MBA degree.

A lot of other top MBA universities, though known to admit international candidates already holding an MBA degree, do not provide clear information about this. Some are flexible on their stance based on applicant profiles.

Doesn’t hurt to mention this again – do not consider this list to be cast in stone.

Your best bet would be to send across a query to the admissions team informing them about the institution you have done your first MBA from and check with them if you’re eligible to apply.

Go ahead only after receiving a confirmation. This would save you a lot of heartburn later.

Before you apply, be sure of what your expectations from a second MBA degree would be. This will also help you frame your Why second MBA essay in a convincing manner.

  • Would an extra MBA make a real and significant difference to your career profile?
  • Would it be worthwhile investing a whole lot of money and another one or two years when you have already gone down that road earlier?

If you are wholly convinced that a second MBA after IIM (or other Indian MBA universities) is certainly going to be beneficial, do your research on the colleges where you would best fit in and where you would be able to meet your career objectives.

As always, do not assume that this post is comprehensive or accurate when you are reading this post. So whether you are planning for a 2nd MBA from ISB or from an international MBA program abroad, use this list as a starting point and carry out your independent research before applying.

Here’s the story of one of our friends who got a scholarship for his second MBA abroad from the prestigious Sloan Fellows program.

We’ve also helped second MBA applicants (including those with a top IIT + IIM degree combo) getting into elite programs (in some cases with scholarships).

Drop us a note if you need help in improving your chances: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com.

Are you aware of other international programs within the U.S. and in Europe that accept second MBA applicants? Please share them in the comments section below.

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59 thoughts on “USA business schools accepting second MBA applicants from India”

  1. @Nitin bhai, done.

    Btw, for those who joined us late, Nitin manages the Kelley MBA forum on our site.

    @Niharika: In the article above, we’ve listed the one year MBA from Kellogg, not the 2-year format. The official team of each university is the best and the most credible source. So, whether it’s this site or others that provide content which is prone to get old and outdated, always verify it from the official source where the facts are more recent and up-to-date.

    • hi sir, i am tusharika mattupalli ,
      i am doing mba ie(PGDM) marketing in INDIRA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES, i want to do an 2nd mba program in US Univerties, as you said few collges doesnot provide an another mba program and other more important thing is that i had chat with kellogs Northwestern university member named sayeeda Fiza Khan, she said that i am over qualified because of mba .So she said they will not allow for an another mba program and even the college is also providing 2nd mba program. But in many websites its written that kelloggs university provides 2nd mba.please suggest a list of colleges which provides 2nd mba.
      Thankyou sir.

  2. Hi Sameer,

    I am starting my application process again. Few more schools that accept 2nd MBA apps:
    Richard Ivey, Canada
    Georgia – Scheller: You will have to use optional essay to explain the need for 2nd MBA
    Berkeley Haas School of Business will accept 2nd MBA as long as your degree in India is Post Graduate Diploma
    Kenan Flagler
    Carlson: You will have to use optional essay to explain the need for 2nd MBA

    Schools in ‘No’ list:
    CMU Tepper
    Goizueta Business School: Ad-com’s response; ‘Typically, we do not admit students who already possess a Master’s Degree. However, if you are able to explain the vast difference between your current degree and that of the degree you wish to obtain at Emory on your application, you may be considered.’

  3. Hi,

    I’ve got an small query. I’ve completed my MBA in 2012 (Marketing & HR), been working for an BTL Agency in India, however I’m not satisfied with the kind of profile / companies / packages been offered. Was hoping if you could please advise some specialization course which i can pursue to get an additional advantage over on it.

    Your reply would be appreciated.



  4. Karan: You already have an MBA degree. For most folks, that’s the final degree. Unless there are industry specific certifications that are needed for clients and employers to take you seriously, no point in chasing more courses.

    P.S. For the benefit of others wondering what BTL is – it stands for Below The Line Advertising. It involves targetting a niche (as opposed to a mass market) audience to accomplish marketing objectives e.g. raising brand awareness.

    Confession: I had no clue what BTL meant and looked it up in Wikipedia

  5. Hi Sameer, I am Abhinag. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Finance at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I am specializing in corporate finance and asset management. Which MBA would you suggest me (1 year vs 2 year) and also do Indian candidates with a specialized masters degree in finance be viewed favorably by the admission committees of top 20 after I gain 3-4 years of workex?

