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IIM Ahmedabad PGPX | MBA for Executives | Placements in private equity

The IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives), a 1-year MBA in India for executives offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is unlike any other in the world. Exaggeration? Not really if you consider the IIMA PGPX class profile (average age of 34 years, average work experience of over 10 years with 4.5 years internationally) and the extremely competitive selection process (average GMAT score 713). None of the global programs can match that combination.
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Alright, now that we know that the IIMA PGPX is not an executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, but rather a GMAT-based full-time regular MBA for executives, let’s focus on the main agenda. We found the perfect alumnus (from the first PGPX batch) to tell us more about the program. Vivek Joshi had a Chemical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT-B) and a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from USA. He placed his trust in the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX course for senior executives when the course was just launched, did amazingly well academically and took up a job in Private Equity. He is currently an Associate Director at Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX | IIM’s 1-year MBA for Executives

IIMA PGPX Ahmedabad | Private Equity Job | Vivek JoshiMBA Crystal Ball: Vivek, thanks for your time. Tell us a little about your professional background before the MBA.

Vivek Joshi: I entered into the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX program with a background of more than 15 years
of managerial experience spanning areas like Technical Consulting, Factory Management, Project Management & Business Management.

MBA Crystal Ball: 15 years! Didn’t you consider getting an MBA degree earlier?

Vivek: I had spent a number of years in USA & also in India, thereby was exposed to many facets of business. When I finished my MSCh.E. in Florida, I had scholarships to some B-schools in USA. At that time, I deferred B-school program, which I believe is the one major mistake I have made in my life.

MBA Crystal Ball: When and why did the MBA degree come back on your radar?

Vivek: After a number of years as a manager, one of my goals was to strengthen & refine this experiential knowledge with a base of theory. Another goal was to improve my strategic skills and reinvent my career for senior management roles. Since I already had an advanced degree and had spent a number of years in USA, American B-schools were strong contenders.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX in India vs MBA Abroad

MBA Crystal Ball: Exactly. Most folks in your situation would’ve consider one of the international MBA programs. Why IIM Ahmedabad PGPX?

Vivek: I chose IIM Ahmedabad PGPX because of the relevance of IIM programs for the Indian context and the world class rigor of an IIMA program. I did seek the advice of my seniors, some of whom had reached very senior positions in industry and they concurred with my view. The scope of the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX, duration and the chance of staying with family were added attractions. I am happy to add that the IIMA PGPX program has fully met my expectations.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX class profile

MBA Crystal Ball: Considering the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX class profile, was fitting in a problem?

Vivek: Despite being one of the older chaps in the cohort, I enjoyed the studies enough to secure 2nd rank and academic recognition. In addition, I find that my ability to exercise ‘managerial intuition’ has also got strengthened, an unexpected gain. I keep in touch with some IIM Ahmedabad faculty members and have also become a guest faculty at some B-schools. The facilities at IIM Ahmedabad for families were very good, and my wife and kids also enjoyed the year we spent on campus. I would love to repeat the experience, if I ever get the chance again.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX placements

MBA Crystal Ball: Tell us more about the Private Equity (PE) industry, the kind of roles IIMA PGPX grads can target during placements and general job opportunities in the private equity space for non-MBAs.

Vivek: The PE industry generally has these roles: Investment, Managing Company/portfolio, Backoffice (Legal, Secretarial, Accounts etc) and Investor Relations. By and large, IIM Ahmedabad PGPX alumni are likely to be of interest in roles where their experience can be useful in managing companies.

Another likely area is for CAs to become part of the Accounting team. Relatively few positions are likely to be open for Investment related roles. An exception may be for CAs taking up the program to broaden their skills after getting some exposure in Equity earlier in their career.

Profiling the skills needed in a PE job is also interesting. Financial skills are only a part of the skill-sets. The skills needed are a combination of deep financial skills and skills needed in Consulting roles.

MBA Crystal Ball: That was very helpful, Vivek. We appreciate your time.

Vivek: Hope prospective applicants find it useful.

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65 thoughts on “IIM Ahmedabad PGPX | MBA for Executives | Placements in private equity”

  1. sir,

    i am simple graduate and did some management courses from local universities. presently working as manager (HR) in PUS bank having total annual salary Rs.5.5 only. my age is 37, i am just an average student. i want to do PGPX course from IIMA. managing fee is another issue but manageable. i want you suggestion whether this course will helpful to me get other good job opportunity.

