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Best Masters in Management (MiM) Programs

When our previous post on MiM vs MBA started getting more visits than we anticipated, we realised how popular these Masters in Management programs have become among young candidates.

For ambitious applicants with lesser experience who don’t want to wait for a few more years to qualify for a top MBA course, MiM programs seem like a good bet.

The MIM degree or Master in Management program has been gaining in popularity in the recent years. This program was earlier Europe-centric which is why European schools tend to figure at the top in the FT (Financial Times) MIM rankings and almost dominate the entire list of schools provided. Even our Indian colleges are not lagging behind and have found a place in the FT rankings.

Though USA is a popular MBA destination, the MiM course is relatively new and offered by only some of the U.S colleges.

The MIM is a highly sought after degree as students feel it has an edge over other programs on account of the following factors:

  • Firstly it requires you to have very little or no prior work experience, so students who wish to pursue a management stream find it convenient to complete their education in one shot instead of taking a career break later on (Read MiM after BBA).
  • Secondly, the cost is much lower when compared to an MBA degree, so it seems to be a cost-effective option.
  • Thirdly, it also gives you the opportunity to study and find work in the country of your choice.

You’ll stumble across the term ‘CEMS MIM’ several times in this article. If you are not yet familiar with the CEMS MIM, here’s a little background.

CEMS is a global alliance in Management Education founded in Europe comprising of 34 universities as well as corporates. It aims at providing world-class MIM (Masters in International Management) education by bringing together academic institutes and multinational companies as well as NGOs so that knowledge obtained through academics can be merged with practical learning.
[Editor’s Note: Article updated in August 2021 to reflect the latest data]

Top 10 Masters in Management (MiM) Programs

Master in Management MiM

In this post, we’ll go through the list of schools as per the Masters in Management rankings provided by FT and get insights about the programs offered by these universities,

1. University of St. Gallen

Location: Switzerland

St. Gallen offers a one year CEMS MIM program. In addition to the various CEMS courses, there’ll be skill seminars, block seminars, business project, global leadership seminar and research project. You get to spend a semester at one of the CEMS partner colleges. As per CEMS requirement, you need to complete at least 8 weeks of internship abroad to complete the course.

2. HEC Paris

Location: France

The Masters in Management Grande Ecole program is an 18 month long program and combines general management with specialisations. You can choose to specialise in Management or Management & Business Law or Management and Public Affairs or any of the seven options available and accordingly you’ll be awarded a Master’s degree for the same. These double degree programs between HEC and a foreign university (like China’s Tsinghua, India’s IIMA, Italy’s Bocconi, Switzerland’s St. Gallen, Singapore’s NUS, and USA’s MIT, Yale and Berkeley Haas) provide additional exposure and networking opportunities.

The first year (M1) begins in September with the foundation courses which comprise of core courses, electives, case studies and projects.

After completion of M1, you have the option of taking a year off before resuming with the second year (M2) or the specialisation phase. This gap period may be used to pursue either an internship or any other activity of your choice.

Tuition costs for international students: $51,200

3. ESSEC Business School

Locations: France and Singapore

ESSEC offers the Master of Science in Management. In addition to the core course and electives, you’re required to complete 12 months of professional experience. The program also has a mandatory international requirement where you’ve to spend at least 6 months outside your country of residence during the course of your study or work.

Tuition costs for international students: $50,000

4. London Business School

Location: UK

The MIM is a 12 to 16 months program beginning in September (with a month long online pre- programme prep). The diversity in study group allows you to interact with peers of diverse cultural and academic background.

It includes global business immersion field trips, London Lab and business treks that give you a complete experience with exposure to the company culture and a chance explore the real world of business.

The global immersion field trip enriches your MIM experience by giving you a chance to interact with business leaders, visit top companies, attend lectures and improve your network and contacts.

Tuition costs for international students: $51,000

5. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Location: Netherlands

The MScIM (International Management)-CEMS is an 18 month program gives you a chance to learn practical skills by means of projects, seminars as well as case studies.
You would get a chance to interact with batchmates from various disciplines; the college encourages sharing and questioning of individual views which would be a value addition in the learning process.
You’d be awarded RSM’s MSc in International Management degree as well as the CEMS-Master in Management.

Tuition costs for international students: $33,000

6. ESCP Europe

Locations: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy

The MIM is a 2-3 years Masters program which gives you the option of studying in a minimum of two and upto five different countries and master fluency in three languages. You’d need to complete at least 9 months of internship as an essential requirement for completion of the course.

