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IIM Lucknow (IIML) IPMX one year MBA after 10 years experience

IIML IPMXNisha Shukla faced a dilemma that’s not-so-uncommon among professionals who’ve been working for quite a while and are now looking for some serious career rejuvenation. The options at that stage seem pretty limited.

With an experience of 10+ years and a 6XX GMAT score, Nisha didn’t want to target the traditional MBA programs where the average experience ranges between 4 – 5 years. She also had several other concerns, including the rising MBA costs and the ultimate RoI.
She shortlisted the one year MBA programs in India (IIMs and ISB) and abroad. She got an offer from IIM Lucknow (IIML IPMX). Nisha describes her GMAT preparation and MBA admissions story.

How I got into IIML IPMX (IIM Lucknow)

by Nisha Shukla

With more than 10+ yrs of work experience, I did not want to take the routine path of a typical working professional – from Technical Lead to Project Lead to Project Manager and Program Manager. On a personal note, I wasn’t very keen on taking up opportunities outside India in the long run. I already had work experience abroad for a couple of years & hence I was keener to stay in India.


When scouting for a change in my job routine, I found that an MBA came in close for the following reasons –

1. Opportunity of Full time MBA – It would allow me a break from current job/work entirely.

2. Sabbatical means a change from the existing job routine for a long period, thereby ensuring the time to relax and think deeply, to find the individual goal/passion of life.

3. Any change is always the first step for a new beginning.

4. Beyond the MBA Hype by Sameer Kamat – I read this book before taking the MBA plunge. It helped me keep the right perspectives and realities in place together.

How I prepared for the GMAT Exam

Being the first step towards an MBA, the GMAT exam is supposed to be THE HARDEST step. In my opinion, for many of us who come across the first two phases in our life and embark on this journey of MBA, I am sure more than 50% of them give up before/after this first crucial step.

Well personally, preparing for the GMAT for me wasn’t a cake-walk either. Like everyone else, I burnt the mid night oil too. Here it includes the internet charges for browsing, downloading tests and other online stuff.

To start with, to be ready for GMAT, you need to answer a few questions for yourself, which I did.

1. How much time can you dedicate for this activity daily? Sorry, but practising for the GMAT only weekly doesn’t work!! It is not a hobby to be taken up on weekends.

2. Are you self-motivated enough to study on your own without the need for any classes/company?

3. If you want to join GMAT classes, do you have money to pay for the fees in addition to buying GMAT books, online purchases for various tests and the GMAT exam fees in dollars?

4. The faculty in the classes that you are planning to join, do they have GMAT experience and the required dedication, motivation and tips to keep you focused on your goal and score.

5. Also does the GMAT class timing suit you? Before or after office? Is it on the way or close to home?

6. Joining classes has the pros that you come across others who too are ready to join you in your MBA journey & hence the networking and sharing info/prep materials etc. starts from here. Who knows, one might even end up with a friend for life. For me this clicked, because it gave me insight into various opportunities and MBA that other batchmates were looking for after GMAT and MBA.

The ONE and ONLY ONE TIP that works for GMAT score is practice, practice and practice.

However, one needs to decide as to which point he needs to stop running and jump. Once you come close to your GMAT test date, believe in yourself more than miracles – they don’t happen – atleast not with me. Also test yourself to know what the maximum leap (score) you can make in your stipulated time. Remember your MBA application deadline is also coming closer.

Hence there is no point in trying more than a couple of times & ending up with minor differences in the GMAT score. Whether your score is in 500s, 600s or 700s, you should evaluate, if there can be any significant improvements in your score.

If the answer is no, I would advise to stop trying on the GMAT and look further into other aspects of the MBA application.

If yes, I would ask you to take the plunge once again on GMAT after a short break and work on it like you would do in a do-or-die situation. Going with the thumb rule, more than 3 attempts would not give you any edge. In fact it might even serve as deterrent in your application.

I am keeping this section short and not divulging too many technicalities of GMAT preparation, since there are a whole lot of websites and forums dedicated for this. You just need to read and read and read, and find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

MBA Application Strategy

Though this is not the hardest part, but the most crucial and most important part of the entire journey of MBA. Every individual gets judged on the basis of his/her application. Your MBA application creates the image in front of the Admission committee even before they meet you personally.