  6. Here’s what’s posted on Berkley Haas School of Business website:

    “University policy prohibits awarding of duplicate degrees. If you have an MBA or comparable degree from an institute of higher education, your application will be ineligible for consideration.”

    However, there are some exceptions in which case your application can be considered. You can find them on the FAQs page. However, as a Second MBA applicant, I would prefer not to apply to a school with so many criteria.

  7. @Abhinag: An additional Masters degree is definitely an advantage, specially if it is directly aligned with your experience and post MBA aspirations. With 3-4 years experience, you’d still be in the sweet spot for 2 year MBA in USA.

    @Sahil: Thanks for the views. In fact, in our original article you’ll find Berkeley Haas as the first name in the section about bschools that don’t accept second MBA applicants. Don’t worry, there are plenty others that’ll be of interest. Good luck!

  8. Hi,
    I did an MBA from IBS hyderabad (marketing) and got a campus placement in Havells in Sales and marketing . was there for 1 year and then had been working in Philips Lighting for more than 2 years in sales . Have got one promotion also in Philips and i am a deputy manager now. But the thing is people from IIM’s etc join as Managers and then move to higher roles of product managers and marketing managers while I am still in a frontline sales role where i handle distributors and their offroll sales team. It feels even after an MBA from no so bad college , I am far too behind from these tier 1 guys. I want to give it back to them . By next Feb ie 2015 I will have a 4 year work ex on papers. Should I go for an international MBA. If yes then please suggest if my candidature is good enough and where all I can make it as PHILIPS is an internatinally renowned name.

  9. Hello Sameer, Does a PGDBA from a reputed Indian B-school completed through distance education also count as an MBA degree for the US B-schools?

  10. Hi Sameer

    After reading your article i have a query .

    I did a 21 months full time certificate program(PGPBM) in Marketing.After completing this certificate program i was placed in world’s largest battery manufacturing company and now i have 4 years of sales and marketing experience in channel and institutional sales.I want to go for another MBA in Marketing from one of the top US university.
    Can i apply for top MBA programs in USA?

  11. @Gaurav: At the end of the day, it comes down to demand and supply. When the elite institutions start flooding the market with their grads, tier-2/3 guys face the heat. This is one of the primary reasons for folks heading back to bschool. Sales and marketing would be a good differentiator when you apply.

    Ashley: You’ll find this useful – MBA programs that accept correspondence courses & distance education degrees

    Abhishek: I’m not aware of that course, but it sounds like a variation of an MBA. So list in the blog post above would be applicable.

  12. I am persuing my bbe from bit mesra, patna campus. After completing my gradguation degree I want to apply for b-schools in usa, newzeland, singapore, france. So if I crack gmat, and other competitive exams will these university give a chance to do persue my mba programme.

  13. HI Sameer,

    I’ve been following mbacrystallball for quite some time and should admit that you guys are doing awonderful job, helping people with very high career aspirations. Kudos !!!

    Im an MBA grad from BIM, Trichy. After completion, I’ve joined a IT consulting firm and has been here for more than 4 years now. Have taken a few overseas assignments as well and travelled to US twice. At some point of time, I always have this feeling that the Job Im doing right now (ERP solution consultant) doesn’t actually match the reason why i wanted an MBA after my B.Tech(IT) graduation. I always wanted to do business/ strategic consulting and have aspirations to settle in US.

    So, Im planning for a second/ executive MBA now. Do you think, my profile will attract the admissions committee in top US universities? will it be worth for me to leave my monthly six-digit gross salary and take a second MBA from the US?

    I’m yet to start my preparation for the GMAT and your answer will be of great value to me.


  14. @Mohit: You need 3-4 years experience for the good MBA programs. Don’t rush in when you aren’t ready.

    @Hari: ‘Aspiring to settle in the US’ is not a strong enough rationale, I’m afraid. Also, IT to strategy consulting is a pretty radical shift (though many do achieve it). You’d have to work more towards building a credible story to convince Adcoms.

  15. Hi Sameer,

    I am doing the PGPPM (post graduate program in public policy and management) program from IIM bangalore and want to do a US MBA.
    I have around 7.9 years of work ex in the natural resource industry and am 31 yrs of age.
    my key queries would be:

    1) is that possible ?
    2) are their schools that offer an RA/TA with full scholarship in the US ?
    3) My experience spans operations/research and consulting/business&financial analysis and I have done CFA -1.

    Look forward to your updates.


  16. I have done an indian MBA post engineering and have 3 years of post MBA experience in india with a global well reputed MNC. The problem lies that this role will entail very little global experience. I also need to relocate to the US within the next few years owing to family compulsions.