This experience would give you the essential experience which would be useful during the job recruitment process. The courses drive long term career progression and the specialized electives help launch careers. Specializations (61 of them) like Finance, Marketing, Sustainability, Data Science, etc. span much more than the typical electives.

The seminars are also a unique opportunity which brings all the current students together.

Fees for international students: $52,000
Read MiM at ESCP Europe – Indian student’s experience

7. Stockholm School of Economics

Location: Sweden

The 2-year Master in International Business, featured on the FT ranking, has all the elements necessary to learn management, innovation, and strategy in the real world through its deep dive courses, live projects, and exchange program with other business school elites. As part of the CEMS team of schools, students get a pre-approved chance to pursue a CEMS International Management double degree Master’s in the second year.

Upon graduation students embark on successful corporate and academic careers, backed by the international management training to excel in a global business environment.

Tuition costs for international students: $17,500

8. University College Dublin Smurfit

Location: Ireland

A diverse student body, from all academic background, are given the opportunity for a sound academic and practical training. Faculty members bring in truly global and corporate experiences and recruiters from Microsoft, Google, Unilever, Accenture, and more international brand powerhouses flock in to hire these graduates.

The program is only 12-month long with the option of a year longer part-time program for working folks.

Tuition costs for international students: $23,500

9. SDA Bocconi

Location: Italy

The MSc in International Management at SDA Bocconi offers three options to three different international learning environments – International Management, CEMS MiM, and China MiM. Students acquire the tools to understand business on a global stage – knowledge of international business, analytical and strategic learning resources, and professional skills.

Students have the opportunity to study abroad in the second year of the 2-year program.

Tuition costs for international students: $32,000

10. Imperial College Business School

Location: UK

This one-year MSc in International Management help students gain the leadership and technological edge to lead in a global business scenario. In its curriculum, students get the opportunity for programs like Leadership in Action, an international consulting experience, a European Immersion trip for hands on training, and optional exchange opportunities. Being part of the Global MiM network (with ESMT, Singapore Management University, Queen University’s Smith, and IE Business school) helps students collaborate and gain additional exposure and certificates reflecting courses from the partner institutions.
There is also the chance to study abroad in one of twelve global partner universities with the likes of ESCP Europe, ESSEC, HEC, and more.

Tuition costs for international students: $46,000
A special mention about CEMS, a Global Alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master in International Management. A number of the top ranked MiM programs offer a dual management degree through CEMS and a chance to benefit from the cross-cultural and cross-university learning environment. Of the 34 institutes offering CEMS MIM, we’ve listed out some of the familiar ones in countries including Singapore, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and also, one in India.

  • HEC Paris, France
  • Ivey Business School, Canada
  • HKUST Business School, Hongkong
  • ESADE Business School, Spain
  • University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • IIM Calcutta, India
  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K.
  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland

INSEAD has launched its MiM program relatively recently. Financial Times expects several years of data, for a program to be considered in its ranking. We’re sure INSEAD will figure in the new MiM rankings soon.

Best MiM Colleges in USA

Taking note of the increasing number of students opting for the MIM programs, business schools in the US have also started offering it. Some of the top schools on the list include:

1) Kellogg School of Management offers a one year MS in management studies.

2) University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has a 10 month long Master of Management program.

3) Babson College offers a nine month long Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL)

4) Duke University Fuqua School of Business offers the MMS (Master of Management Studies) in two formats:

  • The MMS: Foundations of Business program (MMS: FOB) is ten month long and can be completed on the US campus.
  • MMS: Duke Kunshan University program (MMS: DKU) can be completed partially on the US campus and then on the China campus.

Find out more in the article – Masters in Management (MiM) Program Rankings in the world

Want to join a free MiM Program?

There’s good news for those interested in exploring a free tuition opportunity.

Historically, the Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen located in Norway has offered the CEMS MIM with free tuition and no application fee to international students as well.

However, you would have to take into account the living expenses during your study period as Norway is considered an expensive city to live in.

The current university page doesn’t mention a free ride but as with everything else, in these changing times and global economic scenarios, it is best to research the latest in financial aid and assistance before you dive in.

Best MiM consultants in India

Our team consisting of the top MiM consultants in India and abroad have helped many MiM applicants get into their dream schools. Here’s one such example of a candidate reviewing her London Business School MiM application story.