  2. Raj,

    The IIMA PGPX course is one of the best in the country. So for folks who are competent enough to get in and practical enough with their career goals, getting good job opportunities isn’t a big challenge.

    However, they will consider a strong track record in the corporate world before students start the program. If you can demonstrate how your profile is stronger than the others who are applying, that might be a challenge.

  3. Dear Sameer,

    I am a 32 years B.Sc graduate with PGDBA (Distance learning) & Certified IT consultant working with a Top CMM5 level IT company. having 7 years of work experience out of which 1.5 years in outside India. Now my package is 10 L per annum in India.

    I have been an average student & now i want to persue PGPX course from IIMA. I am in dillemma whether to invest approx 20 Lacs would be the right decision at my carrer stage.

    Kindly Suggest !!!


  4. Dear Sameer,

    I am 30 yrs old science graduate,having 8 yrs of work experience in Retail Banking.Currently working with India’s Most reputed leading Private Sector Bank as Branch Head(Sr Manager).My annual package is 12 lac.

    My track record is very good in the company,I have been rated outstanding every year and grown faster than others. I was an intelligent student but due to lack of guidance and weak financial condition of family,I couldn’t have studied after graduation and joined the private sector bank as Sales Executive(off roll / out source emp.).I did hard work and reached at the position of Branch Head just within 5 yrs.

    I want to expedite my carrier,need your suggestion about executive MBA.Would it helpful? Do my profile and track record meet the criteria for PGPX- IIMA ?

    Kindly suggest.

  5. @Sanjay: More than the average salaries that get mentioned on MBA sites, your decision should also be driven by how much risk you are willing to take. If you are unsure about the value, stay away from investing a huge amount.

    @SK: Your experience level isn’t an issue, as it’s close to the median for IIMA PGPX. However you will have to go deeper into the ‘expedite the career’ expectation and be a little more specific.

  6. Dear Sameer,

    I am 34 years old commere graduate and am working as a regional manager with a life insurance company.I have been an average student hovering around 60% though I know it was largely because I didnt work hard enough in school/college.
    Due to financial situation of my family I started doing whatever jobs i could lay my hands on, starting from the lowest rung. But since then I have never compromised on hard work and now I have lot more clarity with regard to where I want to reach in my career. I clearly feel with my focus on goals and persistency, if I had better skills and knowledge I would definitely.
    It would be a big risk for me to keep aside 1 year and in the short term I am not sure whether I would get a jump in my income by doing this course, but I am feel in the long term it would be valuable for me.
    Want your views on my case. Shall I go ahead full on

  7. Hi ,

    I have 4 yrs of experience , currently working in one of the telecom giant as a Senior Software engineer . I dont want to waste two years of my life to run behind a MBA , but well i like to do it on a single Year. If I opt for a executive MBA next year in IIM A will it be sufficient or i need to have some more experience in industry , as for the selection criteria , i dint found a minimum experience for this , but i find we shld cross 27 yrs of age . My CTC will be 12L per annum. I want to get into Management side in techie industry .Please suggest ur opinions .

    – Thanks

  8. @Arun: Though the PGPX site specifies only the minimum age, you’ll get an idea of the typical PGPX student from their class profile.

    Averages: 10+ years of work experience, 3+ years abroad and an average age of 34.

    So be prepared for tough competition.

  9. Hello, i have 10 years of work experience, 5 years in technical background and 5 years as a Marketing executive and now a manager.
    I have a Bachelors in Engineering in Computer science and am contemplating a higher study. I find the EGMP Program from IIM B a good option in terms of flexibility. But it is kind of costly – 5.2 lakhs.

    Do you think it is a good program to do for a career boost and as an additional qualification.

    Please let me know.

  10. Hey, I am a CA-India, CIA-US, CISA- US and a CFE. Work-ex is about 14 years (including 3 yrs of compulsory articles for CA). Age 35 yrs and 4+ yrs of international ex. Work ex mainly in auditing, currently senior manager in one of the BIG-4. Pretty keen on joining MBA for re-inventing the skill for senior management and wanna to give a jump-start to career.

    Wanna to trade off between IIMA and Harvard or stanford, to name a few.

    Seek ur expert advice.

    Thank you

  11. Curious: Applying to PGPX should be fine. But I’m not sure how you short-listed Harvard and Stanford. Ignoring the level of competition etc, the profiles that fit in there are very different from yours.

    Check out the class profiles and see if you need to do some course correction in your application strategy and choice of bschools and programs.

