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Second MBA degree abroad (USA) with scholarship after 30 from MIT Sloan Fellows

After completing an MBA from one of the top Indian MBA colleges, some start feeling constrained and stagnated by their roles (Profile building for second MBA abroad after an Indian MBA). That’s when the thoughts of getting a second MBA abroad from Harvard, Stanford and Wharton start popping up in the mind.

But not all top universities accept second MBA applicants. High age (over 30) and too much experience (10+ years) can also stop applicants in their tracks, for the traditional 2 year MBA in USA.

A 2nd MBA from IIM or India (1-year MBA format) is a option for those who want to stay back in India. But what if you’ve set your mind on a jet-setting, international career?

Rahul was among those who faced all these challenges.

My quest for a second MBA abroad after 11 years of experience

by Rahul

Second MBA abroad from USAI am an Indian male with 11+ years of work experience in sales and leadership roles (last 18 months of which have been at Hennef, Germany) pursing a techno entrepreneurship venture.

I did my first MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM, 2004) in marketing and worked with various FMCG organizations like Marico, Dabur and Coats plc. My last stint India was as with a media company – ENIL – Radio Mirchi (98.3FM) in Brand Activation as AVP- Experiential Marketing.

Although I had harbored the dream to pursue an International MBA since 2011, the thought become clearer when I moved to head an International business, I felt that to successfully lead this venture, an International leadership program is essential (Why a second European MBA after an Indian MBA and career in the entertainment industry). Easier said than done though.

Having a work experience for more than 10+ years and being on the right side of 30, brings with it its own challenges. Most schools that I sent my profile/ CV/ resume to, did not really discourage me directly but replied back saying that currently they have students with average work experience between 4-6 years and I should look at their Executive MBA.

However I was not willing to settle for an executive MBA, even if it was among the best Executive MBA (EMBA) programs in the world. Having already done my MBA; I should have a very strong reason to do my second MBA abroad.

A couple of b-schools answered back stating that since I already have an MBA, I am not eligible to apply. So far so good!

However I did not get discouraged. I wanted time off to reflect on my learnings so far, unlearn few things and learn few new ones.

Researching for my second MBA abroad

I started my research and realized that only few programs fit the bill. I remember speaking to Sameer Kamat and he suggested me to look for the Sloan Fellows program conducted across three leading schools like MIT, Stanford and LBS. It seemed to fit the bill.

I also considered IMD Switzerland. I visited HEC Paris, and INSEAD, France. I started communicating with all of them. London Business School (LBS) replied back saying I would be fit for class of 2016 Jan and I am a year short of experience to apply for the program. MIT responded positively.

I was in big dilemma. For a regular MBA in USA or UK, I was too experienced. And for some really good leadership programs like Sloan Fellows, I was too young. However I decided to keep my communication open with them.

I have realized that bschools often gauge interest levels of the candidate in the program with the kind of persuasion levels. I researched more about this program, wrote to the Adcom members, read all possible information about the program on the internet. After all this I was quite determined that it is the right program for me.

I checked with them for a telephonic chat with one of the members from the Admissions committee to understand my fit for the program. MIT & LBS responded back and I had my first telephonic chat with an Adcom member from MIT in June 2014 for 45 minutes.

We discussed about my motivation to do an International leadership program and how this would help in my venture and in career immediately and in long term. We also discussed about my work experience so far.

Based on the discussion, she encouraged me to apply and the journey began in August 2014. I submitted my application in Round 1 on Nov 17th 2014. On 31st Dec, I got my interview invite.

My interview was scheduled for 14th Jan in New Delhi and I got my acceptance email on 5th Feb 2015.

The icing on the cake was the MBA scholarship that I got. A few days after receiving my acceptance call, there was another email mentioning that I had been awarded the Dean’s Fellowship in the amount of $15,000!

The application process was very important in my case, given the fact that I had not written my GMAT.

My GMAT waiver based on my past qualification, was approved in August 2014.

The most important and rewarding journey had begun. Every single thing from my essays, recommendation and additional information had to be very consistent.

Despite it being a 2nd MBA, I knew I needed help

A long telephonic brainstorming call with Manish Gupta (MG) after my first initial draft, made it clear that I had the content but my narration was all over the place. There were too many things I was trying to communicate and a lot of work had to go in the essays to even qualify for first draft. I was far from being there. MG’s comments were blunt and straight to the point.

