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IIM Executive MBA placements

Each year, many MBA aspirants approach us and ask about IIM executive MBA placements.

There’s a general perception that the one year full-time MBA programs in India are ‘executive MBA programs’. They’re not!

The confusion could be due to the fact that the two year MBA programs have been immensely popular in India, and you’d find a wide choice of colleges offering MBA degrees meant for fresh graduates.

However, one year full-time management programs meant for experienced professionals, are much lesser in numbers and tend to be looked upon as executive MBA programs.

Firstly, we’ll figure out which programs belong to the executive MBA category and which don’t.

Difference between full-time MBA and executive MBA

The executive MBA (EMBA) is meant for working professionals who wish to continue with their professional commitments while pursuing the MBA. Time management is very crucial while doing an EMBA as you’d be balancing work life along with managing the rigour of an MBA.

For example, IIM Indore has a two-year program PGPMX (Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management for Executives) with sessions held in Mumbai on alternate weekends. IIMB offers PGPEM (Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management) which is two year long, with sessions held on weekends. (Since the article focuses on the IIMs, we haven’t included other programs in the discussion).

The main intention of those opting for it is to hone their managerial and leadership qualities, acquire new skill sets and gain fresh business perspectives. The sessions are held during a specific period or a few days in a month stretching across the entire duration of the program or on Fridays and over the weekends.

Remember that these folks taking the EMBA are still employed. So, there are no placements after completing an executive MBA program from IIM.

Read this article to know more about executive MBA programs.

Coming back to the full-time programs offered by the IIMs – IIM ‘s flagship PGP program for freshers is two year long and is usually taken by students immediately after completing their undergraduate education. In the eyes of the international media, this is comparable to the international MIM programs (that don’t require any work experience). Some of these IIM programs figure in the Financial Times (FT) rankings for MIM programs.

The other program that only some IIMs offer is a one year full-time management program for those who’ve already spent a few years in the corporate world and gained some valuable work experience. Following is the list of these programs.

    1. IIM Ahmedabad – PGPX (Programme in Management for Executives)

Maximizing the X effect at IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (1 year MBA)
IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Placements in private equity

    1. IIM Bangalore – EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management)

How I got into IIM Bangalore IIMB EPGP for Executives

    1. IIM Calcutta – PGPeX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives)

IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP, IIMC PGPEX – Shiv scores a hat-trick
Why I chose IIMC PGPex over IIMB EPGP

    1. IIM Lucknow – IPMX (International Programme in Management for Executives)

How I got into IIML IPMX one year MBA after 10 years experience

    1. IIM Indore – EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management)

Student life at IIM Indore EPGP (1 year MBA)

All the above program names include the word ‘executive’. This is because these programs are targeted for experienced professionals referred to as ‘executives’.

So, you can say these are programs targeted for executives; however these are not executive MBA programs. Confusing!

Read more about the top one year MBA programs in India.

These one year programs are very intense and require you to be on campus for the entire duration of the course. So you’d need to take a compulsory break from your work. Some might take a sabbatical, keeping open the option of returning back to the same employer. Others might seek a change of role or industry or geography.

Some of these programs also figure in the international FT global MBA rankings.

And yes, these programs also offer placements!

To learn more about the difference between an Executive MBA and a full-time one year MBA in India, read this article.

Now that we’ve tackled the confusion, we assume you actually meant ‘One year full-time MBA at IIM’ and not ‘IIM Executive MBA placements’.

Let’s look at the placement data and statistics for the full-time one year management programs offered by the IIMs.

IIM Placement Statistics

No of students graduating in 2022 136 75 79
No. of students who sought placements through the institute 121 72 75
No. of students who went back to their previous employer 3 No data No data
Total on-campus offers accepted 119 71 Offers received: 87
No of students placed outside campus placement process 7 1 No data
No of students who opted out of campus placement process No data 3 4
No. of international offers 5 No data No data
Mean salary – INR (domestic) 30,53,772 31,63,000 36,79,000
Highest domestic salary 58,50,000 No data 1,37,38,000
Mean international salary – USD 81,682 No data NA
Highest international salary – USD 89,095 No data NA


IIM Placements


IIMA PGPX placements

The 12th batch (2017-18) had a mix of candidates from diverse backgrounds with work experience ranging from 5 to 22 years. The recruitment was mostly for middle and senior management positions.

Some of the roles offered included that of CFO, Vice President, Zonal Head, Senior Manager, Senior Director, Principal Product Manager among others.

Accenture and Persistent Systems made the maximum number of offers. Other companies included Adidas AG, Airtel, ICICI Bank, Mastercard, Microsoft, McKinsey & Co., Zensar to name a few.

Out of 98 candidates who sought placements, the IT sector saw the maximum number of offers at 38, followed by logistics at 12 and the energy sector at 11.

IIMB EPGP placements

The 2017-18 batch had an average prior experience of 6 years 9 months (min 49 months to max 109 months).

Candidates received offers from existing recruiters like Accenture, Amazon, Ford, Microsoft, Shapoorji Pallonji, as well as new recruiters which included among others Axis Bank, HSBC, Flipkart, ICICI Bank, Samsung, IL&FS. More than thirty firms made successful offers.

IIMC PGPeX placements

The 2017-18 class saw an increase in the average salary by 21.87% and an increase of 192.14% in the highest salary compared to the previous year. 78 companies participated in the recruitment process. 57 offers were received out of which 53 on-campus offers were accepted.

Some of the prominent recruiters include Accenture, Ford, Tata Steel, Flipkart, Cafe Coffee Day, Mphasis, eClerx, Axis Bank and PwC.

IIM Lucknow IPMX placements

This is the flagship course of IIM Lucknow’s Noida campus comprising of 46 professionals with more than 5 years of work experience. A Rolling Recruitment Process is followed.

IIM Lucknow doesn’t seem to publish any placement report for IPMX. Which seemed a little strange, since this is among the first things any aspirant would want to know.

The only other information available on their website is a list of recruitment partners, some of which include Amazon, Citi, ICICI Bank, IKEA, KPMG, L&T Ltd, Microsoft, Zee News, Snapdeal.

IIM Indore EPGP placements

For IIM Indore, detailed statistical placement data was not available. For the one year full-time EPGP batch graduating in 2018, the average salary reported was 20 lakhs, while the highest salary was an international offer from Drew Marine (Singapore) at 65 lakhs per annum (approximately USD 8500 per month).

The biggest recruiter on campus was Accenture (7 candidates). Other companies included PwC, Oracle, Oyo Rooms, Nestaway, Bajaj Allianz, KPMG, Reliance Broadcast, Michael Page among others.

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  6. Hello … I did my MBA from a local B School in Delhi and want to apply for IIM PGPX Program. I have a work experienc of 6+ Years and I am studying for GMAT. My questions is, can I apply for pgpx program if I already have a MBA Degree from another college 6 years back


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