    My question to you is on my MBA application – > Can I hide my indian MBA. I had been working at an NGO during my MBA days part time. I have sufficient documentation to substantiate that. Will that be seen as misrepresentation ? Can I show my 2 year MBA as work experience at an NGO

    This may sound weird but I am sure this would not be the first time anyone is doing that. I know people who have hidden their educational time to show it as work ex (startup / friend’s start up) applying for positions where the MBA is not relevant.

  17. Dear sameer,

    I have done my full time MBA in marketing and operations from FSM Delhi and currently working in oil and petrochemical sector. My pre and post MBA experience would b 7 yrs now. But I am still looking out for that niche in market for myself. Hence thinking of doing an executive MBA from IIM A or ISB. Any suggestions’???

  18. @Anurag: B-schools do offer Research and Teaching Assistantships (RA / TA). However, if you are still working on your PGP degree, it’ll be tough to justify another MBA in quick succession. And the age would be a hurdle too.

    @Sammy: You are talking about mis-representing facts in your application. This is not just unprofessional, but unethical as well. Others you know might’ve done it, but it’s never a good idea to build a new career on the foundation of lies.

    @Tushar: If you have a strong rationale for the second MBA, give it a shot.

  19. Dear Sameer,

    I think i have a unique scenario here . I did my undergrad from India . However, immediately after that I went to us to do my MBA .The university the graduated is not in the top 30 . Now after working for 7 years I know how I want to grow professionally . In order to do that getting into a good B school will a very strong option. However, my dilemma is what are the universities that allow student to get a second MBA here in US. If so what are they looking for .

  20. Hi Sameer,

    I have done an Indian MBA (Tier 2 Institute) post my Engineering and landed up in Tata Motors as a sales and marketinng manager, after 3 years of experience i am planning for my 2nd MBA from ISB. Does ISB allow 2nd MBA?

  21. Dear Sameer,

    I have Bsc science and MBA Marketing/Sales degree from a 2-tier institute under my belt. Have around 4 years of hardcore sales experience in IT/ITES service industry, however I am not satisfied with current profile. I want to take my career to next next level.

    I am confused whether to opt for a 2nd MBA from reputed institute in India or for a super specialization from top colleges or 1 year MBA for executives . Please share your views with some insights on the best options of institutes. Considering my background, what super specializations will you recommend?

  22. @Harish: You sure can go for a second MBA. You’d need a clear, credible and practical justification for it though.

    @Jedy: We’ve mentioned this in the blog post. ISB accepts second MBA applications.

    @Animesh: A specialisation will push you further into another niche, and I’m guess that’s what you want to get away from. If you are looking for a long term career in India, most industries would expect you to move into a managerial cadre. Before you jump into another degree, a little more introspection needed, bro.

  23. Dear Sameer,
    Currently I am persuing my bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. I want to do foreign MBA but as they require around 4 years of working experience, so is it worth to work for that much time or should I go for an Indian MBA and then doing a foreign MBA ..? And will they consider it good doing an Indian MBA and can it substitute for less working experience..?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. And I am a big fan of your book ‘Beyond the MBA Hype’.


  24. Dear Sammer
    Is age also a bar while applying for second MBA or Exe MBA in US sine u mentioned the same to Anurag.

    @Anurag: B-schools do offer Research and Teaching Assistantships (RA / TA). However, if you are still working on your PGP degree, it’ll be tough to justify another MBA in quick succession. And the age would be a hurdle too.

  25. @Vibhor: As far as possible, don’t end up in the second MBA situation. Too much time and money at stake. Go for one that you think will truly help.

    @Anand: Age in general is a bar, irrespective of whether it the first MBA or second. However, they make appropriate concessions for folks who’ve spent more time in the academic world.

  26. Hi Sameer,

    Post MBA my total work experience in the field of CPG is 6+ years out of which 4 years has been in the field of Brand Marketing. I have done MBA from SIIB, pune. Currently, I am working as a brand manager with good salary.

    My wife has an offer to pursue PhD from University of Georgia. Would it be a good idea to do a 2nd MBA in US so that my wife can also make the most of the opportunity. We have a 1.5 year old kid.

    How would be the job market for me in US? Which Colleges should I target to get full scholarships. I don’t want to take loan as I already have home loan on my head.

