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List of MiM Scholarships

Master in Management MiMMaster in Management (MiM) and its variations, namely Master of Science in Management or Master of Arts in Management, have gone up in popularity in the recent past. With its conception in the late 80s, it has been gradually climbing up to meet its a-list cousin, the MBA.

According to the GMAC application trends survey of 2017, the demand for Master in Management programs, in Europe, is gaining in on other traditional business programs in the US. GMAC reported a rise in Master in Management applications by 61% in 2013. In 2017, the growth in international MiM applications in Europe was 84%.

The reasons that favor MiM, for many is its accessibility. It is less stringent on the requirements for work experience and most importantly, it comes at a cheaper cost, in many cases, than equally reputable B-School MBAs. The fact that starting salaries, post MiM are happily in the cushy side of $100,000, also helps rest the case.
We have covered the praises and other concerns of MiM, at length in earlier articles mentioned here.

The dark cloud, that hovers over a lot of hopeful applicants, however, is the cost of getting an MiM degree. Though the price tag may not be as high as MBA, it still is quite a feat to raise capital for an MiM degree, when compared to any other conventional Masters degree.

To solve the financing headache, or rather in our attempt to smoothen out the stress creases on your forehead, we have tabulated the many scholarships available in some of the top known MiM programs (Financial Times 2017 MiM Ranking).

This is just a small sample of b-schools but clearly indicative of what lies in store for students in need of financial help, and/or the ones who deserve a financial pat for their meritorious excellence.

Master in Management Scholarships in the Top Programs


B-School Tuition Scholarships
University of St. Gallen (HSG)



Masters Tuition

– Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund, for international students completing Masters in English, at HSG

– HSG Foundation Global Shapers Scholarship, for members of the Global Shapers community

– Kistefos St. Gallen Masterclass Scholarship, for exceptional candidates from/linked to Norway

HEC Paris




– HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships, for international students

– The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, for international candidates under 30 years ($1400 allowance/month, one international trip, social security, etc)

– Local Scholarships by country are listed here

IE Business School




Financial Aid

– Fulbright/IE Business School Master’s in Management Award, for 1 award for candidates with up to 2-years work experience (~$43,000)

– Queen Rania Foundation Scholarships for Women Leaders from Jordan for any Master’s (excluding dual degree) (40% tuition)

– IE AIESEC Scholarship for 5 fellowships for candidates pursuing MiM and other programs (25% tuition)

– IE Foundation Scholarship (up to 40% tuition)

– IE Women’s Leadership Scholarship

– IE Talent Scholarship

– IE Women’s Scholarship

– IE Scholarship for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (25% tuition)

– IE Excellence Scholarship (40% tuition)

– Beta Gamma Sigma, for 5 candidates pursuing MiM and other programs (25% tuition)

– IE Entrepreneurial Scholarship for candidates pursuing MiM as a complement to their previous entrepreneurial experience

– IE Fellow Scholarship (Master’s) (40% tuition)

– Africa Talent Fellowship (20-30% tuition)

– The Middle East & Africa Scholarship with preference to women

London Business School



Financial Aid

– Masters in Management Merit Scholarship (~$11,000)

– Masters in Management Merit Scholarship for Women (~$11,000)

– Early Careers Legacy Award for candidates related to an LBS alumnus (~$11,000)

– LBS 50th Anniversary Scholarship for 1 candidate (full tuition)

– LBS Fellowship for candidates with financial need (up to ~$16,000)

– The Santander Scholarships for country residents within the Santander Universidades scheme (~$7,000)

– The Monica &Navin Valrani Scholarship for Indian women (~$27,000)

– LIFE Scholarship for Lebanese nationals ($12,000)

– Huckleberry Scholarship Thailand for Thai nationals (~$13,500)

– The GREAT Scholarship India for two Indian nationals (~$13,500)

– The Stolyarenko Scholarship Russia for 1 Russian national (~$23,500)

– David and MollyPyott Foundation Scholarship (2 awards of $27,000)

ESSEC Business School




– EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship, for international candidates under 30 years ($1400 allowance/month, one international trip, social security, etc)

– ESSEC Academic Excellence Scholarship for international candidates (75% tuition)

– CROUS Scholarship for French nationals, based on financial need

– Serge Bellanger for American students joining ESSEC and French students attending a US program ($10,000)

– Phillippe Mathe Scholarship for graduates from USA/Canada with work experience in USA/Canada ($6,000)

ESCP Europe




– ESCP Europe Scholarship for EU citizens (25%, 50% or 100% first year tuition)

– ESCP Europe Foundation for financial need students

– CROUS for French nationals (100% first year tuition)

– Local scholarships based on country (contact relevant opportunities)

WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management




– e-Fellows Master Scholarship for exceptional e-fellows Master Days Business & Economics participant, scholar, or alumnus (one semester tuition)

– In Praxi Diversity Scholarship to international financial need students (one semester tuition)

– In Praxi Women in Business Scholarship for international women (one semester tuition)

– Reduced Tuition though BAföG application for EU citizens (one semester tuition)

– Deutschlandstipendium ($355/month for 12 months)

– WHU Brain Capital GmbH for students with financial need

– More scholarships here

ESADE Business School




– The MSc Scholarship for Excellence for high GMAT scorers and outstanding applicants

– The MSc for Global Leaders Scholarship

– The Women in Management Scholarship

More Talent Scholarships here


– The MSc Graduate Fund: Leadership Scholarship

– Women in Management Scholarship

– The Asian/African/Eastern European/American Scholarships

– The Unity in Diversity Scholarship

More need based scholarships here
– FUNDACIÓN Carolina (30% tuition)

– CLADEA Full Scholarship for Latin Americans who graduated from a CLADEA member school

University of Bocconi




– ISU Bocconi Scholarship for need based applicants

– Bocconi Graduate Merit Award (full tuition for the first year)

– Bocconi International Award Graduate for outstanding international applicants (50% first year tuition)

Rotterdam Erasmus


$27,500 for non-EU

MScBA Master in Management

– India Orange Tulip Scholarship Program for Indian students ($13,500)

– China Scholarship Council

– Orange Tulip Program for Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam

– RSM non-EEA Scholarship of Excellence (100% tuition)

– Holland Scholarship for non-EEA students

– G&D Europe Scholarship

– Russia The Global Education Program for Russian students

More info here

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London Business School MiM Review

Good luck with your financing troubles and here are some related scholarship articles.

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9 thoughts on “List of MiM Scholarships”

  1. Hi….my name is kailash
    My cgpa is 9.24 and with what gre score can I get scholarships…I have 2 internships and also very good lors and a good sop and I didn’t write gre yet

  2. Hi,

    My profile is as below:
    GRE – 323(167 in quant and 3.5 in AWA)
    TOEFL – 106(26 in speaking and 28 in writing)
    GPA -9.39/10 in computer science
    2.2 years experience in reputed R&D
    5 months internship in reputed MNC
    1 IEEE technical paper selected for international conference
    Several projects, scholarships, awards and extra curricular activities.

    Do you feel my GRE score could hinder my chance for MIT, Princeton or Harvard?

  3. You mentioned the top elite universities do not require work experience , but I was going through the main websites for the scholarship purpose for MBA programmes, It requires min 2 years of work experience. Kindly guide me regarding mba scholarships for freshers.

  4. Hi, while I am averaging ~670 on my practice scores on gmat, someone adviced me to try GRE as it’s an easier exam. And I got a 324 on trial.

    This made me really hopeful as a little more work will mean I can breach the 730 mark on the converted score.

    I am interested in knowing if I will still be able to get into the scholarship list if I submit a GRE score instead of a GMAT

  5. Hi,

    I am having around 9 years of experience and for last 5 years working with a renowned IT organization.
    Worked across many sectors like automotive, consulting, IT etc in Quality consulting domain more of process consulting in past.

    Wish to purse 1 year MBA.

    1- Not decided to go for some Indian institution or abroad ?
    2- To prepare for CAT or GMAT ?
    3- How to search good institutions that are offering 1 year MBA, scholarship etc. ?
    4- Decision Specialization area?

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. @Kailash: The GRE score along won’t decide whether you’ll get a scholarship or not. Your graduating college, your extra curriculars, your rationale for pursuing the course, the competition will play a role.

    @Nayana: Here’s a list of the average GRE scores at the top universities. Your score will be on the lower side in comparison to what the elite programs expect.

    @Chetna: For MBA programs, the averge work expereince in the class is around 5 years. While a (very) few elite programs might accept freshers, for scholarship considerations, they may have different policies.

    @Gupta: That’s a good starting score. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you submit a GMAT or GRE score. You will be considered for a scholarship if you put in a competitive application.

    @Rohit: Go for GMAT. One year programs will be a better fit than 2-years. You can use any of the top bschool rankings to get started on the program selection. Check this out:

  7. I graduated in 2017 but haven’t worked consistently in any company for a long time to accumulate a good work experience. I will turn 26 in 2019 June. Will applying for MiM a good idea considering my age? I don’t want to go for MBA since it will be be a financially tougher for me. What do you suggest?

  8. I have heard that it is nearly impossible to get scholarship for international students especially in management courses. I am giving GMAT I feel I can score around 640, is there any chance that I can get scholarship.


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