The application should be interesting enough to stand out amongst the pile of other applications and to receive the MBA interview call.

The few questions that you should be able to answer here are:

What exactly you want to learn in MBA which will shape your career after graduation – like consulting/finance etc. Or maybe you are not sure on the finer interest and hence keener on a generic MBA. Later when you find your own interest (the latter part needs to be backed with a strong explanation if you come across this question from Adcom during the interview process).

The first question would also help you to nail down your choices of schools.

For my application strategy, I used below criteria:

1. How many years would I be able to put into my MBA (e.g. strictly 1 yr MBA only). This helps to rule out most of the schools particularly MBA schools in USA.

2. What is the maximum amount of money I would put in for my MBA, including my loss of salary for a year (max 30-35 lakh Indian Rupees). This helped to rule out most of European/UK schools – though there is scope to evaluate scholarships etc. However since I did not go that route and the mere mention of INR conversion rates dreaded me enough to rule out these business schools.

3. Thinking about current politico-economic scenario and with my limitations above I zeroed in most of Asian Business Schools

4. Browsing through all the FT rankings and other evalutaions about the Business Schools, I zeroed in on a few of the top business schools in Singapore/Hongkong – NUS, Nanyang, HKUST. Though there some from China which fit the bill, going by my instinct & personal reasons I zeroed in on these schools.

5. Also some business schools in India – ISB, IIMs A/B/C/L (IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPEG, IIMC PGPex, IIML IPMX). I didn’t opt for IIMI (Indore) & IIMK (Kozhikode).

6. Already having a 10 + years of work experience, I was more keen on having a coherent age group in the class. This made me focus more on colleges like IIM – A/C/L which have a prerequisite of 7 yrs of work exp compared to colleges such as ISB which have only 2 yrs of work exp prerequisite.

7. Also couple of things which I excluded or perhaps didn’t focus my attention on were the MBA placement records, post MBA salaries, MBA faculty and their exposure. The reason being, that most of these things didn’t matter to me much on the personal front.

My goal of MBA is to achieve knowledge to implement business ideas and change my own & others’ perspectives about traditional views/thinkings. Hence it is more important to focus on what all can you learn in your MBA journey and class than keep bothering about the current and previous placements and salaries and faculties.

My final list of schools contained schools which I had mentioned during my GMAT exam & it helped me save some money (for not having to send separate scores). However as I progressed through the application process wherein I did not get selected for interview further, I did take a detour in my existing plans and added up schools where I felt that I would have a better probability of getting selected.

Despite the rejections from couple of schools in a row, not for once did I lose my faith in my ability and motivation. I just went ahead with further applications (it does cost a bomb – especially in foreign currency/$ for Asian schools).

On the way, I ensured to talk to knowledgeable & helpful people like Sameer or people who were already into business schools, trying to incorporate their guidance in my essays and applications to make them unique and upto the expectations of the schools.

My only regret is that most of the schools do not provide any particular reason for rejecting the application which makes the applicant wonder as to which areas need improvements. But I guess like most things, even this is also better learnt from experience.

Informal Interactions

As I mentioned before, one needs to be online constantly looking into, online forums, blogs, GMAT website etc. The major ones in this area are of course – Total Gadhaa and Pagalguy.

For international MBA programs, MBA Crystal Ball has good resources – thanks to the personalized touch and responses provided by Sameer and his team to any one visiting the website for any damn query/issues they face. While browsing for some specific info about application, I stumbled upon MBA Crystal Ball and was glad to discover it.

Sameer responded to me, not only through my comments posted online, but also took efforts to answer my queries such as – how to record video of 2 mins for my application personally on email. Not only queries, Sameer and team even helped me relieve my stress for an application wherein I was making the submission on my last day.

In his own unique style, Sameer pointed me about inviting a disaster in doing so (last minute hassles). This changed my habit and I ensured that all the other applications were done way before deadlines. [Thank you Sameer once again for everything].

Final MBA Results

Finally admitted to IIML-IPMX 2014-15 batch 😀

Refer this link for details MBA interview experience of IIML IPMX. Here I would like to stress that – To clinch any interview all you need is 3 things – confidence, confidence and confidence. Period.

Advice to MBA Aspirants

Once you have set your foot on this path, please do not get deterred by low GMAT scores and application/interview rejections. They are just a part of learning of your life to make you a better person overall.