  27. Hello Sameer

    I have a Post graduation diploma (equivalent to MBA) in Hospital management. After that i have an MPhil (hosptial and health systems management) – Distance learning from BITS, Pilani. I have 11 years of experience with last 8 years in Strategy in a Big4 consulting firm . I have had some exposure to US market. My particular sector (healthcare) is very different in India and US and over years my profile has also become sector agnostic.
    On the personal front, my husband has US work visa and my daughter is US citizen. I was thinking of pursuing MBA from US , (technically it will be 2nd MBA) and explore career options there. What is your opinion and advice

  28. Dear Sameer

    First off all, kudos to you for such an amazing insight on 2nd MBA and the guidance you are providing to aspirants. All the best and please keep up the good work.

    MY Bio – I am a B.Tech in Information Technology(2008) from Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, post which I worked with TCS and Infosys for 31 months in IT-BFSI (retail Sector). I did my MBA from School of Management, IIT Bombay(2013), post which I worked with a NBFC startup firm for 7 months as a Business Analyst/Product Manager. I am currently working with a FMCG distributorship firm as a Section Sales Manager(same responsibilities as Area Sales Manager). Though I have 3 years of experience in IT, I was inclined to Sales & Marketing during my MBA. After working in sales for 10 months, I feel that I am not utilizing my analytical skills.

    I want to move to a more analytical role, which a management consulting role would give me.

    My query here is that, should I opt for a 2nd MBA to move to management consulting role? Or Is there any way to move to management consulting? Are there any certifications/short-term courses for Management Consulting?

    I would be glad if you could really help me up with this query of mine.

    P.S.: Confession – I always wanted to move to the US, the 2nd MBA gives me an option to do that. 🙂


  29. @Ullas: You could take up a second MBA, but with your wife also heading back to class, the financial risk will go up.

    @ABC: You could pursue your MBA and target consulting firms that aren’t necessarily focussed on healthcare. Use your Big 4 network after you graduate.

    @Deepankar: The top consulting firms rely more on pedigree than on certifications. So, a strong MBA brand can open up opportunities.

  30. Hi Sameer,

    Can you shed some light on the scholarship options available and the criterion to avail that in top US and UK institutions for a 2nd MBA or PhD/DPhil courses?

  31. Dear Sameer,

    Thanks for the information that you are providing through this article.

    I have done my MBA 2 years back and have a total experience of 3 years…….in Sales and Marketing inclusive of having a Managerial role for a year.

    I am planning to work in the Product Management role in USA…and obviously for that I need to undergo a course there.

    Please let me know the relevant options and if possible, could we get scholarships for the same.


  32. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks for the information , wanted to get your views on my chances for second mba ,

    I did my first mba close to 6 years back , did fairly well , was gold medalist in the batch , i have experience of working with PwC and Accenture management consulting (currently working) , my last gmat score was 720 but my recent one is 670 !!( gave last week). Do i stand a chance with Insead,LBS, MIT, Cornell. I can manage good recommendations.

    Please let me know your views on the same ,


  33. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks allot for the information!

    I am an MBA from Osmania University Hyderabad, India. I have 2 years of work experience in Marketing, and I want to do an international MBA from USA. can you please suggest me few good Universities and will they accept second time MBA? And what are the entrance exams?

    Await your reply.


  34. Hi Sameer,

    I am use to MBA Crystal ball for some time and I appreciate your articles.

    I’ve more than 11 years of experience in the field of HR consulting, SAP implementations, Service Delivery Management etc and worked with MNCs across the world.

    I have experience of working in Australia, Switzerland, Saudi , North Africa and India on consulting and ERP projects.
    Most of the consulting projects exposed me to work with C level executives and also senior / middle level management.

    I posses a first class bachelors degree is in Computer applications & 2 years full time MBA from Bangalore University through an institute run by Govt. of India and currently work with one of the Big 4 consulting firms.

    I had a progressive career always and also I have received merit certificate from CBSE and national scholarship when I was in school.

    I was looking for a second MBA since I missed few opportunities because my MBA was not from ‘premier’ institute,

    Whats my prospectus for 1 year MBA in career perspective and chances to get admitted with low GMAT score or even with out GMAT score to a good b school ?

    Which are the best options with out GMAT and low GMAT? .
    Thanks for your time.


  35. Hi Sameer,

    Appreciate the work you are doing here. Have a question at the end of this longish history, so please bear with me.

