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What is an MBA? | MBA Information

What is an MBA?

An MBA (you probably know the full form of MBA) is a post-graduate professional degree that imparts management education and prepares the ground for the candidate to take vital decisions in career or business.

The MBA was first introduced in the U.S.A. towards the end of the nineteenth century. It has ever since evolved and has emerged as an effective program that equips students with the essential knowledge regarding various strategies that can practically be applied in the corporate world or business.

It provides training and prepares the students with the required skills to be successful leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

It is not just the core subjects or the electives that contribute to this process but also the entire one or two-year period of interaction, teamwork, group discussions and social interaction wherein students develop essential soft-skills which also play a key role in their developmental process.

Majority of the B-schools require candidates to complete12+4 years of education to be eligible to apply. Again most of the schools expect 2-3 years of work experience while applying.

While deciding to apply for an MBA program the candidate needs to adhere to a few basics.The thought process needs to be clear so does one’s expectation from an MBA.

If a change of stream is the sole objective, then colleges should be appropriately chosen so that this change is facilitated. This would imply choosing a college with a broader choice of electives in that particular area of interest or a track record of the college in successfully allowing this transition and placing students in diverse streams.

The budget, course duration, applicant age, and geographical preferences also play a significant role in deciding the college a person would like to apply to.

Considering the increasing number of applicants each year to each of the top business schools, the entry criteria have become even more stringent. Gathering together the various elements required to make a B-school application seems like a Herculean task.

But this effort pays back if the candidate is successful in securing a place in a reputed business school. In fact, this one-time investment in terms of effort, time and money would continue to pay back returns for a life-time.

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