I consider this as the single BIGGEST reason for making the CUT whether it was for my mock interviews or essay drafts or the scholarship.

It changed my thought process completely. I stopped bull-shitting and covered all essentials aspects.

I had extremely good working relations with my ex-bosses. Most of them with 15+ years of experience with an MBA degree from IIM. I discussed all my essays with them thoroughly before each draft. In spite of this, MG’s feedback and review never ceased to amaze me.

Each of the MG’s review always came up with very relevant feedback and to the point. Somehow he exactly caught what I was missing. By the end of the second draft, I was simply floored and that actually helped quite a bit. I followed every single suggestion from MG very religiously and that made us a very good team.

I think I took much longer than what it would take to write essays but it had more to do with the fact that I had a very erratic international travel schedule.

However the thought process was always on. I spoke to my bosses whenever I got some time, wrote back to MG asking things (which he so promptly replied) and worked to improve my essays draft. I think I must have had at least 10 drafts for each of the essays. Every time I did something half-baked, he got it immediately.

I think I always dreaded opening his review emails but 100% of the times the feedback was so relevant that I started working on my essays immediately leaving everything aside, only after four-five hours of continuous work, did I feel a little relieved and when I had worked on 80% of his feedback. Somehow the feedback triggers my thought process immediately.

Hope you find my experiences useful.

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About Manish Gupta
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81 thoughts on “Second MBA degree abroad (USA) with scholarship after 30 from MIT Sloan Fellows”

  1. Working as a Consultant involved in private practice, with 10 year of Entrepreneurial work experience ( in managing my own clinic). I’m 35 yrs old.

    Thinking to persue an MBA degree from a top MBA school and planning to switch my role to Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Consulting.

  2. @Saurabh. The comment is a bit too cryptic to throw much light on the matter. But at your age/experience, regular full time MBAs may not really make a lot of sense – maybe something in Europe. You’d be much better off identifying the right program (such as the one mentioned in this post) that bodes well with your career choices.

  3. BSc Maths Graduate, Adv. Dip in Systems Management and Post Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. 23 years in Geomatics field with more than half of it in international companies like Space Imaging (DigitalGlobe). Looking for a MBA in GeoInformatics. Need guidance.

  4. @Anil. There are hardly any reputed schools/programs that provide a specialization in GeoInformatics. If you’ve spent so many years in that field, wouldn’t you anyway be looking for some skill diversification? At your age/tenure, it may not be prudent to go for a full time course. Evaluate courses such as ISB PGPMAX after you’ve thought through what do you want to gain out of the degree/education.

  5. Hi Manish,
    I am a Senior Operation’s Manager with a Pharma Clinical Research organisation. Having total experience of 14 years in sales and later in Clinical Research in Pharma sector. I am under delima for doing a online MBA or Executive MBA. My goal is to do a program which can inhance my prospects for the top Job oppertunities in US/Europe without leaving my Job.I don’t have a GMAT score.
    Kindly advice.

  6. Dear MG,
    I’m currently working as an Area Sales Manager in an FMCG firm for 2 years now after my MBA from Symbiosis, Pune.
    What are the options for me if I wish to have some opportunity abroad.

  7. Hi Manish/Sameer,

    Currently working as a Sr.Regional Sales manager in a reputed Medical Device Company.
    Biomedical Enginner with a exp of 7+ years in Medical Device Industry. Completed EPGDIB from IIFT- Delhi in March 2015. During my tenure in IIFT , developed a interest to pursue a regular MBA.
    What are the options avaiable ??


  8. I have been supporting business consulting of one of the Big 4 accounting firm for 4 years now. I joined the job as a fresher after my first MBA. After realizing it is going to ages before I get into strategy consulting, I have decided to pursue for a second MBA.
    I am looking for an one year MBA which can place me into one of the top consulting firms. Have shortlisted Insead, Kellogs and ISB as the ones to pursue for.

    I believe I have age (currently I am 27) on my side to start afresh in a consulting role. Any comments/suggestions?

    • Make sure you’ve researched enough on the 1 year programs in US. They may not be the most ideal for international candidates due to lack of time available to showcase intent/potential to prospective recruiters. If you are applying to US, why not a few more – the traditional 2 year programs? You won’t be too old by the time you graduate.

