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IIM Bangalore IIMB EPGP 1 year MBA – Executive Post Graduate Programme

Jeffrey just got ‘Bangalored’ and he’s lovin’ it. Most Indian MBA applicants are keen to leave the country in pursuit of their MBA dreams. Jeffrey’s story goes the other way around – starting off in Europe and ending in India. He was only looking at 1 year MBA programs in India (read this related post first: Executive MBA vs MBA for Executives – The Big Indian Confusion).

After spending more than a decade in Europe, Jeffrey chose an Indian MBA. He focussed on IIMA Ahmedabad PGPX, IIM Bangalore IIMB EPGP, IIM Calcutta IIMC PGPex and ISB Hyderabad.

He chose to skip the other Indian 1-year MBA programs like XLRI GMP and Great Lakes Chennai

How I got into IIM Bangalore IIMB EPGP for Executives
by Jeffrey Alapatt

IIM Bangalore IIMB PGPX JeffreySo after about 13.5 years of fulltime work, I’m all set to give up a good job and an “easy” life in Europe and get back into the rigour of doing a fulltime MBA at IIM Bangalore when Sameer Kamat (author of the highly recommended Beyond The MBA Hype) asked me if I could share my thought process and background behind this decision.

My MBA applicant profile

I’ve worked primarily in the IT products sector (mobile telecoms domain), having been based in Europe for the past 11 years. Like a typical Indian Male IT Engineer, I have a Bachelors in Engineering and also spent some time in a part-time Masters degree complemented by a couple of professional certifications. In my current role I am responsible for leading all Test Engineering activities.

I had taken the GMAT exam in June 2009 and got a decent (but not great) score of 710/5.5 so I applied to my target schools in 2010.

Why MBA – Full-time vs Part-time

While my dream of doing an MBA dates back about 15 years, I never seriously invested the time and effort needed to crack the CAT and other B-school exams when I had just completed my graduation. Consequently I stuck with my IT job and when an opportunity presented itself for an on-site assignment in Europe I took it up.

Over the past few years I have found myself increasingly being “pigeon-holed” in a technical management role with very limited exposure to the business side of things. I see a full-time MBA as an opportunity to get that kind of exposure and open a few more doors for me career-wise.

Why not a part-time MBA? A part-time MBA can help from a knowledge point of view, but as far as career advancement is concerned I feel that a person will be able to get value out of a part-time MBA only if their current employer recognises such a qualification and will be in a position to provide the growth opportunities which an MBA grad will expect. Unfortunately for me I work in a setup where such opportunities would not have been available to me.

My MBA admissions strategy

Based on my research on MBA admission consultants in India and abroad, I took the help of MBA Crystal Ball as I thought it was the best in class for Indian applicants.

After completing the MBA Mock Application Process (MBA MAP) with Sameer, my application strategy and my post MBA goals were clear.

I shortlisted a few European and a few Indian business schools, but in the end I applied to only the Indian ones which offer 1 year full-time programmes – IIM-A PGPX, IIMB EPGP and IIMC PGPex.

ISB Hyderabad was my last option and I would have applied to ISB only if I did not make it to the previous three.

Why I chose Indian B-Schools over American MBA programs

US B-schools were out of my list primarily due to:

a. The 2-year full-time MBA means a significant opportunity cost.
b. I didn’t see myself working in the US.

My reasoning for pursuing the Indian B-Schools

1. Career direction – with a significant baggage of work ex I am not looking for a complete career change. I don’t intend to change my industry. I will be sticking to the IT industry and preferably to the telecom sector. Here I feel that the Indian B-schools have more to offer for IT people who want to remain in IT.

2. MBA Cost – With a family to take care of, I could not afford taking a huge loan and spend the next few years on repayments.

3. MBA Placements – With the European economic crisis, growth in Europe will continue to be sluggish at best for the next few years at least. Based on my experience in the IT industry in Europe an MBA has very limited weightage (compared to the work experience you have). With the Indian economy growing at a steady rate there will be no shortage of opportunities in the IT sector. Additionally MBAs have always been rated highly by the Indian industry.