London Business School MiM Review

If you’re looking for some professional firepower and counselling to help you crack into the top MiM programs, read how we can help with MiM essay reviews. Drop us an email: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

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  1. Hi Sameer,

    My name is Sameer too 🙂 I got a chance to read your book -beyond the mba hype.Very informative book,liked it.I just have one question after reading your book & going through your website.How come many people pursue MBA from USA when the program costs so much leaving many in debt especially since MBA is not a STEM degree & is only eligible for a 1 year OPT extension,don’t many of them be forced to return back once their OPT expires?

    You just have one shot to get a H1B unlike a STEM program where a 17 month OPT extension gives them a couple of more shots at H1B.Isn’t it a serious disadvantage?Don’t many people return to India with large debts ?What does your experience/data suggests?

    PS: I am an US MBA aspirant & plan to take your services next year.But the issue i mentioned above scares me despite the great education the top/good schools provide there.This issue can also be extended to people wanting to pursue MIM in USA.

  2. Hello ‘Sameer too’,

    All the concerns and risks (related to visas) you’ve listed are real.

    The good part is that folks like you who’ve done their research (and read the book!) are aware of the pitfalls.

    A huge majority of applicants fail to recognise the challenges that are bound to come up after they get into a good business school (which for many is an end in itself).

    At the end of the day, as with any other investment, the idea is to:

    – Weigh the pros and cons of the decision (whether it’s an MBA degree, or MiM or PhD).

    – Have a backup plan in place (i.e. what will you do if you don’t get an H1B and are forced to return to India)

    – And never, NEVER, stretch your financial resources beyond what you can afford to lose. If you do, then it’s not an investment, it’s a gamble.

    Take calculated risks, but also ensure that you’ll live to fight another battle if you lose this one.

    Baaki sab kushal mangal!

    • Thank you for responding & nicely summing it up.Hope people consider these aspects before taking the plunge.I wish your book becomes one of the best sellers in India ,that way it is a win win for you as well as the students.Good luck !!

      PS:From my bit i will try to gift or share this book with my friends who don’t know where to look or how to start.

      • Hi Sameer,

        I’m in a similar dilemma that you were in 4 years ago. Trying to find a masters in management degree which is STEM eligible. Was wondering if you figured it out.


  3. Hello .. my name is Rachita and I have recently completed my Bcom .. I just want to know that what are the career opportunities after this MiM course if I plan to return India after the course?

  4. @Rachita: The value of an MiM degree will be the highest in the country you graduate from.

    In India, you’ll be competing with regular MBA grads from colleges that have a better brand recognition with local recruiters. Not a good situation to be in.

  5. Hi Sameer,

    Your posts have resolved many of my core concerns, Thanks for that first

    I am currently working as a Software developer in an Indian IT firm, have 2 years of work experience.And I have got a GMAT score of 680.

    I was looking to opt for a MBA program in Strategic planning, but then i came across many programs which wanted minimum or desired as they say 4 years of Work experience.

    I wanted your opinion on what are my chances of getting admission for MBA with 2 years work experience, as if the chances are less i can opt for MIM
    Thanks & Regards

  6. Hello Sameer Sir,

    I have just completed my BSc(IT) but i don’t have any interest in Software development so I was planning for a management degree.
    And the problem is I am confused what to do MIM or MBA i don’t have any information or idea about both the courses. It would be really helpful if you can do a bit of my career Counselling.

    Awaiting for your reply.


  7. @Salil: You can apply to MBA programs next year, when you’ll have 3 years experience while applying and 4 years at the start of the MBA course. MiM won’t be a good idea at this stage.

    @Pinky: We’ve shared a link (in the very first line) in the article above that compares MiM with MBA. Check it out. There’s another option too – traditional 2-year MBA programs in India.

  8. Hi Sameer, I am currently in my final year of college pursing Bcom(Hons) and will be a graduate by March 2016. I plan to pursue my MBA in Canada and all the top notch universities require 16 years of education + considerable work ex.
    However with completion of my Bcom (H) degree I will be done with 15 years of education (12+3) , what are the 1 year courses you suggest that i can pursue in Canada itself which will serve as the 16th year of education?
    Also, which are the reputed universities in Canada that provde MIM?
    Thanks and Regards.