  9. I am complitmanager in a reputed Medical Device Company.
    Biomedical Enginner with a exp of 7+ years in Medical Device Industry. Completed EPGDIB from IIFT- Delhi in March 2015. During my tenure in IIFT , developed a interest to pursue a regular mba.

  10. Hi Manish,

    I am an IT engineer having spent 3 years in IT domain from 2007-2010. Then I pursued full time MBA from FMS, Delhi and have been working as a corporate banker since 2012. I’m planning to pursue an international MBA (only from USA) now as I wish to switch to consulting/general management domain.
    How do you foresee my chances to get an admit in top 7 USA B-schools? And which particular B-schools should I be targeting?
    I’m 30 right now with 6+ years of experience. Working towards a GMAT score of 740+.

  11. Hi Manish,

    Since last 6 months I am working as a marketing manager in a manufacturing firm in India. I completed my masters in global business (tri-country program) from S P Jain School of Global Management. Before SPJain, I worked in project management for 1.5 years in the auto industry.

    My question: should I consider going for a one-year MBA to UK/France/US? Or does it make more sense to pursue a second masters in finance/project management?

    (I am 26)


    • JSK, with just 6 months of experience, it would be too soon to seek another degree. MS is certainly not the right option given your academic credentials and work-experience. If you have to, explore an MBA at least a year or two out.

  12. DEAR MG,
    I am a Mech engg graduate and did 2 year mrktg and Finance- MBA from IIPM delhi. I hve 7years of work exp, frm NBC bearings, Ashok Leyland and now working in Volvo Trucks India as Pricing Manager. I want to do an EMBA from reputed college in Europe. Though I could understand, visualise the business models, executing becomes difficult due to restricted job role and hierarchy structure. It has to do with my limited experience in current company.
    I want to take a bigger role for which pursuing an Distinct mgmt degree will be helpful.
    Kindly suggest your views.
    Warm Regards

  13. Hi Manish

    I am a in Mechanical Engineering plus an MBA from K.J.Somaiya. I have 16 months experience in a small Outdoor Advertising Company as Marketing Manger before my MBA.Post MBA I have worked for about 4 years in a Infrastructure Development Company handling International Business Development for East Africa region. Currently I am working for a Cloud Communications company and handling Business Development for UAE. Both these roles were based out of India, but involved extensive travel to the regions. Please suggest some institutes/programs where I have a good chance. I believe I can get a 700+ score in GMAT. I scored 680 in the sample test . Should I target a 2 year program or 1 Year program? I am 31 already and since the European programs generally have a higher average age, should I focus on those?

    • Muhammed, for reasons outlined here , I would not hazard a guess on the school choices. That said, you are thinking along the right lines. A 1 year MBA will be better suited.

      Apart from the European ones, why not also look at the ISB/IIMs closer to home too? Depending on how several other parameters in your profile, some really good schools could be within reach.

      • Hi Manish

        Thanks for the feedback. Do ISB prefer candidates who are 30+? From what I have read on various forums, ISB is going the American way- younger candidates with high GMAT score. I am open to ISB/IIMs, but is it advisable to do my second MBA also from India?

        • While the 30+ crowd will be less but there are still quite a few in that bracket at ISB. IIMs will be better though.

          If you are ok with an Indian career, these are great options from an RoI perspective.

  14. Hi Manish,

    I am 35.5 yrs old and have done BE from Rajasthan Uni and MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research(Full Time-2 Years). I passed out in April 2007. I have a total of 8.5 Years work experience, out of which 1.5 years is after BE and before MBA and around 7 years after MBA(Including 5 months on the job training). Worked in leading product companies, worked in Australia, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia. I also hold Australian Permanent Residency. I want to do a second MBA from an International Uni. Is it a good idea ? Specially when I am inching towards 40 ? What do you recon ? Any Uni from Australia I can look upto ?

    • Ankit,

      It depends on why you want to seek a second MBA. At this stage though, I wouldn’t recommend a ‘usual’ 2 year program. Only look at Sloan Fellows type programs in my opinion. None in Australia will match up in my opinion.