    I have done a 3 year B. Sc (Maths) from Mithibai College, Mumbai University – with barely a second class. As a result, chose to work for around 5 years, and then did a full-time PGDM (Post Grad Diploma in Management – Marketing) from IMT-Nagpur which is among the top 50 in India. I had a 96 percentile in IIM CAT but my Bachelors marks prevented me from getting into many a top b-school. Switched careers into Information Tech as a Business Analyst and worked another 7 years after that. Have done exceedingly well since the MBA. Now I have an H1 and will travel to the US shortly.

    I want to utilize this opportunity to get a Masters there in USA. Several Reasons: I just have a PG Diploma and NOT a full-fledged Masters Degree (I know even the IIMs only give a Diploma), I have poor marks in my Bachelors, I think a US masters can help my CV, I feel the itch to study further in a formal setting (not just read books – which I do from time to time. BTW, got a certain book called Business Doctors for the near future), a masters from the US might help me stay longer in the US, etc.

    I am planning to do a part-time or an online/assisted masters from a not-so-expensive State University (like Mississippi State or Missouri State)

    Question I have is this: Contemplating 2 choices; either a second MBA, or an MS in Information Systems. Which is better for me? While a MSIS will help me get the IT degree that I lack, I may have to do a ton of “Foundation Courses” before I get into an MSIS. An MBA opens more choices but a second MBA might be over-kill.

    Quite Quite confused. Thanks in advance

  36. Hi Sameer,

    First of All, Very insightful article !!

    You can add “schulich” to your list as-well they have some post-MBA advance management program.

    Like all other people i do have some queries since i am planning to do 2nd MBA accelerated program from abroad, So kindly help me with that..

    My Bio –
    I did B.E from Apeejay College of Engineering with barely 65% batch 2004-2008. After that i was working with Ericsson for 3 years as a Fault Management Engineer then I did MBA (Gen-Operations) from SIBM – Pune (2012-2014) with CGPA : 3/4, currently working with Infosys as a Senior Associate Consultant (ERP consulting).
    I am looking for better job prospects abroad.
    Will it be wise decision to go for 2nd MBA accelerated program by looking my profile? Which colleges should i target? How much GMAT/TOEFL/GRE etc score should i target to get into those colleges?

    Pankaj Ahuja

  37. Hi Sameer,

    I have a GMAT of 750, Work-ex with an automotive firm and Deloitte post Indian MBA. I applied to Yale, Kellogg, Ross, Darden, UCLA this year. I was called for interview at Yale, Kellogg, Ross. But got rejected after interview. I got in UNC Kenan Flagler with full scholarship. Though I want to try again next year, my brother who is pursuing MBA from US and other as well are dissuading me from doing so and asking me to go to UNC. I want your advise on this. Is reapplying as a Second MBA candidate really a no- no? If I do not have any chance next year, I might as well go to this School. About my age: I will turn 31 soon. So am I now too old as well? Lots of factors working against my candidacy?

    • Most second MBA applicants who work with us don’t have KF on their list. They generally aim for higher ranked bschools. Looking at the list of bschools you applied to, I guess that was your rationale too.

      While we know folks who are 30+ who’ve got into the Ivy League with scholarships, the odds within the ‘US admissions system’ are stacked against such profiles.

      You’ve tried cracking into better bschools and (I hope) you’ve done your best in terms of putting your best foot forward (essays, recos, goals etc) i.e your application next year will not be significantly different from this year in terms of quality and impact.

      If it hasn’t worked out, I’d suggest taking up what you have in hand.

      The free ride takes out quite a bit of the risk. Go ahead and try to make the most of the opportunity.

      • Hi Sameer,

        I read your reply. Thanks for responding. Regarding my application, I gave my GMAT on 25th August in Germany. Came back to India on 15th September and started my application only then. Couldnt apply to any schools in R1 and applied to most in R2. So I was thinking maybe it was because of the R2 and I wanted to apply to R1 this time. I also spoke to Brayan Jhonson, Admissions Director from Ross, who encouraged me to apply again. Do let me know if you think I can work with you this year to apply to Ross? I will be targeting INSEAD, Booth, Sloan too. I’ll be applying to there for the first time.

        P.S. I worked with [edited out] last year for R2 apps. He kind of pushed me to do UNC Kenan Flagler. It wasn’t in my list either.

        • It’ll be too much of a risk, Ashish.

          Most bschools would generally encourage re-applicants, specially if they have high GMAT scores. Very little for them to lose, and a lot to gain. For the candidate, however, it’s a very different scenario.