  12. hi
    i m 31 year old.i have done btech in electronics and communication. and mtech in electronics from itbhu…and now working with a psu as a research scientist from last 7years. my total work experience is 7 years in india with PSU (government job) only. i dn’t have international experience. i appeared for gmat and scored 750 in first attempt. is it gud score or i have to reappeare again for gmat.i wat to do mba from some gud BSchool like IIMA,ISB,IIMB,IIMC in india for executive MBA. and i am also looking for some gud options of MBA from abroad for regular 2 year MBA.I am having good career track records. but i don’t have extra curricular activities or international experience. will it create a problem for me in my mba career plan.

  13. Sunny bhai, kaahe mazaak kar rahe ho hamare saath? Is 750 good? Of course, it is.

    I can’t comment on your career plan, primarily because you haven’t shared what your career plan is.

    For people with significant experience, the non-GMAT parts are substantially more important that the GMAT score. Starting thinking about the rest of the process now, so you aren’t only getting into the competition armed with a strong score, and nothing more.

    The MBA MAP is designed for folks like you, my friend. Check it out and see if it makes sense to go through it.

  14. hi sameer
    as i told you that
    i m 31 year old.i have done btech in electronics and communication. and mtech in electronics from itbhu…and now working with a psu as a research scientist from last 7years. my total work experience is 7 years in india with PSU (government job) only. i dn’t have international experience. i appeared for gmat and scored 750 in first attempt.
    and now about my career plans.
    i want to change my current work profile with the help of MBA. as i m working with Bharat electroincs ltd (PSU – defense sector) as a research scientist form past 6 years 8 months exactly. and my current work profile is radar scientist e-4 grade(equivalent to deputy manager in production companies).
    now i want to do mba to change my profile from R& D scientist to management field(general management) to explore my managerial skills.but i don’t know it is a gud idea to change my profession after having R& D experience. i read you book mba hype. that help me to explore my capabilities and motivate me toward MBA. can to tell me how an gud mba degree help me to change my field from resaerch to management.. and how MBA MAP can help me.
    although i m a gud scholar throughout



    Btech(electronics engineering) 67%

    GATE score 98%

    mtech(electronics engineering ) (IT BHU)80.2%

    .that all my profile. and i m targating —

    BSchool like IIMA,ISB,IIMB,IIMC in india for executive MBA.

    and i am also looking for some gud options of MBA from abroad for regular 2 year MBA.I am having good career track records. but i don’t have an international experience. will it create a problem for me in my mba (abroad) career plan.

  15. my total exp. till now—-
    i am working with central research laboratory a subdivision of bharat electronics ltd(PSU) working for defense R& D sector. and my work profile is research scientist E IV th grade(euivalent to deputy manager in a production company)
    and i ma having 7 yrs of experience. from 0ct 2006 to till now.

  16. Hi

    Thanks for your response. The choice of b-school was a pre-emption n based on persuation of getting into best of the best.
    Not sure what u mean by class profile? n how to figure that out

    To put in one line, I have no prior knowledge about b-schools and /or mba or pgpx.
    Also to state, you mentioned about the profile that fits in harvard or stanford… also not sure what u indicating..

    Pl advice.


  17. @Sunny: Theoretically, an MBA is a good way for career transitions. The challenge, in cases like yours, is to be able to use the MBA to get yourself ready for your post-MBA target industry/role and be able to get yourself a job.
    Not having any international experience isn’t a make or break aspect.
    As you’d have read in the book, the MBA model has serious limitations. So build you career plan carefully and in a way that the Adcoms find it credible.
    Think you could share a testimonial for Beyond The MBA Hype on whichever site you got it from?

    @Curious: Class profile = Average GMAT score, Average work experience, international student mix, industry / role distribution, etc.
    On the Harvard/ Stanford point, I was referring to the fact that these programs get folks with an average work experience of around 4 years. The number of students with a significantly high experience level is very low.

  18. Hi Sameer,

    I am a 32 years arts graduate working as a senior consultant resource planning in a BPO company, have 6+ years experience in the industry in India.

    Please aware me with the challenges i am going to see on my way to PGPX with some suggestion to overcome these challenges.

    Please help me with what are the finance options available for IIM’s PGPX

  19. @Pushkar: The primary challenge you’d face is the intense competition for this program. The calibre of folks applying to the IIMA PGPX program is impressive. Think about what makes you better than thousands of others who are also fighting for the same seat.
    Their website may have more details about the financing options.