  15. Dear Manish,

    I hold a B.E (Pune Uni.) and M.B.A. (Symbiosis International Uni.) degree and have been working as a management consultant in a Big4 for the past 3+years. I also founded a start-up, which is a marketplace for home-bakers in Bangalore.
    Majority of my consulting engagements have been of process improvements and re-engineering for both global and regional clients.
    Being in a team where almost everyone has a MBA degree from an elite college, I am always given the maximum ground/support work and lesser attention during brainstorming sessions even after proving my skill-set and delivering output time and again. There is also a huge difference in the compensation at the same level of designation. Last appraisal cycle I got promoted but even the hike was not similar to my colleagues’ with a pedigree background.

    I have decided to have one of the top 10 university stamp in my resume for which I seek your guidance in narrowing down the different available colleges/courses considering that I already have an MBA degree and a start-up.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Varun,

      If its just for a ‘stamp’, avoid the temptation. If you really are able to discern any difference that a top MBA will bring to your persona, only then go for it. Don’t think of MBA as a mere tag – a bit philosophical I know, but this mindset won’t help you later in the process so best gotten out of the way now.

      Use this as a starting point for your school selection:

      Come back to us once you have a GMAT score and we can help zero in on the right schools through the MBA MAP.

  16. Hi Manish,

    I have done my Bcom and MBA in Finance from Wadia College Pune after which i have a total of 4 years work experience. I have also done SAP finance certification and currently working as a SAP analyst. I am 29 years old and lately i have started preparing for GMAT. I want to study from a reputed international institute to give a boost to my slow paced career. Do you think is it a good idea to pursue second MBA in my case. I am getting 650 in my practice tests but my earlier academics are both only higher second class which not that good.


  17. Hi Manish,

    I have a B Tech from IIT BHU ’02 and MBA from IIFT Delhi ’04. Have around 11+ yrs work ex in Wipro and Tesco Plc. International work ex in US, Japan and Central Europe in IT Business Consulting/Product Management. Recent GMAT – 690.
    I am looking for a top B School EMBA or a Fellow’s Program from (Sloan/Stanford/LBS). Can you please suggest your views which would be a better option and if pursuing either of the options is beneficial ?

    Also I currently have an admit from HEC Paris which I am considering. Not yet applied for the Fellow’s program.

    • Not sure what geography you are based out of and what you want to get out of the MBA Aditya – important to give an advice. In general, EMBA will make sense only in the location you are working and tends to have lesser value in terms of career advancement. So choose wisely

      • HI Manish,

        Thanks for the reply. I am currently based on Central Europe on a long term deputation. My key reasons for pursuing the program are :

        1. International degree from a reputed institute for learning as well as experience of a top School on campus.
        2. Understand and appreciate the subjects much better than when I had done the MBA without any work experience.
        3. Career advancement opportunity worldwide, supported by an internationally acclaimed School brand name.

        Please let me now what you suggest for the same.



  18. Hi Manish,

    I have some queries since i am planning to do 2nd MBA accelerated program from abroad, So kindly help me with that..

    My Bio –
    I did B.E with barely 65% in 2008. After that i was working with Ericsson for 3 years as a Network Engineer then I did MBA (Gen-Operations) from SIBM – Pune (2012-2014) with CGPA : 3/4, since then working with Infosys as a Senior Associate Consultant (IT process consulting).
    I am looking for better job prospects abroad. Will it be wise decision to go for 2nd MBA accelerated program by looking my profile? Which colleges should i target considering by profile? How much GMAT/TOEFL/GRE etc score should i target to get into those colleges? I am 29 & I have just started preparing, will age be deterrent for admission?

    Your help will be much appreciated


    • I am not sure what programs are you referring to exactly when you say accelerated ones? Looking at your profile, it may not be prudent to target MIT Fellows kind of programs. Other 1 Year programs in US have lesser value. At your age, you should ideally be looking at the regular full time options too.

  19. Hi Manish,

    I am 32, female and have about 7 years of full time experience as an HR Business partner/manager across pharma, semicon and IT verticals. Did some interesting projects on OD, leadership development,skill dev of workforce. I have 2 masters degrees (full time), one from Delhi univ (psychology) and the other from warwick, uk,(HR specialisation) but not an MBA. I am looking at a full time MBA from US, Motivation being moving to operations head role / or consulting and an international career. Acads have been decent throughout. Would you recommend a full time MBA from US or an EMBA. Heard it’s tough to get jobs after EMBA from US. would prefer an EMBA considering my age and past acads.