MBA admission results

I got a ding from IIM-A PGPX after interview, but got through IIM-B EPGP and IIM-C PGPex. Between IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta I chose IIMB due to location reasons for an IT professional.

My ISB application form was incomplete when I got the results from IIM-B and IIM-C, so I did not pursue ISB further.

I’m quite optimistic about the opportunities that will be open to me in the next year and hope that I can translate a good few of these into long-term gains!

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60 thoughts on “IIM Bangalore IIMB EPGP 1 year MBA – Executive Post Graduate Programme”

  1. great story Jeffrey. I am now getting a few butterflies in my stomach now thinking about what I am about to do with a 2year MBA in the US with a ton of debt…phew, just wiped the sweat off my brow!!!
    Kudos to you 🙂

  2. Congrats Jeff !! Nice Article..It requires lot of courage and determination to come to this decision…Wish you all the best and good luck. Keep blogging..!!

  3. Its a good article and experience by Jeffery. congrates!!

    I am also planning for Executive MBA (IIMs) or distance 2 yr MBA from SMU. I would like to share little on my background.

    I am a simple Bsc. Grad and then did few jobs in different fields like marketing and sales. In 2001 i joined UNICEF and in 2006-08 did MSW(Masters in social work, full time). Then again i joined organizations working in development and educational field. Total work ex in development field is six years. Kind of work involved execution of development/educational projects and mentoring subordinate team.its like a kind of normal jobs focusing on interest and earning. But recently i started feeling that i should join mainstream field specifically HR i.e. shift the profession.

    Reason behind is
    1. Scenario in development sector is changing, focus is changing from typical social work to much organized and performance oriented support system ultimately feeding to business.
    2. Changing scenario of funder and fund receiver (implementing bodies), more and more organizations are having their own wing to handle social responsibilities or doing it through highly organized way. (short term result oriented)
    3. Development sector in isolation is not remained a well paid option in comparison to par sectors and can help me to shift to HRM
    4. It becomes important to understand the business sense to cater the workforce, labor and other employees which will ultimately help the company to grow.
    5. My experience (so far) of dealing and understanding of psyche of various community like employees, government officials etc. will help to justify shift to HR.
    6. I am seeing Ex-MBA as a platform to get opportunities in HR sector.
    7. My understanding is this that most of the jobs requisites involve basic skills like good analysis,team work, understanding of client and their needs (tangible/intangible), marketing skills (concept/material sales or marketing) better understanding of employees, understanding own company’s business and objectives etc. On other side there are typical requisites like technical knowledge; IT/telecom etc.
    8. India being the growing hub of HRM, there is much scope once i get ready academically.

    Despite being logical with above few points, I am still in little dilemma if i am thinking right or wrong

    Please suggest and give comments…

  4. Hi there,
    Very detailed thinking process I must say in your question. I am not sure if I am qualified to answer your question since I know very little of the HR area.
    Based on your points I would say that an MBA will help you in your goal. However I must say that based on the 1 year programmes in the IIMs there are very very few people coming from an HRM background or intending to go into the HRM domain (at least in IIMB EPGP this year there is no one who falls in this category).
    I would suggest that you approach other forums [especially ] where you can probably get a better feel for the prospects. your work ex with UNICEF will definitely help you both in getting an admit as well as future job prospects. Also have a look at international programmes. There is a separate thread on international programmes on

  5. Hi Jeffery,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is so much reflective of lots of IT folks. And it does help in decision to be or not to be!!

    Could you please share detais on what placement options (role, job profile, industry, salary, nationa/intl) did get as part of iibm placement process? Did the companies offer you jobs significantly different from your pre-MBA profile?

  6. Hi Jeffrey

    Kudos to the article.. I am an MBA with 6 yrs exp in Sales and Marketing. I am now feeling frustrated with the activity and now want to pursue a career in Finance. Can you please guide me.


  7. Dear Mr. Jeffrey,

    thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. I am an MBA and having 5 years of managerial experience post mba. Right now in Leading pvt sector bank as Maanger.