  20. Hi,
    First of all congratulations and thank you for taking time out to interact with us!

    I am a mech engg, 29 with 7.5 years of work exp. I started my career in a manufacturing firm (4 years) and was involved in ERP re-implementation.. Then I moved to IT, started with a mid sized comp where I learnt the software properly while making business documentation and eventually moved to a IT MNC where I’m working now since the last 1 year.

    I want to get into strategy management for a MNC and in place of going for a domain specific MBA like operations/marketing/finance, I’m looking for general management studies. Can you please give some tips on how IIMA PGPX can help be to get to my ‘dream job’ and how should I prepare for the interview..

    My GMAT score is 720, 65% , class X/XII 76/72%, extracurricular activities are limited to blood donation and some employee engagement activities at IT comp. No professional certifications

  21. Hi

    I am a chartered accountant having work ex of 5 years in the industry in Finance Domain.

    Financial Planning & Analysis are the core area where I have worked along with Taxation.

    My Current Salary is 12 Lacs Per Annum. I want to persue PGPX in General Management or Business Strategy so that in future I could handle Management roll along with Finance which will increase my earning as well designation.

    Can you please help me out on this. Weather investing 20 Lacs in PGPX will help boost my career considering my current package in view.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am sunil, having experience of 9 years in different fields like construction, designing, telecom, retail banking infrastructure, coordination and in asset management. I am a technical graduate but due changing in job profile I haven’t reached till yet at my expected level. Now I want to become entreprenure in totally differ and new field which I like, and having more than 20 projects in mind to start, in which 4 projects are in loop lines, kindly suggest can I go for pgpx and invest a marginal amount in skill development rather to invest in own ventures?
    Sunil Sharma
    New Delhi

  23. @Rahul: Here are some tips on getting management consulting jobs. And some ideas on How you can prepare for MBA interviews for free

    @Kapil: It would be incorrect to look at the MBA as a quick way to boost your salary. There are many aspects that come into picture in your quest for the dream job, starting with defining what that is in the first place.

    @Sunil: If you have a clear business plan and you have a risk mitigation strategy in place, you could use part of that fund to invest in your own venture rather than go for an MBA. Here’s why many bschool grads may never launch a startup.

  24. Hi Sameer,

    I am Pravin, I have total 6 years of work exp, 2 years- Assistant Software Engineer with Large Indian MNC, 1 Year in Investment Banking(Entreprenureship-own business) and 3 Years in SAP Consulting with large US MNC.

    I am also engaged in comunity activities and work with my company’s CSR team.

    My Profile:

    My GMAT score is- 740
    10th: 70%
    12th: 77%
    BSc: Physics ( 75%)
    MA: Economics (60%)

    I will apply for IIMA PGPX-2015

    But I dont have any international/onshore experience. please let me know how much important is this part (international exp)

    Please guide me on how is my profile and which areas I must focus on.

  25. @Pravin: Many applicants from the software industry would have gained some proportion of their experience outside India. Your best bet would be to focus on the entrepreneurial experience for differentiation.

  26. Hi

    I am Anand, 9+ work experience in ISRO. I have done my masters in aerospace from IITM. I would like to enroll in PGPX from IIM A or B or Exceutive MBA from International B-Scools in Europe or USA. Kindly please guide me. Not withstanding the GMAT score, which am yet to take, I would like to know what are my chances in getting into IIM A or B or International B-Schools in US or Europe.
    10th – 80 %
    12 – 80 %
    BE- 80%
    M.Tech – 6.5 CGPA
    A couple of awards at national level for my work and am good at my chosen field of extra curricular activities.

    kindly please let me know

  27. Hello Mr. Sameer,

    First of all, Thank You for your time! I would appreciate some advice from you. I have got a call from IIM A (PGPX) as well as ISB.

    My Profile:

    I worked with Infosys (Technical Role) for 5.5 years after which I worked with an NGO (Full time) for 6 months. Thereafter, I started and ran a company (Non IT – childcare space) with a colleague of mine for 8 months.

    I have a few months of International work experience while working at Infosys.

    I am primarily doing an MBA for a career shift. I don’t want to get back into IT. I want to work at the management level in the clean tech industry. I have done short courses(online – 4 mth courses) in sustainable development and Environmental management out of interest.

    Which MBA program would be best suited for me?Would IIMA’s PGPX help me get where I want to?