    • I am not sure where u are based out of but if you aren’t in the US – then going for an EMBA is not really an option. Even if you are, given the big switch you are aiming for, EMBA won’t be advisable. Go for the traditional programs.

  20. Hi MG

    B. E Computer Science (2008), worked for TCS as Systems Engineer for 3 years.
    MBA – HR (2011-2013), HR Manager for 1 year with pharma company, working as systems analyst from last 1.2 years in HCM domain.

    What kind of colleges should I target for my 2nd MBA (US/Canada) ? I also looking for a MS degree which combines Systems and Management.
    Please advise.


  21. Hi MG,

    I am 36 yrs old and am very interested in the Sloan Fellow Program. I do not have a GMAT Score. I would like to apply for the 2016 batch.

    My brief Background:

    • Production Engineer : NIT 96-00 Batch (First Class Distinction)
    • Handled Project Management / Project Sales and Key Accounts Manager – 6 Years (2 different companies, including a MNC) : 2000-06
    • MBA from IIT, School of Management : 2006-2008 Batch; Summer Internship – Top FMCG company – Brand management
    • Worked with a top Indian Retail company : 2008- 2014. Last role as DGM – National Head – New Stores. Handled P&L responsibility
    • Currently working as Modern Trade Manager – one of the Top FMCG companies in India. Since Oct 2014 – 1 year.
    • I was also the Semifinalist of the 1st Economic Times Young Leader Program – 2012

    Seek your advice on my profile and whether I can apply in the upcoming application deadlines (Nov’15).

    Eagerly awaiting your inputs.


    • Deepak, there is no reason for you to not apply. Start immediately and you should be able to put in a good application. Do research on post Fellows options though. Retail/FMCG is NOT a recruiter of international candidates.

  22. Dear MG,

    I have done my MBA from MICA in 2011, post which I have worked extensively in the Market Research domain with the best companies. I am thinking of doing an International 2 year MBA, aiming for the 2017-2 year programs, in the most elite schools in the US. I am nearing 30, and I have an overall experience of 4+ years post my MBA. Would you recommend a 2 year program or a 1 year program. I had a 1 year experience post my engineering as a software developer.Also,my performance in engineering was not great, with a 1 year break in between,will that affect my admission process, given that I already have an MBA and a good experience?

    • Sunita, the grades are not going away anywhere. But provided you can explain and your GMAT/MBA GPA are good, it should not be a deal-breaker.

      If you aren’t hung up only on US, then you can explore 1 year options in Europe. In US, the regular 2 year courses will make more sense.

      • Thanks MG! Just want to confirm, so if i get a very good GMAT score, despite the break in between,I still have a chance to get into biggies like Wharton, Kelloggs, Stanford, Harvard,etc.?

        i am a bit sceptical about applying to Europe, given the job scenario.

  23. Dear MG,
    I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I also have close to 2 years of entrepreneurial work ex prior to my MBA from IMT- Ghaziabad. Post MBA, have been working with a Telecom Major as an ASM. I want to pursue an international MBA to leapfrog/ move to a General Managerial / Consulting Profile. I am looking at a 2017/2018 admit at one of the top 10 colleges in the US for a 2 year course or at London Business School. I would have hit the 28 year mark then and am hoping that would not be a problem?
    What are my chances with the top 10 B-schools considering I get a good GMAT score( 740+) ?
    Also, what else should I be looking at doing, apart from GMAT, to better my application?


  24. Dear Manish

    I am an MBA from NMIMS and has now almost 10 Years of experience( by May 2016) . A brief about my profile

    1) Area Sales Manager for a Leading MNC FMCG
    2) Area Manager across different geographies within India for a 2 Bn$ Indian MNC
    3) Elevated as Senior Manager with the same Indian MNC and was part of the Business Diversification team and involved in M&A of two Subsidiary companies and integration of the same
    4) Currently heading the sales and Marketing function of one of the acquired companies

    I am interested in pursuing a Sloan fellow program from MIT, LBS or Stanford. Please suggest whether my profile would be a fit for the same and how to proceed for the same

    Thanks a lot in advance

  25. Hi,

    I have a PGDM from IIM B, which I got right after my B.Tech. Afterwards I was into investment banking for a year and then have been an entrepreneur for about 2 years. I feel I am in need of further skill development and wish to do a second MBA from an IVY league. Are there one year programs available/ or can I get a one yr program (given it’s my second MBA) to do the same? Can I be allowed a GMAT waiver? How should I go about it?