    I want to rise some decent steps in my career for which i am planning to do IIMB Ex MBA.
    I just wanted to know that what is the cut off percentile for Ex MBA of IIMB and IIM-I, so that i can prepare accordingly for CAT.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sapan Khare

  8. Hi Jefrey,

    I am a working IT professional with 5 yrs of work exp. Can u tell me how much score is required for somebody to get a call from IIM-A,IIM-B,IIM-C,ISB etc???
    I am giving my GMAT exams this year. do u have any idea abt the good B-Schools in UK and USA then plz suggest???

    Mayukh Tokedar

  9. @mayukh
    aim for a 720+ score in GMAT and back it up with good essays and a good interview. I’m not a good authority on US B-Schools, but in UK the good ones are obiously LBS, Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge, Cranfield etc. See the FT rankings and filter on the UK ones.

  10. Hi Jeffrey,

    I am currently working in an IT company since 3 years and would like to pursue Executive MBAs. Would like to ask 2 ques:

    -Any other good institute for Executive MBAs except IIMs.
    -Could you please elaborate on the Placements offer after pursuing Executive MBAs from IIMs.
    -Socre required in GMAT.

    Anuj Gupta

  11. Hi my name is pramod singh tomar and i have experience of 7 years plus in Telecom domain.I have been mainly in Operations,Service delivery and technical domain.I want to pursue career in Management at higher roles.I have completed B.E in electronics and telecom and worked with Bharti airtel,Alcatel lucent.Can you guide how can i get myself enrolled for executive programmes for IIM B,IIM A or IIM C.What is that i have to do,can you plz elaborate me the process for getting in these programs from these insititutes.

  12. grt………….. i am feeling that i am sailing in the same boat …………i did my B.Pharmacy in july 2008 and from sep 2008 to till date i am in sales & marketing dept. of Healthcare sector………presently I am in Jonhson & Jonhson…………..Kindly guide me regarding the same…………I had not given GMAT test…..Am I eligible for the PGPX……………………..????????????
    Kindly guide asap…………..

  13. Hi jeffrey!

    I am a Software Engineer by profession and am very keen to pursue Executive MBA in IIM or any other top ranked institution of India, but i am confused that how is that going to impact my growth and how to do this!
    Can you please let me know what should I do and how should I go ahead.

  14. Hi Jeffrey,

    Going through this article, I thought it could be great to take your some expertise advice before taking any decision to pursue Executive MBA. After completing my Engineering in Electronic & Communication, Immediately jumped into core Electronic company though I was preferring to choose Software Field. After 8.5yrs of working experience into core lighting product manufacturing industry from India to aboard (Dubai), where from last 3.5yrs I am working as Manager cadre. very recent I joined a Chennai based MNC lighting company as Manager-Product & Development, and thinking that this is right time to opt MBA. But still I am thinking whether it will be possible for me to switch into software company through any MBA courses ? Please let me know what are the options I have to enhance my career further into some gobal companies through MBA program & what should be the courses I should choose.Thanks.


  15. Hi Jeffrey,

    I am Comp Science Engineering student presently working in CRM in SAP in a MNC SOFTWARE COMPANY. i have two years experience. Now i would like to do ex-MBA full time – from IIM’S . Kindly advice me what test i have to appear and what kind of procedure and when the process will start?

    Kindly advice me.

  16. Hi Jeffrey,

    I am Comp Science Engineering student presently working in Market Research Company as Analyst Programmer (Data Visualization). i have 4 years experience.
    Now i would like to do ex-MBA full time – from IIM’S or GMAT . Kindly advice me what test i have to appear and what kind of Preparation for those Test?

    Kindly advice me.

  17. Hello Sameer,
    Short intro – I am B.E. graduate (female). 6+ years experience with IT banking industry as a programmer. Looking for EMBA.
    Reason – Growth in the current/next company, to move up in the ladder, good salary
    After so much tiring googling I got this thread.

    Can you help me to get answers for the ? below?
    – What are part-time my job-related courses offered at IIMB? Specific too B’lore, so that I need not relocate very far as well as not give up my job.
    – Do they require GMAT or CAT or something else?
    – How long is GMAT score valid? I had read the exam fee is about 15k INR
    – Having said part-time can I do them in parallel while working (like attending them over weekends alone, other than exams) ?
    – Will the course fee be toooo much Roughly –L?