For me personally, If I want to sum up my MBA journey in one statement it would be – I discovered myself in a way no one could have taught me to become.

So if the application journey itself has been so rewarding and experiences worth sharing, I wonder how beautiful the destination would be!

Also it is not an overnight achievement for anyone. Barring a few exceptions it’s surely a couple of years of journey on average for most of us. I am sure, all of us would get tired in the long run and would want to break away.

So I would request you to take short breaks and do rejoice and celebrate with family and friends special occasions and festivities. In hindsight, just remember that a big achievement is waiting down the road.

Now that I am at the end of this journey & the beginning of a new one soon, I am free to answer any of your queries if you are planning to take the similar road or are already midway on it. Feel free to write to me, where you can get guidance to proceed further.

I would want to close this experience journey with my personal line –


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38 thoughts on “IIM Lucknow (IIML) IPMX one year MBA after 10 years experience”

  1. Dear samir ,
    I am a 33 year old female anesthesiologist with close to 8 years working experience ( inclusive of 3 year residency period ).Currently I am working as assistant professor in a medical college. I wish to take up GMAT exam for one year executive MBA in health care in some good institute . I have a good academic record , with good academic record. My ultimate dream is to start a health care based non profit organization somewhere on the lines of medicine sans frontiers. Is my dream too fat fetched. I am willing to put in hard work for attaining a decent score . I have good language and analytical skills , and I know I can brush up on my maths.

  2. You posted this elsewhere on the blog and I’ve responded. But short response here is – going by Shikha’s story, what you need to do is focus on all that’s possible at your end – GMAT, essays, recos, interviews. And then sit back and wait for the Adcoms verdict.

  3. Hi Sameer/Nisha,

    I am a working professional with 5.2 years of experience. I have an engineering background, but want to do MBA in finance (a year). I would like to target Indian B-Schools only. So is it right to prepare for the CAT. Also I want to know what is the selection or eligibility criteria for top B-Schools in India.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rahul Sharma

  4. Rahul: If you are targeting 1 year MBA programs in India, you should take up the GMAT, not CAT. For details of eligibility check the official websites of ISB, IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP etc.

  5. Hi Sameer,

    I did my mba from IIM Tichy (PGDM 2011-2013) .I Am working as a Sales manager with a reputed Indian firm since 2013. I did my graduation in Comp Sc, and enrolled in mba course immediately after my engineering.
    Now am planning to do a 2nd mba from Harvard/Wharton/Stanford (say in 2015/16). I would like to know a few things-

    a) Am planning for 2nd mba because I want to switch to a different field (say strategy consulting), I want to study abroad (gain a global edge) and because I want to work for top international brands (which do not recruit from the newer IIMs). Plus I would love to work abroad for a couple of years.
    Is it a good option for me to do 2nd MBA?? Will my MBA from an IIM prove helpful or act negative for me in this regard??

    b) What is the total expense (in INR) of pursuing a 2 year MBA course (from say Harvard) ?? (Tuition fees and lodging )

    c) Are there scholarships available for Indian students (not loans) which might waive a substantial amount from the tuition fees?? If yes, would I be eligible for them ??

    d) Looking at my profile, what score I need to get in GMAT for securing admission in Harvard/Stanford/Wharton ? (I know getting score is just a part of the process and I need to clear other steps too, but still what score will get me a fighting chance)

    e) What are the steps other than taking GMAT to get selected in the MBA course of H/S/W ??

    f) What is the eligibility criteria for students like me (trying for a 2nd MBA) ?? you can explain me taking Harvard’s example. Do I stand a chance ???

    I know i have asked too many questions at once but I would really really appreciate if you could reply to my queries and also guide me on how and how soon to start my GMAT prep.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Hi Sameer,

    I am an engineer by qualification. I worked with a leading automobile company as a software engineer for 21 months before I went on to pursue a 2 year fellowship serving in under-resourced schools in India .

    Post the fellowship(for personal and monetary reasons), I ended up accepting an entry level operations role with a leading BB. I do not particularly like finance or the industry and hence, don’t see myself enjoying the work here, in the long run. The work does not align with my interest and experience either.

    I have written my GMAT and have an average 700+ score. I do not intend to work abroad for too long and hence, would prefer the Asian-Indian MBA options.

