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One Year MBA Experience at IIM Indore EPGP

Here’s another addition to our blog posts on one year MBA programs in India. The Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) offered by IIM Indore is a 1 year course where the average experience in the class is 7.5 years.

In the class profile PDF hosted on the official site, we couldn’t find the average GMAT score. So we’ll just go with the general gyan that there’s no minimum GMAT cutoff for IIM Indore EPGP and a competitive score helps.

Aditya Khare from the IIM Indore EPGP 2014-2015 class shares his experiences in the class – student profiles, one year vs two year MBA differences, events in the class and outside, placements

My One Year MBA experience @ IIM Indore EPGP

by Aditya Khare

1 year MBA EPGP at IIM IndoreFrom my graduation time I had thought of doing MBA but once I started my job in a public sector unit the MBA plan went in the back of the mind. But after completing almost 6 years in professional life I decided that this is the high time to follow my MBA dream.

Looking at the growing trend & opportunities for One year MBAs I realized that after having so much experience it makes more sense to go for an One year MBA rather than traditional 2 year MBA. This will also help me getting back to the work in just a year.

I shortlisted few colleges and applied for them. I got interview calls from two institutes of my choice and luckily I was able to convert both of them. Both looked equally good opportunities and both were well known national level institutes with almost same ranking and placement records.

This made me very confused; which one to join and which one to leave. But finally “IIM factor” prevailed and that is how I landed into IIM Indore; again as a student after 6 years break from studies. So what’s next.

One year MBA vs Two year MBA

As expected in any one year MBA program, pace of studies is too fast. Before joining the program I was very worried about the fact people get very less time to sleep in one year program but after joining I found that there is so much to do and its all so much fun (Industry visits, many students’ initiatives and cross industry knowledge sharing etc) that nobody bothers about the less sleeping hours.

And within a month everybody’s biological clock adjusted the schedule.

As almost two year MBA’s course has to be finished in a one year MBA, the program schedule is very tight and there is no time to waste. But that doesn’t come at the cost of enjoyment.

People also do take time to enjoy the lavish sport complex and state of the art swimming pool and other amenities which help people keep afresh after a long day.


A series of college festivals and social & cultural programs are source of entertainment as well as great learning. But what I liked most is the series of guest lectures which include prominent personalities from corporate world as well as growing entrepreneurs who share their path to success. They also guide participants how to make a beginning and overcome hurdles in the way.

Guest lecture sessions are always followed by an open house session where participants can freely interact to the speakers and clear their doubts. And it’s always a great opportunity to talk and learn from the people about whom we have read or seen only in news. One can really learn much more from an interaction with an intellectual than simply reading a text.

Another attraction and a great learning opportunity which I am eagerly waiting for is 5 weeks (one complete term) as International immersion program at the McComb’s School of Business at University of Texas Austin, where we will be learning about advanced analytics techniques for business excellence.

IIM Indore EPGP Class Profile

Current batch at IIM Indore has lots of diversified profiles in the class. These vary from Chartered Accountants (CA) to Major in the Indian Army, and professionals from Technology / IT, Power, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, telecom and consulting sectors to name a few.

The IIM Indore EPGP class profile is a mix of people from both private and public sectors.

And irrespective of different profiles, background, future aspiration and age group everyone here is very friendly and helpful in nature including the faculty, staff and alumnus.

IIM Indore EPGP Placements

The good news for current batch of students was that the highest ever individual placement package in the history of IIM Indore was from the last batch of EPGP.

But there is more good news for upcoming batches, considering the Indian corporate recruitment cycle IIM Indore has shifted its One year MBA program cycle to April-March cycle.

The change will allow IIM Indore to synchronize EPGP placements with the hiring cycle of corporate as well as with the lateral hiring process for the two-year Post Graduate Program (PGP) at the institute. Read Placement Statistics for IIM MBA for Executives

So hoping for more good news in future.

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7 thoughts on “One Year MBA Experience at IIM Indore EPGP”

  1. Hi,
    Doing an MBA was my dream from good college. Now, 1 year MBA look very attractive to me. I want to know some information regarding an admission as per detail provided by me.
    I Was average student during my educational life just 59% in 10th, 70% in 12th and 57% in B.Com (batch 2010) . I had completed my CA articleship in 2011. and completed CA in mid 2014. I have additional working Experience in CA firm 2.5 years (out of which 9 month after completing CA), And right now I am working as Equity Research analyst from last 9 month. and appearing for CFA in Dec. 2015. hope will complete CFA till June 2017.

    Since, Executive MBA require 5 year experience will my 2.5 years be counted as experience and how it will be difficult to get in one of the best MBA college preferably in IIM seeing my poor academic record. I cant change my past but can work to get good score in GMAT or CAT. Please guide me and provide any other option you think is better. Want to do in 2017 or 2018 so till that time will have 3+ exp in Equity research and plane my studies.
    Waiting for reply,

  2. Hi,

    while talking to an alumni of iim indore iim indore I came to know about certain facts . I have pointed out these facts below as told by him.

    1) Try to get sabatical as placement is not ensured. it is completely student driven process.

    2) Placements should not be the only decision point to join the course

    Is this true that the placements of iim indore epgp is not upto the mark and not everyone gets placed??

  3. Lat year cutoff for GMAT was 570 and CAT was 85%. These are just cutoffs and the median score was higher. This information is given on the IIM Indore website under FAQ section.

    I have 3 years of International work experience (worked in Germany at Max Planck Institute), currently working as an Assistant Manager at an Automotive Company in Research and Development department. Already holds a Masters in Engineering from a reputed French University. Holds various scholarships by French Government. Stayed in France for three years.

    Looking forward to apply to IIM Indore for EPGP. GMAT: 700


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