    Thanks to clarify the above.
    Kind regards..

  18. Hello Sameer,

    I haved passed my B.E. in electronics in 2000 and since working in IT firms. My current profile is managing the SAP Development team and I am planning to pursue my MBA from IIMA or IIMB for 2015-16 batch. I havent yet given more thought on other institutes. At this stage, I am preparing my GMAT exams and needed some help in terms of course material, online help or joining a full time GMAT course.

    Let me know if you can help me out in my prepartion for GMAT via any reference to courses – online or classes.

    Thank you..

  19. @Vishal: We don’t provide GMAT prep training in-house.
    What you see on our site is a third party product (by a company called GoGMAT). It’s an online self-study course which could help in providing the structure and discipline that’s needed.
    They have a trial offer. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.
    Here’s the link –> GMAT preparation course

  20. Hi i am samuel for Bangalore i am working in a pvt company last 15 years where i have worked in Admin , travel desk, event management , Logistic co-corded for south & final i have moved to finance’s So called invoices processing all the flied i have done the best i have been recognized by my boss ,,, But this all i have done with out my graduation , Now i my company want to out sources this activity , Where i don’t have my degree pls suggests which will be suitable for my profile to do MBA Pls not right i am 38 age

    Pls mail me to [personal details edited]

  21. my father is currently working with A nationalised bank with 8 year experience. will he be eligible for executive MBA? how much opportunities for him after completing executive MBA.

  22. Hi,

    Its 2 am and i am still confused about my career.i want to go for executive MBA but i cannot take risk of leaving my job adn also it will cost alot more than i saved so i thought to go for executive part time MBA.Please suggest me…..Waiting to hear from you!!!


  23. @Samuel: Without a regular bachelors degree, it’ll be difficult for you to aim for MBA programs. But your experience seems pretty diversified. You’d have better luck hunting for a new job, rather than a degree.

    @Amit: He’d be eligible. Tough to give a general idea about opportunities as that would be dependent on your dad’s aspirations. Btw, wondering why he isn’t posting this directly? Also, wondering if he has a total of 8 yrs work experience, how old are you?

    @Sukhmanjit: Probably hang on to the job for now, till you gain more clarity on whether an MBA will help. You’ll get more ideas from Beyond The MBA Hype.

  24. I am vasudevan having 18 yrs exp as Sr.QA Manager in IT company.
    Wanted to do emba in bangalore. Pls suggest me some good institues.
    I now some insitutes are very expensive (IIMB,Duke, etc)

  25. Hi,

    After completing Master degree from IIT Kharagpur (M.Tech Aerospace), i am currently working as manager-simulation group in a Technical center. I have more than 6 Years of work experience and looking forward to give a push to my career focused on developing strategic and leadership quality in my professional work. People around me are suggesting to go for 1 year Executive programmer from IIMs. I need to know whether it would worth to invest a huge amount of money and effort along with leaving a well paying job?

    Could someone please let me know future prospect of doing 1 year executive MBA from IIM? ( I would love to retain my domain after completing MBA)


  26. Hi,

    I am currently working as a Tech Lead in a IT based MNC and having a exp of 8 yrs. I am planning for 1 yr IIM EPGP program and would like to know, is it worth taking to invest this huge amount of money and risk at this point of my career (I am 36 now) and would it really add value? Also my academics are not that great and having gap in between my career, so will it be really a problem to get into IIMs even though a decent GMAT score? What would be a decent GMAT score for following academics. Could anybody access my profile and give some direction in terms of my eligibility and future prospects, Salary, Value additions of this EPGP 1 yr course from IIMs?

    My Academics:
    10th : 67%
    12th : 49%
    Diploma in Electrical: 67%
    Degree in Electrical(AMIE): 54%
    ME in Electrical: 64%

    Look forward to your valuable response, accordingly I will take a call.

    Thanks, Deb

  27. @Vasudevan: EMBA programs, by design, are going to be expensive. It’s one of the many ways that the top bschools can monetise their strong brands.