    Would I be eligible for the 1 year IIM programs? I currently have 4 years work exp, in technology, non profit and finance domains. I feel my very limited entry level experience in all 3 sectors could hamper my chances. I am interested in a general mba/ marketing. Please let me know what you think.

    P.S :The exorbitant fees scare me and the lack of a social angle to the work I could be doing, leave me more confused. I would really appreciate your honest feedback and opinion.

  7. Hi Sameer,

    I just want to quickly seek some advise from you. I am 34 years of age, started working straight out of college and am a US qualified CPA (Indian CA equivalent) with more than 13 years of collective work experience, primarily in India (with short term assignments in US and APAC countries).
    Having worked in a couple of Big 4 accounting firms, and 2 MNC technology Companies in Audit space, I now hold a leadership position in an american pharma MNC in a rather unique profile. (Ethics and Compliance). My consulting experience was in the forensic accounting domain. I am a little confused if with this background, I should consider getting an EMBA and if it is going to make any difference now. If yes, is PGPMAX or ILPSIE really considered as EMBA equivalent in India, or should I go for the formal “EMBA” programs from one of the foreign universities, which tend to be more costlier.

  8. @AG: You’d need to first address the basic point about what you want the degree to do for you. This is one of the points you’d be talking about in your essays – Why MBA?

  9. Hi sameer,
    I have a 8 years of experience asan IT developer ans team lead. I started my post graduation in management and started MBA in 2013 batch. Now i have chosen Finance as my specialisation. My concern is that i have a kid and i want to spend more time with him than in my job. Can u please put some light on the options which i can opt for after my MBA and experience i have.

  10. Hi Sameer, need your urgent help. I recently got admission to the IIM indore EPGP. I am currently onsite and given the not-so-good placement statistics at iim I EPGP, I am starting to have second thoughts. I have 8+ years of experience in IT and don’t have any other offers currently. My question is would MBA Without the prospects of good placements help me ? Or should I wait for other colleges…

  11. @Reedhi: As a general approach, you could aim for jobs that don’t involve marketing, client interactions, being in charge of multi-locational operations. Even after excluding these, there are plenty of desk jobs where you could utilise your MBA skills. For instance, you could be part of the corporate finance team in the industry.

    @ag: Not saying anything about specific institutions, but if you are getting the feeling that your career objectives (like getting a much better job) aren’t going to be met after spending so much time and money, then why even start that journey (even if it’s the only option in hand)?

  12. Hi Sameer,

    I hope your doing good, and thanks a lot for initiating this forum.

    I am planning to go for an GMAT and below is my profile, please let me know your opinion.

    X: 85
    XII: 75
    BE: 66
    Work experience: 7 ( worked at Tcs, oracle, and at present working in Accenture).
    Age: 29

    I am looking for an courses in Canada or in Nus. Basically a 1 year or 14 months cource and I am planning to take cource in 2016 batch. Could please let me know whether I can go with this much of experience, and age.
    Also, is it good to go for a part time MBA as I might get a H1B and there are some chances of going to US.

    Your opinion will help me in both the cases. Thanks in advance.

  13. Hello Sameer,

    I am planning to apply for 1 Year MBA Next year and my Target is ISB, IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, IIML.
    Just wanted to check out with you, how are the 1 year Programmes of SP Jain, XLRI and the IIM-C VLM Programme.

    My Academics are as under:
    10th: 81.2%
    BE(Mechanical)- PEC, Chandigarh- 72.3%(Honours)

    I have 10+ years of experience in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and Accenture Management Consulting(Operations domain and worked in Areas of Production, Inventory Mgmt, Production Planning and Control, Sourcing, Vendor development, Quality Control, Cost Reduction, Energy Management, Greenfield Projects, Operations Consulting, Project Management, Business Development)
    Age: 32

    I want to learn General Management principles+ Strategy/Marketing/Finance modules in detail from the 1 year MBA Programme.

    Is age a criteria in applying for any of these programmes?
    What do you suggest me in this case or should I go for a Part time MBA now?

    Ajay Arora

  14. hi sir,
    i am little confused.
    I am having 8 yrs of retail bnaking exp an now working as a trainer in the bank for some project implementation. I had worked from ground level in banking basically retail banking.