          I’d still vote for taking up the KF offer and going all out to get yourself placed. Guys from harvard and stanford will face the same issues as you would when they compete for H1B visas.

          And I’d discourage you from signing up with us or any other consultant. While the essays may look incrementally better, there’s very little that we/they can do to compensate for the bigger issues (like age / timing aspects).

          P.S. As professional courtesy, I’ve taken out the name of your consultant.

  38. Hi,

    I’ve read your blog about doing second MBA from India or US when you already have one from India and found it really useful.

    ‘Kudos to you’

    Right now I’m pursuing MBA from ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri institute of Management,Delhi’ and going to do Finance as majors.

    I am a B.Pharma graduate and have worked with Dr. Reddy’s Lab and Novartis Healthcare having a total 30 months of pre MBA work ex. in sales.

    The strange decision that a pharma graduate having work ex in sales going to do finance as majors very simple and that is ‘I find Finance Fascinating’.

    The fact is that every single moment a thought torments me is that I’ve made a BAD decision by joining LBSIM and instead I should’ve given one more shot to CAT and I feel that this institute is not going to make it big.

    I have two options now:
    Another MBA after 2-3 years of work ex.
    Both(Which I think is ‘The Best’)
    Dropping this MBA right now and continue with pharmaceutical sector and appear for GMAT next year.

    Advise me what to do.

    Whether top US universities will consider my candidature strong enough?
    Will ISB or executive programs of IIMs be a right choice?
    Do I really stand a chance?

    Don’t have answer to any of the question and want to be advised so that I can start working towards it right from this moment.

    • Himanshu,

      We are generally not in favour of piling up the degrees. If there are radical changes in quick succession, then the earlier ones will come across as being frivolous, resulting in more regrets.

      I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to start worrying about another certification (whether it’s CFA or a second MBA) at a stage where you are still completing the current MBA.

      Also, it won’t be a good idea to drop the current MBA, as that’ll paint a picture (in recruiters’ minds) that you don’t have focus and commitment.

      Be firm on the decision that you’ve already taken and take it to completion.

      Work for a few years and then take a call on whether another degree or certification is needed.

  39. Dear sameer,

    I read almost all the comments and i like to admit that u answered it all pretty well. So first of all thanks for showing the right path.

    Well my story is that i have completed my MBA(finance) from Amiy Business School in 2013. i joined my company as a finance guy and later switch to Branding (Marketing). its almost 26 months of experience ryt now. pls suggest as i am now in marketing so i wish to go for MBA- Marketing from a very reputed institute abroad.

    Kindly… show me the way, as every second person tells me diff story about my decision.


  40. Hi I dis integrated course (btech + mba) from gautum buddh university gr noida , i did btech from electronics and mba (finance) . So is this case same as other full time mba courses provided by other b schools for applying a second mba cource from US or i will get an acceptance easily as compared to others . Also i have 3 yr job experience.

  41. Hi Sameer,

    I am BE(E&C) with a full time PGDM from SIESCOMS,Navi Mumbai.After finishing my PG have an experience of 7yr+ experience in Sales and Marketing primarily in Technology space.I am looking for a 1 year international MBA so to shift my career path towards consulting and general management.Please advise on the better 1 year programs which can be focussed on.


  42. Hi Sameer,

    This post reminds me of the crossroads I am currently at. I completed MBA in 2011 and since then working with an O&G company. With recent slump in the industry, I am considering at second MBA since i want to make a sector shift.

    Please advice if its a good idea.


  43. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks a lot for your insightful comments. Very useful info. Quick question – when you talk about age being a barrier, what age are you referring to? I’m going to turn 30 soon and plan on starting the preparation soon. Do you think 30 is too late to apply for a second MBA?

  44. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks a lot for the Article . i done Indian MBA on 2014 and currently working @ BNY Mellon .Now i want to do masters in Finance so could you please advise me which one is better like 2nd MBA or Masters in Finance alone? if i choose Masters-Finance what are all collages will accept my profile if not shall i hide my Indian MBA and go for MBA? thanks in advance. really need your suggestions

  45. Hi Sameer,

    I would like to know if i can consider myself for a second MBA, I have completed my BBA in 2006 regular in Madras University, and MDBA (HR) in 2008 through distance education. I have about 6+ yrs of experience in HR in various companies and i would like to know if i can apply for any abroad university. And also i am 31 yrs old. The reason for applying is simple – I want to become a niche professional in HR by getting more exposure to international markets.


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