    @Vijay: The takeaways from a 1 year MBA (EPGP is not an Executive MBA, btw) can be very different based on your expectations. If you are hoping to stay in your industry, your career could get a decent boost. If you are looking for a career transition (e.g. radical role change) be careful.

    @Deb: Read the response above for what you can expect. It would be impractical for you to expect anyone on a public forum to give you an idea of what salary you’ll get after your MBA. Age will play a role in the outcome. If you are able to convince recruiters that you whave what they need, you can negotiate a higher salary.

  28. Hi ,

    I am BBA second year student from Mumbai and looking for investment banking course in Mumbai.Could you please suggest some good institute for such courses.


  29. Hi,
    i am working MNC company with 4+ years experience , i am looking for doing executive MBA from IIM,
    please suggest me , is any way to join IIM with experincebased,
    give full detail of this way.

  30. Hi Sameer
    I have completed BBA and have over 8 years of experience.I would like to join a Full time MBA or Distance MBA. Please advise what to do next

  31. @Hemant: You’ll find ‘full details’ of pre-requisites, admission process, application etc on the official website.

    @Abey: The process and requirements are different for the two. For fullt-time MBA, start off with the GMAT .

  32. Hi Sameer

    I am from an English background, I have a Masters in English Literature and over 9 years of work experience in the publishing industry/website/newspaper in the role of copy editor. I have been working in the editorial side and not in managerial capacity. (Does that affect my chances?) It was always a dream to do MBA and I want to give GMAT a shot. Could you tell me if it is a good idea to do MBA now? What kind of job offers will I get post-MBA?

  33. Is it possible to change my industry after MBA? Will I get a job in another industry (eg. banking or consulting) after 9 years of work ex in some other industry?

  34. @Lakshmi: Yes it affects your chances. Bschools want to see a balance of technical and mananerial and leadership abilities. If you haven’t done that in the job, think about instance from your personal life where you’ve demonstrated them.

    Many MBA grads change their industy after completing their degrees. So theoretically, the answer is yes. But will you also be able to do the same is an open question. The answer will be influenced by what you want to do post MBA.


  35. Hi Sameer,
    Basically I am a 7+Exp IT Guys with B.E Mechanical Background.I am looking for Executive MBA program in IIM -Bangalore.What is the Eligiblity criterion,Selection Process?Any career gap impact eligilblity?
    How about placement?

  36. HI Sameer,

    a) Currently , i am working with a MNC Retail company in Buying dept .
    b) I have done in Textiles in 2002 .
    c) I have total 12 years of work experience
    d) My age is 35 years now and have no kids. ( But planning the same in next year)
    e) Now , i want to do Ex-MBA from any IIM keeping following things in mind :-
    1) with current work experience in my field/department , i have reached to almost saturation point and unable to seek any growth further, which is my biggest concern/worry .
    2) I want to do MBA to switch sector ( Restaurant/hospitality)
    3) Reason for this switch , to gain some experience to start my own venture. With my experience in Retail , no company will accept me in hospitality sector.
    4) After passing Ex-MBA from IIM, i can earn PR and good salary package , which will help to start own venture.
    5) Degree from IIM will any way will secure your future ( My engg college is not reputed since )

    Kindly advise ,if MBA from IIM will help me on above dreams and this is the best decision keeping in mind of my age .
    Thanks for all your kind suggestion

  37. Sameer,

    I am a 40 year old finance professional. Iam looking to do part time phd courses in India. Can you please advise me on the same?


  38. Hi
    I have a GMAT of 650. My total Work Experience as of today is 13.5 years in Software Application Development and Maintenance.
    Should I go for application with 650 to IIM A, B, C or should I try taking the GMAT again?

    Thanks for your time

  39. Hi Sameer/ All I have done my Diploma in electrical and electronics and i have work exp of total 15 plus years. from past 9 years i work in a aerospace company as component engineer and kind of job. I wanted to go for higher education suggest me the right one. I have done my MCA through distance edu from manipal. but i dint got any recognition or role change in my present job. So suggest me the right one

  40. Hi Jaffry,

    I am an MBA graduate with 3.5 years of experience in banking, I am frustrated with the routine work and not much scope for new things and I am willing to perceive executive MBA, please guide me will periving MBA again will help me to get better income level and interesting jobs

  41. Hiii,

    I have done MSc. (Env. Science) and working in environment sector in a real estate. since in this profession opportunities are less, I want to move & want to pursue one year executive MBA from good institution. So request you to guide me for the same as I want to move from this field.