  9. Hello Sir,
    Your post is really informative.I have just completed my engineering this year and have come to realize that I want to change my field.I also gave GRE and scored 315 few months back and intend to apply for MIM this year but I’m still having doubts about my decision.Is a MIM course really worth it or should I wait for a few years and then go for MBA?If yes,then is it possible to pursue MBA after completing MIM course and working for say,2-3 years?Also can you tell me what’s the average salary a MIM graduate can expect?
    Sorry for pestering you with so many questions but I am really confused right now and need your guidance.

  10. I had an year back in engineering that too not from a good university due to some family dre any chance for me getting into top 50 mba in us?.I got a 760 score in gmat.please help me.I am extremely demotivated.i have 3 years of work ex.

  11. HI Sameer,

    I am a chartered Accountant with one year of post qualification work experience in tax consultancy. I wish to change my job profile and enter industry in a management role (or atleast some role that leads to management). So I recently took gmat and scored 720. Since my work ex is really low to apply to a good mba program, would you suggest I opt for MiM?? what are the job opportunities in US after MiM (considering you have already stated above that in India one should not expect same treatment for MiM as it is meted out to MBA).
    Thanks in advance

  12. Respected sir,
    I’m a student in the 4th year, pursuing my BA.LLB(Hons.) from the National Law University, Raipur. I’ve done a variety of Internships, including a major media and entertainment MNC, and a couple of major law firms and have experience in M&A, Investment and Intellectual Property Laws. I’ve also done pro-bono legal and management work for a startup worth 13 Crores. My CGPA is above-average (top 20%) and my grades in school were above 90% in both 10th and 12th. I’ve also done a variety of extra-curriculars, including Parliamentary Debates, Moot Court competitions and Conferences and have volunteered at an NGO specialising in Disability Rights and Laws. Through the course of my internship I’ve realized that the management side of the corporate process interested me more than the legal side.I now wish to pursue a Master in Management program at a good university and plan to write my GMAT next year. Apart from my GMAT, which parts of my CV would you suggest I improve? Also, what kinds of opportunities would i get from top US management schools that offer an MIM, such as Kellogg or Fuqua? Are they comparable to the top european schools, or is the program not given value in the US? Looking forward to your response.

  13. @Arunima: I won’t recommend an MiM + MBA combination. Go for one and move on with your career.

    @Shikha: Your GMAT score shows that you have the aptitude. Go ahead and apply, ensuring that you explain what the family problem was that made you drop a year.

    @Surabhi: If time is an issue, then try for MiM options. Would be better if you can hold on to your plans for a year more. The GMAT score is good.

    @Aditya: Your extra-curriculars are diverse. That should help. Try going deeper into 1-2 of them so it doesn’t seem like you’ve been dabbling in too many things without showing a serious commitment to anything specific. Kellogg and Fuqua have stronger brands than many European bschools. The visa regime in the US is better than Europe.

  14. hi sameer.
    I have completed my btech (mechanical engineering) in july 2015 from a private university. i have a job offer from tcs. but i want to pursue MIM in the states.
    10th- 84.2%
    I have done intership for 3 months in escorts. Have been actively participating in a NGO. I have been participating in various extra curricular activities aswell.
    Can i get any decent university or should i give GMAT again.
    looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    thanks and regards.

  15. Sir,
    I completed my BE in biomedical engineering and have taken an year gap for preparing for Various MBA entrance examz..Now I’m also thinking about MIM will it be a good option for me considering the fact that I do not have any work experience.

  16. Hi

    Good day to you.

    I am struggling to estimate my chances of getting into any of the MIM courses in Europe. Can you tell me how or who can give me a realistic idea on which colleges I can get into.

    I am B.Tech Chemical Engineer with two years work exp in Water Industry employed by an Austrian MNC as a Proposal Management Trainee/ Engineer with experience in international tendering and successful order booking.

    Kindly request you to address my query.

    With Kind Regards

  17. Hi Sameer,

    I have done engineering in Computer Science and I’m currently an IT engineer with one year experience. My GMAT is very low i.e. 610.
    Do you suggest applying for MIM right now? If yes, then which colleges would be likely to accept my application.

  18. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my graduation this year, having pursued B.Com (Honours) from a top college under Delhi University and then joined my family business and have 7 months of work experience at the moment, but i am not sure whether family business experience is recognized so let’s say my work ex is none. I intend to apply for MIM in the states but my profile below allows me to get into only universities like University of Massachusetts, Saunders school of business (RIT), Pepperdine University, Florida International University or University of Texas at Dallas. The reason is partly because i have a business graduate degree, which is not recommended for MIM in the certain universities in the US and the other reason being a low GMAT (Giving a reattempt is out of the question).