  28. Hi Sameer,

    I am Bachelors of Engineering (BE Civil – Pune University) and an MBA (Mktg – Symbiosis). My age is 36 years and currently I have more than 10+ years of experience in Consulting practice of a top Technology company (with 3.5 years of international experience). I have been a very good student during my school, couple of times been a board ranker as well. But during engineering college, I had got backlog in few papers (various reasons) which I cleared in subsequent exams (no year backlog). I passed my engineering in 4 yrs with First Class (aggregate 65% – considered quite good from Pune Univ). Though I have done exceedingly good in my career, have been rated as a top employee and have been a fast climber. I currently hold the position of a Principal Consultant.
    I am looking for a definite push in my career and targeting senior management positions. I wanted to understand how realistic are my chances for PGPX course considering all the points I above mentioned. If not, please suggest me any other course which will be helpful in achieving my goals.

    Thanks & Regards,

  29. Hi Sameer, I have been following your posts and appreciate the insight you provide.

    I have been admitted to one of the top IIM”s for PGPX course for 2014-2015. I want to know your frank opinion on pros-cons for someone who has lived last 8-10 years outside India in doing MBA from IIM vs foreign universities. The issue with foreign univs in USA (for example) is that they are very expensive and 2 year courses as oppposed to 1 yr courses in IIM;s but the benefit is that they have higher international credibility needed for a gloabl career.

  30. Hello Sameer,
    Thanks for your valuable responses.
    I’m a 30 years old Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering from MDU, Rohtak) graduate with 9 years’ experience in IT industry. I’ve worked in companies like HCL, Mindtree, Symphony Teleca with varied domain experience in Supply Chain, Banking, Automotive Manufacturing etc. I’ve international exposure of few trips of short durations to multiple geographies, and most of time working experience with foreign counterparts.
    I’ve done some management certifications and well versed with Software Management processes (Project Management, Software Quality, Human resource management, Risk management etc.).
    Now coming to my academic records, I’m an average student with 60-65% in school and graduation with lot of extracurricular activities. Is my academic records is a big negative for me to go for PGPX programme?
    I’ve annual CTC of >12L and quite satisfied with jobs, but looking limited opportunities in next 3-4 years I would like to go for a MBA programme to have more and good career options . There are some below listed questions where I’m seeking suggestion/information from you:
    1. How you find my profile for IIMA PGPX programme?
    2. Is my decision is for preparing PGPX programme is worth?
    3. How much academic record contributes in admission process?
    4. When we talk about different profile then what kind of difference a management college looks for?

    • Hi Sameer,

      I am 37 yr old working as a Lead consultant with a major IT company in India with 12+ years of work experience. I have worked on multiple assignments in North America on program management, project management, solution and process definition etc. I have been abroad for 5-6 years in US and Canada. I have done B.E ( Computers) from India and Masters from UK. I would like to know if getting a MBA degree at this stage, would be a good choice and if yes what kind of options do I have in India (eg. IIMA PGPX) and abroad (in Canada and US only) which can push my career graph further to a Sr. Management profile of VP, Director, CXO level)? TIA. Regards, Aman

  31. @Rahul: In your position, I’d have gone for an international MBA and then returned back to India. A good, strong global brand on the resume never hurts.

    @SH: Your age and work experience is well suited for a program like IIMA PGPX. Academic grades will be important, but not as much as your experience. They’d look for a strong track record of achievments and clarity of goals, among other things.

  32. Sameer’s response : @Rahul: In your position, I’d have gone for an international MBA and then returned back to India. A good, strong global brand on the resume never hurts.

    My question–> Bit in India, isn’t IIM held in better esteem as compared to international MBA degrees?

  33. Hi Sameer,
    I have been offered admission to IIMC PGPEX program and ISB PGP.
    I have accepted ISB.
    Just to understand, which one is better in your opinion?
    I have not decided to join ISB and still considering trying for IIMA (or may be INSEAD) for another year.
    Please give your views.

    Warm Regards,

  34. @Rahul: Can’t generalise that way. In fact, in India, if you mention MBA from IIM most people will assume it’s the 2 year MBA. And many others will call it an Executive MBA. Programs such as PGPX, EGPG are good, but they are still struggling to carve a niche for themselves in a country where 2 year MBA programs are the norm.
    Read this –> Executive MBA vs MBA for Executives – The Big Indian Confusion

    @Deepak: You’ve shared nothing about your profile or aspirations, buddy. Tough to give an absolute judgement.

