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The context

Ever since I started helping MBA aspirants (way before I formally launched MBA Crystal Ball to offer formal admissions consulting services), I realized that there was a big disconnect between what applicants were expecting from an international MBA degree and what bschools could offer.

I realised that the MBA degree has become the celeb among all academic degrees, enjoying demigod status. No other degree commands the insane salaries, the larger-than-life success stories and disproportionate amount of media coverage.

Unfortunately, a large number of candidates get carried away by the hype. The thought that an MBA degree carries the same (if not more) risks as any other degree never crosses their mind. The same over-optimistic folks end up burning their fingers and life-savings.

That was the primary motivation for writing my book (Beyond The MBA Hype), which highlights the risks that need to be kept in mind by higher ed aspirants before taking the plunge.

It’s been almost a decade since the book was first published. It became a best-seller and there have been several reprints since then. I’ve also been talking about the risks in the numerous articles I’ve written on our blog as well as the social media posts.

But over the years, the number of candidates I come across with unrealistic expectations from an MBA have only increased.

The trigger

Though our blog has been popular for over a decade, we’ve been active on our Youtube channel for only a couple of years. Compared to other teams in the MBA industry that have published hundreds of videos, we’ve published very few. But our viewership has grown beyond our expectations.

Channel stats: 4.6 Million views, 83,000+ subscribers, 60 videos

While a majority of our viewers are from India, we get a considerable proportion (around 31%) of international viewers as well. All our videos are in English.

Several viewers have asked us to create videos in Hindi. But we’ve mostly ignored the idea to avoid alienating our regular (English content) followers.

But when we recently got yet another request to create something in Hindi, it got me thinking. The message that I’ve been trying to convey through my book and blogs has been limited to the English speaking audience.

However, the problem (of expectation mismatch) is more prevalent among those who aren’t comfortable with English. Without access to any resources in their local language, they’re more prone to becoming victims of the MBA hype.

I thought our Youtube channel would provide a good platform to create awareness around an important topic that seldom gets discussed in the open.

Before creating the video, I asked our channel viewers what they felt about an experimental Hindi video on our channel. While some were against the idea, the majority were in favour. Someone suggested making a fun video. Someone else suggested creating something around the MBA Hype.

I took some of those suggestions while working on the video. Instead of a regular voiceover, I thought a rap song might connect better with the younger viewers.

Interestingly, a few folks cautioned me that a video highlighting the risks of higher ed would be a bad idea for an admissions consulting team, as it could drive away prospective clients.

I didn’t see that to be a real concern. My book, website and channel has consistently highlighted this over the years, and none of it hasn’t brought down my consulting business. So I didn’t think another video delivering the same message would cause much damage either.

In fact, given our boutique operating model and limited consulting capacity, we prefer working with fewer applicants who’ve spent time reading out content and then approached us with practical expectations. Those are the ones who’re more likely to succeed after getting an MBA degree.

The video

The video narrates the story of a candidate with no real interest in academics who gets enamoured by the high MBA salaries. It covers the journey that results from his impulsive decision. The lyrics incorporate cultural/Bollywood references and wordplay.

Video Link

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Video Stats

Views: 8,300 (100% organic, 0% paid)

Geo mix: 77% Indian, 23% international

40% watched with English subtitles


My initial apprehension was whether viewers would be willing to overlook the fact that the rapper is musically challenged and focus more on the underlying message in the video.

To my surprise, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Here are some reactions from industry professionals, test prep experts, MBA graduates and students.

From social media

Shoutout to Sameer Kamat for highlighting the importance of doing your research before pursuing an MBA abroad! I recommend aspiring applicants to watch the MBA Rap video created by the team at MBA Crystal Ball to learn about the MBA life while enjoying some good music.

  • Tarang Gupta (Wharton MBA student)

In his recent rap video, Sameer Kamat has done a fantastic job explaining the pitfalls of going for an MBA just because others around are doing the same. I enjoyed watching the video, and wondered as I watched how creativity can make such a straight-faced topic come to life! 🙂

  • Chiranjeev Singh (GMAT tutor)

With super-relatable lyrics and fun tunes, he has explained the importance of research and risk planning before going for a management program abroad.

  • Rhea Sharma (Student)


India’s first MBA rap song video made by Sameer Kamat. This song comprehensively yet hilariously portrays the pitfalls of not doing proper research before opting in for just any MBA program. Though made in lighter vein this rap song carries a serious message for MBA aspirants. Must watch!

  • Varun Sanyal (ISB graduate)


Harsh truth bundled up in this Hilarious MBA rap video from our very own Sameer Kamat!

  • Ayush Updhaya (Marketing professional)


Just saw a hilarious video about MBA abroad!
Admiring how much creativity was used to come up with this, and resist the urge to not have fancy cars and hot women in a rap music video.

  • Garv Malik (Standup comedian)


In his recent rap video, Sameer Kamat has beautifully explained how the decision to do an MBA should be carefully thought of by an individual as per his/her profile and career aspirations, and not by imitating others. An MBA is a big step in one’s career journey. Considerations such as when to do it and where to do it from define what you make out of this experience. The video is both engaging as well as informative.