  26. Hi Manish,

    Great to see you helping out with query for the second MBA. I too am interested in doing a second MBA.

    I have completed my MBA in 2008 from Tier-2 institute of Gujarat after completing my bachelor in Commerce.After my MBA, I have joined one of the Top Infrastructure company of India which is developing and operating power, road, airport projects in India. As part of finance team I have good amount of exposure in Project and corporate financing. I have been working in India but have experience in dealing with foreign banks as well as multilateral financial institutions. I have also completed CFA (US institute), Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy Course.

    At present, I am 30 years old with 8 year experience and would like to do my MBA in 2017. I would like to pursue a 1 year MBA (Insead, Kellogs, oxford etc.)

    I would like to continue in finance domain and move outside India for job opportunities and get experience in finance in other countries. Hence, I would like to know

    1) If a second MBA would help me in getting wider acceptability outside India and will it be useful in progressing my career in finance further.

    2) Also what are my chances of getting into one of the top MBA’s mentioned above considering my profile.

    3) I am currently preparing for GMAT too so what could be a good range to have a shot in above B school considering my profile.


    • Shashank,

      Second MBAs are becoming increasingly popular, so you are not in thin company here. We do not speculate on school chances purely basis gut-feel as it can be counter-productive for you. Finally, there isn’t a set range for GMAT. In general, try for 30-40 points higher than a given school’s average – that’ll also ensure you go above the ‘Indian’ GMAT average.

  27. Hi Manish,
    I went through the above comments and found them very hopeful. Wanted to ask your feedback on my case as well.
    I am 35 yrs exp, 12 yrs exp ( first 8 years in IT and last 4 years in finance). With 740 GMAT I applied to a few US colleges and got admitted Cornell MBA(1 yr format) and IIMA (1 yr) in India . I wanted your opinion on which college should I go for? Or what factors should be considered before choosing one? I am open to working in India or US. Looking for a suitable role in financial side.I had done 1 yr MBA from SPJIMR earlier in 2009

    • This might be a bit late. But both brands are awesome in their respective countries. If you are not planning to change your field, then it should really be determined by which country you want to carve a career in. Cornell might have a ‘marginal’ edge overall though.

  28. Hi,
    I actually got back to India from USA in Oct’15 after my Master’s in Economics because of a highly sensitive family emergency. I graduated in Aug’2015 with a GPA of 3.35. When I was on the look out for jobs (I hadnt applied for my OPT and neither have I claimed my CPT for my Master’s). My initial plan was to continue school and get my MBA degree as well from the same university as they invited me. But, now since I came back and my initial SEVIS was recorded as complete, I have heard that I cannot go back as I will be viewed as a potential immigrant when I interview for a fresh F1. Actually the F1 for my first master’s is valid till May 2018. I am now terrified because the family situation threw me for a six. I dont know what to do. A lot of them are giving me mixed answers. The only saving grace will be the non-claim of my OPT and CPT. but if I cant go back all that is going to be a huge waste. Any suggestions are valuable.

  29. Hi MG
    My profile- 93/91/9.25. XIMB 2014-16. In my final term and got selected in PwC as a management consultant.

    4-5 years down the line, with considerable work experience, I want to do another MBA from ISB/Ivy league colleges. Your take ?

    • Whether its possible – sure! Should you do it – it depends. Its a bit too premature to think about it right now in my opinion – you first need to assess why is it needed. And then, if it does make sense, then why not.

  30. HI Manish,

    First of thanks to your team to put together such informative posts. Needless to say the comments on many other posts are thought provoking too. I am quite keen on the 2nd MBA. Therefore, I am writing about my professional journey so far for you to provide me with some inputs on how to go about the 2nd MBA:

    Currently I am an HR Consultant in the middle east region for one the big consulting firms. By HR consultant, I meant Talent, Rewards, and Performance consulting. I did my Master in Human Resource Management from IIT Kharagpur in 2012. Prior to that I was with Infosys in the capacity of a software engineer. Overall, I have about 5+ years of experience. The aim of pursuing the second MBA is to move towards General Management roles/Strategy consulting/Leadership roles. Location is no constraint here as I am fine even moving back to Asia/India if the opportunity is good.