  35. Hello,

    I’m a 31 year old MBA (Marketing and Operations- full time from Delhi and a Mechanical Engg. I have around 7 years of work experience including Pre and Post MBA. i am currently working with a PSU in Oil and Petrochemical Sector.
    There are some below listed questions where I’m seeking suggestion/information from you:
    1. How you find my profile for IIMA PGPX programme?
    2. Is it worth preparing for PGPX programme after doing an MBA from an A- institute?
    3. How different would the preparation be from a CAT exam

  36. Dear Sameer,

    I am 26 years old having 3.8 years of IT experience in coding and development in Infosys Ltd.
    Please suggest me something from your experience.
    I got call from IIM Udaipur PGPX and Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM.
    The placements in IIM U PGPX is just 50% till now and the batch is into convocation, whereas, in GLIM Gurgaon, most of the students are getting placed.
    So on one side is the IIM brand name and on the other more prospects of getting placed.
    I have no preference of any of the particular courses.
    Also one more thing I would like to know is this GLIM Gurgaon PGPM course- is it considered as executive course?? Since it is a 1 year programme.
    Any kind of help would me much appreciated.

  37. Hello,
    I am 29 years old. Taking you to my basic qualification i did my graduation ( BCOM)-2006 & after that i persuaded post graduation course in Garment business Administration from International Institute of Fashion Technology. Basically it was 2 yrs of course. Then i started my career in Fashion Retail Brands as Merchandiser. Also continuing my job i did the correspondence MBA in marketing from Maharshi Dayanand University. I reside in Delhi and at the moment need some valuable suggestion regarding my executive MBA. My package is around 4.80 Lc per annum . So please guide with me for the executive MBA at IIM.

  38. Dear Sameer

    Can you please evaluate my profile. Am targeting the batch of 2016-17 (IIM A PGPX, IIMC PGPEX, ISB & INSEAD). Planning to start preparing for GMAT in a couple of months and take it in Dec-14/Jan-15.

    Class X – 59%
    Class XII – 75%
    Grad – B.COM (H) – 51%
    MBA from a bgrade institute

    Have honest reasons to explain above numbers; but should be given a chance

    Passed All 3 levels of CFA (AIMR)
    Will have passed both levels of FRM (GARP) when I apply next year

    No extra curricular to show now – Have won awards in school (no certificateS) for being good at playing chess, being outstanding in math… Started learning a musical instrument but quit after school

    Although the previous company I worked for didn’t have a policy of giving out awards for good performance or issuing letters of appreciation….it has given me stupendous salary hikes in tough market conditions (my ctc has become about 4 times in the past 4 years- including a job switch) for my good performance…my appraisal letters show “your performance exceeded our expectations” I can produce the docs

    Work ex- (as of now)

    3+ years in an investment consulting firm advising/managing retirement funds (PF/GF/SAF) of multinational corporates on investments and compliance (entailed dealing in bonds)…also providing investment monitoring services to trusts that have outsourced their GF & SAF plans to insurers (investment in institutional ULIPS) – tracking returns, risks, risk-adjusted performance,advising on benchmarking, asset allocation and re-balancing etc

    1+ years in a listed company as Sr. Manager – Investor Relations. Happy with my knowledge the management is also using me for fund raising through the NCD route and CPs. By 2016 I should have 6+ years of work ex and should have shown significant progress on work-ex front. No international work-ex.

    My question is if I score a 730+ on GMAT, would I stand a chance?

    Hope I’d get a chance to redeem myself.

  39. Dear Sameer,

    I am 25 year young. I am working with Reputed GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare as a Sr TSE(Sales Dept) for last 2 years. I have only 3 years of experience. My Package is just 7 lacs. I am totally interested for this PGPX course but don’t know the fee structure and admission procedure. I want to come in Managerial role asap and I think that PGPX will help me to reach at my goal faster.My track record in my company is exceptionally well. Even I have won Best TSE Award in West Zone for 2013 exceptionally performance.

    Please suggest and give detail about programme.


  40. @Tushar: Too many open ends there, buddy. What do you mean by A-institute? What are your goals? Why second MBA?

    @Pratik: We haven’t helped anyone get into those programs, so I don’t have any first hand info to share.

    @Debiprasan: You need to be specific about what help you need, bro.

    @Gautam: We can’t talk about chances based on this info. Check our the MBA MAP profile evaluation option.

    @Punit: It would be too early for you to consider the PGPX program. Try programs like ISB where you’d fit in the class.