  • Mohit Geat (GMAT Coach and admissions consultant)


If you need a reality check about life during and after MBA, just watch the new Rap song by Sameer Kamat. Funny, Quirky and On-Point!!

  • Akshay Vallam (MBA student, University of Technology Sydney)


Video with catchy rap – Hell yeah! Sameer Kamat has beautifully crafted the emotions that an MBA aspirants goes through through this video. I am sure you all would enjoy it.

  • Ayush Gupta (GMAT Coach)


Wow what a best way to give insight about MBA from foreign B Schools. This Rap video is perfectly created by you Sameer Kamat for prospective MBA students. Loved every second of it as I was also thinking in a similar way before writing GMAT.

  • Rahul Singh (MBA grad, IIM Lucknow)


Wide-eyed MBA aspirants excitedly going for MBA at unheard of universities abroad that sometimes offer admissions on a “first come first served” basis is obviously a recipe for disaster. But who will bell the cat? Sameer Kamat gets the message across in this fantastic, humorous take on the situation through this fabulous rap song.

  • Avinash Kaparekar (MBA grad, IIM Ahmedabad)


I have seen so many friends wasting thousands of dollars towards obtaining masters degrees that don’t fulfill their career objectives. Sameer Kamat has done an excellent job on elaborating on this subject in his own way – a rap video.

  • Tejaspreet Singh (Finance professional)


Thanks to Sameer Kamat, for creating awareness about the post MBA life through his book “Beyond the MBA hype” as well as his recent rap video. In this rap, he has creatively explained how the life after MBA may not be the gold that you’ve been promised. The video is quite engaging and informative.

  • Aman Aggarwal (Analyst at McKinsey)


No shrills & frills, watch as Sameer rolls about MBA abroad in a fun & intuitive rap in authentic Bambaiya* style.

  • Siddharth Ojha (Analyst, Big 4) [*Bambaiya = Colloquial Mumbai street lingo]


Highly recommend watching the video (link in the first comment) which describes the MBA abroad “TRAP” in a very subtle yet effective “RAP” with a pinch of creativity and humour to it.
The key message is to research well before opting for any MBA program abroad, and whether the program aligns with your goals and expectations.

  • Nikita Sadhnani (Engineering student, BITS Goa)


Yes, MBA is fun and pays well. But nobody talks about the other side of the story – the not-so-shiny side of it. It’s fun in pictures and LinkedIn posts. But it also takes with it so much and if you are not prepared for it or you are here because of the ‘josh’ (enthusiasm), boy, it will fade away pretty quickly. Sameer Kamat has come up with this beautiful piece of art and non-sermon-y advice that no admission consulting business would like to speak out about. Check out ‘MBA TRAP’ the rap video the link is in the comments section below.

  • Satyajit Bhowmik (MBA student, WashU Olin)


This is a gem by Sameer Kamat. It is a very real take on social realities and higher education….3 minutes of your life will teach you a valuable lesson in the most fun way possible. Or if you are not into listening rap for lessons, just enjoy a trio of minutes of good music. Either way, check it out!

  • Riddheish Seth (Project Manager | MBA grad, IIM Calcutta)


Beyond the MBA hype and with some indeed straight to point gyan by guru Sameer Kamat.
#kamatsutra is bang on with his rap n gives a tuf competition to those star rappers! Go n watch for urself for all wannabes n mba experts!
There can’t be a better start for mid week humour! Enjoy.

  • Nisha Shukla (MBA grad, IIM Lucknow)


With this highly engaging and entertaining rap video Sameer Kamat conveys a very critical message about your career goals and specifically the decision to pursue an MBA, which must be taken after thorough analysis rather than being blindly driven by the potential salary. Do watch this stylish video full of fun-filled lingo and creative expression.

  • Dr Richa Singh (Healthcare professional)


There are innumerable “internet guides” showing an MBA as a panacea to all career problems and pushing one to rat race. Then there is Sameer Kamat who debunks all myths and shows true picture about MBA bitter-to-swallow realities! In his latest Gully-Boy (Bollywood movie) style video, he presents a funny-yet-meaningful (brought me a smile) take on what to expect while pursuing MBA abroad.

  • Sprith Shrivastava (Tech consultant | MBA grad)


Just stumbled upon this fun video about the harsh realities of most overseas MBA programs that aspirants usually ignore. The overenthusiasm of going abroad often makes aspirants underestimate the importance of proper research and risk planning. The result – inability to find good jobs abroad, career instability, financial stress. A must-watch for MBA aspirants. Nicely crafted by Sameer Kamat!

  • Arkapravo Chakraborty (MBA grad, IIM Calcultta)


I always appreciate new and innovative means to convey a nice message, and Sameer Kamat has demonstrated how one gets pulled into the charm of foreign universities and think of MBA as a panacea, but then end up with something they didn’t really want to pursue and have to struggle finding a fulfilling job to pay back the education loan. This video (link in the comments) not only shows you the importance of researching your career goals before applying to foreign universities, but also emphasizes on taking important career decisions after careful deliberation instead of following the herd. Great job!

  • Manan Raheja (Software Engineer)


Came across this funny and highly creative video about hurdles during MBA!!!

  • Ipsit Sahoo (GRE GMAT coach)