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MiM Essay Review Services

Best MiM Essay Consultants India

The Master in Management degree needs no new introduction. For readers who seek to get one, we will gladly route them to our parent article on what MiM entails – MiM Degree: Requirements, Costs, Salaries, Top Programs, and more. For completeness of this article, though, we can touch upon some of the salient features of this graduate school management education, the other star, often masked by the popularity of the MBA. There is little comparison, however, given that the two degrees are not even targeted at the same audience.

In this article, we will talk about MiM Essays in some detail – What makes MiM applications unique? How is it set apart from the MBA? What is expected in MiM essays? What are some of the popular MiM essay questions? What tips and suggestions should one consider? And more… So, let’s tackle some of these commonly asked queries and considerations.

What makes MiM Applications unique?

Among the qualities that set MiM apart, and also renders it its unique flavor, are its two key qualities.

  • It is directed at fresh out of college undergraduates, usually from any field, who want to get a theoretical backbone in the art of business management. Students develop their foundational knowledge and then spend a considerable portion of their MiM program in specializations and research work. Even very young professionals who have barely wet their feet in employment are welcome to receive the bounties of the MiM program.
  • It trains students to get enough depth into business topics to make their qualified and well-recommended foray into entry-level jobs in business management. Read Career options and salaries after MiM degree.

In that sense, MiM aspirants have a clear distinction from the well-experienced professionals who seek MBA in order to advance their careers. These applications have gained increasing attention from students who are looking for the above-mentioned qualities in a Master’s degree. To sieve through the large number of interested applicants, the various admission committees use similar parameters such as in an MBA – GMAT, GPA, Recommendations, and Essays – to find the right MiM candidates in the competition for admissions. However, among these commonalities the MiM Essays speak a distinct language on behalf of the applicants.
Over and above the standardized test scores, MiM Essays convey two major attributes of the applicants.

  • A fresh inexperienced candidate has very little, if any, to offer in terms of professional accomplishments. The most they can is through their little experiences in internships, etc. However, they are capable of building an evidentiary context for the personality traits that would define a future business manager – leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. Essays are a great platform to use their college experiences and highlight these qualities. Not as expected in MBA candidates, but rather through the activities and situations that they have been dealt with or taken the initiatives for.
  • Given the fewer opportunities to build on a professional niche of their own, the MiM essay also provides the stage for each applicant to differentiate their academic, personal and non-academic accomplishments, to stand apart from the other thousands of applicants.


What are the typical MiM Essay questions?

MiM essays, as mentioned, are aimed at developing an identity of the relatively inexperienced applicant who, in his novice approach to business education, uses its content to come across as a valuable, unique, and with a strong contributing potential both within and outside the MiM program. Some business schools offer the applicants to respond to directed questions that essentially draw upon the same information. Here are some example essay questions from a few popular MiM programs in select business schools.

Typical MiM Essay Questions in Business Schools

Essays usually form a part of a personal statement, statement of purpose, or responses to particular questions within their online application portal. Here are some examples of typical essay type questions for MiM, mostly gathered from students through forums and uploaded responses on other sites. Each is usually limited to within 200-600 words, or as specified.
London Business School (LBS)

  • How will LBS’ MiM degree help you grow academically, personally and professionally? Not having been through the program already, this question expects you to dwell on your expectations given your understanding of what LBS MiM has to offer. While career enhancement is what you really want, a Master’s of this stature also has a significant academic growth attached to it. In essence, it would be helpful for you to emphasize how you envision yourself to evolve through the curriculum.
  • How will you impact LBS?
    This is where what you have to uniquely offer to the school can be brought to light, thus giving you the chance to set yourself apart.

Here are some similar MiM essay questions from other b-schools.
Imperial College

  • What kind of employer do you see yourself working for, after graduation? Do you possess the skills needed to succeed in it?

IE Business School

  • Cite an example of when your leadership had an impact or changed a situation. How will IE MiM help you improve this competence?
  • Describe the most outstanding leader you have worked with. How are aspects of your work similar or different than this leader?
  • Show us an activity that you enjoy doing. How does this contribute to your personal and professional development?

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

  • What has led you to pursue a graduate degree in business?
  • How will the MiM help you achieve your short and long-term goals?
  • Michigan Ross values student engagement beyond classroom. Please describe some ways you can be a contributing member to the Michigan Ross community?
  • Describe an academic challenge you faced as a college student.
  • How would your close friends or colleagues describe you?
  • Who do you consider your mentor and why?
  • Describe a situation you went above and beyond what was expected of you.


MiM Sample Essays

The internet is teeming with shortcuts, making your life seemingly easier. Whether it is the occasional urge to find answers to your assignment for a low-low price of only having you to click on their website and increase their foot traffic. Or, perhaps even have something as subjective as your life experiences, expected to be the crux of business graduate school admission essays, be web-delivered to you in the words of some “expert”.

Sample MiM essays are as effective as the McDonald’s burger image for commercials – good to look at but as you will, and everyone else eventually will, know that they aren’t real. By the time the adcom gets to “eat” it, they will be left with a shriveled-up version that is a far cry from its juicy promises. Read Sample Essays-Reasons why they won’t work for you.

We, at MBA Crystal Ball, don’t subscribe to the one size fits all version of a utopian essay. We provide MiM essay review services, give tips and suggestions, and strictly refrain from sharing even reviewed essays from our successful clients. We care about their confidentiality as much as we care for your future success.