    10th score- 93.1%
    12th score- 95.8% Honours- 73.96%
    GMAT 1st attempt- 570, 2nd attempt- 590
    Internship period in an NGO startup in college- 2 years
    Work experience post college in family business- 7 months at this moment

    What do you think are my chances of landing a job in the states after pursuing MIM from aforementioned universities, given that i have a family business experience of 7 months? Also, getting into these universities is even worth it? Just give it to me straight please as I am not sure whether landing a job in the US is easy or not, especially after graduating from universities like this, as from what i heard employers in the USA specifically look for students from branded universities.

    I would be really obliged if you could guide me in this regard as i am really really confused and running out of time for application.

  19. Hi,
    I am in the final year of chemical engineering (DCE), and I am certain about changing my field. I am really confused about which course to go for- MIM or MBA after a couple of years. I do not wish to continue my education in India. The problem is that no one would hire a chemical engineer for management roles and I do not wish to pursue chemical engineering.
    Thanks in advance

  20. Hello Sameer Sir,

    I am a Chartered Accountant. I have a work experience of only 6 months in the form of work I do for my family business(Manufacturing Unit) and the 3 years of articleship which is compulsory for the CA Course.
    I scored a 640 in my GMAT and my Toefl test is on 5th March. I want to apply to HEC Paris and Esade for their MIM programs. But donot know if i have a chance.
    I scored: 87.53% in my tenth, 82.83% in my 12th, cleared my Bcom(correspondence) with a Distinction and cleared CA final in my first attempt.
    The negative point in my profile is that i don’t have a lot of extracurricular activities. I do a lot of Craft and art and sell it, though it is nothing big. My other hobbies are dancing, reading and travelling.
    I want to do an MIM abroad to open international doors and get into the field of Investment Banking especially in the sectors of M&A or Brand Valuation or Market analysis.
    Please advise me on if I have a chance in these colleges, or should I work for a period of 3-4 years and apply for an MBA. and should I reappear for my GMAT for a better score.
    Also, I was planning on applying now for the September 2016 intake, do you advice against it?

  21. Hello sir,

    I have completed my MBA in India in 2013, I have no work experience. I aspire to study in USA. Will MIM be a good option for me?

    Thank you.

  22. Hi Sameer Sir!. I am an Indian student currently in the final year of Computer Science and Engineering at GTBIT,Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ,New Delhi batch of (2012-2016) .I wish to get into the Nus Mim Cems programme in january 2017 session.
    I plan to take my Gmat in a month or so …..What is the ideal score that I should Aim For???
    Academic Profile:
    10th grade:91.75%
    12th grade:77%
    Summer Internship:as a web developer at Ecommittee,Supreme Court Of India(2 mnths)
    Have done a paper presentation and a few projects in java,php,etc.
    Have a few co-curricular achievements.(Editor at college magazine,was part of literary club,active blogger,class representative)
    Please can someone suggest how can I improve my profile.Is it extremely hard to make it to NUS Mim programme?

  23. Hello Sir,
    This is Karan, I have done my graduation in B.B.A and have 1 year of work experience in the field of Marketing. As i know that to reach a good pay i would have to work for a lot of years and i don’t want to risk it just by doing B.B.A. Thus, i would like to do a Master in Marketing Management course in India itself. So are there any good colleges in India other than the IIM’s?

  24. Hi Sameer,

    I’m currently preparing for GMAT and have a work ex of 22 months (1 year 10 months) with a sports retail brand. Finished B.Sc. Hons in Statistics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and have been trained in basketball for 11 years having represented my state at the youth nationals. Have worked with 2 NGOs for child development programs. Had an average score in my bachelor’s,56% (second division) and 91% in both 10th and 12th.

    Need your help whether I should apply for MiM or MBA ? I’m targeting the top 10 in the USA, INSEAD in France, IE in Spain. Is having so many colleges as options good or should I restrict my application to just a few of them? Is there anything else I need to worry about ?

  25. Hello
    I have few questions
    1) does master in management (MIM) degree come under stem
    2) what kind of job opportunities are available in USA after completion of this degree

  26. Hello

    I would like to know that about the scholarships if any for MIM degree from abroad as the normal tuition fees is a whole lot.
    I am preparing for CAT so is there a lot of difference between GMAT ad CAT or we can cope up with GMAT if we prepare well for CAT.


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