  41. Dear Sameer,

    I am about to complete 27 in july this year,have 4 years of experience ,Currently working with one the the Leading BPO organisation,where I am managing the BI Domain,My package is 12 Lakh/annum.I closely work with the Finance team,as Business technical analyst.My track record in the company is exceptionally well,like 2 times awared the CFO awards,for the work I do in the last 2 years.

    I am looking for a executive program from IIMs or ISB,Could you please give your suggestions regarding the program.

  42. Hi Sameer,

    I have around 12 years of experience and working as Sr. Project Manager in one of the leading companies in IT industry in India. I don’t have an onsite working experience although working with international clients.

    I need to know what are my chances of getting selected in IIMA-PGPX programme. Also, I would like to know what is average placement salary of this programme.



  43. Hi Sameer,

    I’m a GMAT aspirant. I do have almost 9.7 years of work experience with 1 year of International exposure. I planned for GMAT in yesteryear but somehow didn’t manage. My basic need is too narrow. I want to apply mostly in 1 year MBA programs offered by IIMs, ISB, The South Asian B-Schools. My basic query is how much I’m suited into the course as I feel I have older to be appeared.My basic queries are:

    1. Can I still appear and give my time for GMAT and applying for B-Schools or I have already wasted these in terms of age.
    2. I do not have so much of International exposure in terms of professional activity will high GMAT score can compensate that.

    Also, can anyone help me out with the list of global B schools who offers only the 1 year program and also their FT rankings.

    ** It is better if you replay me direct to the given mail id.

    Thanks & Regards
    Supratik De

  44. hi
    i am sameer i have more than 8 yr experiance in the telecom GSM as implementation engineer
    i have done BE electronics and communication with first class and 10and 12 with second class if i score good in GMAT than is possible to i get IIMA-PGPX

  45. @Diwakar/Lalit: The official website will have details (like average salary, class profile etc) about the programs.

    @Supratik: The age/experience disconnect will be more for ISB. Not as much for programs like PGPX.

    @Sameer: I’m afraid we can talk about chances based on the information you’ve shared. Consider taking up the free MBA profile evaluations

    NOTE: We will not be responding to further comments on this blog post. Please post your queries on our MBA forum.

  46. Hi Sameer,

    i am a CA with four years of exprience in financial services sector. Could let me know which would be better option for me for MBA ISB or IIM-A. With 4 year of work-exp can i make in to IIM-A?

  47. Hi Sameer

    I am working as a IT Infrastructure Architect in a TOP MNC in NCR , with a total of 8 years of experience.
    I have done BE electronics and communication ,10 and 12 with above 70%.I don’t have an onsite working experience although working with international clients.My package > 12 Lakh/annum.
    No extra curricular to show now.
    I have a gap of 2 years between 12th and Graduation and 1.5 year gap between Graduation and Job.

    If i get a good GMAT score , do i stand a chance to qualify for a good executive program from IIM’S ( PGPX) and ISB.
    I want to go for a 1 year program to have better career options.I am also weighing my changes for a 2 year weekend MBA program from some good institues.

    Kindly Advice.

  48. Hi,

    I have completed my MBA HR(Regular), with 4 years of experience.. Working with best mnc.. I have plan to join PGPX or GMP XLRI… After 2 years.. Am i going on right track.. Does HR profile people given preference in interview… Kindly suggest your opinion..


    Prabhakar S

  49. Dear Sameer

    I am a chemical engineer and joined an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (Public Sector Undertaking) in 2007. I have more than 7 years experience in water and waste water treatment systems for Petroleum Refineries. I have recently given GMAT and scored 710 (49Q, 37V). My acads are as folllows:

    X- 80%

    XII – 80%

    B.E. Chem. Engg. – 74.4%

    I have performed very well in my professional life winning many awards in the organization. I have the following questions:

    1) Currently, I have a package of 15 lakhs per annum. Will it be worth to invest in MBA? What package should I be getting after MBA?
    2) I am confused between IIM A and ISB. Please suggest which schools should I target giving their order of preference?
    3) I have an option of taking study leave from my work place. But then, I have to join the company back and stay there for atleast 3 years. Please advise whether I should take study leave or resign?


    Mayank Gupta

  50. hi sameer!!

    X marks- 88.2%
    XII marks- 83.2%
    B tech (electrical)- 69.34

    Currently working in an EPC company for a little over 2 years. my past experience is as a construction engineer in a power plant. Presently I have been deputed to PMG group where I will be coordinating all PMG activities, After that i will be shifting to site as a commissioning engineer.