So, on the outset, let us be clear that we don’t ever provide sample essay templates where you can rearrange the school names to make them your own. Here are some reasons why.

Why are Sample Essays useless?

The question should be rather – Why are sample essays harmful?

  • Every business school and applicant is unique. Sample essays simply ignore this reality and try to make a cookie cut impressive essay that usually has very little to do with the real deal. Since MiM essays are supposed to bridge the link between each MiM program with every MiM aspirant, details may get lost if a template is used.
  • Essays are supposed to reflect not only your “fit” for the MiM program but also your weaknesses and strengths, as is relevant to that fit. By definition, there is no single formulaic way to achieve that. One needs to spend ample time in introspection, reaching deep to understand what do they have and what do they desire to build through this degree.
  • When you use a template, you are also losing out the differentiating edge that will set you apart from the other competitive and equally accomplished candidates. What good would it do if you tell someone else’ glamorous story and be left in a pile shared by other seemingly high-achieving applicants who did the same?
  • Not to mention the highly detrimental side effect of being tagged as a plagiarizer if the admissions committee (let us remind you that this is part of their job) is able to sniff out the unnatural quality in your copied essay which is clearly not organic to you. Business schools have been known to reject applications for plagiarized MBA essays. The reality in MiM is not different.

However, using strategical tips to handle essays is quite useful. It can guide you in the right direction, keeping you from making common mistakes that usually bog down perfectly well-intentioned MiM Essays.

Tips for MiM Essays – Common mistakes and guidelines

As we have already hinted before, MiM essays have a different flavor than the much-discussed MBA essays. From our experience in the field of providing services of consulting and editing essays for graduate programs in Business, we have been able to narrow down certain common mistakes that applicants often tend to gravitate to. Here are the beware of warnings for MiM essays that demand that unique focus.

  • Quantity over quality: MiM is meant for inexperienced fresh out of college or early career professionals who don’t particularly have a lot of professional accomplishments to boast about. In lieu of the lack of the quantity of accomplishments, applicants tend to amass as many instances of what they think they can pass off as accomplishments, paying very little attention to the impact of each individual achievement. The focus should be on how have the personal, academic, or professional accomplishments, contributed to qualitatively impact your growth in spheres as desired by the MiM program – leadership, teamwork, conflict management, problem solving, and more.
  • Heavy use of jargon: Younger applicants, for MiM, tend to overcompensate for their lack of number of accomplishments with a rather overwhelming display of business-speak. However, yet again, it is not so much about how mature you can mark yourself up to be as much as it is about conveying your capabilities in simple terms. Direct words and concise messages are desirable. It is better to focus on the message rather than the garnishing.
  • Who is your essay reviewer? If it is your mother, you may never get past your well-doted image. Friends, relatives, the uncle with a corner office and an executive chair, or even past or current MiM graduates may leave you quite misguided if they are not equipped to appreciate the nuances that Admissions Committees look for. Spend considerable time in choosing your mentor, investing enough research to understand their ability to recommend edits that stay true to the direction of the essay prompts.
  • Understanding essay prompts: That brings us to the logical question – Do you fully understand the motivation behind the essay prompts and questions? Adcoms expect that you spend a considerable time reflecting the fundamental want of the essay question. Prompts may often seem to be circling the same topics unless you are clearly able to distinguish what they are trying to elucidate from your responses. Are they looking for your skills as relevant to MiM, without you listing out your merits repetitively? Are they trying you to dive into your strengths and weaknesses and understand how you deal with situations within your limitations? Can you identify your motivation without regurgitating sound-bites from a template? Are you intellectually prepared to handle the rigorous nature of the MiM program and still have the passion to pursue more, over and above the curriculum?

Of course, the other mistakes that are usually shared with any other admissions essay, irrespective of the degree, are grammatical typos and mistakes, plagiarized content, and other careless faux pas that indicate a sheer lack of research and attention to detail. Also read Pitfalls to avoid while writing B-School essays.

MiM Essay Review Services

Considering how tough the competition gets, most serious applicants hire the best MiM consultants to help them improve their changes of success. While you can find a lot of good MiM admission consultants in India, hiring the right one can make all the difference.

At MBA Crystal Ball, our MiM consultants have been working with MiM applicants for several years. Despite our number of years in essay reviewing services, we strongly refrain from settling into a formulaic approach.

Our approach, for both MBA and all business Master’s programs, including MiM, is to individually understand each applicant’s background, and motivations, through a rigorous brainstorming process.

Applicants draft their essays and we, together with the applicant, begin our reviewing and editing process, keeping true to the applicant’s story. We don’t subscribe to samples or templates.

Each applicant thus gets personalized attention and is able to create a highly differentiated essay unique to their story.
Here’s what we offer in our MiM Essay Reviews and Editing Services:

  • Standard MiM Application Review Service
  • Basic MiM Essay Review Service
  • MiM Interview Preparation Service
Standard MiM Application Review Services

Scope for each MiM program: Brainstorming call + Review and editing of MiM Essays + Recommendation review + CV review.

Pricing: 1 School: INR 42K | 2 Schools: INR 80K | 3 Schools: INR 1.14L | 4 Schools: INR 1.44L | 5 Schools: INR 1.75L | 6 Schools: INR 2.07L | 7 Schools: INR 2.31L

MiM Interview Preparation Service

Scope: Two super-charged mock interviews sessions to make you prepared to tackle the final hurdle.

Pricing: INR 20K
For queries, drop us a note on the following email ID: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com
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