    Being a chemical engg graduate i am an MBA also. Now pls advice if i will do one yr MBA from some institute of repute it will help me to jump my career exponentially. currently i am getting 8 lpa. I have also seen that some good MBA institutes placements average packages are less than even i am getting.

    i am out of my mind, kindly advice what to do.

  15. Hello Sameer,

    I am looking forward to have 1 year of executive MBA programs.

    and having :

    Work Ex : 5 years.
    10th : 75%
    12th : 53 %
    B.E : 63 %

    could you please do let me know, is there any academic criteria exist or how much weightage it kept for shortlisting profile in IIMs.

  16. sir,

    i got only 610 score in my gmat and 6 years of experience

    Will i be eligible for IIM L with such low score .


  17. Hi sammer,

    I am a (passed out 2013) and I am looking further for Executive MBA.
    I have the experience of 1yr 2 months, so can I go for Executive MBA coz I dont want to leave the job as of now.

    Thanks & Regards,

  18. Deepti: Eligibility isn’t an issue, competitiveness is. None of the bschools mention any minimum GMAT score for eligibility.

    Suri: If you got the definition of Executive MBA right (the part-time degree), then it’s too early for you to consider it.

  19. Hi Sameer,
    I am a 2012 passed out and got 28 months of experience at TCS.I am planning to apply for Great Lakes one Year PGPM.All other one Year MBA programmes in India requires more experience.I cannot leave my job for 2 years course. My package is 4 lakh p.a.Do you think applying for Great lakes writing CAT/XAT is a good go?Please suggest me any other courses worth applying to India/

  20. Dear Nisha/Sameer
    It will be great if you can highlight how your experience at IIM L has been. I am almost 14 years exp and selected for IIM L interview. Why would you reccommend IIM L to me?

    An aspirant

  21. Hi Sameer,
    it will be great if you can find my way for 1 year Executive MBA from IIM.
    i am having 5 years of Exp. (Tata & DELPHI comp) ryt nw i am working as Asst Manager.For better life wanted to choose better career.
    Please evaluate the profile as listed below:-
    10th – 79%
    12th – 63%
    B.Tech (Mechanical Engg.) – 84.3%

    I am little bit confused which course i have to opt for 1 year MBA.
    please help me out either GMAT or CAT?

    Abhishek Prakash

  22. Hi Sameer,

    I am an engineer and have 10 years of experience in IT and have worked in various roles starting from developer to Business Analyst,Project Management and now in Presales. My domain has been BFSI primarily in risk compliance. I am married and have a 2 year old kid (not sure how relevant this info is but just to give my background).
    Doing an MBA is my dream.I took GMAT in 2011 and score 640. With this I tried applying in ISB but got rejected and then post that I extended my family and now again want to pursue my dream.

    However I realize that I am already 10 years exp now and I am not sure if doing an MBA from India would help me giving a leap in my career. Post MBA, I don’t want to get placed in a business analyst profile or as a PM or presales consultant. I want to get a jump into sales or account management or IT startegy role post MBA. I need to understand will doing an executive MBA will help me in achieving so? I am planning to retake the GMAT test as 640 is not a good enough score. OR do you think with this score I should rather focus the internation B schools?And if yes, with this background, what would be the good options?


  23. Hi
    I am software engineer and have 3.5 years work experience.
    But after marriage I had quit my job. now its been five years…now I want to do 1 year executive MBA from some gud institute…please guide…what should I do…cat or GMAT…and with only 3.5 years work exp can I get good college?

  24. Hi Sameer,

    Hope you are doing well!
    I am having 10+ Years of Experience in IT and basically I am a BE graduate.
    I have grown from Developer to Entrepreneur and running a small company(8 people) from 3 Years with few projects in Europe.
    Now I am finding it bit difficult to get the Projects and see that I should have a proper network so wanted to do MBA from Good School.

    Please suggest me how to take this forward.


  25. I am a mechanical engineer having more than ten years work experience, majority in oil and gas, some in space technology and little in steel sector. I wish to make my career with MBA back up preferably in energy giants like BP, Shell etc. Which MBA school is suitable to me. How is ISB in my case.