  42. Congratulations Jeffery ! I am sure this would add on to your managerial skills.
    I am a media professional and have been working in this field since past 5 years. Had done MBA from a B+ college in India but that’s just not enough when you aspire to take up a top management role. I am also willing to prepare for GMAT/CAT to get admission into one of the top three IIM’s for exeutive MBA.
    Hopefully, I will be soon quitting my current job for a bigger plan.
    Till then, all the best to u !

  43. Hi, Sameer,

    I am 58 years now and mainly did my project works in Telecom domain mainly in TDM technology. I have
    worked 8-9 years in India and about 21 years in abroad. I have returned back and settled in Bangalore.
    It is become very tough to get into the market now and and technology has gone way ahead and IT/Telecom/Transmission all integarted into one domain. So my big question is how to get into the mainstream , either thru technogy upgrade or to management route, i hope you understand my point.
    Which route will be suitable for me ?


  44. @Mr Patil: Thanks for posting on our site. Even with the advancement in technology, what really runs the business world is people skills. And with your domestic and international experience, I’m sure you have tons of that.

    You don’t need to chase technology. It’ll change forms before you can master it.

    Instead, identify your core skills and pursue options in that area. Maybe you could be a good mentor for others who’d love to achieve what you have in your career so far.

    Jumped in to address this query as it was unusual. Requesting everyone else to read the earlier comment please.

  45. Dear sameer

    I humbly request you to go through my profile and rate it accordingly for admission in IIMs executive programs, your valuable guidance is solicited.

    10 cbse 85%
    12 cbse 86%
    Engineering BIT Ranchi 82.1%

    work exp:
    2.8 years in CSC India java developer.
    2.0 years developed my own portal and tried hand at entrepreneurial stint.
    2.0 years management trainee in Punjab national bank (govt sector).

    I came to know from sources that my work exp is too varied so it may give a negative strike to my admission chances and placements thereafter if selected, please clarify this point as you are the right specialist in the field to ask such precision questions.I will be dependent upon placements after the course so this question is very important for me.

    thanks in advance

  46. Dear Sameer,

    I am working in MNC as project Manager for RELIABILITY ENGINEERING for 8 years, I have 18 associates working under my guide nice.
    I am planning to apply for Executive MBA from IIMB for 1 year in General Mange mentioned and Strategy Management .
    Can you Pl. Explain me the process for applying for Executive MBA in IIMB.

    Educational Background:Mechanical Engineering.

    Request your guide centre.

    Thanks in advance.


  47. Hi Sameer,
    I am working in MNC as Deputy Manager finance. I have 12 years of experience and I am a B.Com Graduate. I am planning to apply for MBA from IIMB for 1 year.
    Can you please advise me on this? Can you please share your e-mail id?


  48. kindly advice me:-
    i have around 3 years of experience in Engineering profile, and i want to change profile to Marketing but its not getting that easy so i decided for Executive MBA-

    1- with 3 years of experience can i do it, what is least no of years exp required for this?
    2- is any sort of exam need to be cracked first, cannot be it directly by interview sort of?

  49. Hello,
    I am working with HDFC bank and my total experiance is for 3 years. I want to enhance my skills and knowledge by aiming at IIMs.
    Please guide me for the right course which suits for a Banking Professional and what will be the Monetry and non monetry benefits for the specific course.

    +91 8901249185

  50. Hi,
    I have some queries regarding EPGP.

    1. My qualification is AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering). This is a certified course by D.G.C.A ( Director General of Civil Aviation). Duration of the course is 3 years and the eligibility of this course is 10+2.
    2. I have working experience of 4 years.
    3. I will attend the next GRE exam.

    As per my qualification, working experience, am I eligible for EPGP program?

    I am waiting for your reply.


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