    However I want to shift to commercial side of things. MY gmat score in 710. Do you think i can make it to IIM’s?
    Also will it be right for me to pursue a career in marketing or consulting rather than operations??

  51. Dear Sameer

    I have completed CA and CS and working with a construction company in Delhi.

    I came to know about IIM Calcutta program on Finance in collaboration with NIIT Imperia.

    what you suggest about the program. whether to do it or not to do it.

  52. Dear sameer,
    I am working as a dentist in armed forces .I have experience of 7 years which including posting in peace as well as in counter insurgency.
    Now, i want to do one year mba from IIM lucknow.
    i just wanted to know that what are the chances of a medico( with an army experience) of getting admission in iim.
    ** It is better if you replay me direct to the given mail id.

    Thanks & Regards

  53. Hi Sameer

    Rather than asking for a profile review, I will try to represent a large percentage of the current software industry professions who are have reached that 7-8 yr experience mark and want to do something different (to put it in general .. want to move away from IT )… Assuming all credentials are quite good with also a good track record of growth – appreciations and international experience ….

    By the time i start join any mba program i would have 9 years experience under my belt. So typically ruled out of the 2 year MBA programs from the US. I target the IIM A/B PGPX programs .. but i also want to change career – GM roles in corporate (non -IT) , or Business Development / Management Consulting roles … Have you heard of such stories. I do acknowledge that my background makes me more likely to be employed in IT but that is exactly i want to avoid and why i want to do my MBA — Realistic ? What do you think?

  54. Dear Sameer,

    I really appreciate your time in writing these posts and responding to the queries. I am originally from Ahmedabad and have always taken pride in belonging to a place where a world class institute like IIM-Ahmedabad is situated.After completing my Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering (2nd Class) from a reputed university in Gujarat, I came to U.S.A to pursue my M.S in Telecommunications degree. I have no work experience in India aprt from the internship at a elecom company in Ahmedabad in their Engineering department.Since February 2009, I have been working in U.S.A. I have worked for reputed companies like Alcatel_Lucent, Samsung, Ciena Corporation and Sprint in the U.S.A and now have close to 5.5 years of experience although as an Engineer. According to you, what are my chances of getting accepted in the PGPX program if I get crack the GMAT with the score that IIM-A PGPX program requires? Considering that the average age of the student at PGPX 2013-2014 was 33.9 years and since almost all of them had some sort of management experience, do you think I stand a chance if I applying for PGPX 2016-201 program?

  55. Hi Sameer,

    I am new to this forum & I am planning for Executive MBA.I am BCS graduate & I have 7 Years of total experience in Technical Support field . So to pursue the Executive MBA can you please give me out liners or prerequisites like what is required for such type of courses.

    I would be awaiting for your response.


  56. Sir i m doing simple B A in arts my subjects are english,history, economics and political science.Aftfe graduation can i get into IIM Ahemdabad for MBA.
    And what course i should select for a better carrier in MBA.

  57. Hello sir,
    My profile:
    Btech in chemical engg from NIT durgapur.Joined Exide from campus.1 year in manufacturing and then shifted to the role of product development.Appeared for CAT/XAT and now have secured a seat in XIMB-HRM.
    The program is a couple of years old and has maaged to achieve decent placements. (

    My qsn is down the line,say after 5-10 years of job in HR field post this mba that am going to pursue,if I need yet another career boost,score well in GMAT,what international/Desi one year mbas can I go for in HR field?

  58. sir,
    I did BBA n MBA from pune university n have 7 years work experience in finance.
    Can i do PGPX for career growth.
    please tell me M i eligible for this course or nor. any executive programm in IIM’s
    I am waiting for ur rply.
    Thank you

  59. Hi Sir,
    I am BE civil post graduated in construction management from NICMAR, having 6 yrs exp in India and 2.5 yrs in Abroad .
    Suggest me career booster program.
    I never tried GMAT or CAT.

    Awaiting your reply…

    Ashok KHEMNAR

  60. Hi Sameer

    I have done Masters of Information Technology from distance learning with an aggregate of 66%. Have 13 years of banking experience into project management and have very good track record. Currently working in the capacity of Assistant Vice President in one of the leading International Bank. Only challenge I have is that I do not have international work experience of 3+ years. Can i still plan for IIMA 1 year full time MBA program or shall I reconsider my decision. I want to pursue the course because I want to be competitive and most importantly move into more senior roles.



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