  26. sir
    i am working with defence sector in navy and i am going out next august after 10 years of experience and i want to do MBA from IIM which i heared is possible after 10 year work experience so can you just tell me about what to and how to do that

  27. Hi Sameer,
    I am graduate in mathematics (Bsc.) from Mumbai University (Full time) with 8+ Year of managerial experience in companies like Reliance Retail, Accenture. I am currently working as Analytics and modeling specialist in Accenture.
    I am planning to go for Full time one year MBA. I never appeared GMAT.
    Am I eligible to apply for SP Jain, ISB or IIM?

    Warm Regards,


  28. Hi sameer,

    I have recently been interviewed for IIM Indore .
    I have recieved interview call from IIM Lucknow for IPMX
    My Gmat Score is 640 and i have work experience of 9 years with one of big private sector banks
    what would you advise me about my college selections.
    I have applied to IIMI,IIML,IIMB,IIMA and XIMB for one year course

  29. Hi Sameer,
    I need your guidance and advise. I am a BE grad and I have 11+ Years of experience in IT with 7+ years in couple of companies and 3+ Years running my own company which is in IT consulting with 8 people.Now I see that there is not much I could do for the growth and even sustain the business.
    So I have decided to take a break and should look for the 1 Year MBA in Top schools and start preparing for GMAT.
    Since I am I have decided in now in December month I am late for the Fall admissions.
    Which Schools I should target if I have a GMAT score by March end.



  30. Hi sameer
    I am a software engineer with a total of 5 .2 years of IT experience ….Presently working as a senior developer.
    Could you suggest whether having international work experience …does matter, apart from holding a good GMAT score, especially if we are targeting 1 year course in any of the IIM s or in colleges like XLRI Jamshedpur / S.P.Jain Mumbai ??

    Thanks and Regards

  31. Hi Sameer,
    I need your advice please. I am an army officer with about 20 years of experience. I have commanded a fighting battalion in operations in Kargil and have a vast experience in planning, strategy, administration, logistics and man-management. I also have international experience in United Nations, where I was a staff officer in the recently concluded Israel Hezbollah war. I am a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College. I have also worked as a pilot for nearly 08 years with 1000 plus hours on helicopters in the most challenging flying configurations on the planet. I therefore also have experience in aircraft administration.
    I am 40 years old and have decided to commence a second career. Likewise I plan to do a one year MBA, for which I am preparing myself for GMAT. I require the following advice from you:-
    (a) Is ‘One year MBA’ the right thing for a person of my experience to pursue in order to gain employment to a senior level post in an international company?
    (b) Would ‘Strategy Consulting’ be the right field to opt for? If so what are the advantages?
    (c) How much salary (arbitrary) can I expect post MBA?

    Thanking You

  32. Hi Sameer,
    I need your guidance and advise. I am a BE grad in Electrical and I have 10+ Years of experience in Core Industry Oil &Gas Sector. I am working with Engineers India Limited (A public sector organisation under ministry of petroleum and natural gas).

    I am confuse whether it would be right decision to go for a EMBA program.

    I have heard that its a possibility that B School will get you in but in all what matters is placement, which is said that very narrow options are available for person like me with 10+ years of experience that to in core industry.

    Please advice.

    To make the matter more thoughtful few of my industry based (One in my company & one in IOCL) mates have gone for EMBA, left unplaced with IIMA & IIML.



  33. Hi Sameer,

    I need your guidance and advise. I am a BTech grad in Civil and I have 10+ Years of experience in Core Bridge Design Sector. I am working with RITES Limited (A public sector organisation under ministry of Railways).

    I am confuse whether it would be right decision to go for a EMBA program.

    I have heard that its a possibility that B School will get you in but in all what matters is placement, which is said that very narrow options are available for person like me with 10+ years of experience that to in core industry.

    Please advice. if MBA would worth after so high fees & effort.



  34. Sameer-

    I’m an Indian, but US Citizen, looking to explore options for 1 year MBA program in India. Having 15 years work experience in Corporate and 2 years in Full time ECommerce business- bootstrapped. I’m also holding Masters in Telecom Management from US.

    Do I have to appear for CAT or GMAT ? Please advise.


  35. Dear sameer Ji,
    This is karthik , I wanted to do Executive MBA , I have work experience of five years in public sector bank, Will they take this as experience.
    I have seen in many websites , every institute asking GMAT score .I am zero knowledge about GMAT. I from Tamil medium in school days and degree in English ,can I write GMAT.How to prepare for that exam.Whether doing EMBA correct decision. Please guide me


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