    1. What are the possible schools/programs I should target?
    2. How is HR consulting experience looked at by B-schools
    3. Can I target schools such as NUS, MBS (Australia), Nanyang?

    Look forward to your inputs.


  31. Hi MG,
    I am currently unable to weigh the options available to me. I got admit to IIM L pgp program (thru CAT). (But not AbC). My long terms goal is to join International agency like UN, WTO, Asian banks etc. The route for these career option goes through either MC or finance. And after IiM L, I have to do either second MBA abroad or PhD.

    My second option is to skip IiM L and apply for ISB next year. I hv worked in Qualcomm for 2.5 with good accomplishments. But do not hv international experience. Also, I will hv 4 yrs work ex by the time I could join ISB. May be bad time for career switch ?

    If I have to do PhD abroad or second MBA (in case of IiM L) later on, what could you suggest ? Does skipping IIM L makes sense? And how much is the difference between the opportunities that the student at IIM L and ISB with regards to MConsulting and PhD abroad?

      • Thnx a lot for reply.
        One specific query. Are McKinsey, bcg and other MCs reluctant to hire candidate with more than 3 years of experience (electronics engineering at qualcomm) for their Analyst profile.

        My friend at IIM L said so. He said that at iim L is a candidate has more than 36 months of experience ( in non consulting/analyst profile) then it is hard for him/her to get shortlisted . I am not sure about how candidates are treated at ISB .

        Can you please share some insight on this point.

  32. Hi MG,

    I have done my 2 year full time MBA from FMS, Delhi in 2015 immediately after a B.E. from NSIT, Delhi. I am currently working in the Banking sector. I wish to settle in Europe in the next 3-5 years. I am 24 years old. Can you advise which route is better for my plan. Is a double MBA good option for me taking into consideration that I’ve already studied in a top-5 Bschool in India. Or should I go for specialised courses ?

    P.S. Any different way would be appreciated….Thanks

    • Arjun,

      Second MBA is not uncommon even after the IIMs these days. But I would recommend you think more from a career perspective too rather than personal alone (settling in EU is more a personal goal rather than professional). Do not treat MBA just as a ticket out of India – cause that may not even happen in some cases! There are people who are able to make an internal move for instance – assuming you are working for an MNC bank.

      Hope this sparks some new thoughts.

  33. Hi MG,

    Thank you for patiently answering all the queries. I would be grateful if you could also give your valuable inputs for my future career aspirations.

    My brief profile: I have completed my B.Tech and PGDM from VIT Vellore and NMIMS (PGDM)

    I have around 42 months of work experience cumulative. I have worked in firms like HCL Technologies and Deloitte in past and currently working in Accenture.Post MBA I have predominantly worked in research and consulting domain.

    I feel like my career is not moving in the direction as I have thought and now I’m pondering on doing second MBA. I’m going to be 29 soon and I’m quite clear that 2 yr MBA is not an option for me.

    My academics are average and I don’t have any international work experience.

    Having said that, which B school should I target and which geography should I look for?

    Thanks SS

  34. Hi MG,
    i am a 2014 btech grad. Will be joining NMIMS mumbai( marketing) this year. I am planning to gain some managerial experience in the domain and then apply for top universities after a few years of work experience. Does something like super specialty in marketing exist? What is your suggestion.

  35. Hi MG,

    Thanks for the informative thread. I am currently 35 years of age with an MBA from KJ Somaiya, 2014-16 batch. I have 9.5 years of experience with 3 years of entrepreneurship experience. I am interested to do a dual MBA from abroad. Will you advise me for a second MBA from IVY league or the top 20 global universities. Considering my age and experience, I am concerned about my chances of getting accepted. Please guide.

    • @Vivek, the most ideal will be the Sloan Fellows programs as noted in the above story. For all other regular full-time programs, you’ll be a huge outlier. You could perhaps explore some one year US programs and say IMD/Judge but knowing you’ll be an outlier there and being aware of the challenges that come with it.


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