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INSEAD MiM Review: Placements, salary, GMAT, class profile, fee, how to get in from India

What does it take to get into the INSEAD MiM program?
How does the class profile look?
What do you need to apply?

In this article, we cover all this and more.

We invited Sahil Ahuja, a successful INSEAD MiM admit from India to share his application journey, and 3 important things that aspirants need to keep in mind to get into the INSEAD MiM. His GMAT score was below 700, but he managed to impress the INSEAD admissions team with his essays.


Fee, placement, salary, format, duration

Duration / Format

The INSEAD Master in Management (MiM) is a 14 to 16-month program. It is broken up into 5 periods, each of 8 weeks duration. Each period has 2 weeks of experiential learning too.

Finally, there is a 4-6 months Professional Exposure period at the end of the program for gaining real-world perspective.


A bachelor’s degree and GMAT / GRE score are basic requirements for the application. The program values candidates with international motivation and experience.

Apart from online application which has essays, recommendations, resume etc, they also have a Kira Talent online video essays.

There is no work experience requirement though many students do bring in some experience.

INSEAD MiM Class profile

Average age 22
Average work experience 8 months
GMAT range 620 – 730 (80 percentile)
Countries 35
Women 38%


The tuition fee for the Class of 2024 is €49,500 (roughly 44 Lakhs in Indian Rupees).

In addition, the program estimates living expense to the tune of €20,975 (₹18.5 Lakhs) for the course duration. The tuition fee is payable in three installments.

There are a lot of internal and external scholarships available on the program website. The school also has extensive funding resources by country.

Placements & Average Starting Salary

The program has a strong Career Development Centre including career coaches, specialists and operations spread globally.

The MiM’21 class was reported to have had a 99% placements 3 months after graduation. It counts the likes of BCG, McKinsey, Amazon, Bain and Accenture among its top recruiters.

The median annual base salary for INSEAD MiM graduates was reported as USD 55,400. That’s a pretty good average starting salary for fresh grads without experience. So don’t compare it to what INSEAD MBA grads are making.

Acceptance Rate

The official website does not reveal the acceptance rate for INSEAD MiM.

You may find third-party websites and discussion forums mentioning that the acceptance rate is 30% for the INSEAD MiM. But these are just estimates and likely to be inaccurate.

Rather than worrying about the selectivity, focus on improving your chances by putting in a good application. Check out the success story below for more on that.


The INSEAD MiM program is frequently featured among the top programs by several rankings. It ranked #4 on QS World University Rankings 2022. It isn’t ranked by Financial Times yet, since it’s a relatively new program. But it’ll get there soon.

A lot of the program’s impact also stems from being part of the INSEAD ecosystem that has been a top ranked MBA program for several years.

How I got into INSEAD MiM from India with an average GMAT score

by Sahil Ahuja


INSEAD MiM Review: Placements, salary, GMAT, class profile, fee, how to get in

Hi! I am flying out to France in August 2023 to join the INSEAD MIM program with a brilliant bunch from across the globe.

The purpose of my writing will be to share my application journey with all future applicants, and I will try to keep it as informative as possible.

I still remember it was a regular day at work, but there was a sense of eagerness and anxiety as I knew I would hear from Adcom about my result for admission anytime now.

In the middle of the day, my phone started ringing, kept on the table of a quiet conference room.

I stormed out of the room to pick up the call as soon as I got a peak of the unknown caller id, with a location mentioned as France below.

I picked up with my heart pounding out of my chest, and I couldn’t believe it for a moment when the lady on the other side of the phone announced that I had gotten into one of the best business schools in the world.

As I started giving the news to my loved ones, I reflected on the journey that it has been, from taking GMAT a year ago to pressing the submit button, to conclude that it was simple. I repeat- “Simple”, not easy.

If I were to summarise, the things that helped me through the entire application process were:

1. Clear Motivation

Becoming a business person was never a doubt. Also, I knew that what I study at a top-tier business school won’t be much different from any decent business school in my country, and I’ll learn how to do business by eventually doing it.

But, It was the people and to elevate my life experiences that I wanted to attend a business school of such stature. I was precise with my requirement of attending an A-grade one-year management program.

Hence, I just applied to 3 schools in total and chose not to get admitted to a business school in the forthcoming session if I don’t get in. So, there was no plan B school.

2. Authenticity

The most essential and fruitful part of the application was not writing essays, taking the GMAT, or collecting references, but just sitting AND THINKING. It was gut-wrenching, to be honest.

I remember spending hours before starting with each essay topic and introspecting about myself to eventually pen down the most authentic portrayal of who I am.

I know my CV doesn’t define me as I am not the only commerce graduate with few internships under my belt who wants to make it big in life.

It comes down to what lets you make those choices, what you did throughout, and how that will help you become the person you want to become.

I always wondered how I stand a chance against all these brilliant people with exceptional profiles, and the answer was simple: show who you are.

3. Right Guidance

If you approach things the right way, there’s not much to the application process.

Be it talking to your friends who have already made it, watching the right content by creators across social media platforms, or taking the help of trusted providers such as MBA Crystal Ball, make sure to avoid the noise and understand what the AdComs are looking for in a candidate, as it is consequential.

All the points I have covered above have been a part of my learning from any of these above resources.

I cannot emphasise this enough, but all you have to do throughout the application is highlight the impact that you have made in every aspect of your life, and it won’t matter where you come from.

Sorry if I missed any of the points, which is bound to happen as it is my first time doing something like this.

If you are looking for perfect guidance from experts and have resources to spend on your future, I would suggest you go to one of the admission counsellors for help (don’t outsource the work but try to keep the interruption as minimal as possible because otherwise, you won’t learn anything).

My choice for interview prep was Manish and his team at MBA Crystal Ball, as I didn’t want to risk my chances of getting in, and it worked out for me, but your choice may happen to be someone else.

Still, if you wish to make the same choice, I would love to share my experience with the MBA Crystal Ball, which was pretty smooth.

The MBA Crystal Ball team assigned me an INSEAD alumnus to help me prepare for my interview, which gave me a sense of relief that I was learning from a person who has been in my shoes.

Kudos to Mr Ravi Agarwal for all his constructive feedback, as I still remember the massive difference between the first mock and the last mock we did.

It hurts to say this, but I was horrible at first. Altogether, The process was very structured and precise, and it didn’t leave a doubt of missing out on anything.

I will conclude by saying that getting into your dream school is not the dream but a step towards your ultimate goal. All the very best to you all!

In case I can help you in any way, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Send across an email if you need help with your MBA or MiM applications:
info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

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